Death Tide

March 03, 2015:

Fenris calls for help in dealing with an incipient disaster. Heroes arrive, just where they're needed. And Deadpool.

Gotham Coast

The North End of Gotham is almost deserted and abandoned. Almost.


NPCs: Draugr and Steel Blossom, a Hydra Operative


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Fade In…

Like most coastal cities, Gotham features a substantial population connected to the sea. Extensive dockworks and fisheries built up near the harbor show hat quite clearly. However it's a feature of the modern era that even those who make their living on the rolling blue don't always know the secrets contained therein.

That's mostly for the best.

Tonight, a lone, lean man in a long coat walks a lonely, decrepit road at Gotham's edge, glancing back and forth with a frown. There's deep magic here. Dark magic. Old magic. Something brought by the people across the sea eons ago, and it's beginning to wake.

He may need some help.

The Old Wolf reaches into his pocked and retrieves a cellphone, dialing a number he never uses. "Barbara, can you hear me? There's going to be trouble at the North Shore. Soon."

In the Clocktower, Oracles face is lit by the flickering from her screens, green eyes monitoring her teams on the ground. The phone ringing elicits a bemused glance, as does the number that appears.

"Yes, I can hear you Fenris. North Shore, soon. I'll send some of teams that way. What type of trouble, do you know yet?" The redhead looks grim. This is not usual for Fenris.

Through the Oracle network, the wheelchair bound woman speaks "All teams, this is Oracle, support is needed in North Shore. Now. Exact nature of the threat is still being determined. Please acknowledge and advice when you're heading that way."

Sleep didn't always come easy to Kara, even though her body needed it; it was a fitful time for her often filled with nightmares about Krypton and the things she had seen on Earth. When she couldn't sleep, she often flew.

She had no other excuse for flying around aimlessly, her course taking her inexplicitly towards Gotham City. Spying the lone figure in the longcoat on the decrepit road she decides to go check it out.

Setting down on the ground not far from Fenris, she asks the man, "Are you lost Sir? It's not very safe to be out at this time of night." She had never been to Gotham but she had heard the rumors.

"Acknowledged, Oracle," says Robin. He's not far from the shore, and makes his way there quickly enough, batline rapidly carrying him across the city. He stops on a rooftop overlooking the area, scanning below to see what the issue may be. Old guy in trench coat. Supergirl.

This latter causes him to doubletake, if briefly. In general non-Gotham heroes steer clear of the city — by and large out of respect for/fear of Batman. But Supergirl is Supergirl. He doubts she has much fear of Batman, and while he's generally heard good things about her, her presence in Gotham might not be the best.

"Heads up, Oracle. We have Supergirl on site."

"So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night." The song is sung in a child-like voice, thought it could just as easily belong to an adult. "I hate to go and leave this pretty sight." There is button mashing going on up there. "So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu. Adieu, adieu, to yieu, and yieu, and yieu." And with every 'yieu', Deadpool kills another person as he plays Assassin's Creed III: Liberation on a PlayStation Vita.

With an exaggerated yawn, he pauses his game and stretches his arms, cracking some muscles in the process. "Time for a quadruple B," a big belly burger break for those following at home, he says as he stands up from the green lawn chair with a cherry motif and reaches for the greasy brown bag. Opening it, he allows the smell to rise up and fill his masked nostrils with that intoxicating scent.

He unwraps the burger, takes a big bite, and then immediately spits it out, "eww, there are onions in this! Damnit, now I gotta take it back and have a word with Todd. And he looked so confident when he took my order." Just as he was about to hop down, he noticed two people, one was a real cutie, and the other kind of looked like a female version of Superman. And he waited. "Let's see how this plays out?"

The tall, lean man looks over to Supeprgirl and cants his head slightly. Not the kind of help he was expecting Oracle to send but he'll take it. "No, sadly not." He can't resist. "Not all who wander are lost, you know. And it's about to get less safe here."

He can feel the old magic boiling up from the sea. And a moment later, see… something quite literally boiling up from the sea. Draugr. In this case, the sea giving up it's dead in a way decidedly not what the author of that phrase had in mind when it was penned. Everyone present will hear, at the very edges of their hearing, faint snatches of a song somewhere behind… it's a sad, sweet, haunting, piercing melody. One that could wake the dead. And apparently has.

"Someone's singing the Siren's song. And the dead are responding." The old wolf plucks a necklace off his neck. In a moment it's a very large sword apparently made of silver. "They will do, as one might expect, rather awful things if allowed to run rampant. Oracle, locate the singer. She must be nearby, somewhere. She has to be stopped."

Fenris hasn't noted Deadpool yet, nor Tim, but his voice is clearly audible as he speaks to Kara. "I could probably use some help with this."

"Acknowledged Robin." Oracle watches the Avatar with the little robin move across her screen towards Fenris. The video feeds for the area are pulled to the centre and enlarged. "A female singer, acknowledged Fenris. Looking now. Robin is approaching your location…." she pauses as she notes the burger eating man "You have someone else on the lawn near you too."

There's a number of cameras, and angles, to view, none with sound, it will take Oracle a few moments to locate the singer.

Kara blinks when the man gets all philosophical on her, but she's distracted immediately by the things boiling up from the sea along with the Siren's Song. The young woman stare's off ahead, knowing now why people left Gotham alone.

Then she's distracted by Fenris and his massive sword that just appeared out of nowhere, "Nice sword. Count me in." She couldn't sleep because of nightmares, so beating the crap out of some would be a good remedy she hoped.

Deadpool. It doesn't take long for Robin to identify the… whatever Deadpool is. Mutant assassin? Successor to Shakespeare's fools? Whatever. Robin knows that this is trouble. "The someone," he tells Oracle in a murmur, "Is Deadpool." Could be good. Could be bad. Deadpool, from what Robin knows of the man, is about as crazy as the Joker, but less sadistic and more whimsical. One can hope.

Rather than rushing into things, having heard Oracle's statement about a female singer he uses his ears — and his equipment, plugging a small parabolic microphone into his headset to try and find the source of the music.

"What is that beautiful music?" Deadpool asks no one in particular. He reaches into his belt and pulls out his mobile, trying to record it, but after around 2 minutes, he'll stop, and try and play it back. But the song is too quiet for the phone to pick up. "Damnit, I knew I shouldn't have bought Canadian. Research in Motion my ass, this Blackberry is more like Rubbish in Motion. Next time, I'm buying Japanese, or at least Korean, definitely something Asian."

With a frustrated shake of his head, he'll slip the phone back into his utility belt and do a running jump, followed by a somersault, right into the pavement below. But miraculously, he doesn't die, or even look to be particularly hurt. He'll break the fall by slapping his arms out as he lands on his back, and then quickly roll to his feet, unsheathing a katana during the movement.

"Here's Johnny!" He calls out, then says in a lower, quicker voice, like you'd expect as legal jargon at the end of a commercial, "Here's Johnny is a registered trademark jointing owned by the Stanley Kubrick estate and Warner Brothers Entertainment Incorporated, and is used with the expressed verbal, but not written permission of said parties." And to Supergirl, who was just admiring Fenris' swords, he says, "mine's bigger."

"No doubt." Fenris chuckles and turns to face the wave of dead men walking up the beach. They are not fast. At least not at the moment. They don't look real squishy though. Most are overgrown with some manner of coral, which looks dense and sharp. Many have spikes for hands or claws grown onto their fingers. And there are hundreds. Fenris starts to walk forward. He asked for help and now he has it. Time to do a little spring cleaning.

Robin can quite clearly hear the song now. Enough to get a direction, at least. A more precise location may have to wait for Oracle… who just found the singer. She has a gun and a sword and appears to be behind several locked security doors… which fortuitiously have electronic locks.

"Deadpool." Oracle shakes her head. The man… can be problematic… even when he's fighting on their side.

The singer is located "Office building to your left, Robin. Ground floor, 3rd office on the right. I'll unlock the doors as you get there." This communication is shared with Fenris, as well. Now she's found the singer, the systems facial recognition systems kick in… she should know who the woman is very soon…

Robin, for his part, is already on his way into the building. Direction is enough to get him going, dropping down from his perch and heading in to find the source of the siren song. He's silent, but has extended his bo staff to its full length, cautious, but constantly moving forward and seeking his quarry, going through the doors as Oracle unlocks them. "I'm going in," he notes, probably unnecessarily. Best to keep her posted.

Kara raises her eyebrows as Deadpool suddenly appears and brags about having a bigger sword, "Uh, cool. So why don't you show me how good you are with it?" Like a cute blonde terminator, Kara starts walking towards the undead sea zombie creatures and starts firing blasts of searing red energy from her eyes.

The beams from her eyes cut a path in front of her, mowing down hordes of the creatures as they start moving up on to land. It was fun to cut loose and not have to worry about injuring other living beings.

Then she noticed how many more of the creatures there were. Groaning just a little, she asked nobody in particular, "Why does everything bad always come from the water?"

A katana is a beautiful weapon. They are usually hundreds of years old, made from fairly poor materials, but with the greatest technique. If only Japan had access to better metals, then the katana would have been even better. Weapons such as those are to be respected, honoured, and treated with dignity. Deadpool… uses it to scratch his back.

Supergirl presents Deadpool with a genuine motivation. An attractive girl in tight clothing just asked him to show how good he is with a sword. What red blooded Canadian could resist such temptation. So of course, Deadpool reaches for his phone, and begins playing Clash of Clans as Supergirl begins slaughtering the dead people. And that thought makes him ask aloud, "if you kill a zombie, is that really murder? Zombies are already dead." So, is he on their side, or just being a smart ass? Maybe if he had an incentive, like money. Money is always good.

Fenris really doesn't know Deadpool or he might know what to offer. Really, a two thousand year old wolf-god has had time to get money. He lays into the 'wave' with his blade. Two things are immediately apparent. One) Fenris is not normal. He moves too fast and hits too hard to be normal. Two, Kara is way more efficient. Being able to glare a zombie back to death is definitely faster than swording it.

Well, three things, actually. Three, the song hasn't called just humans. The water parts and some thing that looks vaguely like a very, very large crocadile emerges. A crocadile the size of a small cargo ship.

"Well… that's… unfortunte." The croc roars, causing debris to fly and, incidently, a large rock to strike Deadpool's phone.

The locks open as Oracle disengages them and the song falters just a little as the woman hears them doing so. She reaches over to a switch and kills the lights as Robin nears, laying in wait with that sword and gun as Oracle unlocks the last door.

She may want to get those lights back on.

Oracle does like the feedback, even though she can see what the team is doing via her screens.

Thank goodness for Building Management Systems. Oracle was already tapped in and getting the lights back on is quite easy. "Lights coming on, Robin. She's armed with a sword and a gun." She'll give him time to make the necessary adjustments before making the change.

The results of the face recognition search are returned and the redheads' eyes widen. "HYDRA agent, Robin. Name: Steel Blossom. She's a deadly swordswoman."

Never enter a dark room without a plan. Robin reaches up to his mask to touch a hidden button below his right lens — and then drops his hand away from the night-vision toggle switch. With the lights coming back on, he doesn't want to blind himself.

Rather than simply enter this room, though, he touches a second button, switching to heat vision, and then tosses a pair of smoke pellets through the door. He gives them a few seconds for the smoke to fill the room, and then follows them in, keeping close to the ground to dodge gunfire or a blade, which would usually come toward his midsection. He doesn't speak to acknowledge Oracle's words — that might alert Steel Blossom to his position.

"Isn't that cute" Kara remarks as she sees the gigantic killer croc appear, if it could even be called a crocodile anymore. Glancing over at Deadpool who was playing video games until the loss of his phone she just shakes her head, "Boys and their toys."

The sound of a supersonic boom can be heard and Kara is flying towards the cargo ship sized creature intending to punch it right in the face or fly through it. Whatever got the job done.

"So much for the Deadphone, I hardly knew ye," comes from behind the mask as the man rapidly shakes his wrist. The rock may have knocked the phone out of his hand, destroying it, but damn, that hurt his hand too. He has a healing factor, but that doesn't mean he likes being hit with rocks. At least, not unless he's paying extra for it.

Looking back towards the cargo ship-sized crocodile, he briefly checks his teleporter, "oh yeah, I forgot I was in Gotham, the city so nice, they left it twice." His hand comes up to rub at his chin, "okay, on the one hand, you destroyed my blackberry, and I hated that thing, so that's good. But on the other hand," teleporter engaged, he disappears, reappearing on top of the cargo ship-sized crocodile, "you hurt my hand, so you're gonna have to say sorry, or we just can't be friends."

Already knowing which way he thinks the relationship is going to go, he was going to try to stab the crocodile through the head with his sword, in a test of Japanese craftsmanship versus American kaiju. Who knows, maybe this guy could get a gig in Pacific Rim 2: The Search for More Money.

But Supergirl had other ideas. He teleported over there, so she would be forgiven for the pain he's probably about to endure. She had no idea he was going to do that. At least she won't have to worry about his medical bills. For one, he's Canadian, and they have universal health care. And if that weren't enough, he also has a healing factor. All he can get out before the sonicboom is a sigh of "oh, crap."

Oracle cannot hear the banshee scream as the lights come back up and the woman leaps into the smoke at where he was. She misses, but is quick on the recovery, blade coming up and whipping at the boy wonder's head. She's playing for keeps here and means to give Robin a thrashing that will make what the Joker did to him look petty and quaint.

Back outside both Kara and Wade go flying to the crocadile-thing which roars it's defiance… just in time for the Girl of Steel and the Man of Scars to go right down the gullet and discover that one, it really, really stinks in here, and two, it's a lot tougher than it looks. Not tough enough to stop Kara, but enough that the impact is quite noteable.

Fenris hears the song falter as Robin engages the singer and holds the beach more or less alone. There's a lot less to hold though after Kara did a number on the Draugr and the god-wolf isn't having too much trouble. "Oracle the Draugr appear to be faltering. If we can have light and noise here, as much as possible, it will confuse them. When the song fails, they'll return to the sea where it's dark and quiet."

Oracle watches the Boy Wonder engage and winces. She watched the thrashing he received at the hand of The Joker… and does not want to see that again.

Fenris' request, gets a sharp nod…. and Gothams Information Goddess is already hacking alarm and building management systems for the surrounding structures.

"It's about to get very noisy there, Fenris. Lights and Sound in 3…" her hands move over her console, entering commands "2…. " another flurry of tapping at the screen… "and 1…." Security klaxons sound from each and every building, flood lights flare to life… "That is what you wanted wasn't it, Fenris?"

Steel Blossom may be a deadly swordswoman, but there are a lot of those. On the other hand, he is probably the single best wielder of the bo in the world. His staff shifts upward, catching her sword, deflecting it, and then he twists the staff up and plants it, using it as leverage to swing a kick at her side. He does not consider for a moment the thrashing he received from Joker. You learn from what happens, and you move on. This woman is not the Joker. She may be a fanatic — many of the HYDRA types are, but she cannot be the sort of maniac that Joker is. And thus she has human weaknesses, foibles, psychological flaws that the Joker would not.

Sure, he may be one big psychological flaw, but that kind of gets in the way of using his mind against him.

As Kara ends up right in the stinky gullet of the beast, her nose wrinkling in disgust as she looks to Deadpool, "I thought it smelled bad on the outside." Standing in the muck of the beast's belly she asks the undead ninja assassin, "Any ideas on how we get out of here??"

Right after asking the question, she had several ideas; but she was curious how this mysterious and odd 'hero' would get out. It might be more interesting than her method of lasering a hole out or just flying back through the mouth.

Still not sure how he went from being on top of the beast's head, almost on its back, to being stuck down its gullet, Deadpool has a tape measure out, checking on how big this place is, "we could put the dining room here, and the kitchen over there…" but Supergirl probably isn't as interested in picking out curtains as Deadpool.

"Oh, let me think, we could use some C4, my katana, your heat vision, we could tickle it until it sneezed us out, there's the back exit, but if you want to use that one, you're on your own."

He doesn't seem to have any remorse for harming the beast, and decides to test its resolve by sticking his katana into it, deep and hard. How tough is it on the inside? Let's fine out. "Oh, and if you fly out, can you save me a tooth. I've always wanted a lucky crocodile tooth."

Well, the answer is not so tough that Deadpool can't cut through it. Or indeed that Kara can't just punch her way out the ribcage. It just may take a bit of effort. Back outside the croc itself is, like some ancient general, rallying the remaining Draugr about it, seemingly quite upset by the noise and lights Oracle just kicked on. They don't like that at all… but the Croc seems to think that adding Fenris to the collection of people in it's gullet is a good idea.

Fenris is a bit busy, still, keeping the slightly less bold but still dangerous normal sized Draugr from moving further into the city (and also away from the annoying lights and noises) so the other two will have to take care of Croc on their own.

Robin meanwhile is in a fight. He's skilled. Arguably one of the best. But she knows her weapon well and despite being kicked aganst the wall isn't about to give up just yet.

Especially not when she can just bring her gun to bear and cut loose. That might put a small hole in her guard though. And, Oracle may note, there's an electrical panel near her blade…

Watching the screens in the Clocktower, Oracle pays attention to the combatants, making sure the alarms and lights stay on as she does. "I'm going to light up that panel, Robin." she's already accessing it through the system "If it doesn't arc and catch her, you might be able to use it."

Robin knows he's up against a difficult opponent. But he has faced the worst that Gotham has to offer, and he's not about to go down without a fight himself. He's a blur of motion, swinging his staff, his fists, his feet, dodging left, right and center. And when Oracle tells him that she's bringing the panel online, he gives a curt nod — not that she can see it — and, allowing Steel Blossom to catch his shoulder with her blade (his staff reduces the force of the blow; his cape keeps him from serious injury), he frees one of his throwing Rs, throws it through the electrical panel, and then attempts to knock his opponent into the electrified weapon.

Kara is fast and unless Deadpool chooses to teleport out, she grabs him by the scruff of his costume, "Grab your own tooth, we're leaving the way we came in." She flies back out of the beast's mouth, potentially with Deadpool in tow like a little puppy dog; shattering several of the beasts teeth on the way out.

Deadpool is abandoned and she just shakes her head at the beast, "Well, it's time for you to take a nap big guy." Kara flies around to the back of the massive crocodile, picks it up by the tail and swings it around a few times before tossing it far off into the ocean.

"The Atlanteans can deal with him."

Deadpool hits a tooth, "owe," then another one, "owe," then another one "owe," and this just goes on. It actually takes seconds, but for the merc with a mouth, it feels like an hour. Did Supergirl really need to drag him along the teeth? Couldn't she have just flown him through the front ones?

After he's abandoned, he shouts, "look, Wendy, I can fly," except he really can't. He's heading straight for the water, ready to make one tremendous bellyflop. But thinking that'd hurt, he instead decides to teleport elsewhere, reappearing in a flash of light on the docks, where he'll decapitate one of the undead things, grabbing the soda it had picked up, and was about to drop, right out of the air. He has a sip, making a loud slurping sound, "mmm, strawberry fanta."

Tim knocks Steel Blossom into the electrified Robin-rang (Round Robin? Something) right as Kara airmils the croc to the Atlanteans. Within a minute of it's departure the undead are headed back to the ocean. With no song to call them they really, really, don't want to be here. Fenris looks about at the two… well, the heroine and Deadpool and smiles a bit, shrinking his blade back down to a necklace and replacing it. "Thank you. Both. That might have gone poorly were it just me." Certainly he'd have been here longer with no one to take care of the song. "Oracle, my thanks to you and your agent." He pauses. "And I think I owe you all a proper meal after that." He tilts his head back toward the city, in invitation, then starts walking. Sometimes the deep dark magic rises…

And sometimes the heroes turn up right where you need them.

"Anytime Fenris. Thank you for the heads up." Watching Robins avatar move away from the scene, the redhead frowns deeply "They were HYDRA Fenris. I've been told to keep an eye out for them. It is concerning."

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