They're Looking For You

November 18, 2015:

Clint visits Jemma … so does Sigma

New York


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Clint's been looking for Jemma. To the point of tracking her down at her flat and pounding on the door. It may be kind of alarming because the pounding is rather urgent sounding. Even more alarming may be the fact that 'Clint' is clearly 'Ronin'. Well, not the black and gold costume. The newer purple one that looks like something out of a 'Splinter Cell' video game. Two guns, rather large. Hard to say if they're pistols or sawwed of shotguns. And the bow. And quiver. He's loaded for bear that's for sure.

It's late and the pounding on her door actually wakes Jemma. She turned in early for a change, taking the opportunity to sleep when she can. Pulling her dressing gown over her flannel pyjama's (the ones covered with images of chemistry flasks and symbols), she checks the peep hole before opening the door.

"Ronin?!" she exclaims, as she steps back to let her enter. "Get in here, quickly." the sooner he is inside, the sooner she can shut the door and hopefully, the neighbours won't talk. "What is it?"

Hopefully he isn't being followed ….

Ronin steps inside and immediately goes to the back window with the fire escape and starts to open it. "No time. Gotta get moving. You got a weapon in here because you really should grab it. I think they're after you." Who Clint doesn't say but he's quite insistant going so far as to grab Jemma's wrist and haul her into the living room. "Hurry now. Come on."

"After me?" Jemma's voice is tight as she shuts and locks the door and watches Ronin check the fire escape. "Who is after me this time? Psyborgs or Sigma 6?" Please don't tell her it's another group, she really might not cope with that.

"My ICER only, it's all I'm cleared to carry." With Ronin dragging her, she has to dig her feet in. "I am not going anywhere in my gown, Ronin." It might be alright for Clint to run around in 'Ronin P.J's', as Kate calls them, but Jemma simply won't.

It doesn't take long for the biochem to swap the gown for a jacket, don a pair of sturdy boots, pull her hair back into a ponytail and strap her ICER pistol to her waist. Then she joins Ronin and is urging him to hurry. "I'm ready, let's go."

"Get cleared for something else. This is just not a good-" In the time Jemma takes to grab a jacket and put on shoes something breaks down her door. The next thing the Biochem knows Clint has all but lifted her and shoved her onto the fire escape bodily. She hears a gun discharge inside her apartment as a figure in glowing armor comes out of the hallway with a large bore holographic gun in her hand.

Jemma is technically a non-combatant, whether she can be cleared for anything else or not … that's the question. "I'll as—- erk…" finding herself out on the landing, she fumbles for the ICER pistol, jumps as the weapons fire goes off and turns to see the Sigma agent round the corner.

"Of course it had to be her." Jemma mutters to herself and starts to scramble up the fire stairs. It's cold, she's not dressed for the weather, but at least she's got suitable shoes on. "Where the hell is Ronin?" Knowing her luck, he's bleeding on her carpet and she can get away from this agent, she'll likely have to pull bullets out of him or something - just like another 'contract agent' she knows.

It takes a few moments for her to remember to send out the notice to SHIELD through her communicator. Hopefully that detail Sam put on her, isn't too far away.

Ronin follows not ten seconds behind her, diving out the window with his bow. Good thing his quiver is mechanical or he's spill his arrows. Then he's up and pushing Jemma up the fire escape as bullets chew into the brickwork at an alarming rate. "Well, er, she's bullet proof. That's not good. Who the hell are these guys?" They'll be up to the roof in a minute. Where exactly does he plan to go from there?

"It's the armour." Jemma's already climbing but she starts to move faster as Ronin pushes, yelping as bits of brickwork fly around her. She can feel a warm trickle down her cheek - she's been caught by a small piece of masonry it seems.

"Sigma 6. A … " Jemma stops to think about that for a moment "I think a shadow agency … or military arm. Something to do with a Directive 51." she might sound a little sheepish "I've been investigating it." The roof top is in sight, and she moves even more quickly. Maybe Ronin will have quinjet waiting??? Not likely, but maybe SHIELD can get one to her.

The archer seems to have a somewhat more prosaic plan. He shoots an arrow that spools out a thin but strong cable behind it. "Okay. Fastroping one oh one. Wrap your legs around the cable and use it to control your descent. Keep your hands inside your shirt sleeves. That'll help with the rope burn. Down you go. Quick!"

Ronin turns as the SIGMA agent comes up and fires a taser arrow. Electricity seemed to work okay against these guys. The shock staggers the hostile agent for a momnet… but just a moment.

"Uh no…." Jemma actually falters as the arrow flies and the cable spools "I .. I … " It's the weapons fire from the woman behind them that has the biochem pulling the sleeves of her jacket and pajamas down over her hands and stepping up to the cable.

Casting one more, hopeful, glance to the sky - nope, no Quinjet - Jemma does as Ronin directs, grasps the cable and swings her legs up as she starts to drop.

She's not going to get out of this without rope burns - on hands and calves.

No she's not but she does make it down to street level without going 'splat' which was the intent. Up top Jemma can hear more gunfire and the sound of a small explosion before Ronin dives after her. His landing is rougher. He has to catch the cable partway down and use it to slow his fall.

"Ugh…" The ex agent is shot in the shoulder when he lands and clearly bleeding. Agent Simmons, Protection detail is on the way. Get to a clear location. Cavalry's coming, it seems.

Trembling, more from the pain of the burns than anything, Jemma tugs on Ronin "My protection detail is on its way." Does she realise how that might sound? "We need to get to a clear location."

Seeing him bleeding, she reaches and uses the rip the drop created in the leg of her pajamas, tears the fabric into a strip and presses it against his shoulder. "I'll clean and dress that when we're safe… but come on, Ronin…. "

Looking up at the rooftop they just dropped from, the biochem tries to see if the woman is going to follow. Seems like the 'slow' research she was doing there is at an end - time to get serious, if she wants to live.

"How did you know?" The question finally comes to her.

"Intersection. Go." If the protection detail is on the way and asking for a clear spot they're flying. Which means they'll be here in a moment. Ronin rises and pushes Jemma again. He's not trying to be pushy just… he knows she needs to move.

And that's when the woman drops in front of them, still all aglow. In her hand is a small shard of that silver material. She presses it right at Jemma's forehead. The last time this happened… she felt like she was being mentally consumed.

Jemma yelps as the woman appears before her and then screams as the silvery shard hits her forehead. The last time this hurt … and it's no different this time. Memories flash through her mind and she starts to loose herself, as she falls to her knees.

So consumed by the sensations she doesn't feel the sting of the burns on her calves or palms …. She's trying to fight it, but being taken by surprise … she's possibly no match.

The pain leaves as abruptly as it came and in a moment Jemma can see why. Clint has bodily hit the woman and pushed her off in a tackle. Which he's reacieving the worst end of as she slams him hard into a wall. At that very moment spotlights hit her from above and she swears in Russian. Then the woman takes off. And fast, into the air and into the night.

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