When Visitors... Don't Visit

November 18, 2015:

After Closed Bar, Ravager takes Ripclaw to Westchester and they meet some of the X-Men together.

Westchester, NY


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Somewhere along the highway stretch things went sideways. Or well, Ripclaw did while steering her Tomahawk. Time to switch drivers.

"You better at least hold on." Rose mutters as she takes back control of her beast-cycle and begins to tear down the highway from Manhattan towards Westchester County, having used her midriff motorcycle jacket to wrap around Ripclaws waist and tie with the sleeves around her own bare abdomen to keep him hanging on if his own arms lost their hold. Once when he drooped she reached back and grabbed him by his collar to jerk him back into place, and then is where that milky white eye flared up to line her into X:Blacks communication system.

"Guys. Had a little run in while out and about and I have a badly injured mutant on my bike, bringing him in. He mentioned the organization Cyberdata." The final bit a drop for those who knew what she spoke of, her own memory needing jogged at that but the recollection not a good one.

"I'm not bringing him home, but we need help." And with that the GPS she had turned off for her visit with The Authority flares back to life. Let's not mention she's not exactly sober.

"Cyberdata. Shit," that is Nate's first comment at hearing the word 'Cyberdata'. The Godmachine technovirus seems to stir a bit. It has not bothered him in a few weeks, so 'it' is up to something he is sure. Or maybe it is behaving because Nate has not done anything crazy since the Mutant Town battle.

He would have died happy if he had never again heard of Cyberdata. But he is a Summers, so he will never be so lucky. "I'll be there in ten minutes. Make it fifteen, I will get a medkit."

Lunair likes Rose, Nate and the others. She is hanging out with Nate, reading on extreme chemistry and a copy of Ignition! She's improving her skillsets, it seems. "Cyberdata?" She looks to Nate curiously. "What's that? And I'll bring my medigun, if that's not too silly." She is wise enough to always ask first.

Ripclaw's mutant gift is that of a metamorph and along with that comes a healing factor. No Wolverine or Deadpool even with Cyberdata's special modifications to his body the wounds sustained have already more or less sealed, the blood on his person is just what was left from before and most of it is dry now. The several minutes as passenger to Rose were ample enough time for him to regain consciousness.

"You're a scary driver." The cyborg-mutant comments, "Let me off anywhere."

"So I am told." Rose speaks back to the rousing Ripclaw and lowers one hand to undo the bindings of her jacket that kept him aloft, whipping it from around him back to propped between thighs as she veers to the roadside. They were close enough to Westchester that the stretch of road had become rather empty and forested on either side, leaving him either residences or a closed gas station nearby.

"You're not my prisoner." A snap of that mismatched gaze up and down on him as she peers back over her shoulder at Ripclaw, both feet touching down on the ground after the kick stand is snapped into position. "But maybe you should stick around and meet my people. We can help with your demon issue."

Rocking back she puts the coat back on, covering the pivot holsters along her arms that house the pistols when a holster is less amicable for conditions, and tonight's bar hopping did not call for obvious weaponry. "Might benefit you to make me amigos, your amigos." Beat and a brow perk. "What's your name, by the way, cowboy?"

Nate uh-huh at the dark-haired gunslinger, then talks in the communicator. "Okay, I will bring the med-Luna, so 10 minutes." He hurries out with the young woman, commenting along the way. "I had some trouble with another Cyberdata in another parallel Earth. Got some scars from them," he taps his left temple, which is indeed badly scarred. "Hey, maybe they are a nice and clean corporation here instead of a bunch of assholes trying to use alien technology they barely control to get filthy rich." No, he doesn't believe it either.

Quick flying with a passenger is easy nowadays, so it is indeed 10 minutes. Not getting lost and no crash-landings (anymore).

Lunair nods. "Okay." Lunair will power armor up. But she figures Nate is faster, so she lets him do his thing. Still, a visor is nice because a bee to the throat at this speed would make Lunair most irritable. She ohs. "I see." She furrows her eyebrows. "Pardon my cynicism," Which is rare from Luna, "But we still have an Intergang, so somehow I doubt… it is much different. Still, we'll boot them good for you."

"I mostly go by Ripclaw these days." The man responds while climbing off the motorcycle and stretching. A squint off towards the north and back at Rose, "I can hang around for a bit. I'm not one for keeping friends, however and these demons I can handle, unless I get careless again." A clawtip lifts up and blades slowly extend then retract. "So, what do you do and what is your name?"
You paged Nate Grey with 'Hey, before you start firing off Cyberdata knowledge can you make sure any of it that could be real important is nudged at me first so we can strike a balance here. Different world, it will be different in many aspects but its still in line with canon and Cyberdata's practices are known by all.'

He was sticking around to chit chat? Rose is combing that hair back into place with fingers, the white curtain covering the offset glow that is cast in the darkness due to the relay her eye is feeding to the X-Force members as well as any who tuned in. Leaning back upon the seat of the Tomahawk she digs through the saddle bags and withdraws a flask, uncapping it while keeping that single azure eyes upon him.

A swift motion and both feet joined on the ground, the boots extending over knees in their buckle and lace effigy upward, a gap of pale flesh left revealing thighs until those all too short zipper-sealed shorts picked up, toothily sealed high upon waist. Another expanse of skin and the studded bra was all that covered torso. A bit chilly for that get up but she had enough juice in her to stay warn, that said by the fog that passes upon exhale before she pulls from the flask and extends it to him.

"Ravager. I live up to my name." A waffling flailing gesture of empty hand and she shakes her head a bit. "I know you are wanted in Texas, cowboy, but the price on one of the Demons was higher then yours." A wink and she leaned back and seemed to sober a bit. "I do the dirty work?" The inflection making it a question in the statement clear enough. "I do what's necessary. And you?"

Nate arrival is barely preceded by a golden streak. But he flies low to avoid radar, and lands about ten yards from Ravager to avoid problems with surprise arrivals. He sets the armored Lunair on the ground and takes a good look at the red-eyed man with her. Nope, never seen him before. "Well, hello. Are you being chased? Hmm, injuries don't seem too bad. But Armory here has a regeneration ray thing. I am Scion, or Nate if you don't like code names."

Oh boy. Rose calling in someone hurt. There has -got- to be some story behind this. Or.. no. Jean just wanted a chance to get the hell out of the office and this looked like the best bet. Green and gold worn with thigh high boots, a slight mental laugh gone through her head as she ties the sash and bursts through the tunnels through the headquarters, out and into the open in a row of hailing fire that soon dies down into nothing. She cloaked.

It didn't take long for her to touch down upon the minds; the torrent of the three that has her giving a bit of a pause before she lands with feet pressed together, a skip.. a step.. and a slight jog to stop the momentum. Everyone looks fine.

"Everyone looks fine." She finally drew out. Possibly coming in a close second to Nate's landing.

Lunair is a bit wide-eyed. And yes, there is a dead bug on her visor. What's the last thing that goes through a bug's mind when it hits a screen? Its butt.

Ahem. Lunair has to wiggle a bit as she's dropped. "Yup! Did you wish healing? Only healing with consent. Hi Ravager!" Lunair seems oddly unafraid and weirdly cheerful about seeing Ravager. But Lunair is odd. And so it goes.

But then, there's a Jean. "HI! I didn't do it!" She offers cheerfully.

A wave of one hand to ward off the alcohol, "I'll pass. I'm not the drinking type anymore." A reading up and down crimson eyed gaze over Rose and Ripclaw speaks on, "To Ravage, lay waste and destroy. You look capable enough to do just that I suppose.

"Me? I am on a path of vengeance and salvation. The poison this world suffers I will sever one strand at a time and one of it's sources is an open wound for me. Which is why you found me at that dive bar."

The arrival of Nate, Jean and Lunair has Ripclaw studying them in kind but his attention halts on Jean, "Ah, coincidence, fate or design? We meet again." A light curl of the lips. A smile maybe but it appears awkward and a sharpened canine shows. "Jean Grey, these people part of this home for people of our nature?" It has been perhaps a month since they teamed up together in the Astral Plane and saved a child Dreamer from a starving and confused Baku.

A roll of shoulder and Rose withdraws the flask to tuck it within her jackets inner pocket, feeling the arrival of the others before they fully reveal themselves, but there was no secret in their approach. Good thing. Ripclaws inspection and statement though got a derisive snort in response and a bitten tongue. There was no ire towards him for it as it shows with the risen chin and a nod with the tilt of her head towards the trio that arrived.

"Yeah well, victims, aren't we all." She states to his own proclamation, though her gaze shifts between him and Jean with a slow blink before turning to Nate and Lunair. "False alarm. Apparently he can heal, he just needed a piggy back ride." Leaning back upon her bike, she brings her ass back to a perched rest against the seat while legs kick out in a small stretch.

"Birds of a feather, Ripclaw." Though there was a lingering of gaze on Jean. who doesn't she know?

Nate looks a bit surprised Jean was listening to the X-Black coms. But Scott and her have the access. He offers his 'mom' a faint smile. "Oh good, so you can vouch for him? We were being cautious. Hence being in the middle of nowheresville." He sneaks closer to Rose to try to steal that flask. "Ripclaw. Before we move this conversation to a nicer place. This Cyberdata folks, what can you tell us about them?"

A quick inspection of those present sets her at ease. Naturally, she shouldn't have been listening to X-Black comms, but in Scott's absence, she's taken the role of leader and as such does things that.. well, Scott would do. Constant communications help, at least. "Robert. It is finally good to meet you in the flesh." She states, her head bowing ever so slightly, the same gone to those but yet an upnod is in place instead of the bow. The smile from him however, causes her to actually grin and crack out a short little laugh. "Yes, they're apart of us. As Ravager says." Though those gathered are cut from a different ilk.

She then gives a slight shrug of her shoulder towards Nate. "I set a few people out to look for him, but as he said, fate and design. I vouch for him." But Cyberdata, perhaps her very first time of hearing about this. In which she remains silent.

EYEBEAMZ! That's how Lunair thinks Scott. Lunair ohs at Ravager. "That is okay. We're glad you guys are alright," She offers, looking around them. She doesn't seem to be terribly secretive. At talk of being a victim, Lunair settles silent. She doesn't seem to want to think about what has happened to her. Nevertheless, Lunair is listening, thoughtful. "Far as I can tell, they exploit a lot of things." She doesn't comment further.

"Nice to meet you," She offers to the Ripclaw. "Lay waste? Man, I hope she doesn't throw trash everywhere." Oh, Lunair.

"Nate… Scion is it… " Ripclaw says while looking at the man then a sidelong glance to Rose, "I didn't mention Cyberdata." The woman must have phoned it in during his lapse of consciousness.

"You as well, Jean." He gives a nod in greeting to Lunair and Nate as well after a momentary pause. He wasn't ignoring them just caught off by the sight of the Phoenix in flesh and not astral projected in to the worlds between.

"As it is out in the open, Cyberdata is what one would expect out of a corporation that has too little a conscience and too much power and resource. I am not going to go in to specifics in a first encounter, I apologize. But I suggest you steer clear unless of course you're ready for danger on a level most people… simply can't stand before. Cyberdata is a devil made material and a danger to all."

When Nate seeks the flask she pulls it free and uncaps it for him, a small smirk offered with a wink and then a snap of gaze to Lunair with her statement a soft huff of laughter escaping with the shake of her head. "This is not California. I'm not all that green when it comes to where we put the bodies."


"In New York we feed them to the rats, right?" Just checking!

But as the others seem to either be reuniting or getting closer she simply waits and listens, speaking lowly.

"It rang a bell. Velocity." She said to Nate and then looked up, that sobering look returning to eyes. Past history, and sometimes you miss your old friends, but knowing their trials…

Listening to Ripclaw speak her head tilts to look between him and Jean. "I think you found the right people. We do not take threats kindly." And there it was, the return of that spark, and the tenor of words flat enough to represent the honesty and belief in it.
Nate nods to Ripclaw. "Sounds familiar enough," he sips from Rose's flask. "But we are the kind of folks that tackle those groups head on. When we can. Right now the Purifiers are taking most of our time… but well. We better move along. You sure no one followed you? I can take you all back to safety flying if Jean runs some psychic interference so we are not seen."

So, she was staring. There were a few differences when it came to the Astral and here. He seemed a lot taller here in the real world, his features a bit more rougher where in the astral plane it was softer. One brow lowers and the other lifts, eye squint and head slowly tilts as there was a lean forward to give a critical study of the man as if each of his measure could be weighed by an ounce of salt.

"Hah. I see now." To no one in particular.

The information of Cyberdata was stored and locked away to revisit and research for another time as Jean takes a step forward, hand reaching out to clasp upon Nate's shoulder as eyes alight upon the rest of them if they choose to take up the offer of flight. "Whenever you are all ready. I suggest going the back way and straight to headquarters. There are still a few students awake and mingling on projects the Professor put them to through the manse. He'll be cleared by the time we get there."

Cause, Jean multitasks the best.

"Oh, fair." Lunair accepts that. She just goes with it. Rose hiding bodies is just Tuesdays, right? "Oh, goodness, no. Those things carry the plague. But they are good at it." She considers. She is quiet, thoughtful. There is a lot of learning to do here. She nods at Rose.

"Okay." She nods to Jean. "If I can help, let me know."

"No one followed us. This wasn't Cyberdata I attacked it was some of their hired trash." Ripclaw assures Nate. A cautionary sniff towards the wind is given, "Besides, we'd smell them before we seen them. Demon Scum are cleaners and they smell the part. They take out all of Cyberdata's garbage… "

Projects, Professor, Students? Jean makes it sound like their outfits cover is a school. "I'll pass. I'm not going to follow but I'll be somewhere near… we're in Westchester now? I know a place in Croton-on-Hudson. It won't be far off and you can find me… town is little more than a village. We can talk more after I've rested and… sorted all of this." Ripclaw motions at them.

"Well, now that that is settled." Beat. "Race you home." Rose eyes the flask and then leaves it alone, pivoting on heavy soled heel she swings her leg back over the seat of the Tomahawk and starts the beast up once again, leaving it idle at a growling purr as she winks to them and kicks up the stand.

Tuesday night is garbage night, afterall! "Be seeing you, cowboy." She states to Ripclaw, having idled long enough for anyone who wanted a ride to climb on and brace themselves for a stomach clenching race to bed or to losing your cookies.

Gravel kicks up from the back tire and the ass end of the bike literally /swings/ out into the road to grip traction before zig-zagging her off down the lone strip of road.

Nate glances at Ripclaw, then to Jean. "You sure? Place is a haven for mutants, and security is top notch. Jean here is pretty much in charge right now." And then Rose does what Rose does. "Well, okay… it was carrying her silly sci-fi bike what made the trip back harder. We all can fly, now."

Jean purses her lips then shrugs her shoulders. "Very well, but do know that you are welcome any time. Visiting or no." Ripclaw wouldn't look out of place. There is a blue man there, and a few children who have tentacles and scales.

But who said she was flying? The engine roar was enough for her to take dibs and scoot and skidaddle upon the back of the Tomahawk. She wanted to see how that baby handles!

"Bye!" Lunair waves to them. "Have fun!" She beams. "I can fly. Toodles noodle. See you soon." Power armor up! Unless Nate wants to do the turbo thing.

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