Coney Island Rescue

November 16, 2015:

Agent Gutierrez was kidnapped by Cobra. Is Daisy Johnson a bad enough pizza delivery dancer to save him??

Coney Island

Famous as a seaside resort and amusement area, most of the major attractions in Coney Island suffered major damage from Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Luna Park only recently reopened and the damage to the aquarium and the other, less well known amusement parks has been slow to repair as well. The other notable feature, aside from a lot of very nice resort housing, is MCU Park, a minor league baseball park home to Brooklyn Cyclones.


NPCs: Vipers



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Fade In…

For the last several months, SHIELD Agent Joey Gutierrez had been working undercover as 'Joey', a dockworker that was slightly crooked and helping with shipments of goods from Madripoor to the United States. He had finally started to discover exactly what it was that they were looking for - more of those crates marked with a red cobra in a raised posture from Naja Imports and Exports. And it was no longer just small crates. There were larger crates and shipping containers arriving.

Joey went to give his report to SHIELD, but was discovered and captured by several Cobra agents. Currently, Joey is suspended from several chains, lifted off the ground slightly, having recently been tortured for information. The Viper slugs him in the stomach one more time and grumbles. "He ain't telling us anything."

"Just wait." one of his companions says, chuckling. "Mindbender's on his way here, and he has ways of extracting information from those that don't want to freely give it.

Having been able to get off a signal to SHIELD, his location is marked at an abandoned amusement park that didn't survive the financial hurricane after the physical one. His tracker leads directly to the Fun House, which is dilapidated, but perhaps the most sturdy structure left besides the damaged wooden roller coaster.

However, he was not able to get out the information on what may be present. They needed a plan on how to get that information. Which is why Daisy Johnson was given a package with a pizza delivery girl's uniform in it, a moped, and three large 'pies', though only the top one is a pizza. The second box has a small camera lens to film and record as well as listen, and the bottom pizza has an ICER, waiting to be used.

Well, this really sucks. IN the coming weeks, Joey will have to think about what he did wrong. His SHIELD superiors will undoubtedly help, if you call raking him over the coals 'help'. For now though, he just dangles. He's been trained in resisting this kind of thing and he's spend enough time working out that he has decent enough abs to absorb some of the force. The hanging though means he can't easily tense up and that the blows /hurt/. Just not as much as they might. And the chains? Useless to hold him of course but he's not a good enough fighter to take on multiple opponents. They'd likely end up killing him. Hopefully, a team should be arriving soon. Before this 'Mindbender' forces his hand.

"Is this good, Captain?"

Steve looks up from the small laptop and nods, "Yeah, this is good, Jenkins. Thanks." Slowly the black SUV pulls into an opened garage not far from where the torture of Agent Gutierrez is going down. As soon as the vehicle rumbles in, Agent Gerard hops out of the passenger side door and moves to close it behind them, keeping them hidden from view.

"Johnson," Steve says into the communicator, "Not sure how made Fury mad enough to dress you up like that. Guess we found out which side of Santa's list you're on this year." It's probably obvious to everyone in on the mission and the feed, but given the very stressful situation they all find themselves in- hoping for the safety of one of their own- that he's trying to keep the mood lighter. In his estimation, troops fight better when relaxed over anxious.

"Who else do we have out there?"

Despite his quip, Steve's blue eyes and focused upon Daisy's video feed as the fingers of his right hand lay upon his shield.

Rain will help Daisy. The witch cares, at least, if she is allowed to. If the witch is allowed, she will be hovering above and behind. It's a remarkably quiet means of transport. Captain (ver Cat) can follow on foot. Just a cute, dressed up cat, yes indeed. On hearing what is going on, Rain is duly worried. The perk of having a familiar is that most people don't suspect a cat, and Rain can pass along magic as needed.

She gets all the good assignments. Oh sure, Daisy will do it. Daisy will go to Madripoor and bring back a briefcase of shredded paper. Oh sure Daisy will tail Jemma on one of her "dates". Oh sure, Daisy will go to the mountains of California and bring back some black suited death machine. Oh sure, Daisy will hack into on her free time at work and make people feel loved. Nobody knows about that…so forget that now.

The look on her face when she saw the pizza delivery outfit was nothing short of priceless. No words even needed to be said, her raised eyebrow and facial expression said everything. Nevertheless, she put on the outfit; with a few modifications. A girl delivering pizza is going to look good doing it. Pants became shorts, and the t-shirt became sleeveless. It's all about the tips baby. With pizza's strapped to the back of the moped, Daisy made her way to the "delivery" sight; on her way receiving numerous cat calls (not from Captain mind you) and three marriage proposals.

Upon arriving at the Fun house, Daisy parks her moped and responds to Steve in the com, tucked into her ear. "I better be on the good list. I bet I would make a cute elf." The pizza's are removed from the back of the moped and Daisy makes her way to the entrance, calling from outside the door as she knocks. "Tasty Pie Pizza." Her voice calls out. She stands there with the pizza's in hand and chews on some gum waiting for them to open the door.

The door slowly opens and one of them men raises a brow. "We ain't ordered no fuckin' pizza." Daisy looks to him and simply extends the first pizza to him without accepting no for an answer. She twirls her hair lightly and shrugs. "Complimentary. You address was drawn. You won. Enjoy." She eyes him carefully and steps closer, resting a hand on his shoulder and whispering. "You know I like pizza. Mind if I um…you know. Shhhh."

Up above the action, on the creaky old wooden roller coaster, the figure in black in a prone position would be easy to miss. Snake-Eyes is hunched down, a sniper rifle sticking out as he aims down the sights, watching Daisy from above as he scopes in and waits for the cue. He's quiet, no transmissions sent, it's already assumed that the dark suited death machine is nearby.

Down below on the deck, the Viper that opens the door looks Daisy over. "Damn, baby, free pizza, and a lady looking for some good tips. Come on in." he says, gesturing Daisy to come on through, but not taking the boxes from her. He wants to watch that jam, not jelly go on down the hall of mirrors. She's reflected in them in odd and warped looks as they come to the back room, the camera filming it all. As the door opens, there's five Vipers in the room, two of them are unpacking boxes and taking out assault rifles with scopes attached to them. Another Viper finishes cracking open an eight foot tall by four foot wide crate, and as the wood hits the floor - there's a large what appears to be suit of armor within. One arm terminates in a claw, the other in a Gatling rifle. He starts initializing the power armor to have it ready to try out.

As Daisy turns and pans, the form of Joey, hanging from chains comes into view, and the Viper grabs her roughly by the shoulder. "Less you see, baby, the better." he growls at her, and pushes her forward with a swat to her ass. "Look what we got, boys, dinner and a show!"

There seems to be no other security present, though as Daisy sets down the pizza, the camera shows a small security station where a Viper is sitting, watching the screens. He notices the girl on the broom going by and rubs his eyes. "…I think one of the decorations is broken, guys. Some strange chick witch thing."

Joey's not going to look a gift horse in the mouth and uses the respite to try to catch his breath. Another set of footsteps makes him look over to see who this 'Mindbender' is but… Seriously? Pizza Girl Daisy? He'd be less surprised if Malibu Barbie walked in. But a moment later he just breathes a sigh of relief. Help has arrived. And he'll wait for her to make the first move before freeing himself.

Steve winces inwardly at the language and classlessness of the Vipers, but he shouldn't be surprised. Whatever they're up to doesn't seem like it would conjure the most kindhearted recruits. He re-positions the laptop with a grimace and starts getting ready to head out. "Everyone be ready," he remarks.

Two infiltrating. Snake Eyes from above for extra cover. That's a heck of a start. Still, that security station bothers him. "Rogers to base- any chance we can get some tech support and see if we can hack into that party in there? There's some sort of security station that has me worried. Also, I understand beggars can't be choosers, but are the streets clear?"

"Time to move," Cap says to the other two agents in the car. He slides out of the SUV, places his shield on his back, and holds the laptop in the crook of his arm as he waits for the others. "Not a big fan of that exoskeleton either. We're going to try and find an entrance the back way. It doesn't look that mobile; maybe we'll gain the advantage by making it turn around."

Rain is a little strange, but she is doing her best to be sneaky. Captain shimmers and disappears. Behold! Invisibility spell from Rain. Back up and a pair of eyes. Rain is going to land nearby, preparing to cloak herself and try to find a way in herself. Perhaps a nice window or vent. Regardless, she is listening. And sneaking. Sneaking so hard she can't even.

Oh she best not be writing the report after this one. It is all she can do to maintain her composure as her ass is slapped by one of the Vipers. It causes her to jump a bit, but she manages to turn her head and offer a soft smile to the man who did it. "Well ain't we just the feisty little thing." She sets the pizzas down on a table, making sure that they are un-stacked and that the one with the camera and icer are facing the security room for now. There is a soft breath taken and she reaches up behind her to undo her ponytail, shaking her head to let her hair fall down around her shoulders. A smile is given to all the men who she hopes are watching the /show/ and she makes her way over to a chair. What happens next is actually caught on the wide angle shot of the feed. Something Daisy did not think through in her attempt to buy time.

The chair becomes a prop, and Daisy becomes a dancer with no training around a chair. However, she tries her best. Walking around the chair. Leaning over the chair. Sitting backwards on the chair. Did her leg just go up in the air a bit? All done in an attempt to drop their guard and draw their attention to her and not where the camera is focused: On the security room.

However a few moments into her little chair dance, which everyone was entitled to witnessing. Yeah..destroy that footage, Daisy pauses and grips the chair.

The chair starts shaking first, then the table beside her. Then the shaking expands until much of the room is shaking around her. Her eyes go wide and she looks to the men, shouting. "Earthquake!" A light above them bursts, sending glass down. "We need to get out of here!"

'Tech support', comes the Morse coded response, before Snake-Eyes chambers a round. With the camera focused on the security station, the feed comes directly up to Snake's rifle, and he adjusts his line of sight, aiming the rifle through the nooks and crannies to match the shapes on the wall against the shapes he sees in the feed. Once he has a good idea of the lock, he holds his aim upon the target, waiting for the go signal from the girl on the inside as it were.

The Vipers are pretty much fixated on Delivery Daisy as she delivers the dance of the Daisy Duke, and they're all distracted heavily by her shimmy and shaking about. One of them even takes out a phone to record it. It's so going viral if it ever gets out. She continues to work the chair and then she starts to reverb - literally - into the floor, and they stumble about. The Vipers do listen to the girl, grabbing their rifles, though one Viper turns to open up the power armor to climb within it, and it's visor flashes blue as it comes to life.

"What about the girl?"

"Leave her! If she's dumb enough to die here, that's not on us!" one of the others yell back. Such gentlemen they are.

The Viper at the security station is one of the last as he is reaching for a radio to send a message. That is until there's a sharp crack from outside, and the large caliber rifle round punches through the wall, slamming into the Viper and throwing him to the floor with a gaping chest wound. 'Reboot complete'. he transmits as the ninja sets aside the rifle and starts down the side of the roller coaster to join the others.

Hearing the rifle shot, one of the Vipers stops and turns towards Daisy and Joey. "You bitch." he sneers, after all, he's the one that invited her in. Even as the floor is shaking, he raises his rifle, firing a burst of fire at the woman, aiming to kill her as he glances towards Joey. The building's collapse will surely finish him off, right?

Creating a minor earthquake qualifies as making the first move right? Assuming the answer to that is yes, the manacles around his wrists liquefy and he drops the little bit of distance to the ground, rolling because a) he was hanging there a while and his legs are a bit wobbly and b) to get out of the line of fire.

Well, that is something you don't see everyday.

Reflexively, Cap looks away, despite being relatively on his own at this point as he scurries along the pavement. The two agents are taking another path. Eventually, as he continues moving along, he looks back to see if it's ov-No, no it's not. No it's not over.

"Copy that, Snake Eyes," Cap responds as he thanks the high heaven above for the distraction away from Daisy's show. The world is a different place. Cap's been out of the icicle for two years now, but sometimes real life steps up and slugs him in the jaw.

The feed on Steve's laptop begins to shake when the earthquake hits, just as Snake is taking care of the malware. Looks like the plan is taking on a different turn. Rather than run for the back as he originally thought, Steve running at full tilt towards the entrance. The laptop goes into a sling on his back and out comes the shield.

Ah hah. Rain manages to make her way in. She's a witch. That is how they do. Captain drops his invisibility as one sneers at Daisy. "FROM HELL'S CROTCH I BITE AT THEE." And he's gonna have a full sized tomcat glommed onto his groin. Claws and teeth out. That's at least 25 pointy ends. Owch.

And then one of them just - turns into a newt. He'll get better, but he's scampering around as newts do. The violet-eyed witch emerges. "Sorry, that took me a moment. Let's get out of here." And there's a look around. Where's - ah hah. "Hey-" Is he okay?

It was not the first time that Daisy had a gun leveled at her. In fact it happened a lot. However, this was a bit different. She was dressed in a pizza outfit. God, can you imagine being found in a pizza outfit? Yet, when Captain goes into action and decided to take a literal bite out of crime, Daisy sees her opening to deal with what really needs to be dealt with: Senor Power Armor.

The quaking in the room and surrounding has stopped. There is a subtle calming to the room now. Well, aside from Joey dropping to the floor, a newt being born and a man getting his groin assaulted. Daisy looks to the man in the power armor and tries to decide what she has time for. Shaking the pieces would not do anything right now. Thus, her hands are raised and in an effort to buy time she sends a seismic blast at the man in the armor, at least trying to stagger it to buy some more time.

The Viper that was firing at Daisy screams in pain as the cat attacks and starts clawing at all of his tender vittles. He starts trying to slam the butt of his rifle into the invisible cat, slamming himself in the jimmies in the process. He cries out, eyes crossing and watering at the same time before he slumps to his knees and sinks to the ground, doubled over. Mommy.

Newt-Viper is a newt, it shimmies into a wall and disappears. Rain's Viper Newt Count is now two.

The large power armor rumbles to life, stepping forward as it lowers the cannon and it rotates, before clicking on a nozzle and a burst of flame erupts forth, racing towards Daisy and Joey inside the small confined space. He's in a large mechanical machine that's probably fireproof. They're small, squishy, and in Daisy's case, probably burn easily in the sun. He'll take his chance.

Daisy's blast wave slams into the armor, and it staggers backwards, crashing through the wall as it's flame ignites the dry rotted timbers, setting it ablaze as he stumbles about, before noticing the other Captain, he of the shield, charging in. The Viper's eyes widen and he turns to open fire with a 5.56 mini-gun, spraying rounds towards Captain America. That, he wasn't counting on.

With Rain making her way inside, the Vipers are coming out, and one of them turns towards her. "…" And as he raises his rifle, there's a sudden pair of black gloves around his head, and an audible crack as Snake-Eyes twists the Viper's head hard and drops him to the ground. The visored ninja looks towards Rain for a moment, and nods, slinking back into the mirrors to continue his hunt, even as yet another Viper is coming around to try to find Rain.

That missing Viper? He comes out of the bathroom finally, pulling up his pants. Don't ask. Just don't. Noticing Daisy moving to help Joey, he fumbles around for his pistol, crying out as his pants fall around his ankles and he starts firing wildly at the two agents.

Joey just needs a minute to get his feet back under him. It's his arms that are going to be protesting for a few days. He hugs a wall as the power armor starts moving but Daisy seems to have take care of it for the moment. Seriously, does Viper actually train its agents? The man's crying out turns what should have been an easy kill into a disaster for the man. Not that any SHIELD agent is going to complain.

Bullets are nicely aerodynamic. Once they hit Joey's field? Much less so. Solid becomes liquid and starts to lose its shape. Air pressure helps to disperse the metal into smaller drops. They're still traveling fast but when they hit him, it just stings like being pelted by rain in the middle of a hurricane. A trained fighter worries him. A gun he knows about? "Daisy, take this guy? I've got the power suit."

As the shots begin to come at Steve, he ducks his head behind his shield, but his legs never stop moving. Rather than stop, he actually picks up speed as he approaches the gunman. 30 miles per hour might not seem like a lot when traveling in a car or on a scooter, but when it's 220 pounds of American Muscle behind it, it packs a mighty wallop.

Steve attacks the man with the brunt of his shield, looking to send him flying and stop the shots that are coming his way in about the most brutal, simple way possible.

Rain is sympathetic to Joey. She eeps as one turns to shoot her and then - CRACK. She nods at Snake-Eyes. A silent thank you. Captain (ver Feline) is fof his target once the viper is downed and duly newted. She's going to keep the humanoids busy as she can. The one coming out of the bathroom - is a distraction. She has to get Joey. "I've got you sir, need healing? Let's move." A beat. "I am not used to this." She is in awe of Captain and the others. (The shield one, though her cat gets props, too)

Take care of the one with the gun? Daisy can do that. Yet, the man with the gun is already firing at them. As she turns two bullets strike her. One in the shoulder and one in her abdomen. There is a cry of pain as the young woman drops to a knee wincing in pain. After all, she is not wearing SHIELD armor. She works for Tasty Pie Pizza.

Her hand goes to her stomach and she looks up from her knelt position through her hair that has fallen before her face. She is to weak it would seem to send a blast that would cause the man to fly back or cease. However, her other hand is raised and his gun starts to vibrate, rattling apart and rendering itself useless. The man is still active and on his feet, just temporarily weaponless. Daisy then falls onto her back breathing heavily. She appears to either be sweating or perhaps those are tears of pain.

The flammable wood continues to catch like so much kindling, the flamethrower from the power armor having already started the process of destroying the fun house as smoke rises into the air in several plumes. The power armor lays down a withering amount of fire on the shield-bearer, right until Steve gets underneath and slams into the chest plate much like a linebacker, sending the SNAKE armor backwards, where it slams into the docking boards. While made to handle human weight, the large railroad tie thick board can't handle a ton of armor and an extra force of super-soldier plowing into it.

The board snap and break, sending both armor and Captain into the water below. Popping the emergency hatch of the armor, the Viper is unlatched from the restraints and swipes at Captain America with a combat knife, fighting for his very life, which makes him the most desperate of brawlers.

With Rain assisting Joey, she may miss that one of the Vipers has return and aims his rifle at her. He's a lot more quiet than Latrine Viper, as he draws in a steadying breath and squeezes the trigger. The first round fires towards the witch, just before the gun jams and the Viper starts to quickly work the chamber to try to eject the stuck round and chamber another.

The last Viper will not be returning, as he was taken care of by Snake-Eyes somewhere in the maze of mirrors, the poor man shoved into the shattered glass.

Ever seen 'The Running Man'? You know, when Dynamo came up on Arnold's love interest in only a top and tighty whities and starts strangling her? That's exactly what Latrine Viper's doing. Having lost his gun to her quake powers, he leaps on her, hands wrapping around her throat and starts to choke her, banging her head against the floorboards.

"Daisy! Help her!" Joey barks at Rain. She offered healing, she can heal the other agent. "Oh, like hell you are." Joey growls and rushes the Viper agent trying to strangle Daisy. And since the enemy agent is in such a good position for it, he brings back a leg and kicks the man between the legs from behind. Followed by a few kicks to the head. Simple, unsporting perhaps, but effective.

Steve and the Viper do battle underneath the water's surface, now, and the mixture of the water and the weight of Captain America's armor should give his foe an advantage. As he's still getting his bearings, the knife strikes true, hitting the SHIELD agent straight away in the chest.

Unfortunately for the Viper, a knife is not going to penetrate the star that over Captain America's heart.

Steve unleashes a bevy of fists aimed at his assailant's face, hoping to end things for good and take in a prisoner while he's at it.

Rain is a bit worried, as Daisy is hit. She nods at Joey. "You got it, sir. Can you help Captain when we're done?" Captain is going to hiss. "BEHIND YOU." The first round jammed, and Rain turns. "Pants on fire!?" Yes, the man's pants are going to burst into flames, while Rain goes to heal Daisy in the chaos. At least it'll be quick enough for Daisy to rescue the handsome, not so hairy Captain.

If the one Joey kicked was knocked around, Rain will let him be. "We need to get people out of the water." Daisy can totes help with that!

Daisy is laying on her back, staring up at the sky, still gasping for air. She is not moving much or even sure where the guy was that was assualting her. All she knows is that her abdomen hurts, her shoulder hurts and she has a ringing headache. Her eyes are glassed over and to be quite honest she is making no effort to rise, almost seemingly succumbing to the situation she is in. Her breathing can actually be heard in all the chaos.

Breathing that is raspy and irregular.

Steve fortunately, is more than capable of controlling his anger and adjusted to the ideas of taking prisoners. The Viper struggles and tries to fight back, even as his blade breaks on that star. Eventually, he just runs out of strength and breath and with a rush of bubbles, slips into unconsciousness as unfortunately, he gets tangled in the armor himself, trying to fight his way out.

The Latrine Viper takes a hard shot from a combat boot right where it counts, and lets out a high pitched scream. He doubles over, rolling to his side, and it only takes another kick from Joey to the head to knock him out. He's not going anywhere.

The Viper at the door has his pants suddenly combusts and he screams in pain, but that will only be temporary before he passes out in shock and pain. A large timber on fire collapses onto the communication station, destroying what was left that Snake-Eyes didn't shoot. Where is the ninja, anyway? There's a splash as a figure in black jumps in feet first and diving down into the waters, he fishes out the Captain, his shield, and the Viper, carrying them to the surface and depositing them on the shore. Leaning over Steve, he starts rapid chest compression, following a well trained rhythm in his head until the Captain coughs and splutters water, and then Snake-Eyes will turn him on his side to recover. He repeats the process with the Viper, as Jenkins' finally directs backup agents to the scene, too late to recover the building.

Joey glances around nervously at the fire. "Hurry, we need to get out of here." The Viper agents seem to be down and someone is hauling Cap out of the water so that just leaves them. "Now would be good." Is it done already? He can't tell. It's magic.

"On it." Rain will finish mending Daisy, scoop up her cat and move out. She's going to concentrate a moment. A purple pentagram rises around her. With their reality consent, the group will be teleported out with the unconscious Vipers. There's a WOOSH of energy, and they will find themselves outside near Captain America and SNEK if they consent.

Daisy is not going to argue about being teleported out of the building. She really does not want to walk at all. Finding herself outside and feeling a little better, she manages to sit up. She looks like hell, well a cute little pizza delivery version of Hell. The Demoness of Pepperoni. A hand goes to her head and she closes her eyes a moment before opening them and crawling on her hands and knees to one of the vipers. She starts going through their clothing. "They must have a phone."

There's the one phone that videoed Daisy's little dance, but that was a personal phone. Any other phones are absent, and the communication station is trashed. As the building burns, there's the pop - pop - pop of small arms ammunition as medic teams and firefighters arrive to start to bring things under control and cordon the area off. There will be plenty of time for Daisy to write yet another report. Like she ever does. Thus the problems with rank, right?

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