Ninja Charades

November 16, 2015:

Felicity comes looking for a lunch date with Fitz and Simmons and winds up helping a ninja with a problem.


Lounge and computer room.


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The Triskelion is a secure facility. There's only so much access a visitor can have. However, Felicity is visiting Fitz and Simmons and is determined to meet them where they work in order to do it. They're so often working that she's trying to be the thoughtful girlfriend and bring them some lunch from Big Belly Burger. Her visitor's pass is clearly displayed as the last time she didn't have one she had a very scary run in with a very scary Agent May. That's something she's clear on not repeating. Or, if she meets Agent May again, it's on the proper side of the badge issue.

Setting the bag of burgers, fries and drinks on the table in front of her in one of the lounge areas, she takes a deep breath. This place makes her nervous. Also, curious. It's way too easy to want to find the nearest computer and just start doing some digging.

After the run in with Baroness a few days back, Snake-Eyes makes his way down into the computer and science division of the Triskelion. He's already had all of the tests run on him. In this case, the quiet ninja is looking for something else, as he comes to the computer lab and finds noone home. Of course they would be off doing something else. Keeping the flash drive in his palm, he starts to head back towards the more common areas when he spots the young woman sitting in the lounge, seemingly waiting for someone.

Even with his combat gear in place, the silent master comes up wordlessly behind her where she's sitting and waiting before he steps around to make his presence known. He's learned that tapping the unsuspecting on their shoulders tends to cause heart attacks when they look back and see only black and a visor and armor. A polite bow of his head is offered in greetings.

Despite the fact that Snake Eyes is attempting to be polite in his sneakiness, it is still sneakiness. When he pops into view, Felicity startles, letting out an "Ack!" and puts a hand on her chest as if to steady her suddenly increased heart rate. "Holy- !" Settling herself back in her chair, she puts her hands on the table and takes a deep breath. "Freaking! SHIELD Ninjas? Does SHIELD have ninjas now? Did they always? Wait- you're not Agent May, are you? Look! I have a badge. It says visitor! It's prominently displayed!"

At that, she picks up the laminated badge given to her at the front desk and shows it to Snake-Eyes. "I'm just here to see Leo and Simmons! I'm not touching anything I'm not supposed to or looking at anything I'm not supposed to - though, really, there aren't any signs saying what I should and should not be looking at so, that may actually be on you guys if I am." When nervous, she tends to ramble.

The whole reason he came around was so that Snake-Eyes wouldn't scare the poor woman, and now she's totally freaking out. Holding up his hand with the data-drive in it, he tries to make a calming motion, even stepping back a few paces just in case she starts hyper-ventilating, head-spinning, pea-soup-vomitting something. His head tilts down to glance at the badge and then back up to the woman and his head tilts to the side curiously as he splays his arms in a non-threatening manner. See, he's not drawing his sword to cut her in half. That's a good start.

At her comment on what she should and should not be looking at, he shrugs. He's a ninja, he doesn't need no stinking signs. And if she's mistaking him for May - well, other than the obvious height, the body shape is completely off. He can't pull off her curves, even if he tends to trend to the lithe side instead of the Leifield side.

Tilting his head like a curious pup, he gestures to the bags of food, and then to the computer lab, shaking his head. He signs for a moment, 'ASL'?

And no, not in the computer way.

Not exactly freaking out, but Felicity is usually a rather animated person. When he holds up his hands and backs away, she calms down slightly. But, the entire building makes her nervous and a faceless ninja is not exactly going to help with the whole situation. It's her opinion that May could be lurking anywhere and disguise herself as anything.

"Oh! ASL? Um, no, sorry. I know some of the alphabet, but not any actual signs. Well, I do know two signs and they're not for polite company. I had an ex that liked to know how to swear in every language and he was incredibly thorough about things." Glancing toward the computer lab that he's asking about, she tilts her head and looks back at Snake-Eyes. "Oh, I'm waiting for L-Uh, Fitz. Fitz and Simmons. I brought them some lunch from Big Belly Burger. But, it's going to get cold soon. Want a fry?"

Snake-Eyes might be amused at her explanation of what she does and doesn't understand of sign language. He considers for a moment and then stepping forward, he comes to stand before the young woman and takes one of her hands in his own to turn it over so that the palm is up. Then he realizes he's still holding the datadrive, and he sets it on the table. There's a red outline of a cobra's hood on the top of the drive, as he uses his finger to write into Felicity's hand.

'Out at moment. Not sure when will be back.'

And then she offers him food and he politely shakes his head to deny the request. He probably ate the flesh of some innocent person to power his dark ninja powers or something as he glances towards the bags of food and back to her before releasing her hand.

Felicity glances at the data drive that he puts on the table. It's hard not to be curious about such a thing - it's like drawing moths to the flame. Even when Snake Eyes takes her hand, she straightens, trying to figure out what he's doing. When he starts to write out a message on her hand, her eyes snap from the drive back there.

"Oh! They're out. Well, that's a whole lotta Big Belly Burger I'm going to have to scarf down now," she sighs. Looking between all the food, she moodily takes a few fries and munches on them thoughtfully. "Mind if I ask what you've got on that snake drive? Is it evil secrets? Looks like FlexPro Memory Key. They've got a killer encryption code."

Glancing from the drive back to the young woman, he considers her for a moment. If he ate that much Big Belly, he'd probably be bursting out of his combat tunic soon enough. She probably has a killer metabolism. He shakes his head in perceived amusement at the idea of it being evil secrets. Gesturing to the Bau Ga symbol on his shoulder armor, he writes into her hand. 'Information on brother.' Then he taps the drive on the serpent. Apparently this 'brother' isn't on the same side as he is.

Then he realizes she may not know who or what Cobra is. How to do this. After a moment's thought, he holds up a finger and steps back. He mimes running a finger across his throat and ducks his head down, as if it was cut off. Then he moves his other hand up to his shoulder and makes a fist, moving it back and forth in a looking around type fashion. Lifting the opposite hand, he makes the cut motion again, and drops the fist, then both the fist and his head rise up, moving in unison together. Finally, one last cut, and then both of his fists are on either side of his head and they're moving together like three snakes looking around.

Felicity won't eat the whole thing. She'll eat her own portion and maybe most of the fries and leave the rest in the fridge. Or toss it. Though she hates to waste food, fast food burgers don't really keep. Getting more of the story, her head tilts again. "Brother? These people have him?" She works with a superhero or two, she knows the name of the game.

When Snake Eyes moves backward to start his charades, Felicity takes a sip of her soda and another handful of fries. "Oh my God, he's a triple headed snake mutant?!" Her first guess is not really on point. Then, she thinks she gets it. "Oh! Wait. Medusa? No, uh, Hydra! You're talking about Hydra. But, their insignia isn't a snake. It's that octopus thing."

At her question about them having them, Snake-Eyes waggles his hand slightly, then taps his shoulder where the SHIELD badge is - he chose his side. As did his 'brother'. But as she continues to ask questions and then points out Hydra, he points. She got it right, however, he pauses when she brings up the difference in symbols. He nods again, but lifts up the drive. He turns it with the symbol towards her, and then starts to replace each of the 'heads' with the snake. Finally he stops, and holds out the symbol by itself, before he moves to put the data drive away.

Felicity is not the best at charades, but she's a smart girl. When Snake-Eyes points to his SHIELD badge, she nods. "Oh, so he's part of Hydra, you mean. That's a bit more difficult." Frowning, she looks at the data drive and the cobra on it. "So, these guys are like a division of Hydra?" She's slowly getting it. "And you think there's some information on there about your brother."

Felicity and Snake-Eyes are in one of the visitor lounges of the Treskelion, because there's nothing that Felicity fears more here than a disapproving Agent May. She has several bags of Big Belly burgers, having hoped to catch Fitz-Simmons for a lunch date, and instead got a ninja. Lucky her. When Felicity finally starts to put things together as he's plays them out with motions and charades, he nods briskly as she hits the nail on the head.

Fishing out the Cobra marked data drive again, he glances down at it with his visor, then back to Felicity, before gesturing towards the computer lab. He was here looking for one of the computer experts, himself.

As Felicity eyes the drive and then the labs, she puts her hands up. "Woah, I mean, I would love to, don't get me wrong. The computers they have here have to be from, like, outer space. And they might be! Who knows! I'd love to get my hands all over them." Coughing, as if inhaling a sip of soda wrong, she adds, "That is, you know, on the keyboards. For the typing."

Standing up, she moves toward the door, since he's right, she is afraid of the disapproving May stare. It's terrifying. "But, you know, visitor." She points at her badge again. "They could, like, lock me in some cell, erase my memory and I'd come out the other end a brunette whose favorite food is kale, which is disgusting!"

Snake-Eyes shakes his head, and then points at the bags in way of explanation. He means that he was looking for Fitz and Simmons himself. Though, at the idea of her possibly.. and he backs down the mental process of that idea, because Fury may have him here as a special asset, but he'd perfer not to get anyone in trouble.

It's at that point that Jemma enters the lounge and looks at the pair in the room. "Felicity? They said you were looking for one of us…." she stops as she takes in the scene and looks at the drive in Snake-Eyes hands. "Perhaps…" she says slowly, processing what she just heard from Felicity, "someone could explain what's going on here?" She really is trying her best May impression!

"Oh!" Felicity laughs and blushes when he points to the bags and then himself, finally getting what he's saying. "You're saying you were looking for Leo and Simm—ha, okay, see, this is why I always lose at charades." When Jemma enters the lounge, she straightens, easily looking guilty while trying not to do so. She's not usually good at that.

"Jemma! Hi! I brought Big Belly Burger for you and Leo. I was just, uh…talking…to Agent…Um…I didn't actually get his name. You know. Visitor Stuff. Fries?" Trying her best to give her an innocent smile and holds out a carton of fries in her direction.

With Jemma's arrival, if Snake-Eyes could roll his eyes at the timing - he probably is the way he just glances up momentarily, as if processing some silent thought before he turns his attention fully to Jemma. He hands her the drive, and then reaches into the bag, pulling out a fry and a ketchup packet. Ripping open the packet, he turns to the table.


And then he uses the fry as a writing instrument. 'Captured. Never cracked. Virus?'

Then he points to himself and then the drive, because he doesn't have enough 'ink' to continue to explain, but perhaps they'll understand. He captured it - probably in that in-between time where Cobra was off the radar.

"And this is why I said I would learn ASL." Jemma murmurs as she watches Snake-Eyes write with ketchup. shudder.

"Hello Felicity." greeting the blonde, she'll give the other woman a quick hug. "Great timing, I'm starving, been stuck in the lab all day and haven't had time to eat." Don't let May know! Taking the drive from the Snake-Eyes, eyeing the ketchup again, she looks back to Felicity "Agent Snake-Eyes. And this is Felicity Smoak." Then she realizes that Fliss thinks Leo is here and her expression turns a little more somber "Leo's not here, Felicity." she says gently "He's been sent away on assignment. I'm not sure how long he'll be gone." by the flicker of concern that crosses her face, Felicity and Snake-Eyes can tell that she's likely very worried.

Looking at the drive in her hand, she lets out a breath "There are protocols for inspecting these things. We just don't plug them in. Have you filled out the requisite forms?" SHIELD does like its paperwork "Oh, nevermind… " she sighs "I'll help you do that and then we can decipher the drive. Did you want to do that now?" She can at least give Felicity access to her lab, it's known that the blonde is helping in another investigation - not that that might Felicity anymore comfortable.

Writing in ketchup? Felicity wrinkles her nose slightly at that. She thinks similarly about learning ASL as she watches him scribble down what he needs them to know. "So, you're saying no one has ever cracked this drive?" The blonde's blue eyes practically sparkle at the thought. Computer puzzles are practically what she lives for.

Frowning at the idea of Fitz being put on assignment, Felicity just nods once. That's a conversation for another day. Her own worry and annoyance at not being told will just have to wait. Luckily, there's whopping big distraction right in front of her. "I mean, I'd be glad to help if no one will get in any trouble over it. I'm not going to be responsible for any mind wiping."

Taking a napkin, Snake-Eyes at least has the courtesy to clean up his mess. Without Rain around to throw around translation spells, and no whiteboard, he's making due with what's on hand as the ninja nods slowly, listening to Jemma go on about what hoops they need to jump through and folds his arms loosely over his chest. She's going to follow procedure, and he's not going to try to skirt around it. He's had the drive for months, what's a few more minutes.

However, as it seems that Jemma is bringing in Felicity to assist with the decoding of what's on the drive, he gives a grateful nod of his head, relaxing his posture slightly as he waits for Jemma to lead the way.

Fortunately, there's a whiteboard in Jemma's lab and after Snake-Eyes cleans up the mess, she guides the group there. As to following procedure? She knows what needs to be done to avoid the difficult questions and still get the job done in a relatively quick fashion. Of course, working for May and Coulson may help that!

"I could do with the help, Felicity." Simmons murmurs as she lets them into her space "I've got access to Fitz's algorithms, but if they don't work, I really struggle." Jemma /can/ do most of this work, it just takes her much longer. Her specialty is bio-chemistry … things in petri dishes are so much more interesting. "You won't get in trouble" she assures the blonde "so no mind-wiping."

It doesn't take long for the form to be submitted and the drive cataloged in the SHIELD database and then looking at the two with her, she snags a fry from the bag and smiles after she eats. "Shall we then?" Unlocking the computer on what would normally be Fitz's desktop, she makes sure the computer is segregated from the rest of the SHIELD network and slots the drive in.

"Well, I'm certainly no Leo. I have no head for mechanical engineering. Just computer algorithms and security loop holes." Felicity stretches out her hands and fingers, clearly enjoying this already. Pointing to Simmons she grins. "I'm holding you to that." About the whole not being mind wiped thing.

Pulling up a chair, she wheels over to the computer, starting to do her hacker thing. "So, what do we know about this drive? Other than it was at one point part of a very evil organization?"

Whiteboards are great ideas. With one available to him finally, the ninja listens to the questions and starts to write. 'I took it on a raid a 2 months before Fury recruited me.' He tries to keep to it short, at least in explanation. 'Brother = Storm Shadow. Blood brother, not birth. Drive was in computer that was captured and destroyed from Naja Imports'.

It's a good thing that Jemma isolates the computer from the rest of the system. As soon as the drive is slotted in, it immediately tries to ascertain the IP address of what it's connected to. When the handshake with the SHIELD PC is attempted, it triggers a virus that immediately starts on the attack of the computer - a flashing red Cobra sigil comes on screen and starts to spin around and goes on the attack. Think fast, Felicity. A small command prompt pops up, data scrolling on the screen as the data drive tries to co-opt the hard drive take the computer over.

Jemma reads what Snake-Eyes has written, looking at him levelly. Whilst she's read his file, there's not much in it, and this information is interesting. "Naja Imports?" Whilst Felicity is going to do her her thing, Jemma kicks off a search for the company, filling in gaps that might give them a clue as to what this drive actually is. "Let's see what we can find out about that."

The computer that Felicity is using, is fairly much clean. Fitz's cracking programs are on it, but not much else, at worst, the women can pull the power cord out and turn it off.

Felicity isn't paying much attention to what Snake-Eyes is writing. Instead, she's paying attention to the computer. It's a good thing, too, because as it starts to shut down and attack the system, the blonde hacker immediately leaps up into action. As the command prompt pops up, she immediately starts typing lines of code. Somehow she's able to see some of the code that's scrolling by. "Okay, so, this is nothing to worry about," she says, though her voice is very fast. "It's just a computer virus trying to take over everything on the computer. But, I think I can tell what kind of system it's running on. If I can just get it to think that it's already co-opted the computer before it actually does so and then that I'm actually a friendly…" she keeps typing furiously as she does so.

Snake-Eyes has a blank file because Director Fury gave him a blank file. Don't go peeking too far. The first search result as newest results is actually the report that the ninja wrote a few days ago, where he and Agent Carter were caught up in a raid against the Cobra known only as Baroness. Though she does have a picture on file. Small miracles, this isn't the first time she's turned up on SHIELD's radar. But her return happens to coincide with Snake-Eyes recruitment. Curious, that. The remaining links show that Naja Imports was being watched as a possible HYDRA cover business, used for illicit activities.

Felicity's furious work dances across the computer, battling against Tele-Viper virus protocols. Fortunately, Cobra has no hackers or programmers as skilled as the young woman yet, so finally the young woman gets the computer to behave. A prompt pops up, awaiting instructions as the Cobra spinny continues to circle in the background.

All very good and well what the SHIELD systems show Jemma, but what do the external systems they have access to reveal? Just /what/ is Naga Imports? Who owns it? Where's it registered or where's the head office … the more mundane type of information can provide a lot of insight.

Jemma has already seen the COBRA logo and made the connection, the picture of the Baroness and related information is not unsurprising. She'd also seen that Snake-Eyes had filed a report the other day. Dealing with HYDRA and similar related organizations is all in a days work really. Still, on top of the other external searches she starts, she quickly reviews Snake-Eyes report and the other links to see just what SHIELD knew of them.

For the briefest of moments though, her eyes light on Snake-Eyes before she turns her attention back to the research. Clearly she doesn't expect him to be forthcoming. Blank file and all.

"How are you going there, Felicity?" she asks of the blonde. She sounds so calm! Perhaps she's used to this with Fitz.

"Ha-HA, you don't go dancing with the devil if you don't want to get bit!" Felicity pumps her hand in the air when she's past the virus and is able to do what she wants with the drive. Then, blushing she lowers her hand and adds, "Uh, maybe I should have said snakes. It seems more in theme with what we're doing here today. Though, uh, we're through now. So! That's good. I made it think I'm a Hydra agent with pretty high access to whatever may be in here. So, any questions we want to ask it? It's like our magic eight ball."

Naja Imports and Exports, according the extranet is just a shipping company. A middle man for shipping items to and from Madripoor. It's majority share-holder lists it as part of Extensive Enterprises, which if she cross-references with, Jemma will find it's a dead end. Extensive comes across as a legitimate corporation that has built it's wealth of investments and purchasing companies, much like it has with Naja. The ninja seems to have no information to share at the moment as he watches the work of the two women. He's probably impressed. His own contacts couldn't break the code.

There's a report in Chinese on one website about Naja Imports. It will take a few minutes for Jemma to run through a translation program, but it is a report on the fire that cross-references Snake-Eyes reports and that there hasn't been any shipments from the company in several months and that all of it's employees had just only recently laid off.

Extensive Enterprises page is your standard fare corporate page. It's owners are listed as Paoli, Tomax and Xamot. Twins, always fun. There's little information on them other than the fact that they're rich millionaire playboys that have extravagant tastes and plenty of exes.

As Felicity cracks into the files, she'll find shipping manifests. Lots of them. Cobra is moving things around. While it doesn't give specifics, there are certain code words for items, like toys, pharmaceuticals, furniture, and the like. All of it being shipped around through Naja Imports and Exports. Someone or something is moving assets around, towards the States, and other hot spots around the world. Cobra is slithering out from under it's rock.

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