After The Rally

November 14, 2015:

After the rally, Brin returns to X-Red and speaks with Bobby and Wanda

X-Red HQ - New York


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Bobby has heard a lot of things going off on the communicators. Something about, indeed, the Hulk going on a rampage? He's been waiting to hear how Brinley's doing since her last transmission was a bit uncertain. He knows she's alive but htat's about it. At the moment the ice nerd is waiting quietly by the desk he usually uses for computer tasks.

One of the Rescue ambulances touches down in the spot allocated for them, outside X-Red HQ, and after a few moments, the hatch opens and one of the paramedics helps Brinley out and down. It's been a few hours since her last transmission, the delay has been complicated by what happened onsite and the subsequent clean up.

Walking slowly and carefully, under her own power, the paramedics casting concerned looks between themselves, the brunette enters the building and approaches Bobby. "Sorry." she murmurs "For not being in touch again, sooner." Pushing her hair back from her face, the bruising around her neck is evident, although it looks aged. Bobby will know that it wasn't there yesterday, though. "It got a bit fraught. Next time, I'm taking backup."

"Something going on?" asks Wanda quietly after using her best ninja skills to 'sneak' up on Bobby and Brinley. She's been in and out of her room all week - some would say in and out of reality - and is not up to date on the world around her. Clad in a t-shirt and pyjama pants she's hardly prepared for action either. "What happened to your throat?" she asks Brinley with genuine concern…and a realisation that she missed something important and let down her team.

It works. Bobby starts a little, turning to see who it… ah. It's Wanda. The ice nerd gives the mutant witch a relieved smile and a wave on over. "Hey Wanda. Just in time actually I'd been waiting to see what happen to Brinley. There was an incident earlier."

Turning his attention back to Brin the ice mutant's eyes narrow. "Did someone choke you?"

Brin starts and winces, her whole body hurts, as Wanda sneaks up on her and it takes a moment to collect herself. Swallowing painful, she starts to speak, her voice rasping slightly, as she takes a seat. "Yes, choke me and … more." she's not sure if what she's told was true "I was told my neck was broken but … Hax… healed me." She's shaken but whole, which is something right? "I went to that Rally we intercepted the invitation for, Bobby. It got nasty real quick."

"Rally?" Wanda is really out of it. She glances between the two of them with a look of worried confusion. "Why didn't you ask me to come along? Never mind…that is not a fair question." At least she is conscious of her problems with reality. "Who choked you, Brinley? I will find them and show them the error of their ways. People are not nasty to my friends and get away with it. I will tear them to shreds." She glaces down at her clothes. "After I get changed."

Bobby does not at all disagree with Wanda right now. "What happened and is it handled?" Because if it's not handled the best case scenario is they need to be watchful. And the worst case scenario is they need to go take care of a problem, or get the other X-ers on the phone to take care of a problem. Or just let Wanda lead th eway which is really what Bobby's leaning toward right now.

"Not handled, no" Brin doesn't blame either of her teammates and that news is probably not going to be welcomed "She … had replicants, made of glass. Let me start at the beginning. It was more than just a hate rally, the … woman … killed a mutant on stage. She was trying to … upset the crowd. Not just whip up hate, she wanted to shock them." Carefully, she explains the chain of events, the three women on stage, the killing of the first mutant, the threat to the second, Brins intervention, the Hulk Hulking out, the mass panic in the crowd and then getting caught by one of the women "The women, were clones of the one, they made of glass and when I shattered the first ones arm, the main woman shot it… destroyed it. Hax melted the one that had me, but he wasn't quick enough."

Brins trained in hand to hand and she's no slouch, that someone managed to do this is telling. Bobby might remember too, several months ago the rumours of the woman who worked with glass that was tormenting superheroes.

"We need to get the word out, there's another big bad in town." she says looking between Wanda and Bobby.

"So this woman is a mutant? A mutant killing mutants to make people hate mutants?" Wanda shakes her head in disbelief. "This is a stupid world" she grumbles to herself with a glint of homicidal anger in her eyes. "Maybe Hax should be quicker next time" the witch sniffs before looking beween the two of them. "We have to fix this, right? And now? We cannot let this woman make so much trouble. I am sick of trouble. I want people to be get along with each other. I want them to be quiet."

Bobby thinks. "I remember hearing about a woman who could make copies of herself who killed one of the Titans." Beat. "Except he came back, or something. Not sure I have the story right. What I wouldn't give for Jamie right now. Let him show this woman what real copies are like." Still, Wanda is a really good 'wild card' in situations like these. "Yeah, Wanda, we have to fix this. Brinley are you still hurt?"

"Not sure, Wanda, but it seems like." Brin nods to woman, carefully. As to Hax being quicker, Brin just shrugs … perhaps she should have got the hell out of dodge. Bobby's observation has Brin considering, that would have been during the time she was away "I'll check the files in the morning." beat "I ache and I'm tired, but I'll be ok, Bobby." Hax had done good work.

"We have to fix it…" she agrees with Bobby "but right now, I need to sleep."

"Of course, you need to get some rest" Wanda nods to Brinley while offering her a sympathetic smile. "And I am still in my pyjamas anyway. We will take care of it in the morning. Good night, Brin." She gives the other woman a gentle hug before releasing her to her recuperation. But Wanda has never been great at faking agreement. She may go out on her own if need be.

"Go get some rest Brin." Bobby says quietly. He knows the woman's been living here. Which has worked out well but the ice nerd wonders sometimes if she might not be better off in a place of her own. Either way seems she's headed out.

Bobby fixes his gaze on Wanda now. He's been around her long enough to have a decent sense of when she might go do her own thing.

Hugging Wanda and looking to Bobby, Brin smiles "Food first, shower and then sleep." she confirms to the two. She does live at X-Red but spends some nights away, perhaps she's closer to finding her own place than people realise, or perhaps not. Time will tell.

"I'm going to cook if either of you want something, just say." Rising painfully from her chair, she looks between the two. Bobby can have that discussion with Wanda.

"Cook? You should not be cooking, you are in pain. Can you even swallow properly? Food is good for strength but maybe you should just have some protein shake or something" Wanda suggests, though she knows its not the most tasty of options. The witch, so good at understanding people, has no idea Brinley may soon not be around. Wanda looks at Bobby's gaze. "What?" She tries the innocent doe eyed look.

Bobby holds Wandas gaze for a long few moments and then blows out a sigh. "If you go out, be careful, mmm? Those cyborgs are still out there looking to pick off lone heroes and mutatns and I'm quite sure they'll attack you if they get a chance. Also they just recently stole a sentinel factory. Well, the important parts of it."

Bobby glances away to Brinley. "Nothing for me, thanks."

"They stole parts of a factory? No one noticed?" Wanda offers Bobby a sweet smile. "Who said I was going out anywhere? The team decided to not do anything until morning and I am part of the team, da? If they want to attack us then they can come here. It is not as if we hide. I suppose I should go back to bed and get lots of sleep."

"I need to do something, Wanda." and cooking is a good start. Soup or maybe a shake will work, but it's busy work to keep the mind focussed on /other/ things.

As she walks to the kitchen, she glances back "Bobby's right, Wanda. Don't do what I did." and they'd agreed that she would go on her. "We noticed the theft…" Brin had filed a report!

"Probably a good idea. We're all going to need it." It's important that X-Red not look like an easy target. Being highly visible is one thing. Being legal is one thing. Being prey is another. So… they'll have to consider. At the very least they might be able to convince this glass lady that going after mutants is going to be a lot more trouble than its worth. And hey if she has clones… Bobby doesn't have to have the kid gloves on with his powers.

"I'll be up for a bit longer, and then I'm headed home to get some sleep myself. Let me know if either of you need anything before I go."

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