Attack On The ER

November 15, 2015:

Gabby Trent contacts X-Red as the Purifiers up the ante on their campaign against mutants (emits by Aspect)

New York


NPCs: Gabrielle Trent



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A certain woman named Gabrielle, May's dossier's will in form her, has recently taken a job in New York and moved her primary residence there. That must have been popular with big brother. In any case, SHIELD knows to watch her and as for the X-Men? Well she drops by occasionally.

Both get a 'ping' on the woman when her cellphone goes off, calling X-Red. "Hey guys? Uh, can you get down here quick?" The sound of muted… is that gunfire? Is that laser gunfire? Can be heard through the phone. "ER where I work. Hurry. We've got a problem."

Moments later SHIELD gets report that a local hospital seems to be under attack by purifiers.

Gabrielle's call is routed to Brin and the brunette mutant quickly changes into her field gear, rallying whichever X-Red team members are in the office and organising emergency transport with Magik. She also sends out a broadcast to the various teams, and Kates "I've Got Your Back Program" to let them know that trouble is occuring, never know when the extra help might come in helpful.

The Stepping Disks open in the main room of the HQ and Brin waits a moment for other team mates to join her, before walking on to the disk and completing their journey through Limbo.

Melinda May doesn't hesitate. She's on her way out the door with a full tac team, and they're on their way in a quinjet that got pre-empted from its scheduled trip in under three minutes. While en route, she goes against current 'don't text and drive' rules by pulling her phone. Well, technically, it's voicemail not text, but close enough. "Trent. Get to your sister's workplace. Now." And that's all she leaves on the message.

The quinjet lands on the roof of an adjacent building and May looks at the team. "We're going in hot, and there will be a mix of enemies and friendlies. You know the drill." And then they're starting across the street to the ER in question, with May in the lead.

At the sound of the emergency Wanda comes rushing from her room with a half-eaten donut in her mouth. "Mfffhfhhrm" she explains to Brinley before hopping onto the disk. At least she managed to get into her uniform so that should reduce the amount of friendly fire…and increase the amount of enemy fire.

The ER enterence is in ruins. The doors have been shoot open and lay off their hinges. Inside gunfire can be heard as… well what's going on is not immediately clear. Brin, Wanda and May as she arrives can all see six purifiers just inside the entrence behind overturned beds and counter trading fire with… someone. Someone further in. It's not particularly accurate fire. But it's enough to keep them from just wading in to do whatever they want to do. Here at a hospital that's likely nothing good. At least there don't seem to be any cyborgs.

May should have got the information that X-Red were heading to site, so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise when there's two flashes of light that deposit Wanda and Brin next to May. "Agent May." Brin greets the agent, even as she manifests her glowing green and gold bow and arrows. "Gabrielle Trent is inside, she gave us a call, requesting assistance."

Glancing to Wanda as they move with the SHIELD team "Wanda, no killing. I know it's tempting, but please don't. You can certainly turn them into newts though."

Brin is moving stiffly, the bruising around her neck from yesterday still visible "I don't see any Reavers, but I wouldn't count on that, they've been working together a lot." Reaching a position where she can fire safely and hit her targets, she nocks an arrow and takes a bead… waiting for May to deploy the SHIELD team, she'll provide cover until she knows what the rest are doing.

Melinda May nods to Brin and Wanda, then with a gesture to her team, they all switch out the ammo they're using in their weapons. Apparently they'd been prepared for lethal force and just now switched to all suppression rounds. You're welcome, Brinley. The team fans out to find ideal places to attack from, then then at a gesture from May they all fire in near-perfect unison. ICER rounds, all of them. And mostly headshots.

"What is a newt?" Wanda asks Brinley - it's not an English word she comes across a lot surprisingly. Then a frown. "If these are the people who hurt you then I will…" Wanda lets out a big sigh. "Fine, I will not kill them. I will turn them into this newt." Her scarlet energy builds around her twitching fingers. "But they are destroying a hospital. Firing guns while sick children cower in their beds. And you think they should live." A little grumble to herself before she adds. "It is hard to be a hero."

Wanda glances around as others take direct action. Unable to be certain she wouldn't hurt one of these bastards fatally, she opts to assist rather than apply direct action. Her chaotic magic is hurled into the lights above them and the hospital starts to be plunged into darkness. Thankfully it is only the lights and not all electricity. And some lights stay on. Namely the ones above the Purifiers. They are lit up targets while everyone else is in the dark.

There's screams when the lights go out and cries of alarm when the SHIELD tac team swings into action. The purifiers scramble for better cover but they've been attacked from behind and there just isn't time to reorient. As some go for better cover a laser shoots one down. Others go down from May and the SHIELD team and in short order the firefight is over. Darkness and action took them out. Two surrender, throwing down their weapons. Now to find out why they're here… well maybe not from them.

"These aren't the ones that hurt me." Brin murmurs to Wanda and she's grateful to May for her care of the X-Red sensibilities. She doesn't get a shot off before the firefights done but she did see that laser shoot out … interesting. "Did you see that laser, Wanda, Agent May?" she asks the two women with her.

Zip tieing the Purifiers she passes, as she approaches the building, leaving the two who surrendered to others, she keeps an eye on where the laser appeared from. "Hello, we're from X-Red, do you need assistance?" she calls out as she gets near the door, May can introduce SHIELD if she'd like.

Melinda May saw that laser all right. Hence why she and the tac team don't charge in straight away. Instead, she calls out loudly and clearly, "SHIELD. The threat has been neutralized." If whomever fired that shot off is a friendly, they should show themselves readily enough. If not, her team is ready to repeat the concentrated ICER fire routine. After all, if they hit a friendly, well … oops. No permanent harm done.

"The light? Yes, I saw it" Wanda nods to Brinley. "We have been shot at by guns like that before" she notes sadly. Everyone wants to shoot them these days. Since both Brinley and May have introduced themselves Wanda doesn't feel she needs to as well. She stays behind the pair waiting for the reaction from the unknown soldier.

"Uh, I'm coming out!" Calls a woman's voice. The person who emerges has long black hair pulled back into a ponytail and vaguely middle eastern features. She's in blue scrubs and has a laser rifle in her hands that she's clearly uncomfortable holding. May and Brinley both know who she is. "Thank God you got here quick. I don't know how much ammo this thing has. I was lucky to get it at all."

"Ms Trent." Brin remarks dryly "Wanda, this is Ms Trent. Ms Trent, this is Wanda." Eyeing the rifle in the womans hands, Brin raises her eyebrows. "Get it from … where?" She suspects one of the Purifiers, but she really wants confirmation of that.

As she's talking, the brunette sends a message to her contacts with the NYPD requesting the name of the police liasion onsite and one to X-Red for relay to the other teams, advising that everything is ok.

Melinda May promptly gestures for the tac team to secure the rest of the ER floor as she moves forward to take that weapon away from Gabrielle. The SHIELD agents move past the women and into the area proper, weapons not aimed forward but still held ready.

If the dark-haired woman lets her take the weapon, she'll look it over to try and locate any possible identifying marks. Brin's already asked her main question, she's not going to repeat it.

"Hello, Ms Trent" Wanda replies with a smile, the name not meaning a thing to her though it seems to have an effect on Brinley. "Are you okay?" she asks the woman but then realises polite questions aren't what are required so she steps out of the way to let the others 'interrogate' her.

'Miss Trent' lets go of the weapon rather easly. "Uh, from that guy." She nods toward a purifier who seems to have been run over with a portable X-Ray machine. "They came in after my patient. I was in the 'room' when they did." The 'rooms' here are simply compartments separated by curtains. As for her patient? A young woman in a colorful red and white costume with a bad gash over her abdomen and several gunshot wounds. Her costume has been partially cut away to better treat her.

"I guess she'd been ambushed. They tracked her here and tried to finish the job." The nurse runs a hand along her ear to brush back a wisp of hair. "I'm okay thanks. Miss…?"

Brin will let Wanda introduce herself and she gives her teammate a reassuring smile. Someone needs to remember the nicieties, and Brin was pretty focussed.

Following Gabrielle into the 'room', eyeing the X-Ray trolley with evident admiration, she looks at the 'hero' on the bed. "That was good thinking, Miss Trent." Brin wonders vaguely whether Gabby will end up in costume one day. "And I'm glad you're well. May we speak with your patient?" she can't see much of the patient at all.

"They're ramping up, Agent May." she murmurs to both May and Wanda "This is likely to be the first of many."

Melinda May nods again to Brin and lets her go to talk with the injured woman while moving to talk with her tac team then call in the incident and arrange for additional security presencein this ER and others around the city. If this means having to step on the toes of the ocal police, she'll deal with that later. This level of disruption can NOT be allowed to happen again. Ever.

She also takes a moment to check her phone and send a follow up message to Jericho, this time in text form. "Trent. Situation under control, no casualities. G is fine."

Wanda thought she had been introduced but stressul situations like this can make things hard to remember. "Wanda" she smiles to Ms Trent. "Just Wanda is fine. I don't really have a code name. Do you think I should have a code name? But Brinley doesn't really have a code name either." Her brow furrows. "Why don't we have code names?" Wanda is in danger of babbling but thankfully there is a room to look around and a badly injured woman lying on the bed.

"Who is it?" Wanda whispers to Brinley…May too if she is nearby. "Should I fix her? Or try…it is not really my thing. But I can get get rid of any bullets."

The text gets a reply from Jericho. Thanks, just got back. Will check in when able. Situation on the other side. He knows its not an emergency now but May can bet he'll be looking in on his sister.

"You might want to think about getting code names then. Well I guess you guys are on the internet but these creeps are stalking everyone they can find, it sounds like." The woman is shaken, but she's also mad. Someone came in and tried to hurt her patient. Gabrielle is a very good ER nurse and this is one of the reasons. Well, not this specifically.

"They came in shouting something about 'the defence of humanity' if that helps." The woman tells… er, the other three women. "Do you, uh, need me to give a statement or anything? I want these creeps to go down." She hasn't even thought of the need to secure the ER against more attacks. Good thing May has.

Brin can feel the room seething. So many emotions. ER's are oftne highly emotional places but this is much worse. Two doctors are down and the nurses are trying to see to them. An elevator opens to admit a crash team from the ICU which starts moving the hurt hospital workers and making sure all the patients are okay.

"What a mess."

Amongst the calls May makes, one is to SHIELD Medical to help get the situation here under control. An ER is almost never properly staffed, and if two of the doctors are down with injuries, they'll be even worse off. Medical can fill in the gaps until the next shift of staff arrive. She returns in time to hear Gabrielle offer to give a statement. "That would be helpful. And your brother will be here as soon as he can."

Brin does have a code name, as do the other X-Reds, guess that's something she's going to have to work on with Wanda.

The tumult of emotions is starting to make Brins head ache, what with yesterdays… ahhh… excursion and dealing with the emotions there, todays is just a little too much. "I don't know who she was, Wanda." Brin murmurs to her team mate "Another unaligned hero that they tried to pick off. It's a damn good tactic."

"We'd like you to speak to the Police, yes." she confirms for Gabby. Hopefully the police will take this seriously, they should with the number of civilians down. "I'm not liking the emotions I'm feeling here, Agent May. It's normally bad in these places, but this" she gestures around "Is like a powder keg… ready to explode."

What's worrying Brin is this could go either way - for or against the mutants. What happens if medical facilities start to refuse to admit injured mutants or heroes? It … could get very bad.

Wanda tries to get close to the body on the bed, holding her glowing hand over the woman as she…well she's not sure what she can do. If the bullets are still in there then she alters their substance to turn the metal to water to be absorbed into the body. And then there are the voices. Wanda reads the fallen heroines mind without even realising it. A flurry of images and voices assaulting her as she grits her teeth and tries to bear it. "Yes, we should leave" she nods to Brinley. "Too much here. Too much noise."

Even without knowing what quite to do the wounds start to heal. But then Wanda brushes the heroine's mind and… she was a psychic. A surge of thoughts, feelings, sensations, memories. Everything flows up as the ocnnection is briefly made. The horror of the ambush, the pain of the wounds, the helpless terror as they stalked to her room. All crystal clear to Wanda. Even as Brin and May make arrangements for the continued functioning of the hospital and worry about the implications her voice screams in Wanda's mind. Gabrielle seems to sense something amiss, somehow. "Wanda?"

So does Brin… she's sensed the surge and her knees nearly buckle. It takes a moment before she places a hand on Wanda's arm "Breathe, it will be ok. We'll go soon, what did you sense?" With a glance to May, very grateful for making the necessary arrangements and securing the building, Brin looks concerned. There's not much either of the two women can do to help Wanda, she thinks.

Melinda May looks from Brin to Wanda and back. "You're okay to leave if you need to. Everything is secure here and we have support teams on their way." She reaches to put a hand on Wanda's arm to lead her out of here if need be, but won't touch the young woman if she seems averse to it.

Wanda can't hear Gabrielle. All she can hear is screams of horror and pain. They are not just in her mind they are all around her. A cacophony that drowns out sight as well as sound. "Quiet" she whispers urgently. "You can't all talk at once. I can't understand you." Her legs wobble under her, threatening to give way at any moment. "I see it" she tries to assure the voices…and then Brinley's hand is on her arm and Wanda sees her lips move but there is no sound. "Ambush. They knew her. Waited for her. It's too loud!" With tired eyes and a distraught expression she looks to the two women touching her. "We have to leave." Then she collapses to the floor.

Gabby makes a grab at Wanda and only just prevents her from face planting. "Crash cart!" She calls. "I need a monitor over here!" She's going into ER mode unless May and/or Brinley overrule her.

"I wouldn't do that." Brin moves quickly and winces as abused muscles and bruises protest, reaching Wanda just a moment after Gabrielle grabs her. "Her… abilities would probably not work well with the equipment." Helping Gabby hold her friend up, the brunette looks to May "If we're done here, I'll take her home … and let her recouperate there." She might even call Jean in for assistance.

"Let's get her on a bed for a moment, then I'll arrange our transport." she says.

Wanda's body is limp as she is placed on the nearest unoccupied bed but she is soon starting to stir. Her skin even paler than usual as her eyes flick open and for a moment are almost feral in their gaze. "Pierce" she mumbles before a half-hearted struggle at her situation and against any hands that are upon her. Then she realises where she is and she blinks away some tears. "The noise has stopped" she whispers, eyes looking around before focussing on Brinley. "What happened?"

"Are you sure…?" Gabby murmurs and looks over to Brin and then May. The woman seems like she needs help. But… if that's what they want and need… "Alright, let's go." She helps Brin haul Wanda out of the place. Maybe may can give them a lift on the quinjet. Or just… maybe Magik can bring them home.

Melinda May moves to help Brin and Gabrielle get Wanda out of the ER, then puts a hand to one ear. "Support teams are three minutes out." She pauses to give instructions to the tac team, then looks to the others. "Wait here. I'll be right back." She runs across the way, and momentarily they hear the quinjet engines start up nearby. Yes, they're getting the good taxi.

"You passed out, Wanda." Brins heard the word, 'Pierce' and looks questioningly at the woman "Yes, I'm sure Miss Trent. I'm sorry about that." Mays news gets a nod of her head, the quinjet would be easier than the Stepping Disks at this juncture. "Wanda, what do you mean 'Pierce'"

Looking over to Gabby again, Brin gives her a warm smile "You did good work today, Miss Trent. If you need help again, please call." She'll also make sure the woman gets to give a statement. "Standing by, Agent May."

"Pierce? I don't know" Wanda replies apologetically. "It was a name all the voices said. It has something to do with…" She looks over at the wounded superheroine. "But I don't know with what. It could be her name for all I know. I'm sorry, Brin. The voices…they're…unreliable." Wanda gingerly gets to her feet before it's time to fly back to X-Red HQ and a good night's sleep. Unless her friends now want to interrogate her.

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