Angel Wings and Hot Springs

November 14, 2015:

Joel takes up Jes on her standing offer to drop in. What do an angelic like being and one of the Old Man's children spend the night talking about?

Jesana's Houseboat

Recently relocated to an area of the port frequented by Chinese immigrants and nationals.


NPCs: Jerimiah, John



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Jesana's phone makes a chime noise. She has a text! It's from Joel's number. It's simple, and reads: "If not to much trouble, may I come take a shower?" and then a second message. "autocorrect. *too"

Jes grins to herself and texts back. "Hey, you're always welcome here. Come on over." Just in case she also adds the new slip her houseboats been moved to since they last spoke. It's been an eventful time of late. She eyes her pups thoughtfully. "I wonder how his magic dampening will affect you. If you have to shift you two behave. It won't hurt you to be human for awhile." The pups look at her with wide eyes. She rarely uses a firm voice with them.

Joel, of course, has no idea about pups or any other situation. It's been a while! His reply of "Okay, thank you. 35 minutes," is accurate, it takes him about that long to get to the location she added in. Around that time, the glowing young man will drift down out of the air near the rear of the houseboat— and then start to move around to approach properly from the correct side. Just because one can fly doesn't mean protocols can't be observed.
Jes has food in the kitchen and food that other people can actually eat, thanks to Pepper. She's made a salad and burgers, several of which she cooked all the way through. Joel isn't human but she has no idea if he can get sick from undercooked food. Even if he doesn't it probably wouldn't taste good. Most people don't like raw ground beef. "Door's Oh.." It's not open. She trots over and opens it. "Now it's open." She calls out. She can sense him if not see him. "John! Back. Now." There is a soft startled yelp and the sound of tiny claws scampering over hardwood.

Well, no doubt Jes can smell him, actually. He's covered in blood, though most of it has all dried, but it's in his hair. He needs more than a shower, maybe a laundry load also. He has kind of a tentative, embarrassed expression, well aware of that he doesn't look that great. He pauses and hedges on the threshold, unsure about who Jes was calling to. "Sorry to ask, but I was near and—-" he trails off.

"Don't be. I meant it when I offered you a place to stay here. That still stands. Is any of this yours?" Jes gestures at the blood. "I've got some sweats that will fit you. I can try to get that clean but it uh.." Blood doesn't wash out easily. "Come on in." The burgers and salad are arranged on the small kitchen table. It has bench with a high back on either side. She's also set out bottled water and pepsi. There are two coyote pups sitting at the very edge of the living room floor, staring into the kitchen with wide, curious eyes.

"I can just wash them in the shower along with me, I'm REALLY good at drying things," Joel says, pausing, looking at the array of food, and her, and the pups. He's bright, and figures things out pretty quickly. "…I didn't mean to interrupt a meal, if you have… have others coming over to eat!" Joel says, hastily. "And it's inappropriate for me to bring this mess here, I don't know if I have a contagion on me, I forgot about—-…. I'll get a hotel for this. I'm sorry," Joel says, honestly apologetic, backing out of the door.

Jes reaches out and grabs for Joel's shoulder. "Get in here! I made this for you. I figured you'd be hungry. I don't get sick and they don't either. Not easily anyway. If you're worried about making a mess in the shower then you can go to the hot springs. Actually that might be a better idea. I um. I kinda forgot the hot water in the shower isn't working. I haven't figured out how to fix it." She thinks for a moment. "It's hard to explain but come in and I'll show you."

Joel is a ball of politeness, and frowns a little, but isn't difficult to grab, it's not like he'd think to dodge or get out of the way. "The hot spring is inside your houseboat?" Joel asks, in a tone that's unusual for him: a bit annoyed that she's trying to mess with him, evidently, when he's tired and trying to decide which motel to use that will let him use it safely.
"You're not staying in a freaking motel. Those places are beyond nasty. I mean, you have no idea. I can scarcely stand to be outside of one. They reek. Yes there is a hot spring in my houseboat. At least, that is the most simple way to explain it. The spring is actually somewhere else but a doorway inside leads to it. It's.. magic. I guess. I didn't set it up, I just use it. I'm not lying. Cmon, I'll show you. There is the spring itself and a lower pool where the water is cooler and runs out in a stream. That is were you wash before soaking. I've got plenty of soap in there and shampoo. I made myself. I'm not a big fan of commercial soap."

She keeps talking as she urges him down the hall. He's kinda like a scared fawn or something. Hm. That isn't a helpful image because it makes her think of food. Venison… "Anyway." Jes tugs the door to what looks like a closet open. There is a stone passageway on the other side.

Probably more like a bird. He has a lot of imagery with that, with his uselessly fluttering glowing gold wings. And it isn't like he's fearful, in particular, just seems to slide out of reach a lot of the time, both physically and emotionally. "I can take a look at your shower after this, I'm pretty good with things like that, if you want me to," Joel offers, grabbing onto that as something he could do. Joel and his overextension of helping others? Yep. He'll go see what she's going to show him, a little skeptically, but it's not like he's laughing in her face or leaving, either.

"THat would be great." The pups retreat to hide beneath the old worn coffee table. They are behaving and slightly weirded out. This is only the second time they've had a visitor aside from their guard and babysitter. Jes moves down the stone hall. It's a bit dark but a soft warm light can be seen up ahead. Jes has hung oil lanterns around what appears to be the inside of a cave. The floor, the walls, the ceiling are all stone. A stream runs along the back wall and disappears into a crack. It's origin is up another short passageway. This room has a nest of furs and pillows and cushions in one corner and a wooden fenced square pen for the pups next to it. "The spring and the pool are up there." Jes turns to see his reaction. She isn't surprised he didn't believe her. It sounds nuts and she knows it but, here they are.

"Huh," Joel says simply, but not in disbelief, taking it in. He checks a glance on her to see if it's fine for him to wander, and if she doesn't dissuade him, he'll walk inside and look around and up at the walls and around the place. There is no need for the lanterns with Joel present, he fills the cavern with a warm ambient sunlight from his aura and wings as he moves over to investigate the crack and source of the water, seeming to forget his poor appearance. Then again, Joel has never been all that aware of his appearance: constantly in some shabby state. His hair is longer than last time, just as tousled and could use a trim, if it weren't clotted with yuck, anyway. "Neat." Simple, accepting.

Jes smiles and nods. "I sure think so. I love it here. It's safe and quiet and just.. kind of home, you know? I'm not sure where this is on earth. None of the passageways lead outside so far. It's kind of a in between place. It's partly on our earth and partly somewhere else. My people have different gods. Native Americans, I mean. It can differ from tribe to tribe but one thing is the same and that is our spiritual plane. It's called Giizhibong and there is an opening to it further in. I wouldn't go wandering out there though. It can be dangerous. I've gone in a few times but I wasn't alone." Jes rummages around in some baskets and comes up with a washcloth and bar of cinnamon scented soap. She also finds a glass bottle of handmade shampoo. It's also cinnamon scented, with a bit of vanilla. "Towels..I think there are some.." She frowns and moves to an alcove carved out of the rock. "Here we go. Towels and sweat pants and a shirt. They're kinda a plain grey but are clean and no one's worn them yet."

Joel smiles at her warmly, lowering his head in an appreciative and humble bow. "Thanks very much. I'll get the things back to you later. They're more than fine — most of my belongings are second-hand," Joel says, but there's no dismay in that. He accepts it fine, and moves on. "You made these, then? These are really impressive, they smell great," Joel compliments her on the soaps, interested. "Sad that I'll overpower them with my lotion smell," he laughs, his aura brightening some with the flux of his emotions. "Okay. Can I just put my soiled things here?" He questions, choosing a rock that seems reasonable enough. He sits down exactly where he's standing and starts to unknot his shoelaces, and sets a stained red backpack down near his hip.

Jes grins. "I'm glad you like it. What kind of lotion do you use? I make that too. We did it on the farm where I grew up. I'm learning more herbcraft. I make teas and some basic salves and stuff. Eventually I want to be able to make real medicines by infusing them with magic. It'll take time to learn though so for now I just practice. It's fun and gives me an excuse to go out into the wilds to gather stuff a lot.

"You can keep them if you want. I get most of my stuff second hand too. I have to wash the hell out of it first because I don't like having a stranger's scent on me but it's cheaper and I lost clothes easily and often."
"And there is fine." She gestures at the rock.

Joel's not in a hurry, and his shoes are knotted with something best defined as 'yuck' on the laces. But again, he'll get them. He already has one mostly off, and there, gets the other. He doesn't appear to have a paranoia about taking his shoes and socks off in front of her, although most people don't! "It's sunblock lotion," Joel clarifies. "I'm capable of burning myself. Hence the dark tan— …not that you can see it most of the time, I know," Joel sighs. Indeed, hard to tell what his skin tone is particularly, with how much glow he's letting off. "I always carry it, in case I need to work on someone for an extended time, too," Joel says, patting his bag. "I collect sunglasses under roller coasters," he chuckles, "I give those out all the /time/…."

Jes blinks. "Why would someone take sunglasses on a roller coaster?" That's just asking for them to get lost really. Her fingers are twitching idly as she resists the urge to help. It's part maternal instinct and part just caring. Jes does whatever she can for the people she cares about and Joel has made that list even though they haven't known each other long. People generally frown upon their friends helping them undress though. "Ooh. Hm..I wonder. I'll have to see if I can come up with something. I can't magic it myself yet but I might know someone who can. And I wouldn't charge you for it. I know that stuff is expensive. Or it would be if you had to keep buying it." Jes is barefoot herself at the moment and wearing a midnight blue knitted sweater dress. "Can I ask what happened to you?" She frowns. He's easy to spot as other and there have been Reaver attacks of late.

"Oh, don't magic it, Jes… that's really not necessary," Joel says, wincing. He stacks his shoes neatly, and socks on the shoes. "And definitely no need to ask someone else to do so—-" Joel shakes his head quickly. "Well, there are lots of things that could be wrong with my health that would require me paying for them: that I buy lots of sunscreen is really not so terrible," he smiles. He tilts his head at her question. "Oh, yes. A big multi-car collision. There was a lot to wade in. I forget about the mess when those things happen," Joel says. He has a sweatshirt on, and gets that off carefully… and continues to his shirt, most of his attention on trying not to get blood on anything. For someone spooky, he doesn't appear to be ashamed or perhaps aware. The light level starts to get higher, though.

Jes grins and looks aside more for the bright light than for modesty's sake but if he does realize she doesn't want to make him feel awkward. "It's not problem. I like doing this stuff. It's a real skill that.. well. It's something I might really be able to make something out of eventually. Most of the things I'm good at aren't things that will land me a job I want to do. Making soap and medicine and stuff.. it's fun and it doesn't hurt anyone. I need to be able to do things to help people too. Kinda make up a bit for all the stuff I do that.." She shrugs. "I would say it's a balance thing but it's not, not really because honestly I don't care much about balance. I do what I do and that's it. But I can't just be a hunter and a killer. I need to be more or I'll end up like one of the monsters I hunt."

Jes blinks a little. "Okay that kinda got deep. I've uh.. had a lot of time to think lately." She tilts her head to one side and listens for a moment then laughs softly. "Those two are so not as sneaky as they think they are. They keep forgetting that I can hear them. Their sitter often doesn't."

"No. It's that I destroy magic, particularly magic that touches me. So it's a waste," Joel says, more simply, and with embarrassment. THAT embarasses him, not the nudity so much. But it will make sense fairly soon— being partially nude doesn't matter, because he starts to glow like a searchlight, and gets painful to look at. Probably intentional, but hard to tell with Joel, particularly when one can't LOOK at him. He'll quietly and quickly gather the items and move into the pool as she had indicated. He's trying to be efficient… probably to get out of her hair.
"It's okay to get deep. I get it a lot," Joel's voice is gentle. "I think you're doing just fine." However, the commentary about children sets Joel off again. "They…? I can't hear them," Joel says, and seems to kind of freeze up, wings flashing wide open and then curling in defensively. "I shouldn't be here—-"

Jes does try to peek. She can't help it. He's cute. His light is bright though and so she sits and settles her eyes on the floor. "Mm that's right. I think it's more like.. a dampening thing than a destruction one but, you could be totally right. There could be a way around it, or maybe someone who can teach you to control it better. I mean you do a really good job as it is, but I hate to think of you hurting yourself by accident."

"Joel! am I going to have to tie you up and get in there and scrub you myself? I'll do it." She chuckles. "You are safe here and my kids are safe here. I kept them. After talking to you and my.. someone else important to me.." Now isn't the time to explain about Fenris. "I didn't want to give them up. I was just afraid I couldn't do this. Sometimes I still am, or I worry that I'll get killed. I was shot a little twice yesterday.. but.. I've been so happy. They've kept me sane. So I owe you for that. I also like you and I take care of the people I like. You're welcome here and there are only a few people who know about this boat and less still who know about the Den here." She gestures around the cave.

"You don't need to worry." The pups come peeking around the corner and Jes laughs and gestures. When they get to her she holds one up. "This one is Jerimiah. She's a girl and she's got the more reddish tint to her fur." Jes sets her down and picks up the boy, his fur is more blond tinted. "This is John. You two, that is Joel. He's a friend." They both look at each other after trying to see Joel. They don't seem afraid, just curious.

Joel moves to get in there, and commences the wash. He's blushing with his aura, likely, among just that he's actively choosing to keep it really bright. It seems like it takes little effort to do it, but that's consistent: more effort to tone it back, in the past. "I'm glad I could help you to make that decision," Joel says, in a tone that will carry that he's … rather touched that she attributed that to him.

"I'm worrying, just— I don't feel it's appropriate for a strange man covered in blood to be intruding on children, particularly when we don't know if I'll harm them with my anti-magic," Joel answers. All of this is to protect the children from /his/ influence, and his problems and abilities. "I don't want to bring my drama in. …. and I don't know how to /act/, honestly. Do they understand me? Am I insulting them? …. I need to stop talking, huh." Joel suddenly turns away and shuts up, and starts to /really/ aggressively wash, with a clear intention to hurry and get this done, and possibly rip skin off in self punishment, at that rate.

Jes starts to laugh, she can't really help it. "Joel you aren't a bad influence. You're a good one. Your own power isn't going to hurt them, I promise. If anything it might push them into human form but that won't harm them a bit. Jes can hear the scrubbing and rolls her eyes. She gets up and moves into the water but keeps her sweater on. It'll dry and she doesn't want to make this weird. "Quit that. Let me." She's already in the water and moving to scrub his back in a much gentler manner. "They've only shifted once and are still pretty young. They understand some words. No, yes. Stop, C'mere." Jes chuckles. "THey also know their names and the word Friend and obey. Just be yourself that's all. I didn't start keeping human shape til I was about five. They are aging a lot faster than I did though, but they also seem to learn pretty quickly. The blood, that isn't a problem. We are hunters, all of us. I mix animal blood in with their baby cereal instead of formula or milk or water. THey eat raw meat and eggs too. So don't worry about that either. Friends take care of each other. You don't need to apologize for that."

"Ahahhahhahaa," Joel says, a bit of a panic when she actually approaches him, nervous. And his aura just about explodes, with sudden waves of pure heat, as he's put into alarm status. If she wanted a tan… well, she may get one whether she wants it or not if she maintains close proximity. He starts to generate steam from the water near him. So much for 'not weird'. "I can't control this —- back off, I'll burn you, and I don't want to," Joel says, his voice finally gaining some power and force, as it comes to something he believes actually is /serious/. He'll fiddle and huff and dodge but in a real situation he'll grow a backbone, and is showing it now. He drops washcloth and sets his hands on the water out to either side, palms splayed open, and starts to pray. He has to bring himself under control, and it's more important than a freakout about a woman being close while he's disrobed. Priorities in the right place.

Jes blinks in surprise but she moves back quickly enough. "Okay, okay. I didn't mean to startle you. It's alright. I'm fine, you're fine. I'm gonna sit over here at the edge of the pool and face the other way." She's not going to move to far. He needs to know she isn't afraid of his power. And she isn't. If anything she sees this as a challenge. She can handle a little pain. Hell, she can handle a lot of pain. "My fault. I should've made some noise." She forgets to do that alot. Moving quietly is just ingrained in her. She does tilt her head. Is he praying? Her lips quirk. Well that's a new reaction to her presence.

Joel is actually going through prayer, and is whispering it: so she'll hear all of it. He's having a personal moment with asking Jesus and God to help him, though, so it will sound a little bit private. Asking for help to control his burden, and that he will remember his chastity, he is sorry to be weak to temptations and accepts the reprimand…. it's probably a decent insight, really, to listen to. Joel has a view of his powers as a guide for what he is meant to do — help others selflessly, and stay calm, focused, and alone. Not to burden others. But his prayer works: whether it's just that Joel has trained himself to use it to reduce the light or someone answered his prayer may not be clear. But his light peaked and now it drops like someone threw dirt on a fire. He drops into the water, and his light almost goes out. This would be the lowest Jes would have witnessed it; he's barely illuminated. Just also mostly underwater, silent other than little quiet breathing.

Jes blinks some more. Chastity? Seriously? "Oh I am evil." She mutters to herself. Because her thoughts right now are as far from chaste as you can get. She does more than ever think he'll be better able to control his power with the right kind of training. This works for him, some but.. she doesn't think it's working for the reasons he thinks it does. "I'm sorry I startled you. I'll give warning or make noise or something next time. She turns back around to face him looking thoughtful. "What.. I don't mean this in a rude way. But what do you think you are?" Jes looks curious. She doesn't want to say the wrong thing here and is looking for a place to start.

"It isn't you; I should pay more attention," Joel says generously, a quiet smile in his voice. He's recovered, and calmed. What he did worked for him. He's washing his face now, but not in a frenzy. Just sort of efficient and methodical washing procedure, emotionless. "I'm not sure I understand. Who do I think I am?" Joel repeats, puzzled. "A helper, a healer, I suppose."

Jesana Ravae says, "No, not who. What. You have power, obviously. Great power I would say. But what do you think that makes you? A blessed human? A mutant or meta or um.. angel?" She says the last hesitantly. Those aren't on her list of favorite people but Joel is. "I ask because I'm not human. Or I'm only partly so. Same for my children. I'm not a mutant or a meta though I've met both. I'm just curious what you see yourself as or what other people have told you.""

With the light turned way down, one can actually visually examine Joel. Being without clothes also helps there. He has the build that one would expect from not eating enough, but being constantly active and physically very demanding activities. So he has a sort of hard leanness, scrappy alley cat. Which really does clash with the soft, holy golden wings folded on his back. His hair isn't actually blonde, the light implies it is, but it isn't, it's dark, without the golden backlight. He's actually not naked: he's wearing a necklace with an intricate golden cross at mid-chest.

Joel clearly hears her, but takes a little time to decide what to say. "When I was six, I started to glow, and the wings came. I think I'm a mutant," Joel says, in a disconnected way. "My faith is separate— but perhaps not so separate. I think sometimes people need an angel to believe in. And I will be that for them, because I think it can help them. But sometimes I worry it is wrong to not tell the truth." Joel turns his head to look more directly at her, with a distant, quiet despair.

"Oh Joel.. I'm not one to ask about whether or not its right to lie. I was trained to do it. I can beat a lie detector test three out of four times and the time I miss, it's always inconclusive. Not an actual fail. I can lie as well as psychopath and usually I can read the people around me. Body language and scent. When I think it's something I should do, I lie. And I don't feel bad about it. I'm hardly a good example to follow. The scent thing though tells me other things. For one, you aren't a mutant. I don't know about Meta. Those are different and I can't always tell. You aren't a homi magi either. I would have said you were like me maybe only.. your religion only has the one God. He exists. Or at least, that kind of divine holy power does. So does Heaven. I'll never see it but it's there." She smiles to soften those words. "I know because I've been to that Hell. It's real too. Real and.. well. Hell. It sucked. I've still got two demon marks on my soul from that. Although.."

Jes pauses and seems to consider something. "That's a different story anyway and not a happy one. All I can really tell you is what you know. You have that power and it's a good power. A holy power. Aside from that you smell like a human to me. I can't tell you for sure what an angel would smell like though. I uhm. I only met the one. He was a dick." She turns her head and looks behind. Oh good, the pups are asleep. "I've been trying to watch that with them. I don't want their first words to be wildly inappropriate." Jes rolls her eyes. She curses a lot. Far more than she'd realized until recently. "Anyway I was having a point, just that I think with a proper teacher you might be able to gain even better control than you have. You've just gotta get past this whole I must stay alone thing. I mean, I get it. I really do, I had to do the same thing. It's okay to have friends. To care, to let people in. Life isn't really worth living if you don't. It's great to do all the good that you do but you have to be alive too. You deserve that."
oel seems to be mostly finished washing. He's uncomfortable, his body language reads that he doesn't like her telling him things that clash with his belief system. Which is normal, probably, for someone so tightly wound up in their faith as he is. "It isn't important, I feel, how my ability exists. It's holy, and I believe it's connected in some way, due to how dark energy reacts to me, if nothing else." He chooses to entirely ignore her calling an angel a dick, instead of reacting to it. He needs to stay calm, despite that. Perhaps it is a Test. He gets tested often.

"Anyway. I have friends. I care deeply about my friends. And every person that I help. ….and those that I can't. I wear the memories of the light leaving their eyes, that I wasn't strong enough, or focused enough, to help them — I wear all of those memories in me, to be better, to improve, next time. /They/ deserve that. I wish to leave this world in a better state than I entered it." He sighs, "I'm going to dress now, if you would give me a little privacy. Please." Simple. Controlled, even request, without too much inflection. His meditation seems to be more about apathy: NOT feeling, than anything else.

"Joel. You can't think like that. Death is a part of life. You can't save everyone. No one can. Not even your Jesus or God. You still do so much good. Jes gets up and scoops up the pups. "I'm going to put them in their bed and go heat up the burgers. It has occurred to her she might not have expressed her thoughts as well as she could. "I don't mean to deny or belittle your faith. It's real. I know that. It's just, so are some of the others. The only straight answer I've ever managed to get out of my Father is that it's all connected. Everything. Even if it doesn't seem like it or it's too much to comprehend. I don't think about it much myself. Also, real angels are probably awesome. The one i met, he was in hell. So he was a fallen angel I guess. He ruled over the level of liars and oathbreakers and stuff." He'd been the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen and yet, all she'd wanted to do was punch the smug lying bastard right in the face. She keeps that thought to herself though. "I'll be in the kitchen." Jes turns and smiles before heading through the passageway.

"You aren't offending me or my faith. Don't worry about that, Yes. I believe many things happen for a reason, and what we believe in is personal. And that we probably have our own perceptions of the same positive spirit or life force. How I interact with it is my own journey.. …. and so on," Joel says. "Okay," he says to her kitchen statement, waiting for her to leave. He'll dry off manually, and get dressed in the items he was given. But then he'll try to clean some of his clothes and shoes at least a little bit, which means he'll not reappear for some time.

Joel dampens pretty severely, but he doesn't entirely purge the magic. At least, not at the moment, and he hasn't done a purge where Jesana has seen him do it, if he can, though he's spoken like he can do it more than once. "Hi," Joel says, feeling a little bit foolish, but he's not sure why. Perhaps it's due to that his golden angel wings are a bit funny and clash with his damp longish dark hair and sweatpants and t-shirt. He smells much cleaner, of course, though, and not much like suntan lotion, which is a first. That scent covered up all kinds of things. And not to worry, he goes nowhere near her freezer, no reason to do that. He wanders into the kitchen to see what she's doing, and then: "When do you want me to look at your shower? And do you have tools?" Yep, captain helpful is on duty.

Jes had changed into a black tank top and pair of flannel lounge pants. "Hey." She smiles. "Sorry for the jammies but my stitches are making jeans uncomfortable. I think I shoulda taken them out this morning but I'll get to it later. Come on and eat! I cooked these burgers all the way. She gestures to the plate with most of them. The ones on the other plate are only seared. She doesn't like to gross her friends out when she eats. "Wasn't sure what you'd like to drink. There's bottled water, ice, pepsi, this scotch and um..I think there's still some vodka in the freezer. And maybe some juice." Didn't she see juice somewhere? She thinks for a moment. "Yes! I have tools. There is a whole trunk of them on the deck. This thing needs work, a lot but i still love it." She pats the counter and smiles. "It's mine. But you can do that whenever you feel like it." Jes sits and grabs some of the salad and puts together a burger. "Salad isn't my favorite but I've been trying to eat more of it and other veggies. They need a lot of protein but its still healthy to have this stuff and if I don't eat it they won't either."

Oops, there was a magic word in there that takes full priority over every other thing she said. "Stitches? Can I help, please?" Joel asks, his manner changing very clearly, as if he pulled out some other personality. "As you know, that's my thing," Joel adds with a smile that actually eclipses into a real grin. His grins, which are super rare critters indeed, imply that he might have some angel in there somehow. It draws the warm side of his personality up to the surface briefly. "I don't usually drink, I like to be sure I can respond if someone needs something." Which is sad, in a way, as that stuff could possibly mellow him out of his high-strung emotional issues and dampen his glow. "Salad's one of my favorites, I'll help you get rid of it," Joel promises.

She grins back. She likes that expression on him. "Oh it's good, I can eat really, pretty much anything. It's just I prefer meat obviously. She pushes the glass of ice to him. "I've just discovered this past week that its alot harder for me to get drunk now. I hadn't really had any alcohol since my awakening. I was pregnant and then I was nursing and I wasn't gonna risk it. I'm pretty much healed now but thanks."

Jes smiles and lifts her shirt on her left side a bit and also tugs her pants down a little to show the second wound. "Got clipped by two bullets yesterday but not badly. I came home and stitched them and they're pretty much healed now. Another few days and it'll just be a scar. Which is great because I can't work until I can put makeup on there to cover them." She glowers at the wounds as she takes a seat again.

Well then. "I'll remove the stitches and heal them fully-ah, right after dinner," Joel suggests, curiosity in his tone, wondering why she isn't letting him help. "It'd barely take a few minutes. I don't like you being in pain, but it's not like I'll /force/ you,— but sometimes it doesn't even scar," Joel says, with a critical look at the exposed area again. He had zero problem with her showing him her injuries, but it doesn't have the same context as if she were flirting or something, either. All about motive. "I do have to touch you to heal." He's teasing a little, he knows he's the one that's usually funny about being touched.
Jes looks up at this and then laughs a bit. "Really? I don't mind scars, I'm gonna have a lot of them eventually but right now I'm sort of uh. I got this job dancing. In a club. So I have to cover the scars with make up. The job isn't gonna last, I'm in way too many fights but it's paying well at the moment and it'll do until I figure out what's next. So thanks."

Jes smiles. She doesn't really have any objection to him healing her she just doesn't consider it to be that bad. "And don't worry about those wards. I saw you looking. I know the magic is fading but I'm not being hunted anymore. So it's not a problem. But this does make think to tell you to be careful out there. I got these yesterday in a gunfight with a bunch of Reavers. Reavers are these.. cyborg things. Somehow the Purifiers got some financial backing I guess. The mutant haters, if you haven't came across them. Only they're getting really crazy. They don't seem to care who they kill anymore so long as they get to take out mutants. They started shooting at the cops yesterday. And I saw there was an attack at a game a few days ago. They murdered a hero and could have hurt a lot of other people. These things are really dangerous."

Joel will steadfastly insist on the healing, but will at least wait through dinner. The topic shifts more to smaller talk, various things they have been up to, and Joel tries not to bring down conversation by talking about injured people. His mind is on that, though, and her injury— so after the meal, he'll inquire about her feeding the pups, first—- but after THAT, he'll suggest she lay down, and let him fix her up. It appears to be important to him to do that.

Jes is touched by this and has decided to let him try. It isn't that she is against such healing, it's more that she's unsure it will work. Although the fact that his magic dampening power does have an effect on her makes her believe it might. It's also not that bad of a hurt. She's had way worse. It would be nice to make into work this week though. So after mixing up a bit of baby cereal, with animal blood instead of water or milk and setting it down in her room for the pup Jes returns looking slightly nervous. "You already did so much tonight, are you sure you aren't tired? Or.."

That amuses Joel, and he chuckles and shakes his head quickly. "What? No, I could heal a lot more people before I really drained myself. I've gotten pretty good at stamina," Joel says with a brief smile. He has a nice bedside manner - practice possibly, but also just part of his personality. He doesn't know why she'd think it wouldn't work. "I'll have to touch near your injury, okay?"

He has lots of stamina. For a long moment Jes just stares at him. Suddenly healing is the last thing on her mind. Touching though, definitely is. She closes her eyes and mumbles something in her native tongue before shaking her head and looking up and nodding. "Um." She isn't gonna admit she overheard his prayer earlier or that she's trying rather hard not to do anything to mess with that. "Oh right. Yes. That's fine. Do I need to take the stitches out first?" Jes manages to focus. "I think I might have left them in too long. First time I've had to do stitches since my healing got faster."

At that, his expression looks … very slightly distressed. "I'll remove them, I've done it a number of times. It just won't be the most pleasant sensation, but we'll get to the good part soon enough, and I expect you have a high pain tolerance," Joel compliments. "I don't carry a good knife for that though, and I didn't bring my disinfectant…." Joel says, grumpy with himself, as if he should have known.

Jes looks at him blankly for a moment. Somehow she manages not to murmur her thought that she thinks they have very different definitions of "the good part" aloud. Think of something else, think of something else, oh pain. Yeah okay. "Um. Yeah actually. I can do this thing when I need to. If I'm really hurt. It keeps me going. A sharp knife and disinfectant?" Jes looks around before opening a drawer. "Hm. What about this?" It's more of a wicked looking dagger than a knife but it's sharp. She pulls the freezer door open and rummages around until she finds a half empty bottle of vodka. "I think there's some rubbing alcohol in my still room too." Jes frowns thoughtfully.

"…it's not really necessary with this small of an injury, to be honest. It's just habit from the hospitals, if I get interrupted halfway through something, or—- it's fine," Joel says, feeling a little foolish for doing his 'normal thing'. "Sit or lay down however you want? Should only be a minute or two, if it's as minor as you say," Joel smiles. He accepts the dagger, and looks at it carefully, testing the tool with his fingers. The dagger itself is clearly weird to him, but he doesn't remark on it.

Jes nods and moves to the sofa in the small living room. She seems to think for a moment. He said he needed to see it right? Oh boy. Usually this isn't a problem and she doesn't even think about it but.. this is.. no. It's normal. Just a regular thing. You take your clothes off all the time. Hell, it's how she's making money at the moment. For the first time in, probably ever Jes wishes she wore undergarments. Finally she just shrugs and slides out of her shirt and just sort of tugs her sweatpants half down as she lays back. There. The wounds on her side and hip are both visible. It looks if those bullets had hit just a bit over she'd have been in some trouble.

Joel doesn't freak out or blind her or do anything weird. He's all business and focused on the knife and the healing. If she looks at him, he's looking more at the blade and then at her side. He squats next to the sofa. "Okay, please try to be still," Joel says, and immediately will very efficiently begin. He's quick and precise. It's certainly not painless, but he's ripping the bandaid off, in a sense, and will immediately put the knife aside and fold his warm hands onto her hip and the side of rib cage. His ambient glow fires up, in a sort of golden silky shimmer that follows his healing. His wings lift up and spread out around her automatically, a cloak of golden wings. The healing is painless, it feels warm only, and pain from the ripping will fade off. Joel doesn't notice any particular difficulty in healing — his magic reduction and HER magic reduction seem to cancel, at least from his perspective, to make this business as usual. He isn't praying aloud, but does have his head bent.

Jes smiles a little. She had been a bit worried about the blinding light thing but he'd seemed so focused on the healing thing that she figured it might be okay. Now she thinks she's could probably start dancing and he'd just be like "Don't move!" it's really cute and a little frustrating but she's also amused at her frustration. A soft "Mm" at the warmth of Joel's hands on her skin is the only sound Jes makes. She doesn't really show a pained expression either. It does hurt a bit but she's used to such things. Brown eyes move to study his wings. The reason she'd thought this might not work is that magic no longer reliably works on her. In some cases this is good. If some asshat throws a kill spell at her, she won't die. She also won't be healed as easily. Jes suspects Joel's power is more like hers. Divine in nature. A different kind of divine, but that's what it feels and scents like to her.

"All right," Joel says simply when he's done, sitting back on his heels a little, but his balance was wacky, as if he was actually partially hovering for a little while there, and perhaps just /forgot/ to act like he's not floaty. "Looks much better, feel fine?" Joel questions, turning to pick up the knife and be sure it's not on the floor or a place it'd be stepped on or picked up by a pup. He looks much like he did before, he doesn't look exhausted. "Next up… fixing your shower?" Joel teases, free hand rubbing his nose and cheek a little bit.

Jes tugs her pants up and stares at her shirt for a moment before putting it back on. Then she looks at Joel and laughs. "Well that was.. different. Thank you. It feels great. Looks good too." This is going to be even more of a challenge than she thought. Her eyes move towards the bathroom. "I have no idea what is wrong with that damn thing. It still runs fine it just doesn't get hot. It's not a huge problem what with the den and the hot springs but it's annoying. Plus, Frederick.. he's this retired guy who watches the pups when I'm out, he won't go in the den. I'd like for him to be able to shower if he needs without freezing to death this winter. He's older and I know he has arthritis even if he won't admit to it." Jes stands and leans close to give Joel a quick peck on the cheek as she moves past and out of the way incase she startles him. "I know where the tools are but I've honestly got no idea where the hot water thing on this boat even is."

If Joel is intentionally being challenging, he doesn't seem to be letting on about it. He may just really prefer being friends, since he hasn't done even a tiny bit of flirting, really. Hard to know without asking him. He dodges the kiss a little bit, but if she persists he isn't going to run away, either. But it's a reaction one might expect from a person that's iffy about getting touched, which isn't entirely accurate with him. But his aura is still warmed up from the healing, he has his golden ambiance. "It's probably too late to start the hunt for it now," Joel decides, as if embarrassed to admit he's a bit tired. "I should go before too late— but I can come back and look at it," he offers. He doesn't expect to stay, evidently.

Jes turns back around at this and looks thoughtful. Usually she's very forward when she wants something or someone. Joel has thrown her a bit with the praying and the chastity vow. She doesn't quite know what to do with that. She's very wicked at times but she isn't evil and trying to tempt him away from what he considers important seems a little wrong. It also makes him more irresistible and she hasn't entirely decided what to do or how to go about it yet.

"You can stay here. The spare room is all made up. Clean blankets and sheets and all. It is late Joel, you shouldn't have to be flying or walking off after healing so many people. Or even if you hadn't. I told you, you're welcome here. You aren't a danger to me or the little ones and I'm happy you're here." Jes takes a few steps closer.
With a sigh, Joel considers that. "Okay. I'll stay," Joel decides. "It's safer to do so. …AND…. That way I can look into the heater right away in the morning," he suggests. Captain Helpful is on the case. He gives her a brief - tired - smile, and then looks towards the kitchen. Despite being tired —- "Do you need help cleaning up?" — he's still going to attempt to contribute and pull far more than he could possibly weigh. He doesn't sense any harm in her coming closer to him, and doesn't back off.

Jes finds that encouraging. She hasn't forgotten the hot spring though. Now it's kind of funny.. really. Sex had not been on her mind when she went into the water. Just worry over how roughly he was treating himself and a desire to help but that had alarmed him. "I did most of the dishes while you washed your clothes. I can do the plates in the morning." A pause. "I'm going to hug you now if that's okay." Even if they just end up friends, friends hug right? "And please don't wake up at six am to get to work on it. It's not going anywhere and definitely okay for you to sleep in for a day." She's guessing but it doesn't seem like something he'd do often.

Joel huffs a little, "Okay, I won't start without you." That's his perception of it: she wants to be included in fixing it, and he wouldn't take that away from her. He arches his brows at her statement about a hug, and laughs softly. A bit sadly. "Okay, I'll somehow contain myself," Joel says, his eyes sad, but steps forwards to return the hug. He'll give her a friendly squeeze, too, and lower his eyes. Which may just suggest that he knows more about what's happening than he's showing, and has some concept of what he's lost. He's not as pure as he wishes he were, perhaps. "It's this way, then?" he asks, of where the room is.
Jes breathes deeply to take in his scent and better read him. She doesn't miss the sadness in his eyes and so hugs a bit tighter than normal. "It's okay." She murmurs softly. "Anytime you want a hug I'm here." A sudden thought occurs to her. If he thought she was urging him to wait to fix it because she wants to see it.. Maybe she can help him by letting him think he's just helping her. He actually would be but.. "Mm.. I sort of like hugs a lot you know. I like cuddling and just sitting with someone, or in their lap, being petted or stroked. Just being close with a person and not just you know, sex or whatever. It's the coyote I guess. Physical touch is important." Her voice is sad as she continues. "There aren't very many people I trust enough to be so close to and less of those who understand it. My friend.. the one I lost.. he was the only human I knew that did. He could even speak coyote."

"Oh; that's interesting," Joel says, thoughtful of her description of appreciating touch. "I'm sorry that I'm sketchy about it. I've burned people, and it's just…. not worth the risk usually," Joel says, with a softened sigh, and something that isn't embarrassment, but might be shame. "But I'll do what I can. It helps knowing we're friends," Joel says, without implying anything else, and moves a hand to attempt to stroke down from shoulder down her arm with a brief squeeze. "I'm also better when I've slept. Exhaustion isn't helping my control level. Let's sleep on it," he suggests.

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