Always Pretty

November 15, 2015:

Backdated Scene: Before Ozymandias' trip to Apokalips and Rant's latest mission with retrieving Banner, the two business partners get together to hang out and chat.

Umoja Tower


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Eventhough Melody has been hefore, she stills goes through the same security procedures. It is the same guard on duty as last time, but this time he is more professional as he keeps his lecherous eyes to himself when he is handling her badge, When Melody arrives on Morien's floor, Morien is busy staring at a 3-d hologram of the world that has been projected in the center on the room.

Morien steps through the hologram shutting off as he walks over over to greet Melody. "How are you, Ms. Kenway? I hope you are doing well." I am so glad you found the time to accept my invitation to join me. I have an engagement out of town, and I just wanted to make sure we nailed down some more details about our event."

People are certainly nicer the second time around. And things were much easier. To say that Melody hasn't memorized every inch of architecture that was found online was rather foolish. When she left she pulled up the files and made sure that the building was committed to memory to at least.. gain a bit of familiarity and cease some of the awkwardness. But as she enters, her eyes immediately set to glow as she looks towards the world upon display, her eyes closing suddenly as her head turns, fingers pressing against her lids to rub briefly.

"Mm? I'm okay." She says quietly, blinking twice to bring herself to normal, stepping further into the room, bookbag upon her shoulders.. slightly more business attire this time around which.. was only a sport coat. Hiding a Nightmare Before Christmas T-shirt. Meshed well with her jeans and.. Chuck taylors with bats covering. Yeeaaah. Professional.

"You're going out of town? Where?" Nosy!

"I just providing some capital to a business partner of mine, so they reclaim some assets. It is really quite boring, but I like to do most of my business when I can face to face." Morien smiles softly, "Can't really tell you, you might take that information and used it to take a profit in the stock market, then there will an SEC investigations, and I will have to marry you to keep you from testifying like they do in the soaps. It will just be madness."

Morien laughs, "Come on and sit down, Ms. Kenway. Would you like something to drink or eat?" As Morien walks away from Melody, he ponders if stretching the truth with her is the best strategy, but he quickly dismissed the idea from his mind. He really doesn't have the time to explain he is going on a rescue mission.

"You can make going out of town not so boring easily." Melody admits. Why.. if she told anyone that she trains with people who are the most deadly in the world atop of a ship that's currently in some transdimensional space they wouldn't believe her one bit. The bookbag passes from her shoulder to the floor, settling down to.. well, hide her face. She just has to laugh just a touch, her head shaking. "I think my Dad would approve. Business man, lots of money.. definitely not a drug dealer or a person who looks like a drug dealer who dies and comes back to life.." Her cheeks were red as she turns away, easily slipping off her chucks so that she could put her bare feet upon the couch.

"Well, if we're going to tie up loose ends before the actual ball, I think we should just go ahead and make it an all nighter. I'll take both." The bag was soon grabbed and placed upon her lap, opening so that she could look inside. "Wait.. when are you leaving? I don't want to make you late.."

Morien quickly raises his left hand to hide a wicked grin that is forming on his face. This act does not stifle his laugh. "With no disrespect to your father, I think he should raise his standards just a bit. He uses his right hand to slightly pinch the air with his pointer and thumb finger as he repeats himself. "Just a bit, but I can say that I am definitely not a drug dealer, or someone that has been resurrected. I would probably bore you father.

Morien says. "He would begging you to date someone who was a little bit more street, or someone who has a pulse. I might not have ever died, but I am terrible at small talk. One time I started talking about the different flavors of jams, I had as a kid."

Melody shakes her head quickly. "Trust me, you're his type." She corrects. "His type of person that I should marry." She slings her bare feet from the couch, standing.. looking up towards the ceiling to recount the many conversations they've had over the years of her taste in men. "He wants someone with a good head on their shoulders. Law abiding. Obviously taller than me. Great head for business and a general protector so that I could stay home with the many grand-children that I'll give him."

Melody points, then wiggles a finger. "He likes boring." But she shrugs a little. "I do too in a sense. With the lives that most people lead, they need something that's.. I don't know, tame?" She lifts her shoulder, then settles down upon the couch, her expression quite serious. "The small talk we're having now isn't so boring, Mr. Washington. Now.. you're going to give me that list of jams so I can google it." She pulls out her phone, but it was just for show. She really didn't need to use it to look that information up.

"Perhaps, I will have a special jam taste testing the next time we meet, and you are really looking for something that is boring I will tell you about my honey farm too." Morien laughs a bit. Morien looks over at the harp and sighs, "Did you know after spent all that time tuning it, I still broke a couple of strings. I am waiting for a new shipment. Morien pulls his trumpet case from underneath the couch. He pulls out the trumpet and begins to wipe it down with a cloth, "As far as your father is concern, I believe that is best to follow your own heart. Life can be so fleeting, and it is better to love truly and purely for one day to settle for another for years. It is the difference between splendid joy and agonizing pain.

"That'll be nice." She couldn't help those red cheeks of hers, then slowly shakes her head. "You'd be surprised at what I'm interested in." Her gaze falls upon the broken harp as she pushes herself from the couch, her head tilted at a slight angle, waiting until her gaze passes his line of sight for her eyes to glow, the tips of her fingers to sparkle as well as she kneels upon one knee before it. "I know that.." Melody murmurs, drawing her tongue along the tip of her fingers to touch upon the strings that were broken, better to do that than to spit on the entire thing. Etiquette!

"Life is fleeting for most people. There are some that are possibly clocking four hundred years old out there and still haven't hand a chance to live and love like he and my mother did. But, love doesn't matter to Dr. Kenway. Practicality does. But my mom always tells me of how he chased her endlessly until she finally gave in." She grabs the strings and holds them together, her nanites slowly beginning to reconstruct the broken parts.

"I can say that I've had both. And I really can't tell you which one I've had enough of."

"Four hundred year old? You do get to meet interesting people, Ms Kenway." For the briefest moment in time, there is a trace of sadness on Morien's face. "I cannot imagine living that long. You would suffer a lot of losses. Would you have wanted to live four years with the memory of your friend's death if he had not come back from the dead, now add his death to a host of other friends and lovers. I imagine such a burden would keep you from seeking intimate relationships after awhile." Morien shakes his head and smirks. "Wow, that was a bit morbid. I told you I was terrible at small talk."

Morien pulls out his trumpets, "This is one of my favorite pieces. It is called Good Morning, Heartache."

Melody shrugs her shoulders at his comment, her fingers still working upon the strings, keeping the fact that she bled a little to make this happen to herself. It was all about secrets, and it was good that he didn't know what she currently does. "All in a days work I say. Though, I don't think I've really met a four hundred year old person, that all was just theory.." Though.. hearing the way he speaks, she turns to look back towards him, her brows lowered.. not in anger, but she was studying him. "Uh huh.."

"Your small talk is really interesting, to say the least. I once argued with someone about the logistics of feeding a Mogwai after midnight." But, as he pulls out his trumpets, she quiets.. and listens.

Morien finishes his song and pulls the trumpet down from his lips. "See, not bad for a yuppie. Well, I am good for most open mic nights I got to jam with a few bands late a night, when one of their members was too drunk to play." Morien chuckles softly, "I never really understood that movie either. Did the Mogwai's have some sort of mystical powers that synch them to whatever timezone they were in. It seem they just had to know that it was midnight. The gremlins set the clock back, so basically they just needed to believe that tricked a human into feeding them after midnight."

Morien shakes his head and says, "So I am taking that you had or still having a relationship with the resurrected man. How is that going?"

Just in time for him to finish the song, Melody repaired the harp in no time flat. The chair nearby is sat upon, her hands wringing out with a few twists and cracks of her knuckles as she reaches out to give it a testing flourish. It probably needs tuned, but that act alone made her laugh just a touch.

"See, I don't know. Technically every thing is after midnight, so does that mean you don't feed him at all? Does it keep certain hours? It's all left pretty vague, like.. on a full moon you can't feed the little furry chicken after midnight, or.. if the sun is high in the sky, the only thing that it can eat is peanuts and clam chowder.."

She could go on and on, but once he asks about her relationship, she turns away, idly plucking the strings of the harp. She didn't know how to answer that. As it stands, it was like a revolving door for her, and a sore spot. "Why?" She blurts out.

Morien eyes widen in amazement after Melody strums the newly repaired harp. "Amazing, simply amazing. I can't believe you were able to fix it." Morien gently strums the harp himself and shakes his head. "You are truly a wonder of unlimited treasure. As for the answer to your question, I think it is obvious you seem to care enough for him to form a charity when you thought he was dead." Morien gently strums the harp again, "It is an antiquity idea, but I have always believe that some people actually deserves to be loved. You are one of those people."

He shrugs his shoulders aimlessly. "I could be wrong, but I rarely am."

"It's apart of one of my abnormalities. Fixing things. Sometimes people. It's weird to explain, and a bit gross." She smiles a little, then glances up towards him as he sings her praises. One would smile, even blush. But not Melody. She used to be such an emotional creature, back then she would have lept up and given him a hug, probably swept him into a dance.. laughed with joy and offered compliment as well. But.. nothing.

"Thank you.." She quietly murmurs, her chin lowering as she pushes herself away from the harp. Her bottom lip was trembling, but she wasn't going to let him see that. Nor the tears that fall after as she heads for the couch to grab her bookbag to rifle through it. To be honest, it was the kindest thing anyone has ever said about her.. even calling her pretty or beautiful didn't measure up. And it just made her realize how lonely she's been almost all her life.

"Your welcome, Melody. I hope my answer to my question was sufficient. I was not trying to pry into our private matters too much." Morien continues to look over the harp in amazement, before turning to look over at Melody rifling through her bookbag. Morien asks, "What are you looking for?"

Morien puts his trumpet back into his case and walks it a chest and places it inside. "I think I am going to hit more than a few clubs, when I get back from my trip.

Melody sniffs quietly, wiping away at her face as she continues to dig through her bag, pulling out a folder which was soon placed upon the table. As she turns, she puts on a slightly tired smile, soon collapsing upon the couch as she draws her feet upon it still. "I know.. it's just.. I shouldn't be so defensive about things. I've learned to keep it all close to the chest, as it were.." As is, she was tired of crying, all she did was cry.

She watches him as he replaces the trumpet, her nose twisting just a touch. "I was just getting the documents you requested out.. but I suppose you can look at it later if you want. And.. when you're back from your trip, I'd like to go with you."

"I would love your company, but I have to warn you that I do travel with my security detail most places." Morien looks around the room as a childish grin appears on his face. "Sometimes I ditch them for a couple of hours. I just like to walk around the city without them." Morien smiles, "One is allowed to be defensive about their heart. Inside one's heart is all the light that a person has to share with the world, Melody. One should protect it with all that they have, and only share it with someone they love. As stated before life is so fleeting, and one should not waste shining their light on another that is not prepared to reflect or shine that light back to them."

"That's very intrusive.." Melody finally relaxes, letting out a light little giggle as she slowly draws herself to a stand. The childish grin did it. For a man as old as him, it was just absolutely adorable. And she didn't mean eons old, just near thirties.

Though his wise words draw her face to fall, her lips bunching up just a little as her shoulders lift and tense. It was getting uncomfortable, most of her love was met through violence and hatred of a person who's now dead and gone, but left a lasting mark upon her soul. Could love like that even survive?

"Lets do something. Like right now. Something a little bit crazy before your trip. But I really don't know what.. I mean.. I got it. Lets go to the beach and just swim for a while.." Anything but to stay here and wallow.

"Go swimming at the beach?" Morien laughs, "I can see the rumors on TMZ already. Another billionaire playboy like Bruce Wayne is seen frolicking at the beach with a mysterious beauty. New York's own, Morien Washington seems to be off the market."
Morien places his left hand on his chest, "Believe me, I would be incredibly flattered if people actually believe I could land someone as beautiful as you, but given we are starting a charity together, I would like people to see us together first in a business setting, instead of something a bit more personal like a beach.
Morien winks, "But if you just want to see me in my swim trunks, I do have a hot tub in here." He quickly adds, "I am only joking."

Melody gives Morien an insufferable look, even blushes at him calling her beautiful. The blush was so bad, that she nearly has to fight back the water that builds within her eyes. "Just stop it and come with me." She insists, she wasn't so much of a flirt, she couldn't really try it anyways. "Or bring me something to eat.. either or.."

She blushes again, this time her hands drawing up to cover her face, her head shaking as she awkwardly laughs. "No no no.. no no.. I don't want to see you in your trunks.. I mean.. no. It's okay! I mean you're not ugly or anything but.."

A few minutes later, that shoe will come from her mouth.

"But.. I think I should go. Just.. call me when you get back into town?"

"Melody, what am I going to do with you? If I could only market the part that makes your preciousness, I would be 100 times as rich, or perhaps I should just keep you all to myself, but I digress." Ozymandias smirks, "I will send you the documents back when I get back into town. I hope you have a good evening.

"Wha.. I.. huh?" Oh god. He called her precious. Who would have thought a billionare would think her precious. Geez.. She was all a blush now, laughing rather oddly, trying her best to keep the snorting at bay as she quickly grasps her backpack to sling upon her shoulders. She didn't even bother to put on her shoes just yet, quickly rushing towards the door leaving a show of bouncy hair in her wake. "I uh! Call me when you get back into town so we can discuss venues!" The last word was nearly high pitched, so much so that she burns an even darker red, and bumps into a table which sends her stumbling to plant against the door.

"Soorry.. sorry.." She stammers out, leaning against the door to lift a leg, attempting to fit her shoe upon it before the door itself swings open and she spills out, arms flailing and shoe flying into the hallway which was scrambled after, tugged on.. and.. oh god.. she was still giggling.

Standing up.. probably the last thing he sees as the door slowly closes, is her fixing her shirt, her foot wriggling into the shoe itself as she gives a look to the guard who stands nearby. She looked a right mess.

"What? Oh shut up, I'm leaving I'm leaving.." Surely, there will be whispers at Umoja even before the charity had a name..

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