Skills Assessment: Snake-Eyes

November 13, 2015:

Agent May calls in Agent Skye and Agent Rain to get a combat assessment from the new asset that Director Fury brought in, Snake-Eyes

Triskelion - New York City

Training Room #3


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It's no doubt been a fast-paced forty eight hours for the combat specialist named Snake-Eyes. There have likely been aptitude tests of just about every possible sort, the medical checks that Simmons performed, and a full battery of physical skills assessments. This is the last of them, and very intentionally the most difficult of the bunch. May has also planned to see how well the man deals with the unusual, namely people with powers.

Training room three has been set aside for this, and all involved parties invited. At one end of the room, May stands and waits for everyone to arrive. Things will get moving pretty quickly after that. Rain has been told to bring Captain and her broom and anything else she has or uses that would be considered 'showy'. And Daisy has been told to, well, go easy on the building-shaking. But everything else is fair game.

Before May even arrives, Snake-Eyes is already settled in the training room. Dressed in his combat gear, he's put peace knots on his katana so that it will not come free from its sheath in case of attack. He carries no ranged weaponry. Instead, legs folded beneath him, the ninja seemed to be in a meditative state, hands placed before him and pressed together, fingers up as he gains his own self-awareness, clearing his mind and setting himself for 'combat' as it were.

Even with others arriving, the ninja just seems to be sitting there - free for the attacking. A very tempting piece of cheese in a trap, if there ever was one.

Rain likes cheese. But Rain and Captain are going to turn up when requested. She has her broom over her shoulder like a sword, and Captain is jogging along in his business suit with his name tag. 'Morale officer', indeed. "We're here. We brought water bottles," Rain smiles. Why not? The witch is pretty friendly. The two look around. "Whoops. We're not late, are we?" A beat. "Hey there!" A smile and a wave to Snake-Eyes. "You don't have to wave back. You're meditating." She has her translation spell up so he can sign to her.

Testing the man she helped secure a few days ago. It is something Daisy actually looked forward to. She has seen the man in action. He actually prevented a bullet from taking off the side of her head. In her defense she was occupied leveling a small forest of glowing baddies. Nevertheless, Daisy shows up the the training room in her full SHIELD outfit, her hair pulled back into a ponytail and a nod given to those who are already present. Her eyes scan the room and she spies the Ninja, taking him in for a moment before nodding to Rain and May. She will not speak,simply waiting further instruction.

Melinda May nods to Rain and then Daisy as they arrive, then gestures for Captain to stand next to her before looking at each of the three one more time. "Objective. Snake-Eyes. Retrieve one object each from Daisy and Rain smaller than a business card. Daisy. Rain. Prevent Snake-Eyes from taking anything off yourself or your teammate and disarm him. Any one of his weapons." She hesitates for a moment longer, then says as calmly as ever, "Begin."

Once he has heard the objective, Snake-Eyes seems to not move at all. At least until - the one thing Agent May said was.. go. And as soon as the objective is made clear and she says 'begin', the ninja's head snaps up. Melinda wants to see why exactly Fury considered him a special asset. With his hands opening, several small balls drop out, kicking up a cloud of smoke and dust. He's already seen both of the women in combat - and they shared the same tactical assessment. They require line of sight to see where their target is located so they can either rock the floor or - heaven forbid - newt him.

As soon as the smoke is dropped, his combat knives are thrown skywards, slamming into the heavy lights above, cutting them out in a shower of sparks and plunging the room into darkness until the emergency lights bathe the room in an erie red glow.

And he's no longer in the middle of the floor, the silent master already on the move after he uses a burst of qi energy to uncoil from his legs and launch skywards as he comes up on Captain first. The cat will be one that can sense him best and give Rain the advantage of a familiar in the chaos of the smoke and harsh light, so he's the first that must be taken out - even if he is on the sidelines. Whipping a pair of plastic tie down cuffs from his belt, he descends upon the poor creature from his qi powered combat leap, attempting to hogtie the well dressed kitty before he's off on the move again.

Melinda probably should have had this happen outdoors. No one told Snake-Eyes he couldn't alter the rules himself, after all. And it really becomes a question of - who's testing who.

Rain listens. Her eyebrows lift at this. She rubs the back of her head. Captain will jog over to May, his tail up in a ? shape. He's sitting by May, apparently not a part of the test. Right up until he gets hogtied. "UNICORN! OKLAHOMA! SAFEWORD!" The cat screams, apparently startled at the ambush. He didn't realize he was part of the test. "MOMMY!" The poor feline never saw it coming. But Snake-Eyes is right. Captain has good senses, even in the face of ninjasity.

Rain frowns. She was so considering newting him. She looks to Daisy, really really concerned. The witch hops onto her broomstick and will allow Daisy to if she wishes. Else, it's time for AIR WITCH!

The lights go out amidst a flsh of sparks and Daisy immediately curses under her breath. She is completely blind. However, one thing she did learn about seeing the Ninja before was that he could not fly. He has to come down sometime. She does not have to see him. She simply has to sense him. Thus, Daisy crouches down and places her hand on the floor, trying to get a feeling of any vibration he would be giving off upon landing or movement in the space he is in. It is not something she has ever done, well…in this capacity. Yet, she has sensed vibration before and decides it is her best tactic to track the well-skilled one man assault force. "He can see or sense us…he would not cripple himself." Her palm remains on the floor. Should she sense him…it might be a good time for a small little blast to rattle him a bit. Disarm a Ninja in the dark. This is much more difficult than tailing Jemma on one of her dinner dates.

Okay, the smoke bombs May was kind of expecting. The immediate take-down of Captain, NOT expected. So he likes to change the rules. So can she. Scooping up the trussed cat and setting him gently on a padded bench out of the way, she then pulls her taser batons (leaving the taser ends OFF) and crouches down, doing similar to Daisy, but by feel instead of vibration-affinity. She's not going to go on the attack, though. She will instead swat the ninja very decisively if he gets anywhere close to her again.

Daisy is right. He can't fly. As Rain takes flight, Snake-Eyes glances up quickly, landing on the ground. Feeling the start of the vibrations, the ninja starts working his way backwards with a burst of speed, twisting and rolling with the flow of the waves that Daisy puts out. As he comes against the wall, he leaps once, grabbing the side of the wall, and then leaps again as Rain comes streaking by and he lands..

.. on her broomstick. Rain's face will be reflected for a moment before he grabs the tails of her jacket and pulls the garment over her head while snagging her ID from her pocket. 'Winter?' he 'writes' in the side of the woman's neck playfully while he twists around Rain and comes behind her to take control of her - and her broom.

See, he can fly, Daisy.

Weep. Poor captain. "If I weren't litterbox trained, I'd pee in your laundry." Poor cat. Rain expected the ninja smokebombs. And she knows Snake cannot fly. She does know he can leap up and OH HOLY SHIT A NINJA. May is wading in, too.

"Gah!" Rain has her jacket pulled over her head and is flailing. She giggles at the writing on her neck. "Well. See." Ever see a bear fly? Because Rain whispers something in an ancient language. « Remake the beast. » And while Snake did have control of the broom, he now has his hands on a very large Siberian Godbear. Think dire bear on steroids, weighing at least a ton easily. Her eyes glow violet. « Excuse me. » She's going to grab at him for THE BIGGEST, BEST BEAR HUG EVER.

Well she had his location for a moment. And then it is gone. SO much for vibration feeling through the floor. Daisy is also not about to start blasting blindly in the dark in hopes of striking. No. Bad idea. Just not going to do it. There are to many risks with "allies" in doing such. She can hear giggling and then something else. What the hell is in the dark over there? This is like a bad haunted house. In the future Daisy mightl earn to use her powers in such a way that would aid her in the situation. It is no secret she is still figuring things out. A nice little vibratory force field aroud her wuld be grand. Yet, all that would succeed in doing now is blasting out all around her.

It is a tough decision and waiting in the dark to be attacked is not something she truly desires to wait for. Disarm him. That is all she was told she had to do. Yet, where is he? Well it would appear that all the action is over where Smokey the Bear is. There is a raising of her hands and a soft pulsing blast is radiate out. Not a strong force, she is trying to get a feel first of resistance and shape.

Melinda May is still trying to place Snake-Eyes location when she hears Rain's exclamation of unpleasant surprise. She looks up and catches a tiny hint of white among all the smoke. If Rain's gone to the bears, then Snake Eyes is up there with her. And May can't jump the way this ninja can (but don't tell anyone that). So instead, while Daisy gives a shot at the vibration equivalent of echolocation, she rushes across the room to the control panel by the door. After a moment, the ventilation fans in the ceiling audibly kick on, and the smoke filling the room starts to clear.

She didn't transform on their mission - and he hasn't gotten to reading Rain's file yet. They'll have a discussion about this later as the ninja's grip is suddenly loosened by the fact that he has a very large bear on his hands. And he's not got two good handfuls of fur instead of jacket. As she turns and grabs him, Snake-Eyes glances up at her. He feels the crushing weight on his armor, and he reaches up, sharp punches applied at both of her joints between her shoulder and arm, trying to spasm the muscles to let her go.

He clicks his fingers, much like he did when he was summoning Timber. And it also gives Daisy a great point of reference to fire - while simultaneously ruining the idea that she had to feel him out now that there's a one ton bear rumbling around on the ground to make things for the quake maker. Grabbing Rain's fur, once he squirms free, he 'climbs' the bear and and once at her shoulders, he leaps away, landing near Daisy and the silent master gently taps the young woman's shoulder. Hello. Since the smoke is clearing, she can at least see the ninja now. AT DANGER CLOSE.

Rain is magic. She has a huge bag of tricks. She's just not the most powerful combatant. Bear form tends to be shit hits the fan form. She gives him THE SQUEEZE. A roar of pain and she will have to - shift back, to help Daisy. There's a moment. Should she newt him? Nah, not yet. Daisy wants to practice, too. "Look out!" She does call. Rain is going to steady herself, preparing to cast perhaps. Uh oh. Maybe it will be newting time in a moment.

The smoke starts to clear a bit. The vibration coming from where she directed her energy was much larger than a the man she is seeking. In fact, she has no idea that a bear is even over there. Her mind is racing as to what the figure actually is she is sensing. And then it vanishes, changing back to something more human size. Human size. Good enough for her. She raises a hand to blast, but then there is a tap on her shoulder. The blast is called of as it were and she immediately turns and without even seeing what it it starts a fury of strikes and kicks at the figure. May taught her well it would seem…but Daisy is no Ninja and the odds of any of her blows actually landing are slim to none. Nevertheless, she at least looks somewhat impressive…just not impressive enough. One might ask why would she simply not blast…it takes some focus…and time to focus was not something she had after being startled.

Melinda May turns and sees that Snake-Eyes is right there next to Daisy, so she charges in to join the fray. And she's only kind of pulling her punches considering she's using the batons. She's not going to try to break bones here. And, if she manages to get close enough, she'll try to snatch one of the man's weapons off of his person.

After catching Daisy off-guard, Snake-Eyes jukes and blocks, learning Daisy's hand to hand technique as he watches her movements, each of his own blocks directed to a different part of her body, seeking - searching.. aha. Grabbing her left hand on a swing, Snake-Eyes swings and twists the young quake thrower around, snatching her ID from her left shoulder pouch.

He turns her so that she's between him and Melinda's attacking approach as he opens her pocket. May didn't say she was going to be part of the scenario, but she joined in and he's fluid enough to adapt to the situation as he grabs the ID. Once it's procured, the ninja breaks off contact.

He keeps Daisy between himself and Rain - if she wants to newt, she's going to have to risk catching Daisy in the effect. What he didn't count on however was drawing Daisy's ire and catching a point blank blast of the young woman's seismic powers. Ceramic armor cracks and shatters and he's kicked backwards by the blast. He rolls and tumbles with the blast, sliding along the ground before he recovers and flips his legs around and leaps from being on his back on the ground to back on his feet.

Shaking his head, he rolls his shoulders, feeling the joints crack and pop back into place from the burst of seismic power that if he hadn't moved with would have probably shattered his ribcage. Holding out his right hand, he turns it and flicks out two IDs clutched between his fingers. One for Rain, one for Daisy.

Mission accomplished.

He's a crazy good fighter. It's hard to change the aim of Rain's magic, targeted to the person. But he's moving fast and getting knocked around. Rain rushes over to untie Captain and looks to Snake-Eyes. "Are you okay? No one needs healing?" The witch does care.

She had no idea he actually snatched her badge. It was all so quick. Arms flailing. She looked like a child in battle against this master of martial arts. It was like when May would spar with her to teach; except May would pause to teach her the misgivings of what she had done. That is how she learned. No, this man was just swatting away her strikes as if he knew where the next one was going to come from; all the while using it as a method to locate her badge. It was not the fact he had her badge that drew her ire (she did not know this), it was the fact she could not hit him. He was toying with her.

Yet, when she was used as a "SHIELD" from a potential newting (thank you Rain for holding that blast), it gave her the chance to throw a hand back and blast him. Afterwards, she turns seeing him fly back, but so quickly getting to his feet and shaking it off. It is only when he holds up her badge that she reaches for her shoulder, making sure he truly has it. There is a shake of her head as she look to the Ninja, to Rain and to May. "Well worth the trip to the Sierras."

Melinda May stops and nods to Snake-Eyes. "Objective completed. Rain, is Captain all right? She can tell neither of the young women are injured in any way, and while waiting for the witch's reply she gives the man a look, her eyes flicking from his face to the damaged armor on his torso and back. Any damage other than the ceramic?

Snake-Eyes shakes off the thin layer of armor, apparently uninjured from the attack as he adjusts the loose combat vest so that it's tightened into place. Brining back the two IDs, he stops at Daisy first. As he hands the ID over, he takes her palm to write into it. 'Excellent job with sensory. Need to work on blending your ability with your fighting style. You treat them separately, need to learn to use them in concert.' Was that an offer to teach her? That's not his place, Melinda's the training officer, after all.

Bringing back Rain's ID, he presses it into her hand and signs. 'Bear. Impressive. Large. Can you cast in that form?' he inquires.

Rain will untie poor Captain, who looks grumpy. He fluffs up, sending an irritated glare at Snake-Eyes. "I am /fine/," He huffs. His tail is whipping back and forth quickly. NOT a happy kitty. Rain gently scritches it. There's a smile to Snake and she nods. "Limited spells. Usually like fire breathing or speech spells. Holy fire if I am fighting undead. But I'm a lot more able to cast in human form," She explains. "And I agree," She offers quietly to Daisy. Though, she is biased and seems to be cheerfully befriending the ninja. It's like nerd+ninja=a sitcom.

It must have been a pissed off blast indeed. Apparently she out a lot behind it. This is clear as Snake-Eyes approaches and finds Daisy breathing a bit heavy. Perhaps her futile attempt to hit him had something to do with it. As her ID is handed back, she takes it, looking down at her hand and what he is writing. This is new to her. She thinks she got the gist of what he was saying. "I hadn't thought of that…I would be afraid to do so. I lack the control for something that specific and focused. Perhaps in time and with training." She says nothing more on the matter and exhales slowly, looking over to May "Sorry Agent May."

Melinda May watches as the badges are returned, and at Daisy's words makes a mental note to add that to her training regimen. Yet another good thing to come out of this assessment. "Unless anyone has questions, you're dismissed."

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