A Silent Exam

November 12, 2015:

Snake-Eyes makes it to The Triskelian and goes to see Simmon

The Triskelian - New York


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Snake-Eyes' arrival at the Triskelion was delayed due to the fact that his original ride was shot down by HYDRA agents. Finally on base, he made sure that the bodies were off-loaded from the transport before he started the ardorous task of inprocessing. With Daisy heading off to take care of all of the paperwork that comes with the after-action report (poor girl), it leaves Snake-Eyes with his new companion, the very curious witch at his side.

For his part, Snake-Eyes seems rather used to the idea of hurry up and wait as he goes through the process - however, despite the fact that he's willing to give up his rifles, he refuses to part with his katana, pistol, and combat knives as he makes his way down to the scientific section for blood letting and such.

And Rain didn't do the teleport thing, as SHIELD now has magic security. Plus, it was nice to get to know the ninja. Rain is indeed near Snake. Captain, an orange, slightly jowly cat in a business suit comes ambling up to the two. "Sup. It's hard work getting petted by all the agents," The cat has a rich, baritone voice touched by a Gotham accent. "Oh, whoa." And then his befreckled pink nose (because that is orange cats) begins to wriggle at Snake. Cats(TM).

Rain will help him towards the scientific section, as she works in WAND. Sortof theside there. But she is an electrical engineer, so she has that going there. "It's - to the left here."

Simmons is working in her lab and has just received notification that there's a new person to introduce to SHIELD. Her part? To make sure their medical records are available and that pertinent details are known.

When the two, er three, enter the lab, they'll see a Psyborg body laid out on a table, hooked up to the computer and the holographic screen, streaming lines of data … until Jemma shuts it down and turns the screen off. Need to know and all that.

"Hello Rain, Hello Captain." the biochem will bend to scritch the cats eat, before straightening to look at the new guest "Dr Jemma Simmons, welcome to New York. I understand you've had a rather interesting introduction."

With the black hood covering his face and slotted visor, it's hard to determine what reaction that Snake-Eyes has to the talking cat in a business suit and the wriggling nose. Apparently Cats(TM) doesn't seem to phase the ninja, at least outwardly. He gives a slight nod of his head in greetings and looks towards Rain, expecting her that knows Cats(TM) to introduce said feline in a suit to him as needed.

With the doctor stepping up, Snake-Eyes gives a more formal bow of his head in greetings to Jemma, before presenting her with his file. Apparently he just doesn't talk. Or sign, in this case, just to be signing. The file contains all the information that the doctor may need on him before he moves to settle upon the table to wait for Simmons to instruct him exactly on what he needs to do to get checked out.

If only all of her patients were so reasonably behaved.

Rain smiles, as Captain comes up to sniff. NEENJA SNIFF. "Hi, Doc," captain offers. Rain waves to Simmon. "Hiya." She doesn't seem bothered. This is Jemma's research. Rain gets up to her own. Boy, does she ever. Captain makes sure to rub good on Snake's leg if allowed. PROPERTY OF SHIELD. Boom!

Rain beams at the two. "I was helping him around, too. The break room and-" She explains. She settles quiet a moment. "Let mek now if you need any assistance."

"Are you alright, Rain?" Jemma asks, she's only received vague details about the incident on the way here. "Would you like tea? I've got some of Agent Mays special blend, if you'd like to put the jug on." Simmons kind of makes a habit of keeping a stash in the lab… May has exquisite tastes.

Taking Snake-Eyes file and watching him take a seat on the examination bed, she flips throught, familiarising herself. Of course, being SHIELD, there's a lot of information /not/ available and Jemma wants access to it, she's going to have to request from May or Coulson.

"Seems I should learn ASL." she says with a smile. "Just a routine checkup, now that you're with us. I'll take some blood samples to use as a baseline, as well." Of course, since ClintBot, Jemma's been working on protocols to screen all agents … just in case that happens again.

With Captain getting in close, Snake-Eyes' tilts his head, picking up on his Qi aura as the cat closes the distance. Finding it a close match to Rain's, he doesn't interfer with the rub, though it is only a moment before he gives a slight shooing motion. Timber tends to get mad when other creatures mark his pack mate, as it were. Speaking of, the poor timber wolf is in quarantine, because of fears that he's a wild animal, but he'll be out and about soon enough.

As Rain explains her present, Snake tilts his head in something that could be amusement, before giving a nod of his head in agreement with the young woman. Yes, he already had a map of the place, but she seemed so eager at the idea that he didn't bother to stop her.

Not even May or Coulson will be able to touch Snake-Eyes' files, unfortunately. Fury has put a major lockdown on his file. As he listens to her, he nods his head, accepting the terms as he starts with removing his katana and setting it aside, before the chest armor follows it. Reaching down, he removes the upper half of his body suit. Well, he's a caucassian, that much is evident. Lithe? Check. Well-defined? Double-check. On his right arm at the wrist there are a series of red lines and squares that go from wrist to the mid-part of his forearm across the top part, Ba Gua trigrams and the mark of the Arashikage ninja clan. He carries a few scars, though with his hood still in place, the worsening scars seem to stop short of his neck, retreating beneath the mask.

It's just a few tests, he's fine with that, apparently as he takes Jemma's hand for a moment. Turning it so that it's palm up, he takes his finger and 'writes' into it, tracing each letter so she can understand. 'Can hear you five by five.'.

Poor Captain. He just trundles back. "I can give you a translation spell," She offers. Rain will do just that for Jemma if she wishes.

Rain tries not to blush as there's a shirtless ninja. Oh my. "I can step out or assist," She offers. Captain will trundle to circle Jemma instead. The witch is quiet, looking thoughtful. She smiles at Snake, glad he humored her.

"You can stay, Rain." Jemma isn't worried by the shirtless ninja. He's nice to look at, sure, but … he's a patient for now and work colleague. "We won't need a translation spell, Snake-Eyes can understand me perfectly, even if the conversation is going to be one sided in that regard." she smiles.

"I know you can hear me, Snake-Eyes." Indeed, she hasn't raised her voice or spoken in a way to indicate that she thought he couldn't "But it would be nice to /converse/ with you rather than just speak /at/ you."

Taking her medkit, she begins the routine tests, checking and noting vitals as she goes. "Are you able to lift that hood a little further please. You don't need to take it off or show your face, but I would like to see more of your neck." Looking to Rain "Would you get the digital camera from my workbench, please? I'd like to catalogue the markings." Not to research, they are … identifying marks and may come in handy one day - she just hopes they'll never need to use them.

Captains welcome to circle Jemma, just don't trip her up as she works!

Nodding at Jemma's assessment, he signs 'Apologies' quickly as he listens to her question. His head tilts slightly, but he does follow her request. Lifting the hood to chin level, the scars that run along his neck are definetly burn scars. They follow a downward pattern, and seem to have burned from the inside, the skin red and blotchy, raised up and exposing a very ruined throat. No wonder he perfers teas and such. Probably hurts like the devil to eat.

He lifts a hand to Rain, a steady movement. He's telling her she can stay, as opposed to shooing her away. The SHIELD asset sits quietly as Jemma continues her tests and he glances over to see what she's doing exactly on occassion. As much as she may wish to converse, he doesn't seem to be very much of a conversationalist, even with sign language, perfering simple motions and movements as compared to the motions of ASL.

"That is why I offered the translation, so you can understand the sign language," She offers. Rain smiles. She won't cast without consent. Poor Snake. Rain will go to get the digital camera. It only takes her a moment. It is apparent Rain has spent most of her life as a squibb, having come to rely not on magic. Still, she hands the camera to Jemma. Captain will circle carefully. It's a perk of enhanced intelligence. He likes Jemma, so tripping her isn't on his agenda. He probably does have it in for an agent or two somewhere, though.

Rain looks sympathetic to the poor ninja. She is quiet, thinking perhaps. "Here you go." She offers the camera over.

Jemmas not doing anything unusual, checking heart rate, blood pressure, reflexes. All the standard sort of checkup stuff.

With Snake-Eyes sitting shirtless on the table, the mask pulled up to reveal the scarring, Jemma winces - just a little. That had to have hurt.

Taking the camera from Rain "Snake-Eyes, I'm going to photograph your markings. We … can use them to identify you if necessary. Could you hold your arm so I can, please."

Lowering his mask back down to cover his throat, Snake-Eyes agrees to the request by holding out his arm and rolling it into position so that Jemma may take the photographs that she needs to. This isn't the first time that he's undergone this type of check or investigation, and he's patient, allowing Jemma to poke and prod as she pleases unless she gets too close to the mask, then he'll guide her away.

As each photograph is taken, he rolls his arm, allowing her to grab a different angle each time as she takes in the Bau Ga markings that are squared off on the top of his right forearm.

Captain is sitting near Jemma. Rain is handing over the camera, watching Snake and Jemma. "Would you two like some tea? I - can grab some during the exam," She offers. She seems to simply accept Snake's preference to avoid the mask. She smiles a little. "I am sorry I didn't answer earlier."

Agent May is not here for Snake-Eyes' checkup, why would she be? She's got enough other things to deal with. Like the devices they've been collecting. Still. At least it seems like they've thwarted the attack on the UN. For now.

Having just left a meeting a few doors down the hall, she decides that some tea is in order before she glares someone down for no good reason. And the closest source for a decent cup? Simmons' lab. So she just lets herself in and heads for the tea making facilities without so much as a hello to anyone in the room.

And yes, she very much noticed the goings on. She's just not going to react to them. Mostly because speciality agents like the man still wearing his mask (and Barton, and Romanoff) tend to get twitchy if they're given too much attention at once.

"Please Rain, tea would be lovely." And there's the tea that Jemma's procured from Mays special stash. "Would you like tea, Snake-Eyes?"

The photography takes some time, and Jemma reviews the images before giving a satisfied nod. Then she examines the scarring … careful not to get to close to the mask. She's used to working with those who wish to keep their identity a secret.

She's just about to comment on the scarring, when Agent May walks in. "Good afternoon, Agent May." looking back to Snake-Eyes as she does "I'll just take some blood samples, and we'll be done." Moving to her work bench, Jemma collects the necessary items "Agent May, this is our newest team member, Snake-Eyes." for some reason she doesn't think she needs to be telling May this.

Snake-Eyes gets a negative shake of his head at the offer of the tea. Apparently he doesn't feel like drinking any at the moment as his visor tracks the movement of the newcomer across the room before he turns his attention back to Jemma and the introduction. With all but the blood work done, he works his way back into his armored shirt, forming the second skin over his frame, but he leaves his right arm freed up for the blood drawing.

He glances towards Rain, and then back to May. He doesn't seem to be getting anxious at least, just observant and quiet which for him - is quite the usual. He pauses for a moment, and rolling his right arm, he pulls back what appears to be a patch of skin, and pulls out a small lockpick set from near his elbow joint, so that Jemma has a clear spot to draw blood from.

"If you need assistance with sign language, I can provide a translation spell," Rain seems to be keeping hers up so she can understand Snake-Eyes.

Rain smiles, waving to May. Captain merps in greeting at May. He is still, after all, a cat. His tail quivers a little.

Rain nods. "Of course. I'll pour us some. I brought in some macarons," She explains. Tea cookies! For her part, Rain will do the tea fetching as she listens. She nods as Snake declines tea. Rain seems to quietly click with the ninja, seeming to grasp and understand. She seems at ease with that.

Melinda May stops and lets Rain collect tea for Jemma and herself before claiming her own portion. She turns and NOW gives Snake-Eyes that assessing look as the biochemist needlessly introduces them. It lasts for a few seconds — and the concealed lockpicks are definitely mentally noted — and then she nods to the man. Her eyes flick toward Rain at the mention of sign language, and then she moves to claim one of the chairs in the area.

Lockpicks? From under his skin? That entry was missing from Snake-Eye's file.

Jemma's distracted momentarily before recalling herself and taking the blood draw. Once the blood is taken, labelled and stored, she returns to the table to examine the spot where the lock picks came from.

"Neat trick." she murmurs as she looks between him and May. That she missed it during the exam is telling - sure she wasn't looking for it, but … time to review her protocol! "Is there anything else we should know about, given you'll be working with us?" Like anything that might endanger him or help them save him … because they knew about it.

An emotionless mask and visor reflects May's assessing look as the nija continues through with the rest of the examination, left hand resting on the table, curled against the edge of it as he takes in the generally Qi feeling of the room and it's occupants and mentally files it away. Marking friendlies, apparently - each one of them feels unique to him, and it'll be helpful if there is ever PodPersonMay - or as Jemma put it earlier, NotClint. Turning his attention fully back to Rain, he starts to sign finally, 'Thank you for the start of the tour. I should find my way to quarters. Late trip. Early rise.' he explains, as he apparently is cutting the rest of the tour short. Taking back up the lockpicks once Jemma has drawn blood, he slips the small, thin case back under the layer of skin to settle back in place, rubbing his finger over the slit to seal it back into place. Once the blood is taken, he slips his arm back into the shirt and pulls it taunt before grabbing his combat vest to slip it on, and puts the Mikimoto blade back into place at the small of his back. Taking Jemma's hand again, he writes into it:

'Plenty. But secrets are earned, not freely given'.

A glance is given to the doctor before he slips off the table, makes sure everything is adjusted into place. Once done, he gives a respectful bow towards Agent May and makes his way out of the lab so that the ladies can enjoy their tea time.

Rain watches a moment. She seems quietly curious. "Be well, it was nice to see you." She seems genuinely happy for Snake-Eyes' company. Odd, that. She doesn't comment on the lock picks or anything. She smiles to May, too. Captain will stay near the May, preparing for his daily quota of Mayscritches. It's hard work being a Morale Officer(TM).

"I see." She murmurs to Snake. She bows to Snake, and waves to him. "Please don't hesitate to ask for things if you need."

Melinda May responds to Snake-Eyes bow with an equally respectful nod, then takes a sip of her tea as he takes his leave. And then she glances down at Captain before giving one knee a brief tap. Get on up here, already.

Snake-Eye's departure is completely silent. No sound of footfalls, no clacking of metal or swoosh of cloth. Almost as if he has his own personal cone of silence that matches his quiet personality and lack of voice.

Rain is a bit of in awe at the dude's pure SILENCE. Really. Captain wiggles his hindquarters. He understands that signal. He hops on up! Captain is well trained by May. While he is quiet, he tends to greet people. He is a morale officer, after all. And plus, he's small enough that being kicked is a concern.

Rain smiles at the two. Rain looks between them. "I've been working on some WAND things if you wished an update. And some tech of my own that may be useful."

Melinda May turns her attention to Rain as Captain claims her lap. "Sounds like a good idea. Oh, also, what's the status of the tupperware? I got a complaint from break room three that one of the containers tried to bite someone." She's almost positive it was an overly sensitive sort taking offense at the labelled containers, and not an actual biting incident.

Rain smiles as Captain has a lap. "Sure." And then a pause. "Oh. That would be the gremlin. I had to exorcise the coffee machine. I put it in there as cryostorage. But it was very clearly labelled," She considers. "It shouldn't have been able to bite anyone. But I can wrap it in blessed duct tape if needed," Smile.

She seems perfectly willing and able to consider the wellbeing of mundane agents.

"Well. My Desire Drive is coming along nicely. Being able to use a machine without touching it and only wanting it to work is super handy. But I'm having to lock some stuff up."

Melinda May raises an eyebrow at the mention of a 'Desire Drive'. "I think the duct tape is a good idea. And maybe setting up a new cryostorage unit here in this lab, so all the containers can be kept in one place." She rubs her knuckles gently across the top of Captain's head. "You've mentioned locking things up before. Is this something I should be worried about?"

"Okay," Rain nods. "Yeah. That sounds good." Rain smiles. Captain is starting to purr at the headrubbins. He curls his tail around himself for compact cat action. For now, Rain is open to the suggestions. "I'll bring the duct tape by," She promises. "And no. Only I can enter it. I didn't feel proper having - things - that shouldn't be out and about, well, out and about." A shrug. "Like my necromantic aunt we had to fight off. Her chalice of wine contains a self-replenishing liquid that reanimates corpses and possesses living beings. That needs to be kept under lock and key."

The chalice comment gets both eyebrows raised from Rain. THAT she can only agree with — that it remain WELL under lock and key. "I… see. Thank you for keeping those things well contained, then." And yes, that does get her to thinking, but she's not about to just up and ask Rain to store items for them. She needs to plan the request properly, so SHIELD doesn't try to take advantage of the situation. After all, Rain would be doing a HUGE service for them, and May refuses to let that get out of hand.

Rain seems open to the idea. She nods. "Yeah. My aunt was trying to kill me for the manor. They can be a bit Darwinian at times. Fortunately, I had some help." A wry, sad smile. A shrug at that. She doesn't elaborate. For now, she doesn't push, either. Captain is going to start resting his head a bit. "I'll have to show you the toaster some time. For now, there may be a case I have to file, too." A beat. "I may need help with the paper work."

Melinda May nods. "I can help with the paperwork. Though at the moment I'm … indisposed." She tugs at one of Captain's ears very gently. "If you'll bring a computer or a tablet over when you're ready, we can get started."

"Sure." Rain nods. Captain opens an eye at the light eartug. Huh, not too bad. He kind of catgrins. That subtle, cheeklifting smile as only a feline can. "I'll start with a summary. I've had to hide the crime scenes from the cops because every time the cops go in, we have a lot of dead cops." A beat. "It's bad." Rain pulls a tablet from her long coat. "I put that so far. I can only investigate so much myself," Since she is magic. "Since I think he's catching onto me."

Melinda May says, "He." May stares at Rain for a moment. "He is catching on to you." She shakes her head. "You should have brought this to me sooner." She shifts carefully so she can sit a bit straighter without dislodging Captain from her lap. "Let's get that paperwork started now. And the next crime scene you happen across, you call us immediately." Because normal cops might end up slaughtered, but SHIELD, ahem, WAND agents are much better equipped and prepared."

"Yes. Normally, I handle certain magical cases and crimes under jurisdiction as a detective, but." Rain's been juggling a bit much. She sighs. "Alright, thank you." Captain shifts a little, allowing the straightening for he is a merciful feline overlord - today. For now, Rain will hand over the tablet. "Yeah, I figured so. I am hoping so. I have most of the details recorded."

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