Make Me A Costume

November 12, 2015:

Jericho visits Stark Industries to speak to Pepper and ping Oraclenet when he does

Stark Industries - New York


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Jericho has slipped out of Limbo - he's keeping an eye on a number of things there not the least of which is a recuperating Illyana - briefly to handle… something specific. Something that requires some help of a specific type, which is why he's asked to meet with Pepper Potts. Asked in this contex meaning 'called ahead and asked if it was okay if he dropped by'. It's business hours so… he'll probably go through the lobby. Sometimes folks get antsy if he just flys up to the top.

Clearly, Pepper had planned for Jericho's arrival. The front desk is expecting him, and the moment he arrives they direct him to the elevators at the same time that JARVIS offers a tiny wireless ping in greeting. Upstairs…

"Miss Potts, Mr. Trent has arrived and is en route to your office."

"Thank you, JARVIS."

"Of course, Miss Potts."

Pepper sets her teacup down and takes the next few moments to finish off an email and send it on its way before clearing her computer's desktop and locking the system. Habit.

Jericho hopes there's not… well he hopes he hasn't interrupted anything. Pepper does get guests occasionally and many of them are not business related. In fact he pings the Oracle net just to see where she is at the moment. It's not too long either way before Jericho's knocking on Pepper's office door. "Afternoon."

Pepper may have not seen him in a while but he's still the same glow-eyed hacker he's been for a while. Er, outwardly. More or less.

Pepper Potts says, "Come in," Pepper calls out when she hears the knock, and stands to greet Jericho as he enters. She's attired as always, but still has a quite deliberate-looking collection of speckles along her hairline peeking through past her bangs and deliberately left loose hair. "How have you been, Jericho? It's been, what? A month or two this time?" She gestures for him to make himself at home."

Oracles been speaking to a certain Gotham Druid … and trying to control the fear that comes with being targetted by a Supernatural killer. When Jericho pings her network (in the nicest way of course), he immediately gets a response from. Welcome Back.

Thank you. How's everthing holding up? Actually would you mind listening in on this conversation? Ping JARVIS or something, I need you to keep an eye on a project for me while I'm away. Jericho sends back to Oracle as he steps inside.

Disadvantage of dealing with a cyborg? He'll tend to notice when things are different. Facial profiling software. It's a thing. "Uh… is… everything okay Pepper? You look like you've just been on the set of Star Trek." Beat. "From 1992."

Pepper Potts blinks quickly for a moment, one hand going to the spots. "Oh, yes, those. They were part of my Halloween costume, and, well, they won't wash off. I've been trying to reach Zatanna about it, but she's been busy." She squares her shoulders then steps toward the small conference table. "Please, have a seat. Would you like some tea or coffee?" Shame on you Pepper. His beverage preference should NOT be that difficult to remember.

If Oracle queries JARVIS, he'll greet the Gothamite politely enough but then run through all the standard queries asking why permission to 'spy' should be granted. And then let her listen in. And no, there would never have been any way for her to sneak in on her own, unless Jericho himself were the carrier signal. And even that the AI would likely have picked up on.

Oracle could listen in on Jericho's JL:A communicator, that's the idea of equipping him with one. However, she has the highest regard for Pepper and does indeed ping JARVIS and has a delightful discussions with him. It appears they might need to work together on this.

Listening in, Jericho. she responds.

Jericho's preference for beverage is generally 'vodka' these days. But when he's not having that. "Coffee if you don't mind. Straight and black or whatever you have." He's not hard to please really.

The hacker lifts his arm and begins to project. A schematic quickly comes up. A schematic for… armor? "I was wondering if I could prevail upon you to help me make this. Illyana's been mentioning that I really do need a costume that doesn't make me look like a terrorist or paramilitary. And she has a point I just… hadn't figured out what it should be now. Been working on this for a bit. It's nothing exotic. Kevlar biweave, ceramic strike plates." He wouldn't ask Pepper to help him make power armor and he hardly needs it. Just, you know, something for 'official' work.

Well, Jericho is in luck. While Pepper has only a high end brandy stashed in her office, she does have some of Tony's preferred coffee and makes quick work of brewing up a small french press. For her own part, she refills her tea cup then leans forward to see what the hacker has in mind by way of armor. And considering the requests she's had for varying armors from varying people, she's really considering getting a subsidiary set up for this. "Hm. Honestly, that's very doable, though we don't have the facilities set up for it right this moment. JARVIS?"

"Yes, Miss Potts."

"Would Tony's fabrication set up be able to make this armor?"

The AI is quiet for a few seconds before replying. "Yes, Miss Potts, though the underlying electronics would require Sir's direct assistance."

Armour, Jericho? Oracle pings the demontainted hacker I thought you had your own, built in.

A costume for Jericho also means that he might be serious about this JL:A business, that's a good thing. Listening into the conversation, she speaks with JARVIS about the options.

Jericho is still, honestly, not sure what he thinks of the JL:A. However, he is serious about doing this sort of thing more publically and that means that he needs to be able to be an icon - and it helps when that Icon isn't identifiable has him personally.

I do, but a certain 'look' is necessary.

"I can source the materials for you, if you want Pepper. I wouldn't ask you to spend your own stuff on this but you are better at making this kind of thing than about anyone else."

Pepper Potts smiles at Jericho. "That's honestly the least of my thoughts here. I was actually considering getting something set up to make more armor than just yours. I've had other similar requests." And she's thinking of the Rescue Inc. group first and foremost. "Well, I'm not personally better at this, but I have resources." Understatement. "It might take a few visits to get the design fully charted out and ready for JARVIS to start fabricating." Not to mention she very likely will have to run this past Tony to make sure he's okay with it.

A certain 'look', huh the redhead hopes that Jericho can hear the chuckle through the text …

Peppers commentary about making armour for others, gets Oracles ready attention. Well now, that's interesting concept. Making armour for others. There were a number of her charges that she would refer to that program.

"I'm okay with visiting as needed. I do need to keep an eye on something in Limbo but I thought maybe Oracle could monitor the progress for me. I can upload the specs and when I'm not available I do trust her judgement." How's that for trust, referring costume design decisions. Well you can always ask Pepper if she's willing.

Pepper smiles at the mention of Oracle. She's not had much exposure to the hacker or whatever, but Jericho seems to trust the individual. "JARVIS, would that be okay?"

"That should be acceptable, Miss Potts. Though to remove any remaining uncertanties, perhaps consulting with Sir would be in order?"

"All right, I get the hint. I'll talk to him as soon as possible." Pepper looks at Jericho again. "So. It looks like I'll be going into the body armor manufacturing business. Or, I should say, that Stark Industries will be doing so."

She's already thinking of it. Oracle responds back. You want me to oversee costume design? You /do/ remember I work with the Bats right? Jericho might want to be careful, he might end up with cute little bat ears to go with those wings of his… nah, she's just joking.

"I'm a bit surprised you're not already." Jericho chuckles. "I'm sure a lot of people would benefit from it. Honestly if you need me to pay for it I'm more than willing." He'll need to apropriately launder the cash, but he's more than willing.

I already want it black. Should satisfy you right?

"Well, I know that ablative materials and such are amongst the SI list of patents…" Pepper stands and moves to her desk, and wakes her computer to start using it to search for data. "Right. Well. I have a conference call in about five minutes, but I'll set aside some time this evening to get started on it."

Blacks a start, for sure. Oracle responds. But that response indicates he might not know her own origins. As Batgirl Version 1, Babs didn't wear black, favouring purple and yellow instead. Batears might suit the helmet, don't you think?

Whatever happens from here, Oracle knows what Jericho will be getting for Christmas this year.

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