Skye, Rain, and Snakes

November 11, 2015:

What started off as a routine mission to pick up a new asset for SHIELD turns into so much more when COBRA makes a play on Snake-Eyes.

Sierra Nevada Mountains

Snake-Eyes' Cabin.


NPCs: Zartan, Snow-Vipers



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Fade In…

Director Fury loves finding things for people to do. Lord help those that he sees with nothing to do at the moment, because he'll assign them something to do. Which may be how Daisy and Rain got snagged with the duty of as Fury put it: Picking up something I want from California. With just a pilot and co-pilot, one of the SHIELD transports was loaded up and sent on it's way west, where after several hours, it finally arrived in the high mountains of the Sierras. The transponder that was given to Daisy chirps, showing that they are very close to the destination that was programmed into the device, as the pilot continues to circle to wait for her to give a positive reading.

Rain is one of the shier, quieter members of SHIELD. Her work-space often looks like something out of Fantasia and it is apparent Captain the sassy talking tomcat is the social one of the duo. He is often found playing Morale officer to agents. And having a SHIELD cat around really is nice.

Rain has let him stay back at the Trisk, or probably bothering Agent May. Nevertheless, the witch is watching quietly, reaching out with magic senses perhaps.

"Oh, and I am Agent Rain. nice to meet you, ma'am." Rain never uses her real name. Winter Silverwolf Moontree. Best/worst name ever.

There are a lot of SHIELD agents, and Daisy had been away n assignment for a little while and away from the City. The Agent sent with her today on this little plane trip to the Sierra's is a known face, but an unknown name. The ride has been somewhat quiet, as Daisy has been working a bit on her computer. Truth be told, it looks like she was playing some downloadable game, but that is neither here nor there. "Agent Johnson. Or as I like to call my self these days: Agent Go-Get-This. Yeah a bit of a SHIELD Gopher as of late.

As they are circling, Daisy pays close attention to the transponder, monitoring it regularly. It suddenly begins to chirp stronger and the instruction is called out to the pilot. "See if there is place just below that ridge to put it down. It would appear that Director Fury wishes a little bit of "special" ice for his evening drink." Yeah, these are the kind of missions Daisy gets sent on."

"Roger that, Agent Johnson." the pilot responds as he starts to vector the aircraft into VTOL descent.

Rain won't pick up anything on her magical radar except for the localized ley lines, not as active as they are in major cities. If anything, this is something of a dead point - like cell phone reception. Why anyone would willingly would live up here is usually either some type of Doomsday Prepper or Unabomber - or possibly both.

A clearing finally comes into view - a man made clearing at that, with a log cabin that was built from the trees to formerly populated the area standing at the north end of it. One can make out the solar panels on the top of it that provide power, as well as the large propane tank that is used as an alternate energy and heating source. As the aircraft VTOL vectors into a landing position, the door of the cabin opens and a lone figure steps out into the snowfield. Dressed completely in black, the figure is male, and is wearing a thin layer of body armor, with strange red marks on one shoulder (the Ba Gau for Completion or the Arasihanke Ninja mark for those in the know) and what appears to be a brand-new SHIELD crest on the other.

Stepping back under the porch for a moment, he grabs a large ruffle bag and starts to make his way out to the transport as the door to it opens, allowing a blast of ice air to fill the cabin, the pilot's compartment closed off. The vorticies of the twin engines kick up snow and ice, obscuring the vision in the immediate area as he steps on board, his face a featureless black mask with a single V-shaped visor. Setting down his bag, he pulls out an attache pouch and presents it to Daisy.

It's a very thin folder.

Name: Snake-Eyes.
Level: 4.
Position: Special Asset.
And a picture than matches him with a note: He don't talk much, but keep an eye on him. - Fury

Turning around for a moment, he clicks his fingers together twice, with a device that sounds like a cricket chirping and out of the woods comes a large timber wolf of grey with white underbelly. It runs up to the craft and then leaps aboard to settle next to Snake-Eyes.

Offering a bow of his head in greets, his right hand gestures towards the wolf, and he signs 'Timber'.

He is also.. rather loaded down with weapons. A katana at his back, blades in sheaths on either side, a M9 pistol in a holster at his hip, another combat knife with a curved blade at the small of his back, several clips of ammunition and an Uzi in a sling.

Huh. That's definitely different. Rain files it away for her notes. Often, natural places are huge in terms of magic. Have to investigate later. For now, Rain looks to Daisy, tilting her head. She isn't going to judge. Rain also loves vidya games. "I see." A wry, sympathetic smile. "I've mostly been helping duct tape things back together." Ah, WAND. The strange division, even as SHIELD goes.

Rain seems pretty used to flying, actually. She is quietly alert and curious. And on seeing the fellow sign language, Rain decides to go Full Hogwarts and quietly cast a translation spell over the two if they wish.

The violet eyed witch smiles politely. She lowers her head in turn. "Salutations." And then she tries a signing. If she is bothered by the walking ninja-ammo-guy, she doesn't show it.

The plan was lowered to the ground and the all black figure that emerged from the cabin certainty has her curiosity piqued. Her eyes never leave the figure as she softly murmurs out-loud. "Well It would appear Director Fury found himself a new toy to play with. Well, not really a toy. More like a death machine on two legs." As the figure enters the plain, she continues to watch him and accepts the dossier, looking it over and nodding to Snake-Eyes after doing so. The SHIELD insignia is noted and she states ."Welcome Agent Snake Eyes. I am Agent Johnson and this is Agent Rain. We are apparently to deliver you back to Director Fury."

Eyes drift to the large wolf and it is quickly determined that this is not a simple dog. "And your friend here. If you have everything you need, we can proceed with our departure." She looks over to Rain and offers a nod and a smile to her fellow Agent. "Says here he does not talk much. So yeah…that approach might work best with communicating." She awaits the affirmation that the new acquisition has everything, and if so will signal for the pilot to take off once more. "If you got anything in that bag of tricks of yours…maybe help with communication…go right ahead. Eyes drift back to Snake-Eyes and she extends a hand. "Welcome to SHIELD. I am glad you're om our side."

Snake-Eyes nods his head in gratitude to Rain, though he could be amused at her signing. Spells is cheating. He holds a hand up to his ear and nods. He can hear just fine. Holds a hand to his mouth and throat, and shakes his head. Talking is the issue, it seems. Even her spell can't help with that as the man in black quietly settles in for the trip. Timber curls up in one of the jump chairs, apparently the wolf is content in his travel as well.

At Daisy's question about communication, he signs, 'Can hear you just fine. Will communicate simply if the need arises.'.

Once secured, the craft seals up and starts it's ascent as Snake-Eyes accepts Daisy's hand in a firm grip with a gloved hand, before offering the same gesture towards Rain.

The pilot comes over the comms, "Alright, folks, we're on our way back to almost as sunny New York.. I hope you brought movies, our options are limited to 'Frozen' and 'Jack Frost'." As he starts to chuckle, a chirp comes over the comms followed by a sudden solid chime. "SHIT!" the pilot yells, "FLARES!"

It's too late, an explosion bucks the plane upwards, before it drops suddenly and slams into the ground, throwing around the occupants as the front of the plane buries itself into the ground, one of it's engines and wings ripped away and spiraling off uncontrolled into the forest as the other engine sucks in snow and ice before blowing out with a loud explosion, rocking the craft further.

Timber whimpers from where he was thrown against one of the walls, before he lowers into a crouch and growls low.

The channel's still open as an Australian voice speaks up, "'ello. Anyone still alive in there? Sorry SHIELDies, you were taking someone that's worth a pretty pound to me. Hand over the ninja, and I'll let you live."

Snake-Eyes moves from where he had landed in one of the jump seats and his frame stiffens. 'COBRA.' he signs, then pauses, correcting it up the chain so that Rain can understand. 'HYDRA.'. Apparently he's already made /their/ acquaintance.

The lights cut out and dim red emergency lights and smoke start to fill the cargo bay.

Magic IS cheating. But sometimes if you cannot solve an equation, change the variables. Rain will accept the gesture, shaking his hand gently. She seems happy to meet the ninja, and genuinely curious. What a nice fellow! But she seems like the shy, bookish type.

"Hello, Mr. Timber." and the dog gets a greeting, too. Why not?

"And I am glad, too. It's a pleasure to meet you."

The spell is more to help them understand signing, really. "Oh boy." And then flares? Rain winces. She looks to the poor wolfie. And then someone is calling for them. "Well. I can fly. So I guess I can go out a bit first. Any suggestions? I am not handing over our friend." A beat. She calls her broomstick into her hand. "Right. Time to find them and deal with them." Deep breath. "I'm - going to - try to find them."

It was going to easy. Nothing ever goes this easy. A simple pick-up so seldom goes without incident and the moment that Daisy goes to Shake his hand the plane lurches and send them spiraling forward as it crashes nose deep; killing the pilot and co-pilot on impact. Daisy actually end up ore or less on top of the "cargo", falling into his arms and trying to orient herself in her surroundings. Were they upside down? Were they even alive?" When the sudden impact finally ceases, Daisy looks down to where she is situated and tries her best to scramble off the Ninja.

A hand goes to her head and she notices a bit of blood from a small cut on her forehead, some of it dripping down her cheek. And then that voice. She listens to the accented voice over the com as she looks about and surveys the situation. Rain is alive. The wolf is alive. The black figure seems to be alive. Good. All alive. However, as the red lights come one and the smoke starts to fill, priority number one seems to be getting out of the smoke pit.

Daisy notices right now there is no exit to the plane. They are sealed in and the mechanics to open the hatch are not going to work, that much is for sure. Her eyes slide to Rain and she nods once. "Recon from the air. Report back what you see. We need ot get out of here. They might just as well take you dead Agent Snake-Eyes." She rise slowly to her knees and faces the hatch. It appears ot be slightly ajar from the crash but not enough to fit through."

She closes her eyes a moment and she too takes a deep breath, raising her hands and focusing them at the hatch. There is a non-visible force emitted and the hatch starts to wrench and creak before flying off the back, leaving an opening for them to exit from.

"Agent Rain. Recon stay above trees. Agent Snake-Eyes…let's find a place to hide until we know what and where we are dealing with." She pushes herself ot her feet and responds on the com. "Sorry to disappoint ya Mate. But me new mate 'ere ain't be handed over dat easy" It is a poor attempt at an Australian accent. I mean poor."

With Daisy opening the way for them, the hatch lands in the snow several feet away, sliding along the ground before landing in an upright position. With Rain starting to come out, Snake-Eyes' grabs the witch's wrist and gestures suddenly. He points at the trees and holds up his fist, releasing her wrist to scrape just over it. Stay above, but not too far above the trees.

Once Daisy has moved away from him, Snake-Eyes clicks his hand, and Timber is the first to dart out into the opening. Several muzzle flashes come from the treeline, snow and dirt kicking up from at least three different points as the timber-wolf scrambles and darts before disappearing into the woods.

Pointing to where he saw the muzzle-flashes, Snake-Eyes makes a wavy motion at Daisy, gesturing to the trees. Bring them down. And then he finally moves to his own feet to listen to the orders that Daisy is offering. They're mostly sound, he's just adding in his own input as needed. There's a gesture towards the chunk of steel that Daisy wrenched off. Adequate cover?

Then he looks around, before grabbing his bag. He looks them both over. Daisy is armed, but he pulls his M9, handing it to her in case she needs a second weapon. As he opens the bag, he pulls out an M4 rifle, slapping a magazine into place before he offers it to Rain, in case she needs it. Whether or not she takes it is up to her as he continues, pulling out a full grenades, clicking them to his armor before he gives Daisy a solemn nod. He'll follow her out.

Rain gets into the sky, and she can barely make out a figure that moves among the trees. It's human shaped, but cloaked, and as it moves quickly, it seems to just naturally blend in with the coloring scheme of what's around him. "Oh you poor shelias. I suppose just two more we can tack up before we bring him to the Grand Director." the man reports. There's six other figures, three flanking either side of the aircraft. They're dressed in white and molted grey, with red 'cobra' silhouettes on their shoulders, their faces covered with a helmet and a scarf, only the eyes are visible.

"You got it," Rain nods to Daisy. She hops onto her broomstick. WAND is an odd department, but sometimes it pays to have oddities about. Especially ones that can fly of their own volition. Rain nods at Snake-Eyes. She respects his wisdom and decision. Rain has her own magic guns. She quints. "I see him!" She pauses. Rain is going to stay near the trees, taking what cover she can. Magic only takes her so far. Although, she tries not to giggle at the faux Australian accent.

Rain is grateful the others seem more combatant-y. But she has a job to do and that is recon. Sometimes, an effective tactic is the most embarrassing. If anyone remembers the spell Glitter Dust, Rain is going to give the Australian man and his COBRA cronies the most fabulous crafts-based herpes ever. They are going to sparkle and glitter. HELLO TARGETS.

It all happens so fast. The door flies off Rain flies out and she is being another weapon from the man in black. The weapon is taken and she nods once to him as he charges out of the wrecked plan to the upright door. She more or less slides into first, pressing her back to the plane door and looking down at the gun she was handed. Oh god. This is an interesting weapon. She starts to shake a bit and the gun rattles a bit in her hand. Not a good time to get nervous and start to tremor. No, not at all. A deep breath is taken and she nods once, peering out from behind the door and looing ot the trees where some of the flashes are coming from.

And then there are small glowing objects among the trees. Wow, so pretty and affirmation that those trees do in fact have to come down. However, there needs to be a way to make sure that those among the trees are not able to run from the crushing timber. Daisy fires a few shots at the trees with the new weapon, attempting to at least lessen there fire for a a moment.

Slowly she stands and drops the gun, extending her hands towards the ground just in front of the tree line. The snow starts to shake and the ground even rumbles ever so slightly; and then the snow starts to move. Just the top layers, but the snow slides easily as a a projectile towards the trees, sending a cascading ground level avalanche of sorts through the trees. Some of the small trees come completely from the ground, the large ones creaking and threatening to uproot. Yet, it is fast moving snow river that threatens to bury anyone in its path that might send them running.

However, as she is focusing on the tree line, a shot rings out from another angle headed for her where she stands.

There is a muffled word over the com to the other Agent above them. "You got anything else Agent Rain?"

With the targets marked and glowing - oddly, the shifting man just seems to absorb the sparkles with little effect. Could it be magic? A mutant? Or something technological. It's not immediately clear as Daisy is the first one out, and the shooters in the treeline open fire before taking to cover as Agent Johnson is returning fire. However, when she stops and drops the gun to start to prepare a blast, one of the COBRA agents on the other side lifts up his rifle to his shoulder and aims down the scope, bringing Daisy's head into focus.

"I've got her." the Snow-Viper reports as he starts to squeeze the trigger, before a figure in black is suddenly right there. Knocking the rifle up so that the shot goes wide, pinging the metal next to Daisy, Snake-Eyes rips the rifle away before his katana is out of it's sheath and slicing across the Viper's stomach. There's a scream and his hands drop to his stomach, covering the wound as he crumples to the ground. Apparently Snake-Eyes don't play the 'don't kill game' well.

Daisy's blast slams into the tree line, burying the Vipers on her side of the plane in a heap of rock and snow, entombing them within the rubble as the trees collapses in on them.

As another Viper comes into view, Timber growls and leaps on the man, ripping him to the ground, and starting to maul him severely.

That leaves one Viper, and the aforementioned cloaked figure. He reappears for a moment as he sees Snake-Eyes, drawing out a missile launcher to start to aim towards the ninja. "Try to avoid this, aye, mate?" he asks with a sneer.

Rain is concentrating. It's a peril of concentration based magic. She can only talk and cast so much at the same time. She has her own magic, relic pistols for channeling magic. After all, no one would take her seriously if she had a 12 inch wand. "I'll do my best," Rain promises over coms. Rain is doing her best to keep cover among the trees, although there's a soft eep as she has to loop de loop and nearly thatcher weave around some fire.

The witch, fortunately, is experienced at flying. It's like a motorcycle in 3D. And happily, Rain doesn't comment on Snake's tactics. She is a bit busy. She'd cheer for the others, but she is busy. And oddly, the fellow seems to absorb the sparkles. "Okay, fine."

IT'S NEWTIN' TIME. It beats her idea of the bear bomb. But unless the Australian avoids it, he's gonna be a newt.

The shot rings out and even tho it strikes the metal beside her head, Daisy dives for cover in the snow. Close calls like that are not something she wants to keep having. She hits the snow hard, laying in the void as she watches the snow, rubble and trees engulf those within the woods in a tomb of splinters and ice. "Shit. That was close." Her eyes do manage to look up and see Snake-Eyes finishing off the shooter with a katana slash to the stomach. Hail the savior.

Her heart is racing and she is still on her side, but a quick survey sees the the cloaked figure with a rocket launcher pointed at the ninja. The range is to far for a focused attack on the man or gun itself. She might take out more than she bargains for. Such is her powers. The further away, the more range as it tends to fan out a bit. That, and the dissipation of effect the further it goes. Think of her as the center of the quake and the further from the center the less of magnitude. However, she has to do something.

It is untested. She has never done it. However, there is little time to test this new approach to her abilities. Her hands are pushed palm down into the snow and she "blasts" sending a tremor through the ground radiating out all around her. It is the hope that it is enough to at least cause the shooter to lose his balance or pause enough for someone to handle him."

Squeezing the trigger, the missile leaps from the launcher, rocketing towards Snake-Eyes with a whoosh.

That is until Daisy's sudden show of her powers catches the rocket in mid-air where it tumbles and suddenly explodes violently, but without causing harm to the ninja who was already back-flipping away. The shooter tumbles down the hill and is made aware of the casting noises that Rain is making. "Sorry, sheila!" he says as he grabs that last poor Snow-Viper, "But I ain't one to be all mystified by the likes of you!" And he shoves the Viper forward..

..who becomes a newt. Poor Viper-Newt.

As for the guy? He camouflages out completely and withdraws from the scene. A few moments later, a single wing glider/rocket vehicle launches into the air with him on it. He's fleeing the fight. He was expecting regular SHIELD agents and for Snake-Eyes to be the biggest threat, not this crazy madness he got introduced to.

Landing on his feet, Snake-Eyes clicks his hand, and the wolf finally pulls away from the heavily wounded Viper he was mauling on and trots back over to the ninja before flopping and rolling in the snow to get the blood off of him. Snake-Eyes shakes the blood off of his blade and re-sheaths it before he looks towards the others to ascertain if they are okay before gesturing to the cabin. Apparently they're welcome to stay there until a new transport could be called in.

Okay, phew. Rain frowns. "Magic resistance, huh." And while her magic is quiet, it is tangible in terms of aura and power surging. "Man, that guy was obnoxious" Rain frowns. She takes a deep breath and moves to land by the others "I'll have to remember that," She murmurs. "Are you guys hurt?" She asks, concerned. She looks over the two. "And awwwwww." Doggie! Rain likes animals, oddly enough.

Ain lowers her head. "Thank you." She is duly grateful for the shelter until a transport arrives.

Daisy is still upon the snow, and when she sees thw newting of the last viper and the retreat of the cloaked figure, she simply lays back in the snow and stares up at the Sky. "He so better be worth it. He so better be worth it." The words are spoken to herself and she exhales rapidly as her breath is visible in the cool air. The agent then rolls over and rises ot her knees, looking about for her companions. Rain. Check. Doggie. Check. Black Ninja Man. Check." At least she did not fail. No failing would have been bad.

"This is Agent Johnson. Package acquired. Send additional transport to transponder location." Message sent, she rises to her feet and walks to her fellow Agents. The idea of a warm cabin until the new plane arrives is much appreciated and she runs a hand over the back of her neck as she starts to walk towards it. "I can't wait for this debrief."

Coming over to Daisy, Snake-Eyes offers the woman a hand up, should she want it. Once she's on her feet, he moves towards the cabin to open it back up for them. Instead of a homey area in the woods with furs and trophies on the wall, it's set as more of a dojo, with rice paper dividers, few places to sit, very open, and in the center of it all is a large hot spring that the house has been built around. That explains why it's kept powered and warm. The women will be allowed to make themselves at home with the kitchen lightly stocked with teas and some small meals - after all, he was planning on leaving soon, while Snake-Eyes returns to the crashed remains of the plane to retrieve his bag.

Then he goes about the grim task of recovering the dead.. and when finding the wounded, either treating them - or putting them out of their misery, before setting them out for the SHIELD recovery team to clean up.

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