Infirmary Follow Up

November 08, 2015:

Mays in the Infirmary - people visit - with donuts


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As far as Simmons knows Agent Melinda May had been knocked out earlier when they'd bought the psychic field down as the UN had been attacked. After checking briefly with Rain, she'd left the triage and care for the agent with her and begun supervising the clean up - until someone more qualified and senior relieved her.

It's now some hours later and a tired and dirty Jemma is entering the infirmary at the Triskelian. That's where May had been taken and it's time to check in and see how she is. The Infirmary had been busy, there'd been a number of casualities and no one is able to speak to Simmons about her senior agents condition.

As she enters, the british born biochem reaches for the chart to review it, before quickly glancing to May. Is she awake?

Rain will be tending to the agents. She seems quietly tired, working alongside mundane healers. Her violet eyes reflect concern, as Captain sits at the foot of May's bed, tail flicking. Surely WARM CAT VIBES will revive her? That's how it works, right? The orange tabby does seem to care. "Hello," She greets Jemma. She seems to agree in concern.

Melinda May is indeed awake. And clearly displeased. Rain apparently healed a rather large portion of the injuries she sustained, but the doctors in Medical are still insisting on keeping her overnight. "Just in case". She's gotten tired of the staring contest with Captain, so has her eyes closed when Jemma arrives, but looks at her promptly at the sound of the chart clipboard. The part that irks her the most about this? Barton is the one with the reputation for skipping out on Medical. Not May.

"Hello Rain." Jemma greets the violet eyed witch, they're all tired but Jemma's certain that healing like Rain does takes a deeper toll "Are you alright?" she murmurs before reaching out to give Captain a scritching under his ears "Hello Captain. Looking after Agent May, are you?"

Dropping her eyes to the clipboard again, then looking back to May "Agent May. Seems you're going to be ok, but they want to keep you here overnight." Pulling a small ziplock bag from her pocket, she heads to the small tea and coffee making facilities - there's a tea pot there already "I bought tea …" of course she did! Mays special blend. And no one in the infirmary is going to gain say the biochem making it for May. "Rain would you like some?" There'll be a saucer of milk for Captain, of course.

Glancing over her shoulder as she works, the blood from the gash she'd sustained still showing on her jacket, the biochem offers a wan smile "I thought you might like a report."

Captain is good at staring contests. He's a cat. But he does move up to accept scritches. Rain doesn't protest the doctors. "I should've brought some games or something," The witch muses. She does seem deeply tired and nods. "Yeah. I'm probably going to sleep in lots for a day or two. Maybe eat a lot." And there she smiles. Aww.

"Sure, please." Captain is going to curl up a bit near May's arm. "Did you get tended to?" She asks Jemma, concerned. "And I am sorry you have to stay a bit," She adds to May. Oh well. "They seem vulnerable to magic, at lest."

Melinda May isn't the sort to give scritches to cats, though when Captain curls up next to her she simply rests a hand on his side. "Simmons, get that shoulder checked." No arguments, do it. Though, May didn't actually specify by whom, did she? "Rain, you should get some rest." She's been awake enough to know that the witch has been applying her healing abilities very liberally since they returned from the building where everything happened. And, unlike most other SHIELD agents, May has somehow earned a room with a couch-like setup against the wall instead of a second medical bed. Maybe they know better than to subject another injured person to May's presence?

Clint Barton isn't connected to SHIELD anymore but exceptions are sometimes made for the veteran ex-agent. Particularly when he drops by the place somehow knowing that May is hurt with a bag of doughnuts from the twenty four hour bakery up the street. Particularly when it's actually two bags and he leaves one at the front desk. "So what did you do to yourself this time May? Set a wizards beard on fire? Twist your ankle slaying a dragon? Wait, don't tell me, you were taking the hobbits to Isengard…"

"It's been checked, Agent May." Simmons offers as she finishes preparing the tea, bringing it over to the group and serving it up and passing the cups out before taking a seat. "I just haven't had chance to change the jacket, yet." There's the saucer of milk for Captain as well.

As Clint enters, Simmons smiles tiredly "I'm not a hobbit, Mr Barton." she replies quietly. "Did you hear what happened today?" she asks before looking to May "I thought you'd like to know that thanks to those outside the building, the delegates and civilians were saved with very few casualities. And we've a few more specimans to examine." she pauses "I'm running diagnostics on their brains already … I'm expecting the results soon."

"Salutations," Rain offers to Clint. "I have heard she formed the Yuma Crater when someone ignored an order," That is a statement of awe and fact. Rain does look up to May. A beat. "All bad jokes aside, I'm glad you guys are okay." Rain seems glad enough to see them.

And Captain will accept handresting. For now! "I will," She promises. Rain yawns a little. "I used to forget sleep all the time in college." This is wry and sorrowful. Due to the nature of her magic, she really does have to take care of herself nowadays. Alas. "And really? That's good," Rain seems glad.

Accepting the tea that Simmons has prepared, May looks over when the door opens again, ready to tell the next doctor to saunter in here exactly where he or she can stick their stethoscope. But then it's Barton. And he's bearing a gift of eviltasty pastries. Of course, she can't let on that the doughnuts are actually VERY welcome. That would be un-May-like. "You bribed the intake desk to let you in, didn't you?"

"Of course I did. Better sugar than alcohol. They can't get chaptered for sugar." Clint saunters in and sets the bag of (delicious smelling, fresh) doughnuts near May and leans back. "Hello Rain. Hello Doc. What's the prognosis for May here. I see they didnt' break her face." He's actually kind of worried but… well he can't let on either can he? It's a game. Even in this, it's a game.

Jemma will let Rain give the details, the violet eyed woman was there… and she smiles at the woman indicating, encouraging, her to do so "I didn't mind staying back, Rain. It's part of the job really."

As they're talking, Jemmas' tablet beeps at her and she checks it before looking back to May. "Those are the first results on the lastest tests." beat "I've been scanning their brains again."

Eyeing Clints doughnuts, Jemma might look like she wants in - it's been a terribly long day and they /do/ smell good "I wanted to thank you, Mr Barton, for the advise you gave. It proved most helpful in our current investigation."

Rain pauses. "Well, it's a bit of a long story," She offers. She isn't entirely certain on what she can and cannot say. "Think killer robots pretty much," She replies. "And alright," She offers quietly. Captain is going to stay curled up, his stripey tail a-wiggle. He is a good sentry, at least. CATALARM(TM). She tries not to giggle at the admission of a bribe. "I bet she's already fine. I mended most of it to all of it, but exhaustion is hard and there may be things I miss. I am not perfect," She notes.

Melinda May stares at Clint for a second, then glances down at Captain. "What's your going rate for clawing up a smart alec? Half a fresh mahi-mahi?" She looks back at Barton then. "I'm fine." The bruises on her shoulderblade would call her a liar, but that's because Rain didn't bother with the cosmetics-level damage. And personally, she's glad the witch didn't expend more energy than necessary. She notices Jemma eyeing the bag of doughnuts and nods to her. Take one. That's one less that'll be calling May's name later.

"The doctors just want to keep her for observation." Jemma tries to reassure Clint, even as she reaches for a doughnut and starts nibbling at it. "That issue we discussed, previously, Mr Barton. We found their motivation and it hit today."

"And yes, you are fine, Agent May." Holding her tablet up, Simmons says finally "It seems that the Psyborgs have gone back to 'normal' operation. Whatever this was a test run for, it's not happening anytime soon." Which buys them some time but is still a worry … and might give them time to check the other 084's they've found and see how they all tie in.

Rain nods. "I only left the bruises so people would believe her," Rain is probably only half-joking. Rain looks amused by the response. Captain looks to May. "Quarter if he has it coming," His rich, baritone voice is touched by a Gothamite accent. And he is so going along with the joke. Though, he stays by May. At least the doctors won't fuss too much. Animals are healing, right? Right.

"I may order dinner in tonight. I need to seal some artifacts," Rain admits softly. "But that is between us." A soft grunt. "And let me know if I can help."

Melinda May takes a sip of her tea, her other hand still resting on the cat curled up at her side. She's glad the feline picked up on her joke and ran with it. Now they just get to see if Clint falls for it. "If you want Asian, Rain, I can call in the order for you." And pay for it. Because really, it's the absolute least she can do. The witch went WAY above and beyond, today. Of course, the mention of sealing some artifacts piques her curiosity, but that's probably best as a conversation for another day.

Clint glances over to Rain. He's not ever seen her turn into a bear, not that he can remember. So he's wondering how she'll… waiiiit. Talking Cat. That'll be it. Cats are sneaky. They'll bribe the cat with a fish and he'll levitate a baseball bat over his bed or something. Regular old beatdown party. He'll have to uh… well… what is he going to do about that?

"Er… I'd appreciate if you didn't hit the face?"

No, the doctors won't be complaining about Captains presence. Putting her tablet away, Simmons sits and nibbles on her donut, she can brief the others later - tomorrow. May should be out of the infirmary by then.

Watching as Clint looks between the cat and Rain, she snickers a little. "I sure Captain won't, Mr Barton." she murmurs. Rains comments about artefacts gets a raised eyebrow "I think you should take the evening off, Rain. Certainly order in, but don't work… take a rest."

Seems the biochem, might be ready to start winding down herself.

Rain smiles a bit at that. "We'll see," She promises. "But only if you're eating, too," Rain offers. Captain looks to Ronin. Dead serious. "Always the face. Or the groin. Or whatever you're working on." HE KNOWS. THE CAT KNOWS. Aaaaaaaaah. He's definitely a minion of May. And he is clearly teasing… isn't he? Well. Cats. Like that guy from the history channel with weird hair. Not aliens. Cats.

"… well, okay, dinner then sleep." She can deal with vaults and mending more agents later.

Otherwise, Captain will keep May company and the witch is going to chill.

"I think we've all earned the evening off." May finishes her tea and sets the cup on the nearest flat surface. "Barton, are you planning on staying here and risking that Fury finds out you're in the building?" The doughnuts can wait, she's considering closing her eyes again to make that last remnant of shoulder pain go away.

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