Caverns, Creatures, and Catching Up

November 10, 2015:

After returning from Apokolips, Brian catches up with Kitty at her school.

Xavier's Institute

Computer Lab


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Betsy lives at the Mansion sometimes, so it'd make since for Brian to come to visit her. Except that's not the case tonight. Dressed casually - for him that would be khakis, a polo and a nice overcoat, he's actually got a small armload of books as he asks whoever is in charge of security tonight to let Kitty know that she has a gentleman caller in the form of one Brian Braddock.

There's not really much security, per say, at the Institute. Most of the teachers and students themselves can handle anything thrown at the school. However, there are many people who watch Brian curiously as he makes his way into the Mansion and waits in the lobby for a young girl with rainbow hair to go fetch Kitty. She comes down the stair looking more like a teacher than he's seen her before. She's almost dressed up in a pair of dark slacks and a pink shirt that is tucked into them. Her long brown hair is pulled back into a ponytail and she has an open laptop balanced on her arm.

When she sees Brian, she smiles and gestures for him to come in past the lobby. "Hey, I didn't know you were coming by the Mansion. I'm glad to see you all in one piece."

"Hey." When Brian gets closer, she could easily make out the bandages that are underneath his shirt as he pays her a quick kiss on the cheek in greetings since they both have arms full. Holding up the pile of books, he grins. "I brought the Caverns and Creatures set." he says with a chuckle. "I figured after visiting the other side of the universe and seeing.. what I saw, a night of doing something different might be a refreshing change of pace." he admits, the banadages around his torso as well and poking out of the top of his shirt.

"Thought you might want to make a character.." he quiets down a little for a voice just for the two of them. "Or you know, something else like visiting or whatever." he doesn't mean her room, he's nowhere near that forward.

As Kitty gets closer, she notices the bandages and she raises an eyebrow. She's an observant woman, but she also knows this isn't the best place to talk about this. "Let's go to my classroom," she tells him. It's an empty room with computers where they can hopefully talk in peace without being disturbed. "It's probably the best place to build a character and talk."

She leads him up the stairs an through a few hallways until they reach a small room with empty desks and a large wooden one at the front for her teacher's desk. Most kids have their own laptops that they bring with them for coding, so it's not like the computer classrooms of the 90s. Once they're safely in alone, she turns on him. "What happened?"

Brian follows along, carrying the books, which he sets down once they're in the classroom. He gingerly shakes out his arms and rubs them. "..what didn't happen?" he asks. Hopefully she's willing to bend the rules a little tonight because he reaches to hold her hands and reassure himself that he's back safe. "So first there was this tattooed woman.. who apparently served as a conduit to travel to Apokolipis and I had to help convince her to transport us.." he says with a sigh.

Giving her hands a squeeze, he looks down at his arms. "It went well at first. We were on Apokolipis faster than Bob's your uncle, and we were deploying when Thor decided that he was going to go off on his own after Wonder Woman. So I grabbed Columbia and Doctor Strange and for some god who knows reason, Hawkeye made me the team lead as she sent me to find Thor and rescue Wonder Woman."

At his response, Kitty frowns, eyes drifting to all the bandages. When he reaches out to her, she gingerly takes his hands, gently squeezing them. She's real, at least. Or an incredibly good phantom. "A tattooed woman?" There's a lot of his story that leaves her with wide eyes.

Slowly, she leads him to a pair of chairs. They're solid wood school chairs, so they are not exactly the most comfortable, but they're certainly steady. "You're a leader, I'm not surprised someone put you in charge. How did you get injured?"

"Did you know there's resort cities on Apokolipis?" Brian asks as he settles in, finally releasing her hands so he doesn't seem clingy, and chuckles. "Right at the edge of this huge crater, there was all these holograms for this woman named Granny Goodness. Doctor Strange had cloaked us in invisibility - and we were making good time - but Thor was battle hungry." he frowns at that, his expression darkening. "Instead of keeping us slow and steady, he grew impatient and started trying to summon a storm. It.. didn't work." he folds his hands into his lap and considers.

"That drew the attention of everything. These soldiers - males that were emancipated and beaten to be in line, the women that were in charge, the came charging in. Columbia came up with the idea for Thor to use the electricity in the signs to summon his lightning - and then Wonder Woman showed up. But.. she was brainwashed, and serving this Granny Goodness woman. And she had company. Woman with metal whips, called herself Lashina. She caught me off guard as I was trying to defend Strange, and whipped across my back before digging her heels into my chest." he explains, getting into his injuries finally. "Columbia was able to draw her off, but there was this giant .. bettle tank looking thing that was firing all types of stuff at Strange came charging in ; so I rammed into it headlong. Had to stop it."

"Sounds like Thor was in it for the fight and not the rescue." It's something she could say of many superheroes. The other names don't mean much to her, but she catalogues them away for either discussion with the X-Men or to talk with Brian about later.

Then, she blinks. "You rammed a tank?! //That's where you got all those injuries?" With a sigh, she shakes her head. A hand reaches out and she places it delicately on his shoulder. "Did you win?" she asks. She's not asking about the tank any more. It's about the larger scheme of things. It's a strange a loaded question, but one that still has merit. Winning can mean multiple things.

"Wonder Woman was snapped out of her brainwashing thanks to the efforts of all of us working together. She's currently recuperating along with Fairchild and Hawkgirl at the Watchtower." Brian says as he reaches to cover her hand with his own. "So in that way, yes, we won. But even with the people we brought - we had to have help from another group." he says as he looks up and searches her eyes. "That was just an excusion. A step onto their territory. I.. do not doubt it will go unresponded to." he admits as he frowns.

"Fractured both my arms - some of my ribs, no punctured lungs, at least?" he asks, looking at the bright side of it as he brushes his fingers over hers before starting to withdraw again. Little touches are fine. He's not pushing for more.

"It's good that you managed to find her. It sounded like others were missing, though," Kitty adds, looking toward him with curiosity easily readable on her face. She doesn't know the ins and outs of the Justice League. "Were those Fairchild and Hawkgirl?" With a sight, she frowns. "More of the Apokoliptical people, you mean? Coming back for vengeance?" She sigh and shakes her head. "We'll be ready for them now.

"Fractured both your arms and you're just in bandages? You should be in bed with, like, those things that hold up arms from the ceiling in the movies." She frowns at him, sitting back.

Brian wiggles his fingers playfully. "Magic." he teases her with a wink. "And yes, those were the other missing members. Hawkeye's team found them." he explains as he nods. "I'll get you what intelligence I have on who we came across and what they had. I think that it should only be fair to share on a threat that could be on a global scale." he explains. "And really, the only thing I would like to hold in my arms right now is you. But I'll make do with helping you make a character, if you want?" So he's not too terribly distracted.

At his explanation, Kitty smirks. "I know a little something about Magic, Mr. Braddock," she tells him. She's, after all, an apprentice to one Constantine. They've discussed this before. "You don't have to get me documents or anything. This isn't a debrief." With a quirked smile, she gives Brian a sigh. "I'm just a teacher who can pass through walls." Though, that's not exactly true. She's also an X-Man, but it's something she can't reveal to anyone: especially not here. It puts too many people in danger.

His confession meets with a blush from Kitty and she straightens. "I think making a character is good," she says. "Though, I appreciate the sentiment."

Settling down with Kitty, he opens the character generation book and Brian offers a warm smile. "I'll keep that in mind in the future, Kitty." he says as he opens to the beginning page. "So, do you want to be a fighter, a mage, or a thief?" he asks her as the two of them start the process of character generation.

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