Collapse Test Run - On The Inside

November 08, 2015:

With the CMMR in progress, is it any surprise the Psyborgs take the initiative to test run their plans. SHIELD agents are tasked to disable the psychic devices

New York


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The Conference on Mutant/Meta Relations (CMMR, it's not the worlds best acronym, its true) is one of those events sort of like the G20 that a some people follow fairly rabidly and a lot of people neither track nor really care about. While it's important in a lot of ways most of the work done by the UN sponsored summit doesn't really impact the day to day life of most people.

Well, unless you're caught in the traffic around the UN Headquarters caused by the security measures, the protestors and the counter protestors. There's a crowd here to be sure. People who feel passionately - one way or another - about mutants and metahumans and their place in society. Sometimes it gets a bit tense but free speech is good, right?

Something's happened though. The crowd started turning ugly about half an hour ago. It could be seen on the news. The expressions got darker. The people more aggressive with eachother. With the police. With the 'other side'. Psychics and those with particularly strong will might have felt a 'vibe' start to blanket the area. An angry one.

Ten minutes ago it got really bad. The people got unruly. Cops start to gather and that sparked… something. Acting as one horrifically enraged entity they rushed the security barriers. No longer withere they protesting and counter protesting. Weapons were wrested away from the police and in minutes it had gone from protest to seige. No one is sure what they'll do, as the honor guard and security for the complex scrambles to keep the people out, but they've already killed five people. And they look like they're trying really, really hard to get to the UN Building itself which has gone onto lockdown. SHIELD has issued a priority alert to any agents in the area… and any heroes willing to work with them. Something is seriously wrong here. A team is being sent to protect the delegates. In the mean time there's a single, strong source of psytech energy broadcasting from about two blocks away in the upper portions of a shopping mall that wasn't there this morning. Dollars to doughnuts that's the source of this problem. A strike team was dispatched as soon as it was located. Seems the 'Psyborgs' have found a workaround for their disabled network. If not a very 'redundant' one.

Agent May had been this close to deploying her team inside the UN building in preparation for something like this, but now she's glad she didn't. And she REALLY hopes that the SHIELD agents that are inside the building are able to help keep that side of the situation under control, and she wishes she knew whether or not Coulson were there. That would make all the difference. BUT. Her concern is here, two blocks away, and now.

Looking to Simmons and nodding, she gets out of the vehicle they arrived in and promptly reaches for one of the three signal disruption devices to be deployed. "We have to get this done fast. Rain, Simmons. Take the other two pylons," she shifts the device already on her shoulder. "Johnson. You're with the tac teams. Keep any resistance we meet busy. Captain, eyes and ears. Alert us if anything."

Huh. This place is getting really angry. More so than usual. Rain has Captain with her. While a couple of protesters/audience members are happy enough to pet the cat (being a morale officer is tough work), things are getting worked up. He merps nearby with his new orders. Ears up. "Yes, ma'am." And the two people petting him are staring. "… whoa." "Dude."

The cat TALKS. And so Rain will pull her broomstick out, to get one of the disruption devices and get herself ready. Captain is going to hop up into a tree to observe.

A nod is given to Agent May as Daisy moves to join up with the tac teams. She has her orders. Keep any resistance busy. That gives a little bit of leeway, she did not say how exactly. The tac teamd starts to deploy with Agent Johnson in front of them. "Let's go. You know your orders/"

Sliding out of the vehicle as May briefs the team, Simmons is dressed in field kit and has her bag in hand Jemma gives May a wide eyed look as she's handed a pylon to deploy. When had she become this active in the field? She's a scientist for heavens' sake. She'll save that question for later.

Talking the Pylon, and making sure her ICER pistol is within reach today, the british born bio-chem starts to move her way towards the location where she needs to place that pylon - judging by the crowds? This isn't going to be easy.

May's still handing out orders when a familiar (well, familiar to May at least) disk of light flares open about seven feet up and drops like rain to the ground to leave Magik and Aspect in its wake. The former is kitted out in her JLA outfit, but doesn't have her Soulsword out. She's not expecting a magical threat. She does have what's either a short sword or a long dagger that's sheated diagonally at the small of her back, leaving the hilt within reach of her right hand.

"We caught the alert. Where do you want us, May?" Illyana asks the ranking agent. It tends to surprise some that the blonde can play so well on a team. At times.

Jericho has to shake his head a little to clear it as he arrives. No, it's not that jumping about from Limbo to anywhere disorients him - he got over that some time ago - but they're at the very edges of the mental field this thing is projecting and unlike Illyana, he can still feel such things. The hacker's eyes flash as he very quickly zeroes in on that general signal SHIELD had and pinpoints it. "Psytech signal. Real strong one. It's on the top floor of that shopping complex under rennovation." His eyes grow distant for a moment. "Room's empty except for a really big psy projector… that'll be guarded. I'm sure of it." They always are but the guards like to pop out of thin air when needed. They're a bit obvious.

"We'll probably want to-" The hacker cants his head slightly as he hears something… "The mob just breached the UN gates. We need to hurry." Getting up there will be easy. Dealing with the problem? Probably less so.

Melinda May turns to look at Illyana and Jericho, and offers them a nod. "Okay, quick change. Rasputin, you're on the deployment team. Take the one Simmons has. Jericho, you're with Johnson and the tac team. Keep any resistance off of us."

With that settled (hopefully), she leads the group into the building and up to the top floor as quickly as their slowest link can move. Hope you've been working on the calisthenics, people.

Captain hisses from his spot. One of the mob is coming to TOUCH THOSE PINK JELLY BEAN TOES. "NOT MY BEANS, LADY!" Poor cat. He's now being sought out as he watches. He's going to hop down and slip through to monitor the situation as only a cat can. Hopefully the cat ladies stop trying to rub his oh so fluffy tummy.

Rain is going to cheat and use her magic to get there a bit faster, be it broomstick or just sparkles to spook people into slapping away the glitter.

Jemma falters and stumbles as the disk of light appears … she's seen it before but it still manages to shock her. "Uh top room, right… " and then Mays telling Illyana to take her pylon.

Handing the pylon to the blonde, Jemma (who has totally been working on calisenthenics, uh-huh) moves as quickly as she can with May… actually taking her ICER pistol out and holding it in a two handed grip…

Daisy guides the Tac team forward into the building. Moving them hastily, yet cautiously as they make their way towards the top floor. Deal with anything that pops up. Simple enough, and thus far, nothing has popped up for them to deal with. However, Daisy is well aware that this is more than likely not going to g as smoothly as she hopes. She knows Jericho is also with her and her group, but he also knows that Jericho can handle himself and will be there when needed.

Illyana gives Jericho a long look as he's rocked a bit by the psychic anger waves that lap at the team. The hacker knows her well enough to know she's checking on him but given the situation, and the audience, she doesn't ask or offer reassurance. But it's there. Her own daemonic psi-shields protect her from emotional manipulation, which a few mutants have learned in the past to their detriment.

Once Jericho steadies himself and May snaps out order she gives a nod, reaching over to accept the pylon from Jemma. Then she's following the SHIELD agent's team up. While she could technically teleport them all up, it would likely rattle the agents who, unlike Aspect, aren't used to the brief jaunt through Hell.

Jericho looks back at Illyana. He also doesn't say anything, just gives her a small nod. He's okay. For the moment. Psychic manipulation is not something he has a whole lot of experience dealing with, with the exception of this stuff. At least this he knows what it feels like and it's essentially 'dumb' manipulation. Done by a machine. Were another person on the other end it might be different. He'll be okay, as he likes to say.

The rush up the stairs could be out of a movie. Tac troopers. Daisy, May, Simmons, Jericho, Illyana. The arrival in the top space - rather roomy with a lot of the walls knocked out - is almost anticlimactic. There's a projector there, this one eight feet tall, larger than any they've ever seen before. There's silence in the room as the tac troopers spread out…

And then the silence ends. A full dozen bulky combat psyborgs portal in. It's not magic, this portal. It's something else. Might be odd for Illyana to feel, the way a distinctly 'non arcane' force rips open a hole between dimensions. These guys are more heavily armed than other models. Obvious weapons mounted on their forearms and shoulders. Stand down or face level one repression! Two of them lash out mentally at at the Blonde Sorceress, recognizing her as a meta threat. They look… momentarily confused when nothing seems to happen.

And then all hell breaks loose. Half the psyborgs hang back and start to fire bolts of telekinetic force while the other half ignite some kind of energy blade and rush forward, knowing that human forces here often don't handle hand to hand well. This does not account for the techwolf who draws his gunblade and wolfs out. The blue demonwolf meets two of the rushing opponents with a 'thud' and a clang of metal on metal. This is gonna get rough.

May knew they'd pop in the moment her team showed up, so just as the first of the psyborgs appear she's pressing her 1911 pistol into Jemma's hand. And she's making a mental note to have Partisan make a similar sidearm for the biochemist. Maybe a Makarov. They seem better suited to smaller hands.

When the group of Psyborgs split and the front group charge, she ducks out to one side as Jericho charges forward to meet them, fully expecting Skye and the others to cover her. That doesn't mean she doesn't pull her own (comparatively tiny) swords to fend off attacks if need be.

"Rain! Newt at will!" She doesn't give instructions to Illyana, knowing the blone has WAAAY more true combat experience than anyone else in the room her age. Do Psyborgs know how to deal with true magic? Let's find out.

Fortunately, no one pays any mind to the witch on her broomstick while Captain observes below. A few people are soothed by the cat because that is one benefit cats offer to humanity. Rain has a fair amount of combat experience (ask her about mechahitler sometime), but she tends to play support or medic.

So, as she comes up through the window like the creepiest Halloween montage yet, she concentrates intently. Her magic is subtle and silent, outside of the obvious aura to those with magic senses (can't have it ALL). And soon, barring resistance, there will be a ROBONEWT. Robo. Robonewt.

As the borgs arrive, the TAC team does what they do best, midleslly fire in the direction of the new threat. However, it becomes apparent quite quickly that the weapons they carry are going to do nothing against what lies before them. A few of them are quiclly ovverrun by a few of the blade wielders, sliced down and thus sending their families a fat SHIELD pension. Note taken, and Daisy, who had her pistol drawn simply throws it at one of the borgs.

Her hand now free she focuses them at one of the borgs closest to the side headed May. A seismic force blast is emitted from her hands in an attempt to at least delay or lay prone one of the borgs. At least this is her action for what she considers to be experimental destruction of what lies before her.

The psychic pressure increases as Jemma gets nearer to the room … it's pervasive and it takes all of her concentration to ward off the results. Gripping her ICER pistol (which she's fairly certain is useless in these situations) as the Cyborgs appear.

Looking in shock at May as the custom 1911 is pressed into her hands, the biochem holsters the ICER and holds the new Pistol in a two handed grip … looking /far/ less comfortable with this weapon …

This … is bad … Simmons is not really suited to these types of conflicts. Give her something to SCIENCE! and she'll shine. Hand to hand, psychic attacks and the like? Not so much

Staying behind the TAC troopers, she edges around to stay with Illyana, if she can, they can activate the first pylon and … with any luck … the Psyborgs haven't worked out how to combat this Pyschic suppression field.

Given Mays armed her with something that maybe more effective, Jemma winces as she aims at one of the farther Psyborgs and squeezes the trigger - previous experience with this weapon, has her ready for the recoil (even though it's far less than that of a normal gun).

"Let's leave the shock troopers to the muscle." Illyana says beside Simmons as she raises a hand and a stepping disk opens like a shield in front of them to catch any stray fire. Because there's a lot of it being laid down. "C'mon. You're with me."

And with that, the mutant opens a disk at her and Simmon's feet. A moment later, they appear on the far side of the action where Illyana puts her pylon down and then raises both arms, palms out. More stepping disks open around them, rotating with Illyana, Simmons and the Pylon at the center to shield the women and the equipment. "Pylon down!" She calls out, to let May know she's set." She gives Simmons a glance. "If that thing doesn't have an auto-on siwtch, I'll let you be Button Pusher Lass."

Jericho doesn't have to worry about being in a psychic suppression field. Fortunately. He does have to worry a bit about getting skewered. Or letting other people get skewered. It gets noisy in this space real quick. The demon-wolf hacker (something Daisy might not have seen before) lays into the blade wielders with a lot more experience than one might really expect of him. One gets literally punched through with the blade and kicked back in time for him to deflect another two strikes in rapid succession from different directions. Daisy's blast hits a fouth, one of the ones further back and knocks it down. From the sparks it may have sustained some internal damage from that. A psyborg behind Jericho gets newted, thanks Rain, as the scrum continues. Two in the back line are focusing on Illyana and Simmons but they quickly realize that they can't get through the stepping disks. So they switch tacs, focusing on the wall behind them with telekenises. There's a groan and sharp bits of metal break free to fly at Illyana, Simmons and May alike. "Turn those things on and finish this!" Jericho grunts, not sure how much longer this is going to go without serious pain on his part or losing the rest of the tac team.

Melinda May gets to the deployment point for her pylon and ducks a piece of sharp metal. Barely. The psionic field in this room is much more difficult to resist this close to it, but May just grits her teeth and concentrates on activating the device next to her. To do so, though, she has to put her swords down and focus, and that leaves her back exposed. Rain had better be getting that last pylon in place. Like, right now.

Rain is going to scoot over to place her device and try to not get caught up in the battle. The last pylon is being placed, since the psyborg behind Jericho is now a newt and regretting its life choices.

Captain doesn't have much to report, though he is calming the crowd a bit because KITTY!

"BUTTON TIME!" And it's time to push.

Daisy spins around and finds herself the target of another blade wielding borg. She has no time to question who let the dogs out (the destructive nature that is Jericho) as one of the blades comes swinging down on her. May has trained her well, and apparently she listened as there is a side-step and a spin around. Finding herself behind the borg now, Daisy pounces up on it's back and places her hands on either sides of its head. The force is direct contact and this borg just recieved a brain scrambling.

Jemma yelps as the stepping disk opens first in front of them and then one opens under her feet. Finding herself on the other side of the room, stepping disks rotating around them, the british born biochem shivers a little and blinks at Magik. "Uh, button pushing.. sure."

Just as she reaches for the controls, the wall behind them groans and metal starts flying … right at their backs… hopefully Magiks disks are rotating at the right speed … Jemmas back exposed as she works.

"There…." she breathes as she finishes entering the code….

Illyana looks back as the wall groans behind them, some of the shrapnel managing to make it between the disks and tearing into her shoulder, the pointy bit peeking out as the black of her costume goes shiny with blood. Her eyes flash white and lips skin back in a snarl that flash fangs. When she speaks though, her tone is steady and still loud enough to carry over a battlefield. "You've got sixty seconds before I bring in my own damned cavalry!" She warns May.

If May thought she'd seen Jericho violent - or angry - before… maybe she'll be rethinking that. The very next thing that happens is one of the psyborgs gets caught by the throat and slammed through the floor. The hacker's blade flips go gun momentarily and there's about three seconds of 'chattering' that leave the psyborg in question full of holes. Then it's back and Jericho literally leaps over the projector to get to the ones in back, two of whom are quickly divested of their limb portfolio. It is not a coincidence that one of them was one of the ones breaking metal off nor that that particular one ends up pinned to the wall with Jericho's blade too his chest as the hacker lays into another with digital claws.

Ten feet away Daisy finds her own opening and literally shakes a Psyborg's head… almsot to pieces. It collapses and lets just say no one's going to want to open it up. It's… going to be messy. Rain, May and Jemma finally get their pylons activated and they go online. There's a momentary thrum as power fights power and then the psychic field simply winks out of existance. It's another ten seconds or so of 'cleanup'. Where'd that newt go, by the way? And… is it ever going to turn back?5r
Regardless, the scene is silent in very short order leaving what's left of a SHIELD Tac team, three agents, a rather wild eyed, still wolfed out Jericho and Illyana.

Yes, Jericho did just go postal on the psyborgs, and the pylons have been activated to neutralize what's going on UN-ward. But was it truly done in time? No way to know until reports come back. But at least for a few of the SHIELD agents here, it was still too late. As the fighting ends and the nose in the room drops back to something resembling normal, May … doesn't speak up to get things sorted. She's down, literally, with a good-sized chunk of masonry sitting nearby.

Rain is at least a fast button pusher. It comes with the engineering degree. And sadly, while Rain may newt people and things, they often get better. Alas. Rain is relieved as the things wink out of existence. Rain takes a deep breath. "Is anyone hurt?" She asks, looking around. "That I can tend to?" She will look for the injured.

And now, Captain the cat has a fanclub. Scads of people are petting the orange cat. "Oh yeeeeeah." Cat! But the witch is going to check on May, performing a quiet triage.

Jemma flinches as the metal breaches Illyana's spinning barriers and stares as she watches the blood seep through… and grimaces herself… winged by a flying piece of debris.

Jericho's seemingly goes wild. Well now, there's a picture developing here… something that might exercise Jemma later, particularly as she works through the Aetherblade conundrum - or not.

As the pyschic field drops, the biochem looks around and seeing May down, glances between the Senior Agent and Illyana. Rains got May, Jemma will treat Illyana if allowed but not before …

"This is Agent Simmons, the field is down, situation report please." WHAT?

Daisy is left standing in the room, her breathing is heavy and with the quiet eerie silence that now encompasses the room is quite audible. She looks around the room, eyes falling to those SHIELD agents who have fallen. Her eyes closes for a moment and she looks over to May. Rain is already tending to the Senior Agent and truth be told Daisy has no real skills to assist. Her glance drifts to Jericho and she nods once to him. Yet, she makes no effort to walk any closer to the man. No, she is going to give him a little distance.

The stepping disks slow and then wink out. It's only then that Illyana's shoulders slump a bit, one arm coming up to the wound in her shoulder. Her breath hisses in pain as Jemma checks on it but she gives a slight shake of her shoulder, assuring the SHIELD agent she's OK. At least for now. "Manage your cleanup." She says, voice tight with pain before lifting it, tone holding a sharp edge. "Jericho!"

The wolf armor around Jericho winks out and he drops to the floor lightly as he always does. There's a few burns peeking out from his shirt. That did not apparently go without incident. His eyes are glowing brightly, bright enough that the amber drowns out even the white in them. It'll take a bit for that to go away too. The hacker makes his way over to Illyana, giving May a quick glance to confirm that yes Rain is helping her. Daisy and Jemma are on their own for cleanup.

He doesn't bother asking if the blonde's okay. He can see for himself quite simply.

"Home?" He asks quietly. Or does she have something else in mind. Either way, they're done here.

Oh dear. "Did you need aid, ma'am?" Rain asks to Illyana. Otherwise, Rain is going to focus on healing Agent May. That is how she do. And Captain will return, duly fluffed and petted.

Daisy stands amongst the carnage left behind. She peers down at the floor and then kneels down beside one of the borgs remains. A hand goes to pick up a rattle piece of metal. "This is going to take a while."

Illyana's expression is strained, but she looks over to Jemma. "You good?" Waiting for the now-ranking SHIELD officer's OK, she nods over to Jericho. "Home." A disk appears at their feet and then the demonic duo disappears.

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