Cultural Exchange

November 01, 2015:

Brian introduces Kitty to the RHPS culture, she in turn introduces him to the American Sports Bar. But is it an official date?

New York



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It was everything they thought it would be. Toast and toilet paper, dancing and singing - and just rambunctious fun. Brian Braddock may not drink anymore, but he does still know exactly how to have a good time. Though Kitty may have been surprised when he finally took off his trenchcoat and proved that he was very much in character as Rocky - wearing only a pair of golden short-shorts and gold boots.

He takes off the wig finally, letting his own natural blonde hair out from the pageboy look as he's pulling back on his coat and holding a bag of popcorn in one hand, the other hand and arm offered to Kitty - if she wants it. "That was almost as much fun as when we do it back home!" he says with a laugh. "Oh, it was a true and dear riot.." he reaches and plucks some leftover melba toast from her hair.

While Kitty has never seen a showing of Rocky Horror in the theater, she has seen the movie. As good as her word, she's dressed up: though she didn't go for anything as outlandish as Magenta. She went straight Janet, curly hair pulled back into a retro hairdo, bright pink dress with a peter pan collar. She looks very much the part - if a brunette to Susan Sarandon's blonde.

When she saw what Brian was wearing, however, she blushed quite a bright shade of red before recovering and giving him a smirk. She takes a handful of popcorn and munches on it. "It was definitely louder than I was expecting." All the shout outs and yelling at the screen had her giggling. "So, where to next? I'm sure there's a bar nearby."

"Dunno. Want to grab some dinner?" Brian asks as he lowers his hand. He's not going to try to force himself upon Kitty - she made it clear that her dating history was pretty terrible, and he's in no rush to try to ruin something before he has a chance to actually have a shot at a relationship with her if it heads that way.

"Well, when you have 300 screaming fans.. what do you expect?" he asks with a chuckle as he looks towards her. He's been glancing at her quite a bit, he can't help it. "But sure, we can hit a bar, as long as they have appetizers."

"I'm not going to say no to food, but I believe there's quite a few rules about no shirt, no shoes and no service," Kitty teases Brian with a bright grin. "I'm sure there are quite a few bars around here that would welcome a shirtless Rocky and give him quite a few free drinks and appetizers." They are, after all, in Chelsea. Just about every bar proudly sports the rainbow Pride flags.

Catching the glance, she tilts her head, raising an eyebrow. "This was fun. It's been awhile since I've felt like a juvenile sneaking out to catch a picture show. Being a teacher and living at a school makes me feel like I have to be responsible all the time." Not that she is all the time.

"Imagine having to sneak out and not be the British standard for everything.." Brian says with a grin, a blush lighting his cheeks. "The consulate isn't far from here, we can have dinner there, and I can have a chance to change. And perhaps introduce you to some of the food from home?" he suggests bravely. It

It's not exactly inviting her back to his place, but it's a brave step. He gives her a nervous smile as the young man reaches to rub his hands together.

With a raised eyebrow, Kitty looks at Brian. "I'm not about to make you go out to dinner dressed like that," she tells him with a smile. "But, this is just coming up to let you get into something that'll allow you into other places." She is good with ground rules. She doesn't think he'd get any ideas - he's Captain Britain, after all. But, she just wants to make sure. "Isn't the food from Britain all Bangers and Mash and beans on toast?" At that, she grins, clearly making a joke to lighten the mood.

"Right, I can just change right quick and we can go someplace else.." Brian says. Ground rules. They're going slow - there's no rush here, since they're both still in recovery mode. Hailing a taxi, it's only a short trip to the Consulate. As they arrive at the front gate, Brian fishes his wallet out of his jacket and holds up his ID.

"Captain Braddock, welcome back." the guard in the suit out front offers. "One guest. Is it okay if she waits down here while I go get ready?"

"Of course, Captain."

Reaching up to touch her hand for a moment, Brian gives Kitty's fingers a quick squeeze. "I'll be right back." he promises as he moves towards the elevator. As he said, she doesn't have to come in all the way. Just wait at the guard station.

As the approach the Consulate, Kitty appraises it with curious eyes. She's always looking for new things and delighting in new experiences. This is one of those ones where she will take it all in and gladly wait for Brian in the lobby. She waits for him in the lobby, as arranged, peeking at magazines, corners and anything else she can see without freaking out the guard.

Glancing back at him, she grins. "You know him?" she asks, head tilting toward the elevator Brian just left them in. "Seems like a good guy?" It's always good to ask doormen and people others may overlook. They see the other sides of people that others may not want to see.

"The Captain? We all know him, here." the doorman says. "He's not his sister, that's for sure. More quiet, always with his nose in a book. But - he's also a member of the House Guard, that's how he's here on study abroad." the guard chuckles. "But I didn't realize he was seeing someone. He's always in and out by himself." he explains. "Orders in alot, studying for his doctorate. Asked him once about it, maybe understood every third word. You a doctor?" he asks her.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Brian is busily dressing in something that isn't exactly gold short-shorts as he slips into a pair of pants and a sweater. And he tries to text his sister with a 'what the hell am I doing' text, because he can't get any kind of read on Kitty. With no response frothcoming, he goes to the mirror, washes off the sparkles and runs a hand through his hair before he comes back downstairs.

"I'm sure," Kitty replies. A superhero - especially one as public as Captain Britain - is sure to have many people taking notice. "Oh! We're not, I mean, he's not…we're just getting dinner." It's not seeing each other. That's more of a label that Kitty's not sure she can put on anything just yet. "I'm not a doctor, no. I'm a teacher."

Folding her arms, she leans against a wall, waiting for Brian to return, continually glancing toward the elevator.

"Teacher. Just as noble as a profession. And of course, m'am, my apologies." the guard offers. If Kitty does her research later, she'll find that Brian is attached to the Household Guard, part of the elite units that provide ceremonial and protective functions to both the British Monarchy and Royal Family, but also visiting heads of state. It should make perfect sense, and it may suggest his identity is known by some at least.

Finally the elevator dings and Brian returns to the lobby, taking a moment to settle his peacoat around his shoulders as he's dressed far more better for dinner than he was. "Better?" he asks Kitty, doing a playful twirl that mocks his sister indirectly as he dips into a bow. "M'lady, if I may have the honor of taking you to dinner? I put our choice in your capable hands." With that, he offers his arm to her.

Teaching as a noble profession is met with a bit of a grin and a nod. "No apologies necessary. I'm not mad or anything," Kitty assures the polite guard. While she waits, she pulls out her phone, doing her research right then and there, eyebrows raising a bit when she learns he essentially a guard for the Queen.

When the elevator dings, she looks up and slips her phone back into her purse. With a laugh, she shrugs her shoulders. "I mean, I wasn't saying you getting us free drinks with your abs was really a problem," she teases. Slipping her arm through his, she smiles and nods. "Of course. I think I know a nice little spot nearby."

It makes sense - after all, if he's the very essence of all things Britain.. "Well, I think a pretty smile from you would do far more than my abs would." Brian points out with a chuckle. "Walking distance, or should we hail a cab?" he asks her as he settles pretty much into a shorter stride so she can keep pace easily. Being leisurely isn't too big of an issue.

Kitty gives a smirk. "In this neighborhood, I think the abs would do better." Chelsea is a well known gay neighborhood. "It's in walking distance." Turning the corner, they head toward the river. It's only a few blocks before they reach a stretch of nice little cafes and trendy bars. Nestled in between is a nice little American bistro. "Here we go." It's comfortably crowded, a tolerable buzz of conversation that's easy to talk over. "There's usually a short wait, but it's worth it. I figure you should have some traditionally American food."

"Trying to send me into shock with the idea that what I think are chips are actually fries and you dar to put ice and sugar in your tea?" Brian asks with a conspiratorial wink as he bumps her hip playfully. Looking around at the decor as he enters with her, he can't help but to smile. "Well, yes.. this place does distinctly announce that it is American, doesn't it." With his glancing around, he notices an arcade fighting machine in the corner and glances towards her. "Want to try your luck?" he asks teasingly, a nod of his head towards the Street Battlers machine.

"The good type of American. There's one of those restaurants that tries to give you a heart attack a little further down the street," Kitty warns him, grinning. "That's what most of the world thinks about the US, right? We're lazy and fat?" As they move toward the arcade machine, she laughs. "I haven't played a straight arcade game in quite awhile. But, I will warn you, I'm great at video games."

"I.." Kitty catches him off guard with her assumption as he may view Americans. "..I am very aware of the history of America, and while many may look at the present day and scoff, when it comes to it, other than my fellow nationalities, there is noone I would rely on more than an American. I would not have come here to study had I thought otherwise.. and.. I.." he blushes. "I do not believe you to be anything other than an attractive, spirited, and perhaps a bit sardonic young woman that I enjoy spending time with and I hope I am granted the opprotunity for further relations with you." he manages to stammer out without realizing the conotations of the last part of his statement. He stands there for a moment, just looking at her, trying to get his thoughts back on track.

Kitty gives Brian a grin as they move closer toward the arcade game. "I wasn't trying to test you or catch you out," she assures him. "I lived abroad for awhile, I know what people think about the American culture." As he continues to stammer, she raises an eyebrow and adds warmly, "Sardonic? I don't think anyone's ever called me that before." Though, she doesn't exactly argue that it isn't accurate. With a laugh, she just shakes her head. "I'm going to assume that relations is the polite British way of spending time with each other. At ease, soldier, I'm not going to take offense."

"Right.. sorry." Brian says with a chuckle, trying to relax just a little. "I have heard quite a bit of the anti-American sentimentality back home." he admits finally as he digs around in his pocket for some change. "There's one politician that has been especially vocal - he wants to expel all superheroes and villains to the States, because that's where 'the crazies' belong, as he says. It's tobbyrot and bollocks, but America is not the only country with it's fair share of racial tensions when it comes to the empowered." he admits as he gives an apologetic smile. "My forgiveness for jumping in front of that particular bus."

Finally procurring a few quarters, he grins. "And allow me to make it up to you by buying the first game?" he asks her turning his attention back to her fully. "And I have no doubt that you will probably utterly destory me, but a few minutes on a game gets to stretch the evening with you." he winks at her.

"I've definitely heard it here, even," Kitty replies. "We also don't really help ourselves that much when it comes to the world's public opinion." The US can be all bluster and posturing when it comes to foreign affairs. "It's an easy bus to get on," she smiles. "Don't worry about it, seriously. I think our reputation can handle it."

As he puts the quarters into the machine, she laughs and grins. "Also, you've got to teach me some of your slang. Tobbyrot is one of the top five best words I've heard in months. Next time I insult someone I want to hurt both their feelings and their intellect." Moving to the proper side, she grins. "Well, there's also the dinner, so it looks like you're in luck."

"Give me a few more dates, and I'll have you a proper citizen yet, Kitty." Brian teases her playfully as he starts to scroll through the character selections and frowns. "…really. A gentleman boxer in a bowler hat." Sigh. Picking his character, of course he went with the British looking one and waits for Kitty to figure out which one she wants to play.

At the request, Kitty gives Brian a cocked head and a warm smile. "I may just," she tells him. "For cultural reasons only," she says in a mock serious tone. Running through the list of characters, she goes for the only woman available - she has far too little clothing and cleavage showing. "Well, the only girl is this," she gestures with a smile. "I think that's about equal levels of offensive for both of us, right?"

Brian Braddock rolls 19 on 1d20.

Kitty Pryde rolls 10 on 1d20.

Brian makes a show out of looking at Kitty's very much covered chest with an exagertaed look. "I'd say sue them for all their worth…" though under his breath where only Kitty can hear, he adds, "Reminds me too much of my sister's uniform before this current one. It would have caused our parents no end of scandal." he whispers with a chuckle as the two little avatars come on screen.

There's no cutscene, thank goodness, simply because that may have been embarassing for them with as little clothing as Kitty's little avatar is wearing. They square off on either side of the screen.


Despite Brian's lack of a social life - maybe it's because the boxer favors his own brawler style of combat, and while Kitty puts up a spirited defense - unfortunately Brian learns a move and starts to spam it over and over again, punching Kitty's poor avatar across the screen over and over again. Eventually, she's laying on a heap on the ground, chest exageratedly swelling up and down while Brian's avatar takes off his gloves and sips at some tea in a taunt.

"Uh.. that was dumb luck, or you're going easy on me, Kitty." Brian says with a laugh as he gives her a grin. "If you're trying to get my guard down, it's already worked." he teases her. They have a moment before the second round begins.

As Kitty smirks at Brian's assessment, she laughs a bit at the overshow of him comparing her state of dress to the avatar's. As she's still wearing the very conservative Janet outfit, she merely raises an eyebrow at him and then laughs. While she could be offended, she does take the gesture for the parody it is meant to be.

As the two fight each other, she smashes at buttons, actually annoyed and surprised that she is losing so readily to Brian. Geek things are supposed to be her niche! "I don't tend to let other people win," She tells him with a grin. It's both a truth and letting him know he actually bested her in that round. "Though, it's good to know I've got your guard down. Best of 3?"

Brian Braddock rolls 3 on 1d20-5.

Kitty Pryde rolls 14 on 1d20.

Kitty Pryde rolls 10 on 1d20.

"I think it's automatically best of two anyway…" Brian admits as the two little avatars retake their positions, and prepare to battle.


Maybe feeling a little bad for breaking a gamer etiquette rule by spamming a move, he avoids using that particular combo. Instead, he sticks to straight punches and jumps, a few little combos here or there - but he seems to not be throwing any heavy combos.

"Don't go easy on me," Kitty tells Brian with a smirk as it seems he's trying to make up for his previous loss. "That'd be worse." She doesn't take charity when it comes to video game matches. As she keeps on the attack, she manages to solidly defeat Brian, though she frowns when she does so. "I'm not the kind of girl you likes it when you let me win," she tells him.

With a cough, Brian realizes he's partially been caught and chastized. "It wasn't really going easy.. I just realized that I was sort of doing the same silly thing over and over.." he admits with a laugh. "Alright, alright, final round." He holds up his hands in a vague gesture of surrender. "I'll try my best this time." he promises her as he puts his hands on the controller. "And you're the type of girl worth trying for." A disarming smile is offered with the comment. Genuine compliment or trying to keep her off-guard?

Grinning, Kitty shrugs her shoulders. "Just as long as we're both clear," she tells him with a laugh. "You better." A veteran player, she's kept her hands on the controllers, but shoots him a look at his last comment. She's also not sure if he's giving a compliment or trying to catch her off guard. Then, she looks back at the screen just in time for the match to start again.

Brian Braddock rolls 8 on 1d20.

Kitty Pryde rolls 9 on 1d20.

His smile totally says compliment. Catching her look, Brian gives her just the slightest of hip checks in order to try to keep of the tone of levity with the date as he considers, but he doesn't give his thought voice yet.


Hands on the controls as the last round begins, the fact that Kitty is more used to modern video games as compared to the archaically old 1990s Street Brawlers show - but Brian just happens to be a little bit worse, and eventually, Kitty's little avatar is jumping up in down in exageratted victory while Brian's character is sitting on the ground, hat busted over his head and little tea cups floating around his head.

"…I'm glad I didn't ask you for a wager before we started." he says with a grin at her as he chuckles. "Well, you win, and to the winner goes the spoils. Uh, I'm not sure what spoils there are in this case, since I was already buying dinner." he admits, rubbing the back of his head.

Stepping away from the game with a grin on her face, Kitty looks quite proud that she beat Brian fairly. She tends to be competitive. "I'm sure we could have figured something out, but no worries, I'm sure our table is ready soon." With a laugh, she shakes her head, "Never said you had to pay for dinner. Just because this is a date doesn't mean you have to pay for everything. Maybe the wager should have been who ever loses has to be the food or the drinks."

"I don't mind paying, Kitty. I'm the one that asked you out, after all. But if you inisist, I'm not going to stop you. This is America, after all." Brian winks at her, and then his cheeks flush for a moment before he gives her a cat-like grin. "Be the food or the drinks? My, Kitty, skipping to dessert already?" He's obviously teasing her. It was just right there to be picked.

"I'm not saying you mind," Kitty teases Brian. "Just that I wouldn't expect that you to have to. I'm the one that picked the restaurant, after all." With a raised eyebrow, she looks confused for a moment, then gets what he's saying. "I said buy!" she argues, now unsure if she did or not. She blushes just a bit, moving toward the hostess to see if their table is ready. "Definitely buy."

"Mmmhmm." Brian comments non-commitally. He knows what he heard, but with her backtracking suddenly, he has the grace to stand down and not press the point. The hostess smiles, ready to show them to a table. "And you picked the restaurant to spare yourself having to deal with British meals." he teases right back as he walks with her, before pulling out a chair for her to be seated. "Which is perfectly fine, I need to expand my horizons, anyway." he admits, taking his seat once she has settled in.

"A person can only have beans on toast so many times," Kitty teases, normal color returning to her cheeks when he doesn't push the teasing. She's a bit grateful for that. "Well, if you're going to stay in the US for a bit, you can't go back to England saying all you ate was Americanized Fish and Chips and Beans on Toast! Gotta expand your horizons to getting everything fried and super sized. Think of it as an exchange program." Once seated, she starts glancing through the menu; it's typical American: burgers, fries, shakes.

"Yes, because I want to look like the typical American, as you put it, in my Sunday best.." that being Brian's Britain costume as he gives her foot a playful nudge under the table. "And for someone that claims that everything she eats is fried or supersized, you seem to be rather svelte." he points out to her as he looks over the menu. "American Ale? Is it actually any good, or am I in for disappointment? I think I shall try this Buttermilk Fried Chicken with potatos and gravy."

"Well, it's not supposed to be an every day thing. I don't eat it all the time." Kitty grins. "It's for special occasions. Plus, I tend to run around a lot and that helps burn off Buttermilk Fried Chicken and pizza." Glancing through the menu, she adds, "I'm not like Betsy where I think carbs are the enemy." Setting the menu down after her decision is made, she grins. "I think it's pretty good. I'll probably have one two. I'm going typical American - burger and fries."

Brian eyerolls at that. "Betsy is rather fanatical about her war on carbs in public, but in private? She's a sucker for noodles - even before the whole.. you know." Rebirth as the woman that looks nothing like his sister now. He's come to terms with it, but every once in a while, it comes up. "You know, that's a good idea. I think I'll just get the fried chicken sandwich instead." he agrees as the waitress comes over and he places an order for the two ales. "Though I have not seen her in a couple of weeks. I suppose she's been busy with.. whatever it is she does." It's not that he's putting down Betsy's (and coincidentally Kitty's) work, the two have been out of touch. "Well, correction, she helped me last week with an incident involving one of the detectives - I accidentally injured her."

Kitty grins. "Honestly, I don't think there's much I don't eat." Though Jewish, she doesn't keep kosher. With a laugh, she shakes her head. "Fried chicken is very American, with or without the bun." As for not seeing Betsy and the mention of her change, she nods. "That must have been difficult." It's a subject she's not sure he'd wish to discuss, so she leaves that discussion point both open and able to be skipped over. For her own, part she doesn't touch on 'whatever it is she does' as Kitty is a bit a part of that. "Detectives? What happened?"

"There was a thing on the Docks." Brian's voice lowers. He knows she's part of something bigger, and sharing information should be part of the program. If it's wrong, he'll handle it later. "Couple of Apokoliptians came in - one was about to crush a Detective Crowley. I went in to help her, and miscalculated, hit her arm when I slammed into the creature. Broke it." he frowns. "I wanted to visit her in the hospital, but she was justifibly upset." he admits.

"So, I got her an apology basket with tea and biscuits. At least she accepted the apology.. asked Betsy for some help for some murders going on in M-Town." As the beers arrive, he goes quiet, not wanting to go further until the waitress has moved along, then picks up again after taking a drink. "I'm glad she did." he sighs. "I may be leaving town for what I hope is a short thing soon, and I hate having unifinished business."

"Apokoliptians?" It's unclear whether she doesn't know the name or doesn't know why there were on the docks. Kitty tilts her head, leaning forward to be able to hear him better. She winces when he mentions she broke the detective's arm. "I can imagine. Broken bones tends to make people testy."

The description of his care package is met with a warm smile. "That's good. I can understand her being upset, but it was an accident and you were attempting to help." She pauses, frowning. "I've heard of the murders." It's happening in M-Town and she is a Mutant. Taking a sip of her drink, she sets it back down again. "Leaving town? Where to?"

"Off-world. A few Alliance members went missing, Kate asked me to help track them down and bring them home. Apparently they're short on heavy hitters." Brian admits. That'll probably set off a few alarm bells as he lifts his glass and takes another drink. "They're expecting trouble, and lots of it." Their food arrives finally, and he digs into his chicken sandwich and mmms quietly. "This is really good."

"More than one?" Kitty raises an eyebrow. "They didn't just go on an extended vacation, I'm assuming." After all, when they need someone else to track them down, that sounds a bit more dire. "From the Apokoliptians? Are they the ones responsible for the missing members?" She takes another sip of her beer as their food arrives. Going immediately for the fries, she dips a few in ketchup and takes a bite. "This is one of my favorite more upscale places. Next time we'll just go to a diner. Gotta go to at least one of those."

"Yeah. Mission to Apokolipis." Brian admits. And then she says something and he catches onto it with a grin. "Already agreeing to a second date, Kitty? I guess that gives me a reaosn to make sure I come back in one piece." he says with a wink at her, before they go into small talk as they eat dinner, sharing information and laughs as well as drinks as the hours roll by. Eventually, they move from their table to the bar, before finally the waitress comes over. "Sorry you two, closing time." she offers.

Brian reaches for his wallet. "Oh, right, quite. Sorry about that." At least he'll leave a rather gernerous tip as he looks to Kitty. "I suppose we should make sure that you get home okay." he offers with a smile.

Kitty smirks at the wink. "I would hope self preservation would give you a reason to come back in one piece. And not just a second date with me." Though, it's clear she's teasing. As closing time approaches, she blinks, not realizing it's been so long. "Oh, of course, sorry," she tells the waitress. "I suppose so, though you don't have to walk me all the way back. It's a long trip back to Westchester. I can grab a train."

"Well…" Brian coughs, a little blush as he steps out with Kitty on the street. "I was thinking maybe, just a little more time - I could fly you back. But if you'd perfer to catch the train.." he hem-haws on the idea, allowing Kitty to decide.

At the blush, Kitty's eyebrows raise. "Ah, I wouldn't wish to put you out. I'd appreciate it, but it's also a long flight back." She's politely establishing the boundary of the evening. He won't be staying at the Mansion should he fly her back.

Brian coughs. He had no intentions of staying at the mansion. "Quite." he says, confusion on his features before he hails a cab for her so that she can at least have a ride to the train station. "Thanks for the evening, Kitty. I'll let you know when I get back how it went." he promises her as he turns to give her a smile. Even if he had stayed at the Mansion, he'd specifically ask for a guest suite. It's only a first date, after all!

As already established, the men in Kitty's past have not always been gentlemen. From her point of view, it's always good to be upfront with expectations. "Thank you for dinner," she adds, leaning forward to give him a kiss on the cheek. "Give me a call when you're back. We'll get some diner food."

Brian is fine with a kiss on the cheek though his cheeks glow with a warmth that is not fueled by alcohol, a warm embrace offered in turn. "Have a safe trip home, Kitty." he offers to her before settling her into the cab and starts on his own way home.

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