Sigma 6 Hit

November 07, 2015:

Leaving dinner, Jemma and Ollie are targeted by more of Jemma's "friends" … this time Sigma Agents …

New York


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Things just seem to happen around Jemma lately. There's all the 084's that are showing up around town, the Psyborgs that seem to have taken an interest in her and the research she's been doing into Aetherblade and Sigma 6. It's no wonder that she's got a protection detail on her … but still, she manages to get herself in trouble.

Stepping out of a restaurant, where she's just finished dinner, Jemma wraps her coat around it as she heads down the street. She doesn't seem worried that she's been targetted lately.

Jemma's not alone this evening. Besides her usual protection that's wherever her protection is, she's had quite a few standing dates with one Oliver Queen. Leaving the restaurant with Jemma, he catches up to her quickly, slipping his own coat around his shoulders before he offers his arm to her, if she wants it.

"I finished making arrangements for those that were hurt in the attack in Star City." he comments. "Dreadful business, I fear."

Agent May is NOT following Simmons around spying on her and this new possible beau of hers. Most definitely not. She delegates that sort of thing. From the nondescript little sedan a couple of blocks away (and definitely out of eyeshot), she queries a particular Agent Johnson over their comms. "Sitrep, Johnson."

Not only does it mean she's got plausible deniability if Jemma gets mad about being tailed, it's also excellent practice for Daisy.

May should probably have put Daisy on Barton instead but he doesn't work for SHIELD these days and so his reports are even more infrequent than they used to be. Basically now limited to 'whenever he feels like giving May a heads up.'

Of course 'Barton' isn't here. Ronin is. He's always got his ear to the ground through some old friends for unusual chatter and he picked some up very recently. He's hiding out on a rooftop overlooking the bank ahead. There was a board meeting there. It went late. But he's not seeing any-

Wait, there, the Board members are coming out. Two of them get into a sedan… and then someone in glowing armor that looks kind of 'holographic' drops out of the sky and flips the car over. Literally grabs the bumper and flips the car into the street. And then fills it with lead.

Tailing detail. Not exactly the most glorifying assignment. However, when Agent May tells you to sit in a less than affluent part of the city and await SHIELDS precious little bio genius; you do not argue and you like it. She has been sitting there upon a bus stop bench for quite sometime, flipping through a Victoria's Secret catalog she found upon it, a now cold cup of coffee resting beside her. She speaks into the Com in response to May. "All good Agent May. Well as good as a Satuday evening in /my/ life gets. You know this only make me feel worse about my /own/ social life." There is a pause and over the Com is then heard. "Um, no I don't do that. Do I look like I do that? Creep."
The man saunters of disappointed he missed out on her /goods/ and Daisy goes back to her magazine. That is until a car flips itself over down the street a ways from her and is then filled with lead. "Um…Agent May..did you see that?!" She quickly rises from the bus bench and mutters. "Moving in on Jemma."

Jemma probably hasn't thought about May wanting to meet Ollie, or checking in on her. If she had thought about it, she might have headed that one off at the pass.

Slipping her arm through Ollies when it's offered, she glances up and winces as he mentions the incident in Star City.

"Certainly was. Do you have an—" she jumps as the figure in glowing armour drops just in front of them… and fires at it. It takes a moment for her to recover, and then she's pushing Ollie into the alley they're just passing "Not again…"

Pushed into the alley, Oliver ends up yanking Jemma with him, but he moves immediately to put him between her and the car getting lit up with bullets as he frowns. At least they aren't targetting /Jemma/, it seems. "Whoa, if you wanted to get me alone, there's better ways to do it." he teases Jemma, though he's already looking around. "We need to move." he says quietly.

"If the guy with the glowing armor decides he wants to do something about witnesses, this could be a bad time." And considering her track record with getting SHIELD response. "I think the back entrance to the restaurant is back this way."

May is about to stop Daisy's complaining about her own life when the armored figure appears and flips a car and all of that. Almost immediaely, she's out of her car and headed towars the ensuing chaos. "May to HQ…" She goes on to call in the incident so SHIELD can get appropriate teams moving, so by the time she's near the glowing armor she's got her sidearm in hand and is looking for a weak spot. If she sees one, she'll take the shot. She's aiming to lightly injure and distract at the most.

May's seen this tech before. In fact she's very familair with someone who uses it. The glowing circuit trace markings on the body inside the armor are a dead giveaway. But this? She's never seen it do this before. The armor looks high tech rather than animalistic and there's a very large chain gun. As May's rounds plink off the apparently very well protected armor that chaingun gets turned on her.

Things go a bit worse as Ollie shoves Jemma down an alley. Another man in the same glowing holo-armor drops down in front of them. "Well. Isn't this convenient. Hello Simmons." He holds up a very large bore gun. Again, made of light. "I'm a big fan of your research. We should talk."

Before he can make a move or make a grab at Jemma or Ollie he's rocked from behind by an explosion. On a rooftop, behind him, a man in a purple 'jumpsuit' with a face covering cowl and high tech goggles… and a bow… can be seen. Reloading.

Daisy does not see what is going on in the alley itself. However, she does hear the explosion. Yet, that is not her concern right now. As May's bullets bounce off the firts armored figure; Daisy stops her running, eyes going wide as the large gatling gun is turned on the Senior Agent. Her hands are then raised before her and a seismic blast is directed at the armored figure. If she cannot knock it off it's feet, at least she might be able to disrupt it long enough for May to have time to react or get it to turn her focus her way.. The blast is focused and aimed at the figure in such a way to try and minimize collateral surrounding damage.

"And I thought I was the popular one.." Oliver mock-comments as the second glowy guy arrives. As Oliver keeps Jemma shielded with an arm, ready to defend her and buy her time to run away, the sudden explosion from behind catches him off-guard for a second. Not one to look a gift explosion in the flames, he reaches into his coat and pulls out a small device. It looks like a small taser - but it's the same EMP device that he uses on one of his own arrows.

With a quick step, he shoves the device into the man's side and unleashes a massive burst of focused electricity. "Jemma, find cover!" he calls out, a glance towards her 'guardian angel' as he tries to step back in case the amped up taser doesn't work on this guy.

Jemmas already operating her SHIELD communicator, calling in her protection detail and fumbling for her ICER Pistol in her bag, when the glowing figure appears in front of them. "You can make an appointment at the office, if you like…" she says faintly to the man.

Rolling her eyes at Oliver 'protecting' her, she tugs at his coat "Oliver, don't be silly…" She's the trained SHIELD agent, with the protection detail, not Oliver! And then there's the seismic blast behind them. "The armour is nearly impenetable." She's fairly certain the EMP won't work, given that the power source comes from within… but this might be interesting.

Melinda May takes advantage of Daisy's using her abilities on the armored person to turn and get clear of that man's arsenal. As she goes … TOWARD the techno-armored man, she switches out her pistol for her taser batons. She's taking a BIG gamble here, but is hoping she'll be able to overload the armor's circuits enough enough to put this guy down. Yeah, huge gamble. If she manages to get close enough, she'll try to shock the guy center mass.

The amped up taser doesn't do nothing. That armor doesn't like electrical shock. The reaction is enough to dim the field and cause the agent to stagger back which might be enough to give Ollie an opening for something. Then another taser bolt hits him from behind. This one attached to an arrow. Yeah. The kids these days call this 'stunlocked'. Of course that lasts all of long enough to piss the guy off and a moment later he's ripping a four foot chunk out of the wall and hurling it like a baseball at the purple archer on the roof.

One thing the armor isn't is nailed to the ground and the one Skye hits gets slammed across the street and into the bank. That saves May but it won't last long. He'll be up in a minute again. Who are these guys? What do they want with Jemma? And who was that they just killed?

It bought May time. She did not mean to send him into the bank, but they can deal with that later. As May pursues agrresively the bank smasher, Daisy continues in as well. However, she is not about to blast again with May so close. She dashes towards the downed armored figure tho, thought it is quite clear that May will reach him first.

"You haven't given me a good enough reason to stop trying to jump in the way yet, Jemma." Oliver says as he backs up quickly as the armored guy seems to be more focused on Clint than him at the moment. At least he's moved enough out of the way that Jemma can pull out old trusty and open fire on the armored guy in the alley if she wants.

That was a good call from Ollie and Jemma … stammers … "Well uhhhh…." she has no answer of course.

The ICER pistol isn't likely to do anything - it won't penetrate the armour. "The power source for that armour is internal. We need to knock him out or…." she makes a face "let him go…" Except Ronin is in the way and now a target.

What have they got they can drop on his head … Oh maybe she'll get lucky … aiming her ICER, she fires…

"..come on." Oliver says, grabbing Jemma's hand and pulling her away from the fight. Are they really running away?

Somewhat. As they get to the rear entrance of the restaurant, he moves into the kitchen with her and moves into the cooking area. "Knock him out?" Grabbing a couple of heavy cast iron skillets, he rolls one around in his hand about the handle. "Alright, lets see how this works.." Stepping back into the alley, Ollie watches.

If the goon is still distracted with Ronin, he'll stepp out and fling the skillet as hard as he can at the head of the armor. Ring the bell, it's gritball time.

Melinda May isn't about to complain, Daisy just spared her a VERY unpleasant fate. But now, they've got to shock this guy into submission, before he gets to his feet. So she's moving as fast as she can to get to him and hit him with one, or likely both, taser batons before he can reorient herself. "Electricity, Skye. Shock him." Yes, she just fell back on calling the kid Skye. Habit. Also, faster and easier to say, and protects her identity somewhat.

As Daisy reaches May and the currently prone Armored guy she reaches for her own baton moving to try and do as Agent May has ordered. However, her other hand hovers just above a spot on the armor that is somewhat see through and as her eyes narrow she tries ot focus a small vibration to what lies beneath, hoping to rattle something within. As far as she knows it could not hurt. Shocking and vibration…two things mechanics might not like all to well. The force would not be strong enough disrupt where the armored figure lies or effect anything May would be attempting to do with her shock stick as well.

The one in the bank is just getting up when May comes up on him and jabs him twice with those stun batons. Like the other one his armor dims as it takes the unexpected load and he staggers back. Another good hit, or a stronger source of electricity might do him. As it is? He just tries to backhand May. Bearing in mind that his backhand right now could probably put a hole in the wall. Argent. We're pulling out. SHIELD Response in five. How do they know that? That's probably an issue to be investigated later. Maybe they're jus in ATC.

The purple archer on the roof has to duck to avoid the chunk of wall and comes back up with a gun. The shot from it, while powerful, and explosive just… sort of pings off the armor. Yeah he needs a bigger something for this. Ollie smacks the guy in the back of the head hard enough to stumble him forward. Clearly force transfers. It just doesn't do much else. Well, he is explosive proof. And apparently shock resistant. Was hitting him really going to work? Rather than turn to fight Ollie the armor sprouts wings and a moment later the man is in the air.

Daisy can feel her vibration going. It's… vibrating something. There's a cry from inside the power field. One of frustration and pain. As the Inhuman gets into range though the operative sprouts wings like his friend near Queen and takes off skyward. Through the cieling. Which rains chunks down on the SHIELD women.

Standing there in the alleyway, a cast iron skillet in his off-hand, Oliver stares at Jemma. "Exactly how many creatures, evil orginzations, otherworldly creatures, aliens, and shady organizations are chasing after you?" he finally asks. "Are you going to tell me you have a blue telephone box around the corner next? Or that psyborgs secretly say 'Exterminate' when noone's around?" he seems genuinely flustered by this whole idea. Even with his own secrets, the fact that she's so wanted has him concerned.

Dragged along in Ollie's wake, Jemma doesn't complain and watches as he grabs the skillets and swings…. mmmm "It was an idea…" she sighs. "I'm sor—- oh! Um, just the Psyborgs and these guys… " she pauses "…I think."

She does have the good grace to look sheepish as he looks flustered "It's just part of … the job."

Glancing up to see if Ronin is going to join them, she /finally/ looks out into the street… to see what the second figure had done.

"I.. I think your protection detail can make sure you get home far safer than I, Jemma." Oliver says finally as he drops the skillet and it clangs against the ground as he dusts off his hands. "I'll call you again soon." he says as he prepares to wander off unless stopped.

Melinda May tries to duck away from the falling masonry as the armored man makes his escape. She still gets hit a few times on the back and shoulders, and that is annoyingly painful. But, she's ignoring it for the moment. "Skye, call it in. I'm going to go get Simmons." And then she's back out of the building and heading toward the biochemist's last known location. Yeah. So much for plausible deniability.

Daisy does her best as well to doge the debris that falls as well, tho it strikes her back and legs as she covers her head in attempt to defend. As May heads off to find Jemma, Daisy rolls onto her back and stares up at the hole in the bank now. She takes amoment to cach her breath and proceeds to call it in. "This is Agent Johnson…."

The purple archer gives a slight wave to Oliver and Jemma and disappears from the edge of the roof. Where is he going? Well, SHIELD is on the way so he's not thinking about sticking around. Not in this getup anyway. With a bow. And two very large guns. Yeah, no thanks.

Which leaves May to come charging around the corner as the sound of a quinjet roars overhead. Jemma is… mostly unhurt? And there's an Oliver of course.

Jemma's unhurt, even mostly unshaken … but she's thoughtful… and then Olivers leaving. "I can't leave, Oliver." she explains as he begins to walk off "I need to see the Agents… won't you stay?" she blinks as May comes round the corner "And there's Agent May." Is May on her protection detail? She can be kind of oblvious.

If Oliver stays, or not, Jemma has work to do … like find out who the Sigma 6 agents attacked and possibly why.

"Jemma.. if it's one thing I understand it's when there's work to do. And you have work to do." Oliver gives the woman an apologetic smile. "And I'm just a civilian that would totally be in the way of your investigation." he points out to her. "So, I'm going to let you get to that, and we'll meet later to figure this all out." And just to show that he's sincere in all of this, he cups the sides of her cheeks, lifting her up to tilt in and pay her a quick kiss, lingering there for a moment on the scientist before he pulls away.

"Take care of her, guys." he comments, casting a casual wave over his shoulder.

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