SHIELD Supernatural Training Mishap

November 07, 2015:

Jericho helps May train members of the WAND team (and others) train for Supernatural threats… things don't go as planned

Hells Gate - New York


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There are some things they don't put in the SHIELD handbook. How to handle 'magic' is one of those things. Jericho isn't magic. Well, more or less. But he is unusual, and he knows how to fight unusually, so he's agreed to help out with some training. In this case, intrusion control.

Keep an eye out for the suspect. He could be anywhere. Or look like anyone. Two tac teams are moving down the street. Streets are fairly empty (this is an exercise after all) but not completely devoid. "Keep an eye on the rooftops." The sergeant leading one says.

They should have kept an eye on the windows. Red eyes gleam ever so briefly but no one sees is. Then there's the shattering of glass and someone's right in the middle of them. Two agents hit the floor before anyone knows what's happened. Another gets kicked into a wall and his weapon appropriated. As the team across the street reacts their immediate area is already full of gunfire. The attacker empties an M-4 at, or almost so, and then turns back and fires twice at one of the downed agents. Silence falls over the street.

Well, silence broken by the beeping of MILES training gear. Military laser tag. Gotta love it. "You know, some day, someone may kill you with your own gun." An amber eyed but otherwise ordinarily dressed man says to the agent he took the gun from. "But if they do, they really should have to beat you to death with it."

The hacker sighs as a dour looking asian woman walks up. "I don't know how these guys have survived this long, May." Clearly, he thinks their training regimen is a bit deficient. "I didn't even have to break out anything that unusual. Just a bit of camera monitoring and some acrobatics."

Rain is totally magic. But bears can't operate laser guns. She's reaching out her magic senses. Although, she will be quietly amused at it all. Captain is scouting, a little laser vest and a laser gun on his head. "OH GODS. I'M GOING TO GET THAT INFERNAL RED DOT." Poor Captain. This is hellish. SO many red dots he ends up on one agent's leg for now.

And then one day, when he catches that dot, he will achieve ULTIMATE POWER.

Rain is hiding behind a pole, peeking and waiting for her senses to ping.

"Some days I wonder the same thing." Honestly, in May's mind the caliber of their training has suffered since Barton quit and Romanoff is on an extended mission. But that's something the higherups need to deal with. She's doing what she can for her WAND agents by getting Trent to help her run these scenarios. Touching the commlink in her ear, she tells everyone in on the training. "Stealth intrusion exercise is a wash. Reset for heavy incursion exercise." Agents start picking themselves up and dusting themselves off while others round up their teams to move to new starting points.

Wearing the Laser Tag gear, Simmons is totally hiding. She's found a rather nice wall and has hunkered down behind it. Of course, she might be cheating a little and equipped herself with a couple of the FitzSimmons gadgets that should indicate when something … 'unusual' is around.

Jericho chuckles and peers over toward a little garden wall about waist high. His eyes flip to red as he's standing there talking to May. "I think we have a couple of hiders…" Well, not Captain. Jericho can see Captain. One of the agents he just 'put down' is trying to get captain off his leg. But he's got a fair idea of where Simmons is. And Rain? Well, how far off can she be? The ex-soldier puts his finger to his lips in a signal for May to be quiet as his wings appear and he lifts off.

He's just not kind of anywhere for a moment. Or not anywhere visible. Rain might sense the demonic magic in him moving. Simmons though, poor Simmons, won't have a clue until her gadgets start beeping. Rather insistently.

And then K'nert leaps onto the wall and hisses rather loudly moments before a winged Aspect hits the ground with a thud, blade unfolding about five feet from Simmons and twenty from Rain.

Poor agent. "SO MANY RED DOTS." Captain's pupils are wiiiiiiiiiide. LASERS FOR THE LASER GOD.

Or something. Rain pauses. "He's about twenty feet from me a bit north, and five feet from Simmons," The witch notes to the other agents. She'll pop out and try a laser. "I won't newt you yet." Stealth nerd!

"Actually, I lied." She's going to try to turn Aspect into a Newt. FOR LASERING.

Simmons gadgets do off and she nearly drops her laser pistol … as K'nert appears and that thud sounds. Recovering … with something that might be almost aplumb … she points the pistol in Jericho's direction and pulls the trigger whilst tumbling forward trying to get away from K'nert.

The damn imp is probably laughing at her - if not checking her kidney out.

May's only reaction when Jericho goes to 'scare' Rain and Simmons is a very small quirk of her lips before she moves to help the teams nearby regroup and coordinate. And to rescue that one agent from Captain Laser-head. Does the feline's laser tag gear have a carry handle on the back? If so, she's going to use it to lift the cat up off of the agent's leg. "Do I need to get out the freeze dried shrimp to get you to calm down?"

Rain's spell goes off right about the same time that Jemma's gun does. It might be interesting for Rain to figure out later why the newting went as it did. Jericho's not immune or even particularly resistant to magic as has been amply demonstrated in the past. In fact if anything his traces are prone to absorb (trace amounts of) magic. But something about the twisting of the spell to change his form interacts with a rather unexpectedly large magical resiviour within him and a… some kind of intelligent presence within him. The spell hits his own field. And twists… and…

Jericho changes. His traces flutter and shut off but strangely, perhaps alarmingly, his wings stay out. If anything they darken a bit. One lashes out to swipe the gun from Jemma's hand. Jericho smirks at Jemma and glances back at the witch. His eyes are glowing brightly and… are… those… fangs showing?

Oh yeah, this is about to get interesting. "Well… we did want to train you against magic." He says almost mockingly to Jemma.

Huh. That's different. Rain is just goingto pop a laser at the Jericho then. Always go with lasers. And the Feline is pickupable. His eyes are wide as plates. "Yesplease." The red dot! THE TELLTALE GLOWING OF THE INFERNAL RED DOT!

It's like that heart but for cats. Rain is at least, attempting to avenge Jemma? Or something. She is a pretty good shot with a pistol, but that comes from having magic relic guns instead of a wand. No one would ever take her seriously with a whip or a wand.

K'nert behind her and Jericho with Wings (TM) in front of her, the laser pistol skittering across the ground …. Jemma's eyes widen. She doesn't like Jericho's tone at all ….

"I think I'm fine, thankyou, Mr Trent." she says rather primly.

May doesn't see what happened, but she does hear the change in Trent's tone of voice over the comms. She sets the cat back down quickly (though still gently), and races toward Jemma's last known location while calling for the agents around them to set up a perimeter, and no this is no longer a *BLEEP* training exercise!

Upon seeing that Trent is looking … very much not himself, she pulls her ICER even though she's not at all sure it'd do anything more than draw attention to herself. "K'nert. Get Illyana. Now." And the little demon had BETTER listen to her.

That's not hilarious at all. "Oh dear. I'm sorry." Rain is horrified. She is going to move towards Jemma, to help protect her. "I am so sorry." She thought newting him would WORK. "I thought -" pause. "That is NOT a normal reaction." She is likely drawing a warding circle with some salt around the two.

The problem with Trent is that he is very much himself. Just not the 'himself' that May's used to seeing. Long story… and maybe Illyana can explain it. If K'nert finds her in time. Rain tags Jericho three times in the back. Unarmored that'd put him down pretty quick. And she's a good shot. That'd be fatal. Then she's moving over toward Jemma. Jericho smirks a bit. Yeah. Those are definitely fangs.

"Stop looking at me like I've grown a second head." He says. "It's not like… salt? Really?" Well, Rain's magic isn't like Illyana's so if she uses that as a ward against demons it might work. Well, to the extent that demonic wards ever work on Jericho. Which is to say 'sort of'. "Now, you're training about what to do with the supernatural. Well. Class is in session." The hacker crouches slightly and powerfully flaps his wings, sending up a cloud of grit and rock shards from the garden before his wings vanish… and the demonic wolf armor appears. That sword grows larger.

"So, lesson one. Expect the unexpected…" He stabs his blade into the ground and cracks a water main. Which guysers. Right at the two women.

Jemma has at least seen the armour … just not how the man looks now… and it's worrying … she's got no protection against the supernatural - oh wait! May has ensured that she's got some protection, the British Born biochem reaches into her bag looking for … there it is the vial.

Just as the water geysers and knocks her flying, the vial being thrown from her hand and herself, landing hard on her back.

"Oh, hell's bells." Rain takes a deep breath. "He's a different flavor of demon. Well, I had a 25 percent shot at least." « Remake the beast. » A silver armored bear with a purple gem crescent moon emerges where the witch was. Snagging Jemma and - trying to grab the vial, GODS SHE MISSES HAVING THUMBS, the bear bolts. She seems faster and more powerful than Rain in human form. « Geez. »

The bear is on the defensive. And soggy. So soggy. Depositing Jemma on her shoulders, it's time to move. « Hang on. » She's got to figure out how to deal with a flying opponent without annhilating him.

"Trent. Stand down." May's there to distract Smirky McDemonteeth so Rain has a chance to pull Simmons to safety. If he doesn't turn his attention to her, she'll fire an ICER round at him. She has no illusions that it'll do anything (though she can HOPE), but if it gives the two girls a chance to get clear, it's worth it.

Though, there's that nagging question in the back of her mind: What caused this?"

Well Jericho is manifestly not trying to kill Rain or Jemma and as the bear appears the demonwolf seems to vanish into the mist of the guysering water main only to appear ten feet away running for the side of a building and leaping to climb up it. Going for a better vantage point? That's not good.

May's demand that Jericho stand down only gets a chuckle. "Can't teach them with the kid gloves on May."

Of course, Jericho also manifestly seems less worried about pulling his punches enough to not hurt anyone and as evidenced by the fact that three of the SHIELD SUV's down the street start up on their own and move as if possessed (or you know, hacked) to power skid in to a road block. Let's see. Wolf on the roof. Roadblock near the bear. Where could this possibly go next? Ah yes. And now he's leaping, blade raised high. At least, if you look closely, he's got the flat and not the edge angled in.

The vial of oil is flicked back into her hand and Jemma finds herself… riding a bear? Her life has become so weird lately - really! Looking up just in time to see the Demontainted Hacker leaping at them, blade extended.

Truly, she's not checking to see if Jericho's using the edge or the flat … she 'yelps!' pulls the stopper from the vial and flails…. trying to splash Mays special holy oil over him…

The nice thing about being a bear that weighs at least one ton and gave Siberian villagers hereditary bearphobia, is the claws that rend steel. As if she's going to let them block her in. She's going to meet up with May, digging into the SUV and nimbly climbing over. Although the SUV begs for mercy, deer lord, as it groooooooans and crunkles under the weight of a full on Siberian Godbear.

And either way, Rain isn't about to check what way the sword is coming. She's going to get to May and also avoid being smacked. Swordslap.

Damnit. He's not going to listen to reason. K'nert had BETTER be calling Illyana in for help, or May will drown the little imp in holy oil. She again races toward them, and when Trent starts his 'death from above' attack on Rain and Simmons, she pulls and throws a pair of oil-coated knives at him, likely at the same time that Jemma splashes oil in his direction. "I said STAND DOWN."

Since K'nert can't just teleport into Limbo like Illyana can, he's likely still off looking for a Stepping Disk to coax open so he can go find Illyana. But that doesn't mean Illyana can't show up. Which she does as a circle of light opens a dozen or so feet above the ground next to May to reveal the sorceress and then just… hangs there. It looks like something solid, that Illyana's standing on with her sword set point-down and hands resting on the hilt. Just as May is throwing blades at her Familiar.

Jericho of course can sense Illyana's sudden presence, and her X-Red uniform is recognizeable to anyone that spends time watching the news or social media. Or are y'know, spies and big on information.

Illyana's gaze tracks Jericho's descent and her tone is lazy to May. "Do I want to know why you guys are making a mess of Manhattan's streets? Because I think the taxpayers are gonna pitch a fit." That Jericho's attacking the bear and Jemma? Hasn't garnered much of a reaction.

The holy oil sizzles as it hits Jericho's power fields, which might be telling, and the hacker lands behind the cars and subsequently also behind Rain as she just runs over an SUV to get to may. Blades ping off the wolf armor. There might be marks on Jericho inside somewhere later but Illyana's appearance suddenly halts the impromptu, unwanted 'training'. "Just helping WAND prep for facing things weirder than me." His sudden 'rampage' also gains no comment. Not from him anyway. The wolf armor fades and Jericho's wings reappear as his sword and those silvery bracers on his arms vanish. Tellingly, his traces aren't on.

"Uh Rain…." Jemma speaks to the Bear as it climbs over the SUV and tries to avoid getting blade smacked. Really, that's all she has to say to that.

Of course she recognises Illyana, the blonde sorcercess had made the biochem blush dreadfully and if Rain-Bear stops she'll wave feebly and remain silent for the moment… Illyana doesn't seem to impressed.

« Yes? » Rain asks. She's gotten used to her form. Rain skitters to a halt, as Illyana appears. She looks over to Illyana, glowing violet eyes curiousity. She will move towards May. And she will let Jemma step down or stay as she likes. « I suspect he just got too into it with the near newting. Sorry. »

May looks up when Illyana arrives. "There's training, and then there's that. Something's wrong, Rasputin." She then looks at at Rain-bear. "Wait, a near what?" And then she's putting a hand to her ear to listen to the comm chatter. Yeah. Training session's over, and now May gets to deal with the MESS. Great.

The disk that Illyana's standing on slowly lowers to the ground and then winks out. She gestures to Jericho, who has put the Wolf away and leaves her arm outstretched until he comes over so her fingers can tangle into his hair and tugs his head back, pressure put on his shoulder as she does so. Ice blue eyes narrow as she leans in and she draws in a deep breath, as though scenting him. Her attention cuts over to Rain even as the other magus gives her explination.

"So…" Illyana's words are an almost flat drawl. "Did you just miss the 'do not touch'?" One brow slowly rises, waiting for Rainbear to explain. Well. Explain in a manner that she's going to accept.

Jericho seemly quite easily drops to his knees. His eyes flash and the wings finally wink out. That look about him, the one May heard in his voice over the com, is still there though. The hacker is ordinarily tightly controlled. His actions, his words, his thoughts, all very precise. Right now there's a certain… feralness to him. Not a lack of thought but a focusing of it to things more instinctive. He's quite clearly still there. And it's wierdly not like he's 'someone else' and yet… this is utterly unlike the Jericho most people have seen.

A paw is lifted. « I am not touching anyone or anything. I did not wish to get a sword to the face. Magic came out during the training, so I attempted to turn him into a newt as a form of crowd control. There was no malice. And in truth, I climbed over the car to end the conflict. I have no desire to touch anyone. » She seems confused. « I do not really know the wolf-man, in truth. » Her eyes glow as she speaks. She has to enchant herself to do this.

Really, Rain's interest in Jericho is 'that was weird' and 'keep your sword away from my face, wolfbro'.

« And we do apologize for the trouble. » She's a good mannered bear, at least.

Jemma does slip from Rain-Bears back and goes to stand beside May, eyes widening as Jericho 'submits' to the Limbo Queen. "I uh… 'do not touch'?" she might regret asking that in a moment and then "Really, he was training us against the supernatural, that type of thing is bound to happen." When did Jemma get a backbone?

Okay, this is new to May. She knew there was a unique dynamic between Illyana and Jericho, but this … well, it explains a lot, actually. She spends about two seconds with her eyebrows raised at the pair, then looks from Simmons to Rain and back to make sure they're both none the worse for wear. She then adds for the people on her comm link, "Everything's under control here. Get cleanup on the way." Luckily, the worst of the damage appears to be the busted water main, which SHIELD's cleanup crews can likely have fixed and working again by sunrise. The SUV is even less of a concern.

The blonde sorceress looks to be in her early twenties. Until someone looks at those eyes. Cold. Empty. And somewhat at odds with the way her fingers idly comb through Jericho's hair. Her sword has winked out, disappearing as easily as her stepping disks and her gaze flicks between people as they explain while Jericho's traces where Illyana's arm rests on his shoulders start to glow red and work outward. Certainly, she seems a hell of a lot interested in what happened that anything that's supposedly 'wrong' with Jericho.

Illyana's lips quirk into her habitual smirk. "I can taste your magic on him." She points out to the other magus. Apparently that counts as 'touching' to Illyana. Certainly the only 'warnings' of any note Jericho wears are the magical in nature. "NEXT time…" And now Illyana cuts her gaze down to Jericho. "I'm sure someone will warn me." She uses her grip on Jericho's hair to shake him a bit. "You are so in trouble."

Illyana turns her smirk over to Jemma. "Well. Someone sent out a red alert so yeah, my reaction is kinda 'who's playing with my toys'."

The bear's eyebrow lifts. « I … see. » This is a bit baffling to Rain. Rain just sort of blinks. « Right. That's your relationship and I respect it. But the truth of it is, if you want more people to know, perhaps maybe like, put a magical sticky note on him or something. » A glance down to Jemma. « Don't fret. No harm, no foul. » Rain shifts downwards.

"I imagine their relationship is um, consentual? Isn't it?" Then a pause. "Well. Let's… help May and line things up."

Jericho's reaction to being in 'so much trouble' is also… odd. It's a half smirk. An odd expression, to be sure and on that may seem foriegn on the hacker's face for anyone who hasn't spent a lot of time in Limbo with him. And there are noly really two who have. He doesn't add anything. Actually his whole manner is… oddly deferential. He's been seen to defer to Illyana before. She's an expert in many things he's not and of course there's her demons and her own nature to consider. And he thinks a great deal of the woman. But this is different. It's considerably more 'internal.' Or perhaps it always is and this is just obviously more so.

Whatever the case, damn odd. Maybe it was just Rain's spell? That's probably it. Jericho reacts strangely to all kinds of magical things. This is just… one of those.

Jemma's had her suspicion about the pair from the time she saw Jericho's traces light up to Illyana's touch and she'd asked that fated question. "Well if he reacts that badly to someone elses magic, he shouldn't be doing this type of thing." she mutters and then realises … what she's done. Maybe she'll go help Rain-Bear clean up.

May lets Jemma skitter away to help Rain and the rest of the SHIELDies with the clean up, and looks at Illyana squarely. "This was my fault. I didn't take into account how our training techniques would conflict his unique nature. I'll make sure that nothing like this happens again." At least from SHIELD's point of view.

Illyana squints a bit at Jemma as the other woman speaks and then makes her escape. She looks over at May. "Sooooo…. I'm a bit confused…. What exactly was the problem that you needed me right effing now?" She hasn't asked Jericho through any of this, her fingers still absently toying with his hair.

Jericho isn't quite sure of that either. He feels just fine really. Sure he busted a water main and tried to clock Simmons while wolfed out but SHIELD can fix the piping and he wouldn't have hurt Simmons or Rain.


His eyes are still glimmering as he watches may. Bemusement isn't an expression he sees on her much. Then it gives way to that blank, neutral face which is far, far more common.

Simmons casts a glance over her shoulder at the grouping and mutters something about demon teeth and wings and attacking them with a sword… but continues to clean up the mess that's been created.

May can handle all this… Illyana … is daunting.

"This … aspect of Trent is not one I've seen before." May's eyes settle on the still kneeling Jericho for a moment before she continues. "I didn't know if he was about to start trying to slaughter everyone in a three-block radius, or just put a few agents into traction 'playing' with them. I won't take any chances with the safety of my agents, and most especially not with any civilians in the area. I thought it better to get you here and have you talk him down than risk it."

Illyana tugs Jericho's head back a bit so she can look down into his eyes. She turns his head left and right and hmms. "It's just Jericho." Illyana says, giving May a shrug. She can't help but smirk at the older woman though, giving her a wink. "If you want him to listen to you, you have to have him acknowledge you're the scarier one."

Illyana finally lets go of Jericho's hair, her arm falling back to her side. "If you're going to play with magic though, you should really have a referee that can enforce the time outs. Different kinds of magic can react oddly to each other."

Jericho, later, when he's thinking about this a bit differently, might have some… insight into certain parts of Illyana's life. Well, better insight than he's had before. That is, when he can start thinking about what had May and the others so spooked. For now though he just rocks back slightly and rises to his feet. "Perhaps some training against actual magic is in order at some point." He murmurs. If he's present, Illyana can actually do some fairly impressive things without needing to be in Limbo. He can give May's folks more tactical lessons later.

That is, if she lets him anywhere near them again.

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