I hear Madripoor is great this time of year

November 08, 2015:

Daisy Johnson and Steve Rogers travel to Madripoor in a hurry to pick up an important package

Madripoor, Hightown

The classier part of Madripoor


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6:35 PM, Local Time

Steven Rogers and Daisy Johnson were sent early this morning to the other side of the world by their superiors at SHIELD. Much of their mission is shrouded in mystery, but some specifics were relayed to them.

They are here to meet Teo Wan, a scoundrel sort, who is making contact with SHIELD to deliver some sort of package. The details and the insides are not known to the pair of agents as they sit at an outdoor diner in the setting sun, sipping on tea, and waiting.

Daisy leans back on her chair and idly taps away on her phone, bringing pu an image of this Teo Wan infidividual they are supposed to meet, holding her phoneo ut to Steve to show him the image. "And here is our UPS driver. Seems like a likeable fellow, if you can look past the fact that he looks like a complete dirtbag and all around dreg and drain on society." There is a shrug as she pulls her phone back and taps a few more keys, apparently accessing some backgorund information. "Teo Wan. Used to work for an Organzation called the Mao Xiang. Smuggling sort of group dealing with all sorts of illegal trafficing in endangered animals, drugs…and oh, this is interesting…banned fattening pastries to Eastenr Europe."

She reaches forward ot sip her tea slowly and speaks from over the rim. "So how are we going to play this. You want to take the lead? "

Alternatively, Steve leans forward to get a better look at Wan. His pursed lips give a grimaced smile before nodding. Definitely sounds as though he's the sort of guy that could obtain the wanted information; the question is whether he can be trusted.

"Well, everyone knows that Eastern Europeans are very health conscious."

Steve sits back in his chair now and looks out over a throng of people as they make their way towards the busy shops that make up the commercial area of Hightown and tries to think. All of this seems rushed, so whatever they are getting must be important.

"Well, let's wait for Wan to contact us and play it cool. After we get whatever it is we're getting, I think we get back to the airport as quick as possible and get on that Quinjet. Something doesn't feel quite clean about all of this."

" I just wish we knew more. I don't ike the feeling I am getting. This seems to easy. Well, they did only send /two/ of us." She sips her tea once more and sets the cup down, scanning the crowd for the man they are supposed to meet. It is then that she spots someone who looks an awful like him across the busy street standing amongst some others. "That might be our guy? Under the red and white awning." She lowers her voice and adds softly, looking almost past him to survey the area. "He just set something down on that table with those three other guys."

She nibbles her lower lip a moent and narrows her eyes as the figure step out into the middle of the street. "How is your (insert local language here)?"

"I haven't tried it," Steve says as he begins to get to his feet. "I think it's still alive."

The tall blonde man looks out of place as he stands, "That's him. Let's go." He takes the lead and begins to cross over traffic in the middle of the block. Anyone who has been to Asia (I have) can tell you that this is a risky proposition. Rather than watch the throngs of cars that are all around him, Steve keeps his eyes on the man who looks like Wan, and on the briefcase that accompanies him and the three other men.

Daisy rises quickly and reaches into her poacket tossing some sort of currency onto the table and nodding to the server who is working the outdoor seating. The server is given a smile and she quickly moves to slip in beside Steve, walking slightly faster to keep up with his purposeful stride. It is like playing frogger, as the pair makes their way towards Wan. As they step closer, the three other men stand up from their table and with a head on as if they are parting ways, fan out into a flanking maneavor around the SHIELD agents. "Head's up Rogers. I do not think they want us leaving right away."

"I think you're right," Steve says just as he and Daisy get to the opposite side of the road. But there, just as they pass out of the sun's glare, he sees something amiss 13 floors up on a skyscraper. The glint of something. Of steel.

"No wait!" Steve says as Wan begins to step towards them just as the gun fires. The smuggler's white shirt erupts with a pool of red that enlarges more and more before he hits the ground.

Steve gets low and tumbles on the ground, hoping to reach out to grab the briefcase and to stay clear of the shooter, "Johnson, get low."

A shooting in the middle of the busy day sends people scrambling and crying. The chaos buys the two agents a bit of time to find cover as there is a blur of bodies scattering about. Daisy dives behind a stopped car and draws her pistol, peering amoment over the car to the direction of where she thought the shot came from. "Damn it."

It is then that she hears something just beside her, unnoticed before; the crying of a young local girl who apparently has become serperated in the ensuing chaos from her guardians. The girl is pressed against the back of the car hugging her knees and sobbing. Daisy looks over to her and tries to give her best forced smie given the situation and her duty she must perform. A soft word is spoken and it would appear broken language as the young girl looks at her and stops crying a moment. A hand goes out to her and through some communication motions for the girl to stay there. "Rogers! She raises the pistol and shoots in the direction of the window, hoping to at least startle the shooter into delaying a shot at Steve.

Steve somersaults over the gruesome sight of Teo Wan's assassination and splits the difference between two of the thugs. Daisy's shot gives him that extra time he needs to take cover under a table.

The good news is that he has the briefcase that Wan apparently gave his life for. The bad news is that he's now surrounded by three guys with weapons. One comes up to the table, ready to rip the metal up from the ground, to tip it over and expose Rogers.

But making like the Kobra Kai, Steve Rogers sweeps the leg and puts the man down on his back.

As much as Daisy wishes to see Steve in full blown action, she is noty one to let him have all the fun and take all the glory from this delivery gone wrong. The shot has bought her a bit of time and she darts out from behind the car, gun raised still at the building and shooting blindly upwards towards the window. It is clear she is not taking aim as her shot hits everywhere but the window in question.

Steve puts on of the thugs on his back, but that leaves two closing in and Daisy does not think she will reach them in time. Her hand is raised and a small seismic blast is focused at another table oneof the men is going ot be running behind to Rogers. The table is upended and sent hurtling into the man pinning him against the wall of a building with an amount of force to render him immobile, at least for the moment.

"I'm going to make a run for it," Steve says as Daisy takes care of one of the men. It occurs to him that, while this might be an awkward fighting position, it makes some sense.

Steve begins to dart towards Agent Johnson, holding his arm out in hopes that he can pick her up, begin to carry her while she shoots backwards, and he can carry them both out of here at almost 45 miles per hour!

He reaches low, hoping she grasps at his hand as he begins to pick up speed.

She has seen this sort of thing before, she has just not been on the receiving end of it before. As Steve darts for her, her eyes go wide and she gives him a quick nod. Her hand is extneded and she braces for what is to come. Getting out of here is a good idea. Her eyes flash to thw window with the shooter, the shiny barrel reflecting in the hot sun. It is clear that the gun is leveled once more. Her hand is raised and in anticipation she sends out a low powered blast towards the window and the shooter. It is then that the gunshot rings out.

Bullet meets seismic force and at that very instant Daisy is grabbed by the running Rogers.

Steve pulls her up to hold her so that she can shoot and cover their six. He begins to dart quickly in between shocked pedestrians and picks up a breakneck speed.

"Change of plans, Johnson. Can you reach your communicator? Let's bring the Quinjet to us rather than try to get to it. We'll never make it."


A shot zings past Steve's head and buries itself in the wall of a building off to their left.

Reach her Com? I suppose she could. It is not as if she is not travelling at 45 miles per hour with shots whizzing by their heads. The com is reached and she yells to drown out the passing wind as they race along. "Agent Rowlson. Change of plans. Public beach. Oceanside." She hopes Steve heard what she yelled, but repeeatsin anyhow. "Head for the beach." She glances back at from where the shot came from..and where is it coming from? This time from a an riding up fast on a moped.

"We got a quick one coming in!" She seems afraid to use her power just yet, not sure what it would do while being attached to Rogers.

"Copy," Steve says as he takes an abrupt turn away from the guy with the moped, and hopefully gives her a better shot as he begins to head east towards the beach.

As the sidewalk becomes too dense, Steve takes to the street and rather than dodging people, the pair of SHIELD agents now begin to dodge vehicles over the last block before the pair hit the beach.

She trusts him. Well, does she have any choice. She is nothing but a passenger now on the Rogers Express. As the people begin to thin and the cars begin, Daisy finds it best to not watch, keeping her eyes facing backwards on the moped who is still driving through the traffic with swerves here and there. The moped drive raises the pistol once more, but a quick swerve delays his shot just enough for Daisy to send a small blast at his chest.

Well she thought it would be his chest. Apparently such direct contact to a specific area at that distance is not so accurate. The small blast strikes the moped itself causing it's front wheel to wobble back and forth uncontrolably and soon the man has driven his moped through the window of a local clothing store.

Steve sends them both on a leap which clears the sidewalk entirely. When his feet meet the ground again, it will be clear to Daisy that the pair are now on sand. You'd think he'd start to slow down now, but he keeps the same pace.

Over their head is a mighty roar as the Quinjet flies above them and comes to hover right at the water's edge. The back ramp lowers about 7 feet in the air.

"Hold on," Steve says as he prepares to jump.

And hold on she does, gripping the man tightly with both hands now and burying her face into his shoulder. "This briefcase better have something important inside."


The pair tumble into the back of the jet as the pilot closes up the ramp and tears away, heading East towards Hawaii where they will need to refuel.

"Are you alright?" Steve asks Daisy as he begins to pull himself in.

Battered and bruised, the briefcase is still intact and lies unceremoniously on the grated floor.

A hand goes to rub her head from the landing. Not the most graceful as she let go a bit early. She lies on her back within the quinjet and turns her head to look over at Steve with a slight smile. "Never better. I do not think that could have gone any smoother actually. Well done Rogers." Her eyes drift over to the breifcase and she sighs softly, exhaling with her words. "And the best part…we may never get to know what is in that thing."

She pushes herself up onto an elbow and then to her knees, looking over to her companion ."All things considered..I think we made a pretty good team back there."

"I agree," Steve says with a smile and a nod. "Whatever is in here, I hope it's important."
_ _ _ _ _


30 feet underground, deep within the facility of SHIELD headquarters, a team of specialists have gone over the briefcase with all sorts of technological equipment to ensure that the agents have not brought back something they shouldn't have.

"Are we ready?" says one tech to another, who gives the nod.

They unscrew the hinges of the briefcase with a special drill. As the locks come off, they do so with a little pop.

Slowly, the other tech lifts the lid. His eyes go wide, though we cannot see what's inside.

"What is it?"

"You're never going to believe this."^

From the top down, we now see the contents. The tech swishes his hand through to make sure that's all it holds, but inside seems to be nothing but a large bundle of shredded newspaper.

"Someone get Fury on the phone."

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