Apokolips Extraction (part 4): Escape

November 07, 2015:

The teams have recovered their lost allies and regroup only to escape Apokolips in the wake of a war between two ancient and very powerful worlds. The finale of Let There Be Darkness

Apokolips and Home


NPCs: New Gods Apokolips and New Genesis



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«Hawkeye, Britain. We've secured Wonder Woman, falling back now.»

"Pick 'em up, put 'em down, fast as you can, people!" Captain Marvel admonishes, as she flies the vanguard of this evacuation. She could outpace almost everyone, a supersonic streak back to the evacuation ship; but she doesn't know where it is, or what it is, so all she can do is lead by direction incoming from Hawkeye, and make whatever space she can for the others to follow. "Nobody left behind! Let's move!" Crap, the artillery is here. That's not good at all. "We on last resorts yet, Hawkeye?"


Ozymandias's uniform is punctured and ripped in a lot of places, he has a new spleen, and some new teeth Once he hears Hawks give the order to retreat, and sees the parademons fall back. Ozymandias is licking his new teeth too much to give Kate a told me so speech, and he also knows this is probably not the right time either.

Ozymandias looks up at the sky and runs to the ship.

Once aboard he goes to check on Subject Zero's vitals. He did promise that they would protect her.


Thor is correct in assumption. Wonder Woman would slap his hand away, and even when Cameron seeks to aid her to rise and carry her she lets the Apokoliptian sword drop and attempts to drag her own feet with them…Among them… Friends?

Britain's word has those eyes rising and dilated pupils seem to flicker like they are a screen of their own, consuming all of those cerulean depths in expanse before their own world implodes and that network of techno-organic life woven beneath her skin tries to sink in.

Both hands come up and grab fistfuls of hair, lacing paled fingertips into her hair and tear at those dreadlock tendrils and grip one of the worms between knuckles, throwing it to the ground to writhe and whip like a live wire before she collapses into offered aid of outstretched hands and disappears within them into the Valmorra where Strange teleports them.


With his radio, one of Strange's portals opens near their teleport and Team Tiara arrives. Cameron and Thor are both supporting Wonder Woman as she makes her way through first, followed by Strange and then Britain before it snaps closed behind them. "Get her to the transport." Britain orders, not caring if Thor is a god or not at the moment. "Ozymandias, what's the situation with the others?" he asks, his chest punctured and oozing blood in two places, his uniform tattered with shots and whip marks and his helmet's been removed.

«Oracle, Britain. Wonder Woman is secured. Hawkeye, do you require support? I have a Thunder God and a Sorcerer Supreme that are still rather fresh.»


Around the Valmorra tall men and women in armor stand awaiting, weapons set and facing northward. They do not speak to the retreating Justice League Alliance members they remain vigilant and quietly stoic. This war between Apokolips and New Genesis is something beyond even them.

Subject Zero's vitals are fine but she does groan as Oracle prepares the ship to transport them back. The bastardization of technology and magic coursing through one living entity is a strain. The ship itself is likewise feeling the pain of it.

As the rescue teams gather inside the doorway home opens with that familiar POP. The Watchtower awaits.

"A parting gift." The voice of Darkseid is heard in all minds as something bright flashes and leaves the top of the Tower of Rage.

The Omega Beam and it is locked on to the Justice League Alliance craft.


As they arrive back at the ship, it can immediately be seen that Hawkgirl is in very bad shape. Tigra carries her, and both are carried by Captain Marvel. The feline and the winged woman are both covered in some sort of slimy gunk that smells awful, and as she shakes free of the rebreather once it's safer to go without it again, Tigra immediately starts to put it back in place. "Oh hell, that smells sooo bad." Then, almost before that breath is over, she blurts as that voice registers, "We need to get out of here yesterday!"

Kate's team is running and flying back as quick as they can, Kate having jumped on Rain's broomstick for assistance. "We're on our way back now. Start up the engines, this is about to get ugly on this rock. She practically skids as they reach the ship, already turning with an arrow drawn as she takes in the rest. "Britain, you got everyone on your team? We good to go?"


"We're clear, all accounted for, plus one, Hawkeye." Britain responds. "As you Americans say - the tires are kicked and the fires are lit?" he asks.


Rain will hang onto Kate, keeping her steady. It's like being on an airborne motorcycle. The witch can push 100 miles an hour, as they zip towards the ship. They will land easily enough, though there is some skidding. Rain's cat is still there, them watching. "Wait, we have a saying like that?" Rain looks puzzled to Britain. Nevermind. She's going to help tend to people. "oh shit. That's not good." Parting gifts are often bad when put like THAT.


After quickly making sure that Wonder Woman gets secured for transport, Cameron jumps over to the arriving team and attempts to strap them in. If SHE isn't strapped down for the take-off, that's okay, but the patients need to be secured.


"Everyone get on board. Lock it up and get everyone home." The smoke- and schmutz-coated blonde has one one Hell of a time - quite literally - throughout this travail. As soon as she arrives onboard, she sets down her precious cargo, and shouts, "Medic!"

But Carol Susan Gane Danvers does not wait around to see to anyone's condition. She can see the others coming aboard. She knows everyone she came here to find, to save, has been saved. "See you all back home." she offers to someone, whomever happens to be by the entrance.

And as the hatch to the Valmorra closes, she is already streaking off, a golden blur. "Fly straight, fly true.' she shouts into the comms, and disappears into the smoke. There's a warzone erupting out there, and she's headed out in it!

But as that devastating weapon, that parting shot from the master of Apokolips streaks out, a small ship, little more than a heavy fighter, a transatmospheric craft, streaks up from the cover of factories and belching fire pits, and lances itself right into the path of the beam, exploding with a cascade eruption that filles the choking skies, if only for a moment.


Cam will jump from patient to patient and get flung all about the passenger compartment at take-off before making her way back to her patients and giving Rain a nod, pointing her to the various injuries on the team members in full-on crisis mode, and won't stop until shortly after the arrival at the Watchtower, when she sort of slumps as she winds down, slouched against a bulkhead.


Tigra is strapped in just in time, though she'd be lower on the priority list than others. The worst in her case consists of a number of cuts, both to her body and her outfit, and it's the stinky goo that'll need a good cleaning out of that fur. Once they're all safe, though. A bright flash is spotted and she mumbles, in a bit of a daze, "If this is it, I don't know about the afterlife but I hope it's filled with tuna."


Poor Tigra. "I am sure it is," Captain, the talking cat with his rich, baritone voice offers. Rain nods to Cam, and will be quietly healing people. Magic takes intense concentration, and so Rain looks totally zonked.

Everyone gets left with the horrible feeling that Captain Marvel just gave her life to cover their exit. It sure looks like that.

But just as the gigantic Boom Tube of the Valmorra is starting to collapse in on itself, a glowing golden streak shoots through the brilliant but fading debris field of the destroyed spacecraft and dives into the hole as it collapses, riding the tail of all that right back to Earth.

Good thing Captain Marvel can fly in space, right? "Wow, what a rush! I do love high energy. But what say we don't do this again any time soon."


"…Marvel?" Britain inquires as the beams hit what was supposedly her ship and it vanishes in a bright flash of light. «Oracle? Do you have a read on Captain Marvel?» he asks. He's never met the woman, but he's read up on her and picks up on the comm.

That is until Cameron is ushering him into a seat and he doesn't fight actively with her, just slumping into it. That.. was not his idea of fun. Ozymandias said he was buying the first five rounds, right?


Kate is all too glad to get out of that place, and relieved when Carol makes it back to the ship. "Let's really not," she agrees with the other woman, dropping into a seat and buckling in. It'd be her luck to get hurt in the landing back on earth after making it through all this. Looking over at Captain Britain, she quirks a brow along with a faint, rueful smile. "You look like hell."

What? That's how Hawkeyes say good job.


Wonder Woman is aided to a seat by Cameron, but strapped in is the last thing she is going to have right now, the draw of the belts has the swords of Hephaestus drawing free of vambraces and casting a glow just before the belts are severed through like butter. From one face to the next her eyes sweep, and with the offer of the ominous parting gift her whole body tenses, a final surge as nerves and tendons seize, muscles tense over sunken form and her spine arches and hands lace into the Diadem and the gnarls of tangled hair to claw through the mass and curl herself in, elbows resting upon scarred knees and cover herface beneath palms while hooking fingers wrap around the diadem and pull it down.

Sometimes there are no words, or not enough when she slowly peers up and through to the Team and the body of Shayera.


And then Britain cracks a look at Kate. "Quite. I feel like I just visited it." he says with a quirked brow as he feels the somber pall that falls over the ship and then adds quietly to Kate. "You so owe me dinner for putting me in charge of that mess."


"She was a brave and marvelous woman. As blondes tend to be." Thor says quietly while regarding the rest within the starship, "At least she died in battle. Let us drink and sing songs of greatness in her honor."

A tip of his head and he glances out one of the few portals in the small ship, "The other we came to rescue, you are well?" The Asgardian studies Diana and seeks out the fallen Hawkgirl, revelry can wait a few more. Brothers and Sisters in battle will be seen to first.


"Pretty sure everyone wants a bath first," Kate smirks over at Brian, though the expression fades a bit as she looks back over to the others, taking stock of the injuries. Not the least of which appears to be Diana's current state. Softening, she unbuckles herself to move over next to the amazon, settling in quietly. "Hey," she says softly. "It's gonna be okay." She doesn't know what it is. Or what it was. But she can at least offer some reassurance.


Ozymandias remains quite during the celebration and ponders what will become of this adventure. Ozymandias remember the words of Morte Stellarum about invading Apokolips is declaring war with this evil prince and the dark side he serves. Ozymandias whispers to himself another line from Milton, "Innocence, once lost can never be regained. darkness once gazed upon can never be lost. He wonders what innocence was lost by the other who were held here, and when will the darkness they gazed upon will return to find them.


Rain is going to check on Shayera. For a pulse. To read her aura. And make sure she's not an ex-Hawk. She is quietly listening to the others, quietly amused by Captain Britain and Kate.


"I was going to suggest we order Chinese for everyone and you pay.." Britain clarifies as he leans back in his seat. Time to get some rest.


Wonder Woman Wonder Woman does not catch Thor's look, she is focused on the body of her friend that followed her to another realms Hades and now lay there unmoving. When the diadem comes free of her hair with an unyeilding yank from hair she just spins it in blistered palms, knuckles white and scabs reopening in the tight clutch.

Kate's words bring any slow movements to cease, as right now Diana is remaining of sound mind by will alone, the line along her jaw showing the tension and the struggle, a slow nod offered to her after lips part for response and then close. Her words may not be her own so she had none for one moment as the hoarse ones that came after came slowly.

"It will always be okay."

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