Apokolips Extraction (part 3-B): Tiara

November 07, 2015:

The team splits in to two. Team Tiara (or Brick) assaults Granny Goodness' Happiness Home to rescue Wonder Woman.

Happiness Home, Apokolips

Granny Goodness' Orphanage


NPCs: Granny Goodness, Harassers, a Pacifier, Parademons, Infinity Man, Lashina


Mood Music: Louder Than Words by Les Friction

Fade In…

"Thor.. wait — and nevermind." Britain sighs under his breath. They're going to have to move fast and hard to keep up with the Thunderer. "Columbia, you're a medic, come with us in case Wonder Woman's too injured to travel." He waits for her to take off before he follows, jetting off with his small team.

"Oracle, Britain. Taking Thor and Columbia, heading towards Wonder Woman's position. Several uglies inbound, we're going to have our hands full - keep us on the straight and narrow and informed of the other team."


The last thing Wonder Woman recalled was pursuit of the Furies, at least the last thing recalled before sensations never felt before. Far from the Earth it seemed so easy…

The ambush was abrupt and quick - they knew her, they /knew/ Amazons or at least enough to make the assault swift and brutal, leaving Wonder Woman bound and forcing her to knees, but to keep her there they had to keep her world nearly faded to black:

Close to Earthen bosom starvation is a sensation the Amazon never had suffered, especially to these lengths where a connection is weak and sought to be severed to reconnect with the land of molten honey and promises that no person would want to come true.

Mind: Wonder Woman killed them all, those men and women in blue that sought to protect one kind of people because she openly served another. Standing amidst rubble and bodies her golden lasso burned red and at its end it looped around necks of friends while she hoisted them high and the Earth opened to bleed its own new veins of red like Apokolips.

Body: Screams and the singed sound of branded skin is met with a metal rod heated in a small river just through the inside courtyard of Apokoliptian structure. Just as she is woken with promises it will come, but not yet, just promises of what she can attain…A crown bigger and better, but after she gives herself over to Darkseid… And the husky voiced old woman just stood there while another continued to drive the glowing red poker into flesh opened and healed, scabbed and scarred while vambraced hands remain bound and bare feet slide beneath her body, refusing to keep her at a kneel.

"You accept your New God, creature?" The cloaked and skeletal faced figure hisses in a demanding bellow. "KNEEL!"

"Oh my dear, you are so weak. Let me treat your wounds." The husky voice croons in another of those dark promises. Which they would be treated and then severely beaten again.

"Move to the next stage." The voice echoes, a deep baritone but behind swollen closed lids the only thing Wonder Woman can discern is darkness while every breath is focused on and the approach meets a resistance that has thick chains groaning, chains that force her into obeisance latched through a metal embedded loop at the ground just behind, placed just so she had no option but to remain in place and on knees that had been opened, healed, and opened again, left a mess of defiant tissue much like the woman herself until her noir strands are taken into by a fist, wrenched and she can feel so many burns as something alive…No, many things alive crawled beneath skin and attempted to /worm/ their ways into her mind and through that, her heart…


"Remember, don't get tied down. KEEP MOVING."

Columbia glances to the rest of the team as it is assembled and nods grimly. "Any stealth we can swing would be welcome."

She glances 'northeasterly'. "We can all fly, right? Nap of the land, keep pace with each other, don't get split off."

Why am I repeating myself? This place is already getting to me? Barda… what did she say…. "Remember, live life to the fullest, every minute, don't let the world eat you."

It'll have to do for inspirational speeches as she locks in a vector and hopes for the best from the rest… and that she can keep up.


Strange was going to suggest to try a teleportation closer to Wonder Woman signal, but well. Obviously Thor is not used to wait for wizards. "I can deceive those creatures with an illusion," he comments, taking flight to follow Captain Britain and Columbia. "And we could go invisible from plain sight. I am not sure how effective it will be, since I expect our enemy having mystic and technological security. But their foot soldiers, like the monsters that attacked on Earth, do seem to rely mostly in plain sight, and be of questionable intelligence."


"Invisibility will work best." Britain says, lowering his voice to Strange. "I'll break the news to Thor." he says as he picks up pace to come to where the Thunderer is trying to rocket ahead. "Let's save the fight for when we get to where Wonder Woman is." he says, expression stern. "This is about the team. No showboating. We need to stick together to get her out of this, and there will be plenty of time for action, but for now, our companions require us to remain with us and stealthy." he says to the Asgardian, already slowing his pace, hoping that was enough to convince Thor to do otherwise.

"We're nearly there, and better to save your magic in case we need a quick exit back to the ship, Doctor." Britain offers finally as he looks towards Columbia. "Stay frosty." he offers to the young woman and gives her a reassuring smile. "We're going to find her and get back to the extraction point as fast as possible. I need you to try to avoid contact unless necessary - all your skills will probably be needed to help Wonder Woman."


"Showboating? I have no boats to impress you with. A chariot but the last boa…" Thor considers, "This means something else?" The whirling hammer slows its frantic pace and he seems to yield to the suggestion of Captain Britain, "Very well. You speak wisdom, friend-Interloper. I will not argue with this."
The Asgardian's flight halts and he hovers patiently above the rest of the team, "We are not yet seen. If we do get seen I will hold them off… "


"Do what you can, Doctor, please." Cameron really isn't used to THIS level of support, and the tone in her voice is the forced channeling of her 'work' voice, when she's out being a paramedic. "Strange is the football. Get him to the goal."

She calms down a little bit at Britain's suggestion, and then gives Thor a glance. "Let's not get seen, then."

Okay, back to the task at hand. Rescue Diana. Regroup. Extract. Simple. Easy. Deep breath. Let it out. We can do this.


It is but simple stealth spell, which nevertheless allows them to see each other as transparent figures. The Parademons would be deceived, but Strange knows the alien gods won't. "It won't last more than a second or two if we draw attention to ourselves," he warns. "But hopefully we won't need to do so until we find Wonder Woman."


Team Tiara (or Brick!) is now en route and once departing the Valmorra are headed an opposing direction as those of Team Feather under the cover of Doctor Strange's invisibility spell.

The JL:A tracker that was once Diana's earring stops just before the outer sprawl of an immense crater. On one side of the bowl is a wasteland and opposite that lies the sprawl of Armagetto.

At the very center of the massive crater is a rectangular complex built upon a solid rock base that lifts higher than the surrounding dip It. That structure looks like some bastardized combination of a Roman Ludi, a futuristic-military bunker and a Gothic resort. It is actually all of these and then some.

More impressive yet is the towering 200 foot holographic projection of a thickly built older woman with broad shoulders wearing an outfit of leathers, mesh and a Dracula-esque cape. Hovering around her in similar holographic lettering are the words, "Happiness Home. Granny Goodness Loves You All."

Closer now outposts are visible each one situated around the crater and within those raised towers are men and women in all blue armor. These are the soldiers of Granny Goodness known as the Harassers. A quick estimated count puts them at well over a hundred with all towers occupants accounted for. The visible ones at least.


With Thor slowing down and the spell in place, Captain Britain feels himself starting to feel a little bit more at ease - at least as much as he can deep in enemy territory with little support and they're flying right into the resort of the Armagetto. He lets out a little breath as he looks up at the hologram. "She probably makes terrible biscuits." he says mainly to himself as he looks towards Strange. "Doctor, we're nearly on top of her tracker. Do you sense her nearby?"

He holds his breath as a patrol comes flying by them, not noticing them in their invisible cloak. «Steady, Thor…» Britain whispers into his communicator. «No more speaking, keep to comms until we either get to Wonder Woman, or we're discovered.» he transmits.

«Oracle, Britain, we've reached to where Wonder Woman's tracker was last transmitting from. Entering the area now.»

Gesturing with his hand, he lowers it, and with it, himself. As Columbia suggested, it is now time to get low to the ground and move quickly with a purpose.


"Lets see," Strange brows furrow as he looks for Diana's psyche. "This building is truly a malevolent place, even for a dark world. A place of suffering and cruel corruption. But yes… Wonder Woman is here, and in a good deal of distress. I believe I can find her. Follow me." He flies down, towards one of the 'Happiness Home' towers.


Columbia watches the tactical situation unfold in front of the small party and shakes her head slightly. She makes a motion to the ground and shadows Strange to act as bodyguard for the sorcerer. If he gets hit, things will go bad. If he gets hurt, even worse. So it's in the party interest to keep him healthy, hale, and ready to kick some serious butt — or have the emergency extraction ready.

And then the target of her sentry duty speaks up, and there's a brief nod from the orange-haired woman, even as she points to some buildings to use for cover on the approach.


Granny Goodness stands there, hands upon hips and a smile worn that rallies the masses and those who love her… Here. Clutched in meaty grip is that of a barbed whip, the dark metal gleaning against the shift of ember lighting as Lowlies bring forth plating and leather.

Days prior: "Enemy of Mine!" A large spear drives through the woman, protruding out the other side in silhouette and body, dark blood from the other Fury spattering over the metal mock battleground in a Rorschach while a puddle falls before the foes feet, a burning light dying to a fog in those brown eyes before the force of the thrown spear is added to and Wonder Woman lunges to carry her to her back and impale her into the ground - much like the adversaries of Darkseid are on display in his chamber hall. Cerulean eyes lift, pupils pinpoints against the dying storm of oceanic gaze, framed in ribbons of deadlocking black hair where patches have gone amiss.

Now: Plate maille is clipped around calves, spires rising above scuffed and scarred knees, muscle tone having shrunken to malnourished shadowing around bone but still tensed when that of leather and forged pteurgese are clipped around leather latched waist line, cinched to hardened proportions over ribs and tense core. Chestplate spires where hawk wings once crested, cutting a sharp path downward to drive back into wings made of blades that rest behind her in attachment.

Upon one arm a shield is mounted over marred vambraces they had been unable to break, but they found a way to make her work, comply… Just as they outfit her bare hand with a large sword, the hilt matching the sharp guard over her fist. All tied together in finality with the helmet that covers scarred patches of exposed scalp and whip lashed profile.

"And what shall you do to interlopers that seek to rise against your God?"

"Kill them." And with those words another Fury joins to her side, fist beating upon her shield…
"Mind yourself, Thor is still a God and not to be commanded." The Asgardian grunts. It is clear he is doing his best to remain calm and at ease but this place is affecting him. The man very badly wishes to destroy some of the monsters before him.
"If she is here and in distress we should act!" The hammer lifts up and so does Thor out of reach of Strange's invisibility spell or perhaps Mjolnir cast it aside as clouds above them start to darken and pool together. It would seem his patience is at an end.


Britain will get a 'click' of acknowledgement from Oracle, the Information Goddess watching from a afar. Monitoring both teams as they move through the citadel, she knows that patience is a virtue. Good thing she's practiced in it.

"It's not a command just a.." Captain Britain starts to say more, but then suddenly Thor calls out the attention of where they are. "..dammit." he growls as he looks to Columbia and Strange. "We have incoming." he comments towards them before he turns his attention towards the rattling of metals and the cries of the damned and deranged.

While he has never seen her in person, Britain recognizes the tattered uniform - the twisted golden metal of the eagle that once adorned her torso majestically. Without a helm, it's easier to tell who she is, even with the darkened eyes and sunken cheeks. "…Wonder Woman?" he asks, seeing the woman beating on a shield with the other Furies.

Things just went totally pear shaped. He knows he has very little chance of ordering Thor /not/ to attack her, or do something else along those lines, because this is exactly the type of challenge the Asgardian probably lusts for. "Strange, how quickly can you have a teleportation spell ready?" he asks as he looks to Thor. "Thunderer.. draw her away from the others, make her come to us and we can try to teleport her away to subdue her. Columbia, you and I are going to protect Strange until Thor gets her here."

It's not much of a plan, but it's the only one they got at the moment.


Inside Happiness Home.

"Sweet, sweet, child." Granny Goodness coos at Wonder Woman, a struck of knuckles down her cheek and she motions behind her, a view port opens so she can see beyond. "Do you see them? Slithering like snakes from the beyond. They fear us, they wish to poison us. They wish to hurt your loving Granny."
"Our master, Darkseid would not be please if harm came to either of us. Perhaps you and Lashina should go see to them. Teach them to stay away from my Orphanage."


A laser shot and another and another erupts from the nearest outpost. Their target is Thor. An alarm begins to sound from another tower. A long low to loud keening wail. It would appear the adversaries are now aware they are here.

Inside the Home again…

"Go darling. Fly forth and destroy the enemies of Darkseid."
Granny smiles and steps back with a cautionary glance at several of the bulbs showing through patches in Wonder Woman's hair. A whisper to the man beside her and he nods, a device drawn out and toggled with. Pain will encourage Wonder Woman if sweet words do not.

As soon as the spell ends weapon fire will descend upon the others as well.


Okay, we're going to Plan T now, and skipping everything in between. Columbia glances at Thor's antics. I hope to hell you can bring the thunder here. Because we're not going to be able to get you and Diana and anyone else out if you get taken down. She wants to fly up, give him a hand… but the mission is clear. Rescue Wonder Woman, Escape, Extract.

Of course, she's blissfully unaware of what dangers lurk along that path…

And then things really get insane. Is that… No… it can't… can it? Her hesitation is enough to give her a very *personal* taste of pain as she gets clipped by weapon fire. Hopefully, though off-guard, she was successful in protecting the key asset of this mission.



Strange halts as Thor takes flight and a thunderstorm is forming. "That… is going to draw the attention of the whole planet. I am quite sure thunderstorms are something that doesn't happen here." He turns to the building. "On the other hand, it might be a good moment for a loud distraction. Our teammate is nearby, come," he heads towards a balcony in the bleak walls of the building.

He could try a full telepathic contact with Diana, but the psychic scars of this 'happy' place are already giving him a headache, so he didn't. Too bad.


"HAVE AT THEE!!!" Thor bellows and thrusts the hammerhead forward as lightning crackles from him and his hammer towards an outpost in a destructive kaboom. Men and women sail from it's walls in various directions.

Confused the Thunder God looks towards the heavens where thunder booms but no rain falls nor does electricity gather to him. "To Hel with this planet. It vexes me." Perhaps if he tries harder.

"This has never happened before, fellow warriors." The Scion of Asgard insists now aware he also just probably outed his whole team.


A twinge of sinew along jaw when Granny touches knuckles along sunken cheek, her eyes waver and close, clenching to fight, to /not/ wrench away in disgust. Instead there she stands and eyes shoot open to stare dead(pan) upon those before her and then at her side.

From Granny's hand to her own that lasso is exchanged, a darker light to the golden glow of purity and Truth from the hands of Lies to the tainted and forced mind of its true owner. Hooked to hip her hand pauses over the curved top of the thick braided rope of her history.

"Daughter of the People. Matriarch of the Patriarch, you hold the Truth and will hold their hearts…"

The jolt of the infection made her spine go rigid, oceanic eyes watering as suddenly those wings once belonged to an eagle now reformed to razor keen shoot outward, opening a path at her feet and at her sides to leave her a lone figure that shoots from the ground in a resonant sound of a metal drum to take flight.

"For Darkseid!" The war cry leaving split and swollen lips as she exits the building in a splay of wings and a speed of flight that shoots her past Strange and into the air on equal level with Thor, the lavaesque light reflecting off a maimed and scarred shield.

From sky where those razored wings splay they fold, in a dive akin to a falcon she plummets to the ground in the midst of the interlopers, now staring deadened eyes upon Britain where harrowed cheeks quiver with the set of jaw while crouched form rests behind the jarred and planted shield.

Sword drawn she spins it in her grip where pronged vambrace protects over abrased knuckles in her accusatory point of the weapon to the team, this stranger who spoke a name of old and friends named enemy that had hung in her nightmares by her own hand…

"You seek nothing but Death here, and I it's harbinger beside Darkseid… Your end is now!" All the while around her the Harassers flood to take them on and Lashina goes her own way, confident her new /sister/ is under control.


Back on Earth, in the Clocktower, Oracle watches … and waits … and as she does, a voice cuts across her communications, causing her eyes to widen. That doesn't happen often, taking her surprise like that.

"Greetings woman of Earth. We are aware you may be requiring our aid soon." The voice is calm and powerful voice, "Fear not. We are not of Apokolips. We are of New Genesis. We are rallying to your aid as the fiend Darkseid has broken our treaty. We can buy your people some time if they can pull back soon… on your word we will ascend and give cover. But our aid cannot last long."

"Britain, Hawkeye, we have support from an unknown quarter - calling themselves, New Genesis." Thinking fast, the redhead pauses as she thinks. "If you start withdrawing, they will provide cover … I suggest you do so now…"


"Yeah.. well.. next time know your onions." Britain offers, using one of his own home terms.

Lifting off the ground, Britain glances to Columbia, "We'll keep them off Strange.." he starts to say as the first heavy laser blast flies in and impacts with his back, slamming him back into the ground. His forcefield flares a bright yellow and red as he pushes himself back up. "Quite." he rumbles and then launches into the first rank of the attacking Harassers, trying to force them backwards even as their return fire strikes into his forcefield repeatedly.

The objective is to keep Strange and his balcony clear from the Harassers. "We can work on getting it sorted later…"

Then he hears the communication from Oracle, and he lifts his head, shielding his eyes with his hand before he reaches up to touch his communicator.

"Oracle, Britain. Wonder Woman is under Darkseid's influence. Trying to draw her away now. Cannot retreat at this time. Standby." he responds, praying that Thor will try to stick to the plan to rescue Wonder Woman and not draw them into a prolonged fight. Ripping away a second balcony, the British superhero hurls it into the crowd advancing on them.


Well, kind of expected THAT. And 'Granny Goodness' just stands there and mocks silently from her holo—

"Thor! The holo-image. It has power. It has to, to work like that. The lightning — it's CAGED! FREE IT." Okay, that's a bit of a stretch, probably, but definitely worth a shot and the morale blow would probably demoralize some of those fighting. "Give our support what it needs to work!"

She throws herself into the path of another shot aimed at Strange, then places her hands over the wounds and lets out a slow breath.

Hope like hell we can get this figured out.

She throws fists, knees, elbows and shoulders at the attackers in dizzying array as they fall upon the remaining two.


There she is… "Oh, no." Strange also recognized Diana, of course. Unfortunately, she is not herself right now. A shield of light is formed at his side, to block the shoots fired from Granny's school/fortress. "Captain, I need cover for a minute. I am going to try a very dangerous spell." And Thor is probably the only one here that can face Wonder Woman and not get killed in three seconds.


"Onions? You addled minded… " Thor grumbles and continues to try and conjure forth a storm. it is a challenge now and the God has accepted.

"The hologram? YES! Splendid!" The hammer sweeps forward and whips back electricity crackles up from the base of the projection machine to Thor's own weapon it trails in to the sky and then is cast down again, "Ah hah!"

The lightning bolt is massive and this time wrecks another tower and chains links to another in explosive display.

"Is that not Wonder Woman!? She came to us." Thor descends near Wonder Woman and motions her back towards the ship, "Come, warrioress. We have come to rescue you! Let us depart with haste!"


"Right, cover.." Britain rumbles as he feels his forcefield weakening from several hits, even a few shots breaking through to tear into his uniform and start to draw blood. "Wonder Woman's lost the plot, this isn't going to end well for any of us." he comments as he grabs another large slab of material to use as protection, holding it in place as he provides Strange and Columbia with needed cover. "I'll buy you the time, Strange, just make it work!"


Granny Goodness from her perch chuckles audibly, "The Master will be pleased."

Lashina snorts at Wonder Woman and that sneer spreads across her lips, a sneer that says she is about to kill someone. Many someones. "Let me show this Amazon witch how a true Fury dances."

The razor ribbons on Lashina's limbs twirl about her and she springs over one parademon to the next, one of them lancing out in a thrust towards Cameron who appears preoccupied with Harassers only to vine snap back in and she twists through the air like an acrobat to drive both heels in to Captain Britain's chest. The strength of a New God evident as those feet hit home with the force of a falling elephant.

"Die." Is breathed out.

"Another! Oh look, I want that one, Grace." Granny points from her perch above them all. "The wonderfully built redhead. What would we call her do you think? Granny has so much love to give."

Harassers fan out and a red armored creature charges like the juggernaut towards Doctor Strange, one of the Pacifiers and unlike the Juggernaut it shoots lasers from it's face when it runs a line of fire burning through the earth in front of it arcing up towards the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.


Strange nods and raises his hands, "beyond time and space, through planes known and unknown, I summon the third of the Endless, the Master of Shapes and Prince of Stories. Hear me, oh Lord of Dreams. The Supreme Sorcerer needs your aid, grant me you boon, the Mists of Morpheus!" Strange lowers his arms, and a cloud purple mist falls with them, growing in an instant like a halo of fog that moves as fast as a hawk. It climbs up Granny's orphanage, slipping inside through windows and air vents. Those the mist touches drop their weapons and lie down. If their position was dangerous, they immediately seek a safe one and go to sleep.

The cloud spreads for miles around the tower, putting to sleep almost anyone. Only powerful magical beings or those of great will can resist the pull of Morpheus. And for many in the dark planet, it will be their first peaceful sleep in their lives.


Keeping up their makeshift defensive screen, Britain calls out. "Thor, bring her to us, don't lead her away!" Even as Thor is trying to lead Wonder Woman back to the ship and not to their much faster teleport, he senses the fact that this is going bad, quickly. Some of his own magic is drawn away to use into Strange's spell, and while he's trying to hold position, he wasn't expecting for his cover to be lost as Lashina comes down on him hard with both of her spiked heels.

Crying out in sharp paint as his faltering forcefield is smashed and the heels find purchase, as the Captain releases the chunk of rock and grabs at Lashina's heels to try to yank her off of him and swing her around to throw into the ground, away from the point of assault as he drops down, feeling the cracks in his ribs and a sharp painful cough that draws a hint of blood as his forcefield tries to rebuild itself.


Too many opponents, too many—-ARGH! Strange!

Cameron cracks her neck and then she's slashed in the back by a razor ribbon, which opens a welt across her back that bleeds profusely. Crap! Britain! NO! She launches herself skywards at full speed and then PIVOTS downwards towards Lashina, pushing herself at top speed with fist leading the way.

Unlike the typical heroic sort, though, she doesn't announce her attack with some witty bravado or loud pronouncement. The only warning that Lashina might get before the possible impact? The brief gust of wind in front of said fist.They don't get a warning. They're all fighters on the field of a battle. STAY DOWN.

Lashina's stance and then departure does not draw Wonder Woman's gaze.

Not a sister..

Live and die for Him..

Around her the chaos rises and those wings once of an eagle and now every feather of that armor is a blade, honed for destruction and to impale the insurgents; an insult to what was but perfection to what is, even as her mind seeks to make sense of it all and every second, every scream makes her fingers ache that encase the dimming lasso at her hip - a dying light that fades evermore when Britain falters and Lashina seeks the easy kill.

A skilled throw from an old friend and when Lashina leaps for Britain the gored shield is thrown from Wonder Woman's grip into a perfect arch that cuts between the duo. Close enough to Britain to seem like an attack but timed enough to aid…

Her spine bows and fingers spasm, head thrown back in her bodys resistance to what rests along her spine, eroding at her brain, sending live feed….

The sword is drawn and Thor's words are only half heard before eyes snap open and pupils fight to gain from pindots, but what comes forth is the fall of a helmet to the ground in a hollow echo and roll at armored feet just before she springs upon Thor, the massive sword swung up and around in an trained arch with her flight aided leap and the grind of sharpened metal on metal with the splay of wings upon her attack that seeks to drive the sword down upon him and then the flurried barrage of razor'd wings.


"Acknowledged, New Genesis" The redhead in the Clocktower communicates to the new benefactor "As the teams retreat, I will advice." With both teams engaged to save their team mates, there's little for Oracle to do but listen and watch.

And then she tries something … "Wonder Woman, this is Oracle … " she hopes the womans earring communicator is still operational and in the womans possession "… your team mates need you. Fight this compulsion and remember who you are." Of all of the team, only two really know Oracles true identity … and Wonder Woman, Diana even, and Barbara had ridden in a hunt on Themyscria … Babs… is going to draw on that.


The cutting of Wonder Woman's shield prevents Britain from pursuing Lashina, but Columbia seems more than willing to pick up the slack. Placing a hand to his chest, he draws in a staggered breath. When Columbia and Britain switch up, the Captain draws up his strength and turns his attention on the large armored creature barreling towards Strange.

'Well, this may be the shortest stint in the JLA in history..' Britan thinks to himself before he rockets forward, the crack of a sonic boom in the localized atmosphere as he charges headfirst towards the massive creature, extending both fists to slam directly into it's armored hide.


"Damndable woman." Thor barks as Wonder Woman slices in to him. "We are your allies!" The hammer is used to deflect the sword swipes and he evades as best he can - though he doesn't have the speed or grace of Wonder Woman his skill closes the danger gap there. What is the Captain shouting about? Bring her? Very well. "Come then. Let us do battle!" A flurry of blocks is met with some driving hacks and strikes as Thor melee combats Diana attempting to push and manuever their combat towards the others.

"You move well but you are also unhealthy looking and sickly! Which means weak right now!!!" A roar from the God of Thunder and he drives himself hard at the woman, his swinging blows now more violent, more powerful as he tries to push her towards his team and whatever trickery they have conjured up between them.


The mists obscure and then drop the army of Harassers but Lashina does not fall with them. At least not to the spellcraft of Strange nor the shield that cuts through them. Distraction or intentional?

The first hit taken by Lashina is being launched from Britain and landing in a crouch then Cameron hits her hard enough her teeth rattle in her skull and she is thrown across the black earth of Apokolips in a rough skip. A hand slap, an elbow toss and she is skidding on feet to turn and face them. A move of sheer prowess.
"I'll rip out your heart and eat it for that!"

Lashina picks up in to a run at the the redheaded woman, those lashing weapons flicking out in a dazzling display meant to rend flesh and distract.

The red one doubles in the middle as Captain Britain pummels it with his speeding slam, legs buckle and the thing is rolled underneath the Champion of the Isles like an animal that just got ran over by a truck. Legs and arms at odd angles as it flips and flops to rest motionless.

Inside the Home…

"What is this!? Magic? Who are these people… call for aid. Tell Darkseid we need him… "

"He has already sent Kalibak and Steppenwolfe. They are on their way they shall be here within minutes."


After slamming into the creature headlong, Captain Britain tumbles end over end before coming to a halt. His helmet is crumpled on one side and he rips it away. It may expose a youthful blonde's hair and face, but now at least he can see again. He feels the pain both of his arms. Fractures, he surmises, but now's not the time to worry about the pain. Flying back over to where the creature had fallen and broken, he barks into his communicator, "Columbia, incoming!"

And he starts ripping chiton plate and parts from the Pacifier and throwing them as hard as he can towards Lashina. "Whip these, woman."


It takes Strange a few seconds to recover from his invocation. Which apparently failed to stop Diana. But she is Zeus' daughter, so that is not too surprising. And two other of the aliens are also standing, probably godlings themselves. Turning to the closest of those, Lashina, the sorcerer sends a crimson force blasts from his right hand. "Columbia, they did something to Wonder Woman. I can see something in her head. Your healing might free her. I'll take care of the woman with the whips."


Near Valmorra the skies begin to alter as rounded shadows appear underneath indigo vortices, funnels appear in the holocaust orange and red heavens of Apokolips. The cavalry arrives through a wall of boom tubes at it's front is a man in silver armor and beside him another in red on a flying harness. The people of New Genesis.

Opposite them, over the grand city of Armagetto around Darkseids palace the skies have turned to darkness. Hordes of flying parademons, suicide jockeys, Photon patrolers, aero-disc riders have swarmed and tanks upon the ground the size of tankers have begun to roll. It looks like the forces of war are gathering to do battle and in the very center of this war the Justice League Alliance skirmishes, those near the crater surrounding Happiness Home and those who are fighting in the now open pit leading to the Necropolis below at the ankles of an undead God. Time is of the essence.


The orange-haired paramedic watches the woman go bouncing across the scorched earth hopefully… and then those hopes are dashed as Lashina charges…

When Strange offers to switch up, she nods and leaps into the air, aiming her arc to land behind the horribly mutilated Wonder Woman, and attempting to place her hands on… two places. The first place is obvious — center of mass, away from the blows of Thor. The other hand, though? On the Lasso of Truth.

"You told me once my timing was perfect. It may hurt but the people need the truth, and they need hope They need to know their plight is not dismissed!"


The blows exchamged between Diana and Thor are hard and heavy, there is no holds barred and every impact gives the tell tale signs of where muscle back and intentions lay. The sword sweeps in and where blows glance and Thor parries it clashes down upon the surface of Apokolips only to slice through the hard land and come back, sparking off metal meet and and grinding downward only to twist with her form as she turns to absorb a hit of his that takes her at the kidneys beside the lacework of armored corsetry.

With her back to him he can see the spear angled across her back, the thick handiwork of Uru metal kept from gifting before. She had come here called to war for Earth that she was an Ambassador for and sworn protector of - to be made…

Upon one knee she landed with Thor's blow where her head only lowers for a moment, but enough to show the writhing living organic life that slithers between knotted tendrils of ebon hair and sinks back into scarred scalp, seeking to reinsert itself and the -commands- with the many others that crawl beneath.

"Allies…" The word is whispered, broken, her vocals scratch and claw at her throat as if they had not whispered in weeks, and perhaps not with the scars that valley in abundance across skin. When her hand reaches back to grip the spear her body enters those tremors, the convulsions just before the spear is unleashed and a breath is taken, using the weapon as a staff to aid her to rise while blood trickles from lips.

"Does one like *I* deserve Allies?" The pupils dialate then and the spear is loosed for Lashina, quickly followed by the draw of lasso to ravel around her hand, a sudden golden arch of light in her valiant charge for the Fury as will attempts to win out, but just as her follow through seeks to rend the other woman another seize strikes along spinal cord and Wonder Woman lands on all fours with the sword barely held in hand and the lasso tangled around the other where Cameron comes just int time to ring words into her ears where the single earring that remained echoes Oracles over a crackling frequency.

The lasso is then curled into fingers where chipped nails scrape over the dark earth beneath, pushing back to stand again, but those wings span out in a snap that warns, but does not seek to maim.

"Time's up!" Britain snaps as his ears ring with the pop, pop, pop of boom tubes. "We have to go, now! Strange, get that spell ready. Columbia, Thor.. and for pity's skae, Wonder Woman, we either go now, or we stay put and fight to the last. Now is the time to decide." he says looking towards the winged woman. "We came a long way to bring you home - we're not just allies, we're friends!"

Lashina's arms rise up to ward and defend against the thrown plates, "You disgusting Terran… " She swats some of them aside, slicing them out of the air like they are thrown clay pigeons and begins to race towards the Heroes of Earth again only to let out a shriek as that Uru spear lances through her and she vanishes in a cloud of red dust mingled with Stranges mists.
It would appear she is down.

The skies are however now black with enemies and like an incoming storm they are swallowing the land itself in their approach. Soon LEGIONS will be upon them.


"Group up on Strange! I've got you, Wonder Woman. We've GOT TO MOVE!" Cameron will attempt to carry Diana, though she won't be moving very fast as she tries to force the Amazon to heal faster, to recover from the grave injuries inflicted upon her frame, to assert her health and wellness over whatever foul things have been done unto her. "C'mon, stay with us…"


"I hear you, man." Thor watches the cast spear and Cameron's follow up. Wonder Woman is easing up? "Allies, yes. Come we must retreat to battle another day." The hammer is set aside, not down but at a relaxed position so he looks less a threat. "Let us, ride and to Hel with this ungodly planet." He will not offer aid to the Princess as she would likely slap his hand away but he will fall behind to gaurd his allies backs. "Lead away, Captain." Not interloper this time. it would seem the man is earning his respect.

Strange was raising a mystic shield to try to block Lashina's whips, but he cancels the casting when the alien woman is knocked out. "Ah, welcome back, Princess," he says, flying to meet the others. "Yes, we should leave immediately," he agrees with the Captain. "Come together, teleport spell will bring us back to the spaceship." He is already drawing the magic sigils in the air.

They are gone in a flash of light.

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