Apokolips Extraction (part 3-A): Feather

November 07, 2015:

The team splits in to two. Team Feather delves in to the Necropolis to rescue Captain Marvel, Fairchild and Hawkgirl.

Apokolips, the Necropolis


NPCs: Tyrus, Parademons, A Dregg, Talking Food, Tracker Hounds, Infinity Man


Mood Music: Battle Cry by Imagine Dragons

Fade In…

"Hey, Captain Marvel," Kate says across the comms. "Got a team headed your way." At Oracle's explanation, she grimaces, looking over the group. "All right. Let's split things. Keep in touch, yeah?"

As one group heads off toward Wonder Woman's signal, she pulls on a rebreather and slings her bow loose from her shoulder to head out. "We'll meet up with Captain Marvel and Fairchild," she says with a nod to Ozymandias and Tigra. "At which point we'll have some more muscle. Until then, let's try not to die on the way to them. Sound good? Great. Let's do this."

It's possible she's mostly pumping herself up here.


Rebreathers. Well, if they're needed, Tigra's not going to go without. She slips one over her face and makes sure it's snugged up appropriately, then she checks the comm unit she's been provided with. "Testing. So we get to go hunt a birdie? Good." Barefoot as ever, the woman with the tiger stripes and tail hops out with Hawkeye, though she keeps close enough to ideally provide some protection in case it ends up needed.


The team separates respectively in to Wonder Woman's rescue squad and Shayera's own.

Team Feather finds themselves racing towards the city and headed west towards the larger sprawled out mess of Armagetto. The city at the base of the Tower of Rage. It spreads for miles in all directions a maze that will lose almost any who enter it amidst factories, hell pits, breeding pens, slums and war facilities.

The other unfortunate aspect is it is covered in flying Photon Patrols and giants in red armor known as Pacifiers. Things that Carol and Caitlin have been dodging and evading for hours now to get to their current location. The Necropolis' entrance. An underground cavern deep below the cities of Apokolips where the Dead Gods of Old lie. Lands none but the most desperate lowlies of the slums dare venture.

En route they will see what appear to be flocks of parademons circling, scouting for them. Hunting the invaders of Apokolips.

Fortunately the JL:A has established communications though the signal between Team Feather and Team Tiara is now distorted and rough, blips and scrambling noises spark between the signal. Perhaps someone is trying to jam them.


Rain will accept a rebreather, in case her magic faulters. She will follow the others, quiet and alert. Her violet eyes are wide. This is far beyond her normal pay grade work. She is duly grateful for any communication. She is quietly concerned about the jamming, although she will likely do her best to remain towards the rear of the group.


"OK. Eyes high. We need to watch for more of the demons, and do what we can to stay clear of them until the rest show up." Carol comments to Fairchild, gesturing to the Imp to get them to cover. She knows his instincts will follow that guidance, so she doesn't push the point any further. "Hey, Hawkeye. See you soon." She jogs towards the cover herself, thankful that her own metahuman talents include not needing to breathe so much; the air here is foul no matter what.


"It is not about muscle, Hawkeye. The teams should have been divided among seasonal members, first, then skills that support those members. Justice League stands for something, and those that fight under its banner should know what it stands for." Ozymandias refuses the rebreather. "I don't need one."

Ozymandias peers around the area and furrows his brows behind his mask. "Communications are going crazy. Ozymandias looks over at Tigra, "I am hoping you are able to guide us back to the ship if our comms go completely down."


Sneaking, at least, is something Kate's team is equipped to handle. "Rain, if you can work us up some look the other way spell, that'd be helpful," she murmurs to the witch, glancing to Ozymandias and Tigra next. "In the meantime, we stick with the sneaking. Keep moving. Let's get to Captain Marvel as quickly as we can, get Hawkgirl, and get back to the ship. I don't like leaving it, and the other team's a little heavy on the make things go boom." Granted, that could just be by virtue of including Thor, but still.

"Strange is a full member, Ozy. So is Columbia. And Wonder Woman can take leadership once they've got her. As long as no one breaks the planet." She might be worrying about that a little bit. "Let's keep with the moving." Why did she go to the creepy doom planet again?


"Yes'm," Caitlin says promptly, turning her eyes skywards. She breaks into a shambling jog after Carol and the Imp who'd been guiding them across the blasted waste. Caitlin's reasonably competent in a crisis, but Carol's got long years of experience in precisely this sort of activity. The amazonian redhead is more than happy to hustle along in Carol's wake and do precisely as she's told.


"FOOD!" One lowlie screams, his hammer raised high into the sky as he begins to dance and chant around the fallen form of Hawkgirl. Little feet pounding against the dirt in the darkness, little torches lit up in that small little area that casts an eerie silhouette of the dance he portrays. Others begin to gather, finding the noise highly annoying, lurking and hovering as the single lowly begins to bat and swing at the airs to get the interlopers away from his prize.

'Its a bird!'
'Its meat!'
'Lets keep it!'
'Is she dead!?'
'It needs to be alive first, then we kill it.'
'And then we dance?'
'No! And then we eat!'

A week before she considered herself dead. No, but sleep is what captured her and allowed her to heal thanks to the Nth that clinged above and below skin. Only to awake and battle Parademons and Suicide Jockeys that exploded and rattled her bones. But she continued to fight. Broken. Worn down, feasting upon the grubs and whatever else she grasped her fingers upon, nearly turned rabid in the dark, only the glow of the Nth occasionally lighting her way near towards freedom. But was that enough?

'Food for the rabble! Food for the lowlies!'
'This one is mine!'

But the chants would only last for so long, the heavy swipe of a long dead God tears away the chant and the sound leaving her with nothing. The drag and pull of an ankle through sewage and molten metal that burned her skin is what roused her, through the fog she saw the God that clamped upon her ankle and draw her Nth in the form of a pitchfork to life. A shove of the prongs into the wrist caused it to roar and lift her with it's large grip to slam her to the ground.. the repeated beatings against the dust left her limp and angled high into the air until she was dropped into the Gods gullet. Swallowed whole without another word.

It was a sickening drop and the smell was putrid enough for her to vomit, but the landing was soft enough for her to perchance a touch of the ground to find bodies.. upon bodies.. the lowest slowly being devoured by the acid within it's belly. So this is how she dies. This is how she dies.. this is how she dies.. this is how she dies..

She was too tired to even fight.. too worn.. too broken.. wings were gone there was no flight nor fight left within her.

And all she could do is dream of Egypt.. dream of flight.. dream of death.. it was hot and this hell was slowly beginning to darken.


"Right now the important thing is everyone doing what they need to do to handle the rescue, and dealing with whatever unexpected stuff that comes up," Tigra remarks. She may understand a team, a leader, a hierarchy and all that, but right now they have bigger fish to fry.

The feline-like woman does add, "Should be able to find our way back if something goes haywire all the way, as long as there is a way back. I won't be much good for scents here with this thing on," and she taps the rebreather, "but from what I can tell I don't want to be breathing this air anyway. As for sneaking, I'm just fine with that. There's a time to fight, and a time to go unseen. Looking at all of this, I don't want to be spotted." They have to move, and do it quickly, and she's already in motion to go with the others on the way to meeting up with who they're trying to reach.


Rain is alert. She has her cat on her shoulders. She is listening. She is alert, her magic senses open and extended. She nods to Rain. Her rebreather is on, but she has magic as a back up. She is trying not to worry too much about those lost. This place frightens her, and she is fighting her inner cowardice.


"There!" A voice cries from the darkness of the Necropolis and light pierces the shadows. It rips through the air directly towards Carol Danvers and Fairchild as it gets closer it is becomes apparent that is no simple bit of laser but a spear or lance that has been thrown at ungodly speeds. Perhaps projected from some canon.

Howls follow after it broken by snarling and snapping of large teeth as creatures rush.

"Bring them alive or at least one of them alive." A second voice joins after the first, "Our master so demands it."

Sharper senses of Team Feather will hear the howls and yelling faintly. It is a distance ahead.

Shayera likewise in her walking tomb catches a faint sound or perhaps that is a simple trick of the mind.


"Strange and Columbia are not soldiers, and don't remember you appointing the others to listen to them either, Hawks." Ozymandias smirks behind his mask, "We are months from the incident in France,and….." Ozymandias smirks behind his mask at Tigra. "I am aware of the most important thing here. I have fought with these people. I am also aware most battles have only been successful, because there has been corrections made during the battle."

Ozymandias continues along with the sneaking with the others.


"Because they're not soldiers," Kate counters Ozy with a faint smirk of her own. Strategy is a lot better to think about than whatever the hell is going on in this strange city. "Captain Marvel, is that you in the middle of the chaos we're hearing? Or am I lucky enough that that's something else that's some sort of distraction?"

Silly Kate. Hawkeyes don't get that lucky.


"Down!" Captain Marvel shouts, as she leaps for the lowly Imp who has been leading she and Caitlin, making sure to get him under cover as they are now taking fire. She has no fear of such an attack, even when it can propel a spear at speeds that convert its passage into light. It's just another event in a long lifetime of such events. "Incoming, kiddo." she shouts, and taps her earpiece. "Hawkeye, we have cranky locals inbound at our location. This is going to be messy. We'll deal with this as best we can until you arrive, but faster is better."

That said, Carol Danvers drags herself up, shaking her wounded shoulder, and lifts off the grond. No lowly is she, and she's not cowering either. She can see the humongous three-headed canine charging towards them, and she launches herself like a glowing golden missile toward the creature, all to draw the enemy towards herself, and not the entrance. "Come and get it!" she shouts, and the photonic blasts and punches start flying.


Rain is not a soldier. Not in any sense of the word. But Rain is going to stay near the others. She takes a deep breath now and then, trying to remain alert and reaching out to see if she can catch traces of Shayera's aura. Divination, hooooo! And then there is Carol doing her thing with a three headed canine. Rain's cat stays snuggled up against her, his eyes wide, tail flicking. Rain is quiet, concentrating and preparing a spell.

If one of the critters is charging, they will soon be turned into a newt.


Tigra glances toward Ozymandias. "What do you do best, when this goes to he…an even bigger hell than we're already in? Just so I know what to count on." Just after that, she pauses and crouches lower, a hand even coming to rest against the ground they walk upon. "Something's going on up ahead. We'd better hurry." Toward it, evidently, as she continues forward. Through all this, Rain's own feline barely gets more than a brief glance.


She could barely hear the sounds, they were so faint that they came at a whisper. Shayera had lost all hope as soon as she entered into the Necropolis. Nearly lost her mind in the darkness and barely had time to rest and when she did.. she woke up fighting.. all she did was fight.. fight.. fight. She was so tired. This was her giving up. Those sounds? Trick of the mind.. the cries and the shouts and the small, subtle bangs..

Her hands clasps against her ears, and all she could do is scream with what little strength she had left.


The massive dog is met by Carol Danvers in a thud, blasts and punches send it skidding away from her only to have it turn around and get back up, leaping past and circling around.

A shot fires from somewhere beyond the dog, a whistling sound that only Carol's reflexes and superhuman nature will save her from. A futuristic rifle no doubt and it's shooter is using the darkness for cover to her immediate four o clock.

Clambering over rocks in a horde are armor plated soldiers with wide flat features and blasters. They're after the trio. It is now that the rest of the team in haste to get near should be seeing the fireworks show as Captain Marvel fends off a horde of Apokolips own mongrels.

Shayera's scream causes a rumble, something by her claws at her. Pulls at her flesh.

"Silence, you will anger it and it will eat more to try and crush us. Crush us under our own dead… " It being what exactly?"


"Fairchild, cover your back with brick, and do what you have to do!" That's Captain Marvel's orders to her broad-shouldered redheaded compatriot. Always good advice when fighting hordes, especially when your battle partner has to separate and isn't there to cover your back with her own.

For herself, Carol Danvers is up against a horde of three-headed giant mastiffs with attitude and a taste for flesh. So she's rather busy. "Hawkeye, eyes high. Sniper at my four o'clock. Estimate nine-hundred meters." Carol's reflexes allowed her to shove one of the dogs in the way of the last shot, which had the bonuses of not hitting her /and/ reducing the throng she's facing. But not by enough. Dog slobber is bad. Apokoliptian dog slobber is f-ing acidic. This is ridiculous!


Rain's showing off is more subtle. But she is trying to locate Shayera, exactly. Her eyes widen at the Carol Danvers and the dog fight. Still, any one of the goons that comes by? Totally an apokonewt. It takes her a moment, winds whipping around the witch. NEWT!


Captain looks to Tigra, nodding a moment.


He doesn't expect Tigra to know about his work as a mercenary, but he has been pretty active as Justice League member.

Ozymandias think that she can google him latter, when everyone is safe. Ozymandias think of a line from Paradise Lost as he starts to use his superspeed to reach Captain Marvel and Caitlin, "I sung of chaos and eternal Night, taught by the heav'nly Muse to venture down the dark descent, and up to reascend." Ozymandias nods to himself in agreement that thought of Paradise Lost seems to be a perfect fit on this landscape.

Ozymandias isn't going to let the others know this but this also reminds him more of Battle Mountain during the Korea War, when he was with 24th Regimental Combat Team. A small force facing a massive force. He is just hoping it is not going to take them 19 times to be successful.

Ozymandias jumps in the air and does a backflip throwing concussive bombs as he flips at some parademons. Ozymandias transfers his spear into mystical energy and places it deep into the chest of another parademon. He pulls it back out and transforms it back to its normal form and stabs the parademon again. Ozymandias lets out a war cry and pulls out his Zulu style shield.


"Ozy, Tigra, back up the Captain," Kate calls over, breaking into a run for the nearest way up. "Rain, follow me. Hit them with whatever you've got. I'm going to take out that damned sniper." It's not exactly the streets of New York, but Kate knows how to get up a building. With no webs or other tricks, either. As soon as she finds a landing spot, she draws an arrow. Killing's not generally something she does. Even if these aren't humans, and are trying to kill her friends.

Rather than a broadhead, she pulls out a smoke arrow, firing it at the sniper first. Even if she misses, at least he'll be blinded. But she doesn't wait that long. Her next arrow - an explosive tip - is fired before the first even hits.

"Guys, word from Oracle is we've got people who can cover us if we're pulling out. New Genesis ring any bells?" she asks, starting to take potshots at the soldiers below.


"Incoming," Tigra warns after hearing nothing from Ozymandias, pointing in the direction of the armored soldiers that advance upon them. The invaders are outnumbered, pests the reinforcements are there to stomp, but if Tigra has any say in the matter it won't be quite so simple. While she'd urged stealth before, that option has been eliminated from the equation. Time to act.

First thing she does is duck a shot from the blaster one of them sports, giving her room to get in close and aim a kick at its head. That doesn't do a whole lot except to make it angry, and she swears under her breath while hopping back out of possible swiping or biting range. That's when another moves toward Tigra and aims its blaster at her just as the first one does. "Oop!" She leaps the one she can see, and it leads to a pair of blasts go past each other and hit the opposite soldier. Now she alters course to move closer to Captain Marvel. As for New Genesis? "Never heard of them. En route, though."


The quiet voice and a grab of her arm drew Shayera into a shock, a shock so bad that she wretches her arm from the thing in the dark, gone quiet now and listening. What could she hear? Was she really hearing this? Was it the sounds of a fight or a memory long lost..

"What is it.." She murmurs quietly towards the person in the dark. What exactly.. ate them? Who? She was getting tired again.. she was sure the next time she closes her eyes.. she'll be dead.


Rain nods at Kate. Captain keeps curling around Rain's shoulder. "Okay. I can enchant your arrows if you need." Rain will follow Kate, and concentrate quietly. She will summon her broomstick and float along after Kate until she lands. She watches, guarding the Arrow-using gal. Her dark violet eyes are wide, serene. Anything that gets close is going to burst into flames.


Rain will indeed sense the faint presence of Hawkgirl while her comrades battle. Deeper off the edge of the cliff to her right in the abyss beyond and it is slowly getting closer. Slowly the giant moves, it climbs to where the battle is happening. It's ascension is no fast action as the dead so move.

The horde seems to be without any end. They pile over their own fallen to take shots at, stab towards or fight against the Justice League Alliance. Though each member of the team outclasses everyone of them in single to even three on one engagements.

Hawkeye's smoke arrow hits the wall just over the sniper's shoulder his vision is obscured and he forces himself forward directly in to an exploding shot. His feet leave the ground and his back hits the rough stones beneath him. Not dead no but dazed. This causes those dogs to pause in their assault and look up for their master who has now been illuminated.

That is not the only thing illuminated, however, a face, a massive face with rotten black eyes and broken teeth is briefly lit up, its mouth open and a rolling black pitted tongue lashes about seeking something to chew upon - as it's mouth opens moans and screams can be heard from down it's throat.

Rain can now almost feel the presence of Shayera, it's like a cold blast of… bad breath? Yes. The titan sized undead creature is breathing the very 'feel' of Hawkgirl with each chomp. Though it doesn't seem to breath smells and heat come forth with every opening of it's maw.

"What is it? A Dregg stupid offworlder. A dead god animated still by the Source… it hungers, always hungers… and something outside has angered it."


Too many enemies. Just, too..many..enemies. Fast as Tigra is, quick to use her flexibility and nimble body to her advantage in the fight, there will come a point where it's simply not enough against a force that seems to have no end. Already, there's a time or two where she's struck by a punch or a claw, blood drawn before she gives ground to reassess her options.

Then, she sees it around the same time others do: the ridiculously large…thing that ambles toward them, screams escaping from it as it nears. "What..is that?" Tigra asks as she stares almost helplessly at first. Blaster fire that just misses her brings her back to the moment and she ducks for a bit of cover. Nearby? One of their weapons, which was apparently dropped. Now it's in her hands and she pops up to fire at the enemy. Even if she's not a very good shot with a gun of any kind, it's something.


"Okay, that is really gross." Kate makes a face as the giant surfaces, continuing to fire into the crowd whenever it looks like someone on the team could use the support. "Oracle, we haven't entirely located Shay yet, but tell Britain to knock her out if he needs to. Does she have the lasso? Tell him to use the lasso." Of course she's trying to run the other battle from over here with a horde of bad guys and a giant. Why not?


There's a pause. "I sense Hawkgirl," She offers to Kate. "It's - she's to the right, near the edge of a cliff. We're getting closer to her," She offers. "They are trying to drain her? Or devour her." The witch is concentrating, and trying to help out with little bursts of fire on the minions.


Wave after wave of the armored horde crashes against those who dare to invade and resist Apokolips, and a towering redhead lays about herself with fist, with feet, with anything and everything she has. She takes Carol's advice, and keeps her back to the wall. Blasts hit, and damn they hurt, far more than anything she's ever felt back home. But she keeps going, because she knows she has no choice. It doesn't hurt that help and friends are not far away, though.

When the sniping shots pause, and so do the dogs, Captain Marvel breaks out of the morasse of canine flesh, grabbing one and hoisting it high, slamming it down upon another. "Incoming!" she shouts, and she dips low, not caring about the damage a sonic boom causes as she streaks ahead, a golden glowing 'spear' with fists upraised, leading with photonic blasts and following with her whole body as she rams through a rank - just one rank - of the advancing armored troops. It barely makes a dent, really, but it might be enough to give the arriving allies a half-second's breather to get themselves set to continue the fight. Then she has to loop back around and hammer into the dogs again. Damn, this hurts.


They were moving, in the belly of the beast there was a shift that causes her and whomever else was in there with her to rock and tumble. "The Source.." Shayera murmurs, her hand reaching out to grasp.. something to hold on tight to stop the rocking. Her bones were hurting. "The Source is just a myth to my people.." She manages to cough, her breathing soon turned to wheezing.. her hand lifting to try to will herself to summon a bit of Nth to draw into a weapon to cut herself out of the belly.. but nothing came.

The hand drops as she swallows hard, her eyes growing slightly heavy. She could hear the battle outside.. the roar.. was it just for her? Was it her imagination still? Either way, it warmed her. "Person." She says to the man within with her. "I'm not going to make it out alive. But return to my home with them if your heart lies with good, because if they are out there, they will know." Her hand closes into a fist to lightly strike against her pained chest. "And give them my thanks."


Yeah, this is just like Battle Mountain, all those French battles after Moscow,…"Ozymandias pulls out his plasma pistol with his left hand and h Ozymandias fires his plasma pistol at the approaching horde as he does his best Joseph Burt Scot impression and throws some concussive bombs and grenades at the approaching horde making sure none of his teammate are in the blast radius. He waits for the ideal moment, and presses his delayed remote trigger setting off the bombs and grenades.

Ozymandias speaks into his comms, "I have enough bombs to do that trick one more time. I am saving my smoke bombs to cover our escape. Ask Oracle to make sure out guest inside the ship's vitals are still good too."

Ozymandias fires off his plasma gun again and pulls out his sickle sword. "I am carving my way to the others."


No remorse for his fallen dogs or the parademons the New God Tyrus staggers to his feet hefting not the sniper rifle but a rod. His eyes go wide and he turns to look upon the undead giant God. "Retre—"

Words cut off as a massive fist sweeps through the wall, the alcove he was perched upon and carries on down towards the others that Goliath palm splayed out to squish parademons and anyone too slow to move in a earthquake inspiring slam.

Carol's sonic boom also adds structural damage to the caverns housing the Necropolis but parademons are scattered and thrown.

Using that new grip upon the ledge the titan pulls itself free of the pit and goes through the ceiling it's head vanishing as only torso and belly on down are visible but it walks towards them now and the world around then begins to crumble.

Plasma shots tear through parademons and they flee making a circle around Ozymandias, one shot ricochets up and hits the monster in the lower abdomen and an intestine spills forth with it an arm, a leg and a half eaten Lowlie. That presence of Shayera is felt even stronger by Rain now. She is definitely inside that Dregg's stomach.


Tigra is not built for slashing her way through armored parademons, but as long as they come at her one by one or even two on one, she's quick enough to handle things well in spite of the fact that a prolonged battle will only lower her stamina. Fortunately the rebreather has stayed in place, but the loud boom from Captain Marvel's attack on one of the waves of enemies leaves her to grimace and cover her ears. With another blaster near, she at least picks that up and takes a few shots at the behemoth drawing nearer, seeing its body being torn up.


Rain frowns. "I believe Shayera is in the belly of that - Dregg?" Is that what that is? Rain is uncertain what it *is* exactly, but she is doing her best.

Anything that gets near her or Kate? Is going to turn into a newt and get drop kicked away. Rain is trying not to notice the carnage, feeling a little ill.


Kate picks off a creature going after Caitlyn, getting the birds eye view on the conflict. "Oracle, we're trying to get a location on Hawkgirl. We've met up with Captain Marvel and Fairchild, but they were already under attack when we got here. Numbers aren't in our favor, but skill is. I don't think we can hold out forever, though. Wait, Hawkgirl is where?" She looks back to Rain, then back to the giant. "Oracle, Rain thinks Shay's in the belly of the beast. Please start extra air circulation on the ship, this is about to get gross."


"I'm going to hate myself for this later, but it's time for a little surgery," Tigra speaks into the comms. "Clear a path for me." Trusting someone to help with this, she races into the fray and draws some attention, but she's really picking up speed as she even vaults off a couple parademons on the way to the rotting titan that Hawkgirl's supposed to be in.

Once she reaches it, Tigra climbs and leaps her way to the belly of the beast, where it's already showing signs of breaking open. It'll just take a little more..help..and this comes in the form of claws cutting into rotting flesh. "Don't throw up into the rebreather," she huffs, more for herself than the others, but..yep, comms.

Then, more of the gigantic creature's midsection is opened up, as close to disembowelment as it gets, and light can be seen inside. This light reveals a number of bodies, some in different states than others. "Oh God.." Tigra blurts, but with a quick breath she's in. She's spotted her target, and now-slimy hands are felt to reach for who they came for. "Hawkgirl! Come with me if you want to l…oh, hell. Let's just get out of here while we still can!" Whether there's much of a response or not, she's going to do her best to hoist Hawkgirl up onto her shoulders and trudge her way back toward the opening she created. That bath later is going to be so good if they get out of this in one piece.


Near Valmorra the skies begin to alter as rounded shadows appear underneath indigo vortices, funnels appear in the holocaust orange and red heavens of Apokolips. The cavalry arrives through a wall of boom tubes at it's front is a man in silver armor and beside him another in red on a flying harness. The people of New Genesis.

Opposite them, over the grand city of Armagetto around Darkseids palace the skies have turned to darkness. Hordes of flying parademons, suicide jockeys, Photon patrolers, aero-disc riders have swarmed and tanks upon the ground the size of tankers have begun to roll. It looks like the forces of war are gathering to do battle and in the very center of this war the Justice League Alliance skirmishes, those near the crater surrounding Happiness Home and those who are fighting in the now open pit leading to the Necropolis below at the ankles of an undead God. Time is of the essence.


"Ozymandias puts out his assegai and sickle sword and turns them into mystical energy. "Do you know how many hordes I have faced in my lifetime? Ozymandias charges at the group switching his weapons from mystical energy back to titanium back to mystical energy during the battle. The damage done by the parademons that are able to get close slashed through his armor, but the wounds keep healing.

Ozymandias ignores his communications, "Getting to the others might be a bit more difficult than I imagine? Ozymandias can even see how close the others are with bodies of parademons that are appearing on the field.


"O, you tell him to get. The damned. Lasso!" Kate starts to back away from her perch, looking over as Tigra pulls Shayera free of the demon's stomach. "All right, people, it's time to fall back! Drive it like you stole it! We totally stole it. By which I mean Shayera. Metaphor is falling apart, time to move."

And on that inspiring note, she vaults down from her perch, sending out cover fire. "Captain Marvel, you may want to give Tigra a hand with Hawkgirl, I don't think she's in great shape."

Great shape? That chick is near dead! She's outta there! She's not safe!

And.. she smells. Sorry guys.


Once many of the dogs and parademon troops are so much gooey paste, Captain Marvel has breathing room … to look at that ginormous monstrocity just unearthing itself. "Oh, crap. What the expletive deleted is /that/?!" Yes, even an old hand like Carol can actually be overwhelmed with sheer whiskey-tango-foxtrot. And right now? That's it, right there. "Hey, Hawkeye. What was that? Did you just say the bird is /inside/ that thing?" Oh, look. More parademons. As if life wasn't fun enough. "Get back to me." the Captain offers, before she lays back into the parademon horde.

When Tigra asks for help getting through, Captain Marvel is only too happy to help, blasting and slamming her way through the mess to bust a path through all of this for the feline woman. "Sorry, I don't have a lightsaber for you. Good luck!" she shouts, and then arrows back into the hordes, hammering for all she's worth. "Kid, form up. We have to get ready to get out of here!" Carol shouts towards the towering redhed. She waves her arm towards the woman, and gets ready to go help in retrieval. Man, this is going to be disgusting. As if the rest of it hadn't been already.

"Hawkeye, I do have one distraction left. You tell me when, I can blow the ship I landed. Trust me, it'll make an impression." Captain Marvel grimaces. She hates to blow up a good ship. But this is the kind of mission where it might be worth that titanic sacrifice.


"She is where she is in there. I can bring the dead back with some effort, but it will take me a day or two." Rain notes. "My divination locates her as there." The witch is keeping miniminions off and away. There is thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening. Well, mostly lightning and fire. Slightly less frightening. But still a pain for the minions. The cat on Rain's shoulders acts as a sentinel. "And I am ready when you are." She will start to move with the others.

The undead titan releases a silent scream at the clouds as his gut is opened by Tigra the flail outward sends the world around them asunder, molten lava pools off one side of the cavern to create an orange flaming falls and the beast stoops forward hands flat again as all of it's innards are spilled in a mess.

Parademons and Tyrus have retreated a distance away enough, a sort of reverence is in their eyes as they gaze upon the God from the Necrooplis in it's throes. The Justice League can now see the world above and beyond, around it. The skies to the north and south are full of New Gods, Apokolips and New Genesis both.


Tigra's got the strength to carry Hawkgirl, but even from mere moments within the creature, she's covered in foul..stuff. "Whatever..you need to do to help us get out of here, don't waste your time!" she urges. There are additional moments that have been bought for them, but if they don't take advantage of them…


"Let's save the blowing up the ship for a last resort," Kate calls back to Carol, hitting the dirt and breaking into a run. Because it is time to run before the whole planet blows up. "O, if they don't have Wonder Woman down and they're not working together, here's the run. Strange distracts. Thor puts the hammer on her. Restrain with lasso. Get to the ship before this whole damned planet blows up. We're on our way back!"


"Last resort it is, Purple." Carol transmits back. "Red! Make a hole, we're heading out!" she shouts towards Fairchild, and then takes off. With the Parademons pulled back at the sight of the Old God, she has the opening she needs, and she arrows towards Tigra and Hawkgirl. "Hey, you look like you could use a hand. Or two arms." she comments wryly, as she scoops up the feline woman and her muck-covered package. "Hey, Stripes. Let's get out of here, shall we?" Carol is so changing outfits as soon as they're back to whatever extraction these people brought along. "Where to?"


"This is so bad," Rain murmurs. Rain is a bit overwhelmed. Although, she knows that Old Gods tend to be bad news. Rain does offer Tigra a hankerchief before she summons her broomstick. "Need a ride?" She asks Kate.


A streak of blue white and silver energy booms through the air above the retreating Team Feather opposite of where they should be running. "Hurry, Earthlings!" It shouts before a clap of thunder hits and that being collides with one of the Apokolip's side New Gods. Those in the air will engage in combat before the ground forces clash.

It is beginning. War on Apokolips has come.

As the team races towards the Valmorra what could be mortar fire starts to explode around them, lasers rain down and bodies start to fall from the heavens.


And there's Tigra, with nothing to change into. Hopefully the ship has a good clean-up area, or at least a few towels. "Go, go, go!" she urges, and she shifts the woman to her arms, trying her best to be mindful of the wings (wings!). Best she can do is lean her head toward Rain's hanky, but shortly after that Captain Marvel gets to them to help carry both Tigra and Hawkgirl. "Just hurry," is all she has to add. "I really don't want this place to be the last thing I see!"

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