Apokolips Extraction (part 2): Enemy Planet

November 07, 2015:

The rescue team arrives on Apokolips and formulates a plan.



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Fade In…


Arrival through the Boom Tube from the Watchtower…

Perhaps once upon a time the followers of Moloch on Earth sacrificed children to fires in a land called Gehenna because they were inspired by visions of Apokolips from their nightmares or during the minds enlightened travels to the worlds beyond.

Such is the presence the Fourth World has impacted upon the cosmos around it. Even from galaxies away it's psychic impression is a potent one.

Behold a desolate industrial and apocalyptic landscape where fires are continuously burning, roaring gigantic flame pits dot the landscape erupting molten geysers in to the boiling heavens only to return to the darkened world again as seering rain and black globs of pitch. Noxious sulfuric gasses hang in the air as a second layer that can be felt even upon skin and makes it hard to breath while rivers of liquefied metal flow freely in open veins across the scarred planetary surface. A surface dedicated to the manufacture of war in all forms.

The lungs are the first things assaulted by those who step through the Boom Tube and away from the safety of the retrofitted Thanagarian starship.

On the horizon a sprawl of structures flanked by concentrations of factories creatures a condensed city overlooked by a single dominating tower, the highest point on all the planet. The Tower of Rage. The very command center and home of Darkseid himself.


Tigra sniffs in the direction of Thor. If anyone can smell the remnants of the alcohol, it's her. Nothing is said, however. Captain Britain is already asking. "So, flanks. Keep others safe. Got it." Seems basic enough in principle, but exactly what she's about to face…that's what remains to be seen, along with the technology and magic they'll be dealing with and possibly facing. Then, the journey begins.


"Thanks, Oracle," Kate says, looking up at Oracle's transmission. "Wish us luck, yeah?

"You're good, Cap," Kate smiles reassuringly to Captain Britain. "Like Thor says, we've got a hell of a lot of fighters here, and legendary ones. With military experience. I'd be stupid not to want to hear it. Speaking of. Thor. We get in the field, you stick with us. There's going to be plenty of glory to go around, and I don't know we're going to have time to go after loose members of the team when we retreat. And I'm not leaving anyone behind."

It's like she's got experience with Asgardians or something.

"Captain, I'm not going to have the best view from the rear. You make the call on what's ahead and how much of a danger it is." Looking to Strange and Rain, she smiles tightly. "Not going to tell you guys what to you. You tell me what you need, we'll make it happen."


Rain doesn't seem bothered by the scent of alcohol. "I will be glad to supply rare and expensive drinks," Rain promises. She has an entire cellar of it, after all. There's a quiet unease. Rain is keeping Captain close. She will do her best to watch after others. Captain the Cat is wrapping his tail around Rain. She looks to Kate and smiles faintly. The violet eyed witch is nervous. "I'll do my best," She promises. This is all incredibly overwhelming. But she's going to do her best.


"Ah then it was not insult but praise." Thor lifts his hammer in a sort of nod of recognition to Hawkeye, "I will indeed be a team brick. And friend Interloper, there is no Asgardian word for hungover." Whether the man is boasting in jest or not who knows. Seating himself next to Cameron as recommended he waits patiently for the ship to take them to their destination. He is very excited. The continual bumping up and down of his knee says as much. Hearing mention of rare and expensive drinks he grins at Rain.


The second the ship finishes it jump, Strange begins to weave sings of light in front of him, crafting his best anti-detection spells to try to hide their presence to mystical wards and alarms against extra-dimensional intruders.

Since he is one of the magicians that spends countless hours maintaining such wards on Earth, he has a fairly good idea how to sneak past those when he has to. He does it all the time when he is spying on Dormammu, really. Only problem, this time it is a whole freaking spaceship. It is not going to work very well.

"We better hurry," he mutters. "Hawkgirl should be in the immediate area. Do we have her in the ship sensors?"


The ship is piloted by Oracle - go figure - through remote control. The Information Goddess has been busy… thank goodness for an eidectic memory.

"Hawkeye" the voice filters through the communications systems - that all members of the team can hear - "The ships systems are indicating you need to head due north, towards the city and then head West." There's a pause "And I'm picking up two more signals. One is Wonder Womans communicator, it's to the North in the City as well, and then to the East." The team is going to have to split up, it seems. "The second is unknown, but it's a relay … I've connected to it. It seems to be Captain Marvels." Carols systems will get a ping from Oracle - seems … the cavalry (no, that's not right, she's still on Earth) … well help then, has arrived.


Rain is the younger, weaker of the two magicians. But she has a lot of things going for her, that might surprise others. Nevertheless, she does her best to be alert and keep her divination up. It's a bit overwhelming.

Far below the arriving ship and its payload of mighty heroes, two women stand facing one another over the crouched form of a rather inhuman creature, as they face another fire-scorched cavern's mouth filled with the yawning darkness of the unknown. Captain Marvel does not eagerly seek death, but she stopped being truly afraid of that consequence long ago. It's what she does, what she has to do. "We're here to find the bird, and the princess. You say the bird was last seen going in there. So. That's where we're going." Carol's voice is firm, moderated, the tone of a commander who has made the call and is passing it to her subordinates.

"The ship is camouflaged, and all its systems are shut down, except the repeater-receiver. But that'll only work if the signal it receives comes with the same encoding and frequencies as the JLA comm freqs Kate gave me. I have no idea if it'll be strong enough to relay their signals to us, if they show up. Or ours to them. But it's the best shot we have. Right now, we do our job. We find the bird. We extract, and then try to find the princess." Just three impossible things before breakfast. Welcome to the heroic way of life. Carol points to the Imp. "Lead the way. We'll follow." No matter what.

As soon as the relay unit onboard her borrowed ship pings, Carol perks and looks naturally in the direction of the signal's origin. "Well. It seems backup has arrived. I'll patch them in. Caitlin, put your earpiece in. I want to be sure you hear everything they have to say, just in case something goes pear-shaped." That said, Carol connects to the relay.

"Wilco, Oracle. This is Captain Marvel. Linked up with Fairchild, we have located a local with intel on the possible location of the bird. Deep underground. There's an entrance that leads that way from my locus. Suggest you vector your people here. We will wait under cover. Sounds like it's easy to get lost where we're going, so we'll all go together, I assume."


Cameron glances over at Thor during transit and tilts her head with a bit of consideration. Valkyries, eh? Choosers of the Slain? I GUESS I could fit that bill.

"Tenoaks. EMT.""

She triple-checks her carry bag and looks at the rest of the assembled crew.

"Gonna be rough."

She glances around at the comments and the intel passed down.

"I'll head to Wonder Woman."

It's not a question — so at least some assertiveness training has been paying off.

"Thor, don't know if you got the memo, hit them sparingly and avoid contact as much as possible. They'll try to swamp you with numbers. Keep moving."

Cameron will exit the craft and *gag* before remembering to put an issued mask on.


Captain Britain's travel does not go un-noticed. In the Starlight Citadel in Otherworld, Roma comes down the stairs quickly. "Father, what is going on?"

"Just a reinforcement spell," Merlyn mentions as he gestures his daughter froward. "One of our intrepid Captains have just travelled through Limbo and is very far from home now." There's no concern on his features, the ancient mage has faith in those chosen for the Captain Britain Corps. "And we are providing him just a little extra for the trip."

"A little extra what?" Roma asks in confusion.

"Support, my dear child. He will need it."

Back at the mission, Captain Britain nods towards Hawkeye. "Eye in the sky. Got it." he responds, as he helps form the first rank that makes the trip from home to .. a certainly new form of hell. The air sears and burns, feeling the sulfur and heat cut through him like an ill wind. Then the 'gift' arrives as his magically built forcefield flares and brightens, taking on a bluish hue for a moment as it cools the air immediately around the British superhero and allows him to draw in a normal breath. He lofts into the air to take up his position as frontline contact and sentry, the Captain scans the horizon, as dark as it may be, the flares of fire and lava do a great job of illuminating the area ahead. And that's when he notices that the flecks of dots that were looking for Carol's ship and the others start to turn in their direction. "Hawkeye." he comms. "We have inbound. Dozens multiple - and they aren't friendly. What's the play?"


"Oh man, like— what if at the end, it turns out that she's not there, and some, um, little guy goes 'Your princess is in another castle?" Caitlin immediately titters, then claps a hand over her mouth and tries to choke back a sniggering guffaw.

"You know, like, Mario? The game? Mario Brothers? I mean, I only played it on an emulator, 'cause my daddy didn't … let me… have…" she trails off, sighing. "Consoles, and stuff."

She looks around, embarrassed, and clears her throat. At Carol's orders, she nods and fishes for the little earbud hidden in the belt pockets (pockets!!!) of the uniform that Carol had thoughtfully provided for her. Unstable molecules are the /best/.

"So… okay, um, Cai- Fairchild here," Caitlin says, a bit over-loud as she gets a feel for the mic. "Checking in. Um… over?"


"God of Thunder."

The Odinson replies to Cameron and follows her out of the ship. "North towards the city? I like this idea. Might be more things to hit." Nevermind that all the others have gone that way as well and they will apparently fork off. Battle lies ahead. The Asgardian is prepared.

The hammer spins in a circle and the Thunderer ascends while hearing Britain's mention of incoming. "Then we best hurry! Onward my stalwart companions."

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