Apokolips Extraction (part 1): Assemble

November 07, 2015:

The Justice League Alliance assembles and prepares to enter the Fourth World to retrieve their comrades.


The JLA Watchtower


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November 7th 2015. 18:30.
Justice League Watchtower Hangar.

Those of the gathered assembly who remember what the Valmorra might have looked like before would no longer recognize the starship. It is larger now, bulkier and all weapon systems have been removed. It has been turned in to something out of Mad Max thanks to Aspect, Oracle and countless other experts who have been working tirelessly for hours to create a suitable vessel in which the Justice League Alliance will stage it's rescue mission.

Within the belly of the Valmorra the woman calling herself Morte Stellarum lies in stasis. Her mind awake but her physical body shut down to empower the Apokoliptian tech running through her and in to the hybrid space craft.

Behold the team's ride to Apokolips and hopefully back.

Part magic and part super tech a communications system has been set up to maintain contact from Apokolips to Earth and back again. The unfortunate drawback of that is a Limbo infused gem is being used to act as the 'on and off' switch and to slightly boost the signal from Watchtower to the other side of… several galaxies. Those familiar with Magik's Demonic Limbo know what a touch of this can do to others who are unprepared. This is the price of jury-rigging sub-par tech to accomplish means beyond our own.

Hopefully Oracle is up to the task. Surely all of that Bat-Family mental conditioning and discipline will come in handy.

All those present are members of the team or prospective Leaguers. Their trip to the Watchtower was either by means of mass transportation by means of magic thanks to Doctor Strange, their own flight if they're beings like Thor or the teleportation tubes that exist in the Hall of Justice and operate to and from the Watchtower.


"Don't get seperated. If what Miss Tenoaks has said in her report is true, these creatures will attempt to lure or physically cause us to falter in our ranks. Be on the look out for things that may assume to be too good to be true; if any of the missing are just on the other side of the portal, while I may believe that Miss Steallrum can get us directly to where we need to be, I doubt she would grant us the direct fortune to put us right where we should be to find our missing colleagues so easily." While he may not have superhero team training, Captain Britain does have some of the basics of military training with his work with the Queen's own guard.

"Ozymandias, Thor, Columbia and myself will form the front rank and make sure the flanks and point of arrival is secure. Does anyone here have a way to scry quickly for where our comrades may be located?" he asks Strange and Rain. While he made be made of magic, he's not a magic user himself - just another implement in someone else's arsenal.

"But.. that's just my suggestion. If someone else has a better plan, I'm all for it." he says with a unsure smile, realizing that he may have suddenly spoken out of turn. After all, he's just really an observer for the most part when it comes to the team; it is only because of the low numbers of active members that he's found himself pressed into service.

Walking by where Morte is in stasis, he reaches down and gives her hand a squeeze, even if she may not be able to feel it. "Thank you again. I'll make sure to bring you some tea when I see you next." he promises the young woman before he looks at their form of transport.

"We'll either make it there or get scattered in individual atoms across a multitude of omniverse Earths. I give it about a sixty percent chance of working."


Rain is one of the magic-tech people. "I am good at scrying and divination," The witch offers. Captain is draped around her shoulders, listening. He is a jowly orange tabby cat in a trenchcoat. She is listening, violet eyes alert and attentive. "So I will do my best," She promises. She will do her very best, listening more than speaking.


"No offense, Rookie, but we have a chain of command here. Ozymandias looks over at Hawkeye, "She is in charge and she comes up with the plan of attack. She knows most of the team's powers." Ozymandias smiles behind his mask. "So she will work out where the best place to put everyone, and we go from there.


"The starship can find Hawkgirl," mentions Strange. "I should be able to locate Wonder Woman, I know her enough. In fact I might be able to conjure her to our presence with the Flames of Falroth, but this depends on the metaphysical conditions in Apokolips. If I can't, we have some teleporting capabilities to move fast." Because, really, he would prefer if the League stays in that world just a few minutes.


Also magical in nature but not a magic user herself, Tigra would have no preparation for a Magik/Limbo-influenced form of communication, and no way of using magic to assist them with the search. She's indicated as much, then she adds, "What you see is what you get with me," she says. "I'm good with fighting, sneaking around, sniffing things out, and curling up in your lap if I like you enough." This seems to be her way of trying to lighten the mood in some small way.

"Anyhow, she and I have met before," as Tigra gestures toward Cameron, "And I've talked to Hawkeye a couple times. That's part of why I'm here. Whatever I can do to help, you've got it. It's not the first time I've worked with others, but it's probably the largest scale."


"It's a solid plan," Kate chimes in, turning a faint smile on Ozymandias. "And thanks, but I'm in charge because I know when not to be. I'm going to be deep out of my element here, and probably more vulnerable than anyone else on the team." She pauses, buckling her quiver in place. "On second though, that's pretty much my element."

"The Captain's right, though. Bricks take point. Strategy - that's you and me, Oz, and Tigra here - on the flanks. Magic users at the center, where we can keep you safe to concentrate on your work. Thor, you're clearly not from around these parts. Can I assume you've got some experience with alien landscapes?"


"Quite. My apologies, Hawkeye." Britain offers as he's put back in his place as he dusts off his hands and takes a spot out of the way so that he can observe as needed and stay out of the way. The gentle reminder that he's new landed in place and the Captain falls back to a more support role.


Cameron's been running around like crazy, making sure that folks each have a basic first aid kid (just in case) and checking and double-checking her own paramedic 'crash' bag. When the direction from Brian comes down, she gives a grim smile and a nod before pausing a second.

"Hawkeye's the lead, good idea, though."

This is not good. Can't help but feeling we're…

She gives Tigra a nod then glances around. "In the event of a mid-air explosion or crash-landing, we grab what we got and we group up on the fly, then? Mobility's gonna be key."

She glances around worriedly.

"We have a way of protecting our ride home if things get rough?"


"Ah, the mighty now gather. Good I was growing bored." Thor says loudly. Had he been asleep in the hangar? Yes he had. He was sleeping off his drunk. He still yet smells of booze and worn overnight armor. Mjolnir is hefted and the man lifts himself with to wander closer to the gathering of warriors. "A mighty collection. I look forward to battle along side you all… " He squints one blue eye and gazes at those present, "I feel like I am amidst an army of Valkyries. Truly fortuitous."

"A brick? Who dares… " The question of landscape going over his head due to feeling slighted. 'Cause Godly ego.


"Remember our goal is bring our teammates home and keep Morte safe." Ozymandias adds, "Any intel gathering is a secondary mission. Good luck, and the first drinks on me, when we get back.

This is a big operation and the wheelchair bound redhead watches the proceedings from her vantage in the Gotham Clocktower, having linked in via her systems. She's here … for overwatch and support.

A message appears on one of her screens and she checks the status messages being displayed. "Hawkeye" the digitally disguised voice will filter through the comms systems "The ship is ready. Everyone can board."


As he's walking by Thor, Captain Britain gives him a clap on the back. "That's Hawkeye. The leader of this mission. And by brick, she means that your are strong, firm, and more than capable of smashing through anything we come across like they're made of glass. You.. uh.. aren't hungover are you?" he asks, looking sidelong to the Asgardian. "Maybe you should sit next to Columbia, she can take care of anything that may ill you." A gesture to the lovely redhead.

He doubts there's air sickness bags for this trip.


Once everyone is safely on board the Valmorra an indigo colored vortex snaps in to existence with a POP at the front of the ship. The woman inside the stasis tube inside the vessel releases a groan as the MotherBox channels through her. The Boom Tube is entered and the Justice League Alliance will find themselves thrown through time, space and even dimensional veil to enter the Fourth World.

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