Morte Stellarum

November 06, 2015:

The Justice League Alliance manages to convince a "living Motherbox" to help them rescue it's missing members. (emits by Wonder Woman)



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After Hal and Strange's rescue the woman known as Subject 0 had to be contained upon arrival within the Watchtower:

(From the Log)When they land the naked and tattooed woman convulses, the tube that had been down her throat removed and in turn that embryonic fluid spattering with blood across the floors just before she goes into tremors, almost seizure like if it was not for the sudden blue cast from her hands that slams into the floor and sends a small seismic shock across the floor of the Watchtower…

"Not at all," replies Strange, looking thoughtful, "without you the electronic devices at that laboratory would have detected me. And our task has just started. Now we need to understand what has been done to this woman, and convince her… by the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth," the shock makes Strange stumble back, and the levitation spell falters. Of course she had to be a super-human. "I suppose we should call Oracle and Captain Britain as soon as possible." (End)

It is unknown what happened after that, at least to her. In a holding cell she sits with her hands shoved into a large canister that serves as handcuffs but keeps her utterly bound and covered from hands to elbows. Upon a padded bench she sits, slumped with elbows upon knees and bald head lowered, showing that script that is inked over clean shaven skin but does not stop there, the ink a mixture of before and after her own personal Apokolips. She had been left nearly nude to see if anyone could exact what the other worldly writing could mean, but when it cast a blue glow with the blast that came from her hands at least -one- thing was made evident. Relays… Now black and white straps cover her where necessary, much akin to the now 6th Element, perhaps.

Despite the milling around her fish-tank like observation cell she does not move and just waits, most likely for the inevitable.

If the Alliance is needing to request the help of their British liaison, then they must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Arriving at the holding area, the tall Captain keeps his hands relaxed to his sides as he approaches the observation area where Doctor Strange is keeping watch. "Doctor?" he asks quiet and polite, before he looks out at the rather.. under-dressed young woman and frowns. "Could you not make her much more decent than that?" he chides as he turns his attention to the files to try to figure out what he could possibly do here to help.

"Captain," Strange greets the British hero. They wanted him because his expertise in dimensional travel and the sciences related, although not doubt his raw power will be useful in Apokolips. "Security at the Watchtower thought it would be best, but you are right. It is inappropriate." Yet, not much he can do right now.

Strange has been looking for references for the symbols and tattoos in his library without much luck. He just got back to the watchtower when told the woman was awake. Trying to talk with her seems the most reasonable solution, the previous 'living mother boxes' weren't very communicative in the past. This time the League has more experts in the matter, though. "Good evening, can you understand me," he says, the words reinforced by his best translation spell.

Ozymandias has been pulling double watches since Shield decided to pull their people. Ozymandias speaks into the computer, "All conditions normal in all sectors, begin another sweep around the globe in five minutes. Ozymandias spins around in his chair and peers down at a monitor that is showing Strange and Captain Britain talking to Watchtower's "guest."

Ozymandias presses a button on the desk to speak inside the room, "I will be down there to join you after this next sweep, Doctor. Ozymandias spins around in his chair and snaps his fingers, "That reminds I needed to test something."

Well, it is evident she can hear, when it goes from silence through the Looking Glass to words directed more for her the sinewy shoulders tense, evident from the shadows drawn in upon the intricate ink work that lines along skin and barely leaves pallor to view. Bald head tilts ever so slightly, and then rolls, within the cell vertebrae crack and everything settles with a roll of shoulders to eliminate the sign of tension that had briefly made home there.

From lowered to risen her eyes of a dark amber hue come to stare through the window of her tank at them, then back to her shoulder and along her form to follow the strips of fabric they had spoken of as (in)decent. A small quirk of her lips and bare feet bare the weight when she comes to a stand with her arms bound before her and approaches them though the glass still between them.

"Plenty." Arms rise above her head to *thunk* bound appendages above her head and against the glass in a lean that has her gaze leveled on them now, but leaves the disapproved of visual fully open. "And I give fuck all about the meager straps. It's better then before, eh?" A birdlike tilt of her head with a further quirk of lips and she stares at them as if waiting, though Ozy's voice over the comm has her gaze snapping up abruptly and then back.

"My word, your manners and language could use some cleansing." Captain Britain offers with a faint frown on his features. Already, the young man is already studying the whirls and marks that cover the woman's lithe frame, since she was so nice to go ahead and show it off. "What exactly is the story here, Doctor? If I have missed a post to the Alliance comms, I am woefully out of date, as I have seen no information on this. So anything that you could provide would be greatly appreciated."

Then he turns his attention back to the woman. "Do you require anything? Water? Tea? Food?"

Oracle monitors … just about everything … she's listening in on the meeting occurring in the Watchtower but when Ozymandias speaks of testing something, she responds to him "I hope you're not going to try and upset my communications systems, Ozymandias." beat "Hello Doctor and Captain Britain." her digitally disguised voice filters through the comms systems… they'll know she's listening in.

Strange tilts his head when the tattooed woman shows to be perfectly coherent. "Better, perhaps. Not as good as it should be." Strange gestures, freeing the woman's hands by teleporting away the device restraining them. "You are currently at the Justice League's Watchtower, in Earth's orbit. Do you remember what has happened the last few weeks?"

"Pass." The Subject states in regards to cleansing, her bound hands scraping down the glass and swinging back with a large step away from them in emphasis. "Had my fair share of being inappropriately violated down to the marrow. I mean it is not like it is /all/ bad but it depends…" Her words trail and that large cuff is flailing as if she could gesture with her carrying on to herself now as she has put space between them. In fact, for a bit she does not notice her hands are free until she is flailing…

"…. swept off my feet by an alien prince charming and shown shit a Rammstein video would balk at…" But as her hands rise and do a 'jazzy' motion she stares at her fingers and about faces them, staring up once more at the comm systems.

"Does it change sexes?" A single finger points up and she is slowly making her way back towards them, albeit giving Brit the wary/hairy eyeball.

"Should I get my attorney now, or later?" Brows furrow as a single hand splays across the glass now and seems to explore it with the pads of fingertips. "I'd love some tea."

"Prophetess, In the words of Nat King Cole, "I have grown accustomed to your voice",so I am working on a better way to carry your presence with us on mission such as this. I am not sure if I can figure it out by the time this mission starts, but I will keep hammering out it." Ozymandias stands up and makes his way to the room where Strange, Britain, and Subject Zero are in as he continues to Oracle, "In answering your hope, I am not messing with your communications systems. Everyone knows you can only blessed by the wisdom of the Prophetess of Delphi, you cannot touch her.

Ozymandias enter the room and walks passed Captain Britain and Strange, "First your assistance, then I am sure the Captain here can bring all the tea in England."

Something doesn't feel right about her - Captain Britain can't put his finger on it, and with having the Sorcerer Supreme right next to him, it could easily be interference, at least that's what he's telling himself as he finally puts a few steps between himself and the Doctor to rest his hand on the glass to see if he can get a better lead on the woman.

"Alien prince?" he asks curiously. "To whom do you refer?" he asks. "I am sure we can have someone bring you tea shortly, of course. Perhaps I should start over. I do apologize, I realize that you must have had a difficult time to end up in a situation such as this. May I inquire as to your name and perhaps we can discuss further.. yes, as it was just said.." a glance back towards Ozymandias' arrival as he falls quiet. This might just be over his pay grade.

Strange gives the tattooed woman a puzzled look. "I am afraid I need more… ah, Ozymandias. Yes, lets we start with names. Then recent events. And I do hope no lawyers need to get involved. You are restrained only because your superhuman powers are very dangerous for the station and you were unconscious, unable to control them." Well, and before that the DEO was violating her civil rights. But lets start small.

The appearance of Ozymandias brings a stillness, and from Strange to Britain, to the comms her eyes dart in a manner as if she is counting… placing… and when Ozy asks questions, followed by those of Britain's and Strange's ominously looming inquiry she would rather forget

A light glow runs from forearm to fingertip along a circuit and when it impacts the glass Oracle will be able to hear the sudden screech along the airwaves, a familiar sound but this time it does not interrupt her channel but the mic just dropped and with the impact the glass cracks from where her hand touches to where Britain's own hand touched down and then spiderwebs out with a bowing impact that resounds an omission like she punched it, but did not move. No. There is a look of terror and anger in her gaze when she looks upon them now.

Amber gaze darkens like a storm heralded sky and she does not move, her hand shakes over the broken webbing and fingers curl in to pop out pieces 'tween and hook her grip within. "Yoou want me to think of him, recall the horrors and do it again? Don't you? No…" Bald head shakes as that grip in broken glass tears the reinforced and shattered sheet down like a simple drape on a dry line but when she casts it away from between them her bleeding hand now splays and the shards of shrapnel-glass hover in a stasis while her nose even begins to bleed.

"Give me one good reason. Don't be greedy, I won't do it again…" Her head shakes more rapidly now as her other hand not precariously holding her wall made weapon palms her own head that lowers.

"You can't make me bring the monsters back…"

She just wants that tea!

The woman's magic plays across Britain's own magic-driven forcefield and he yanks his hand back, shaking it off. Not that it hut, just that the pure emotion and fear that comes with the surge. "My word." he manages as he glances towards Ozymandis and Strange. Of course, they both look rather non-plussed, but it's not a look that Captain Britain can share. He frowns and gives his hand a shake, but as Ozymandis is handing over the tea, the Captain steps back, allowing others to handle the situation.

"We don't want the monsters coming back, Miss," explains Strange. "The Justice League has managed to stop the invasions in three occasions, but it costs us greatly. We now seek to reach the attackers in their home ground, the world called Apokolips, and rescue several of our teammates that are stranded there. The invaders used you to open gateways to Earth, and we need your help to send our spaceship there. I promise you we will do our utmost to keep you safe."

When the glass shatters, Ozymandias quickly spins around so most of the damage is easily blocked by his shield. His armor protects him from the rest, but there are few shards that pierce his left eye. His left eye instantaneously heals the damage,but the brief pain still reminds of the many times he has lost an eye. This memory leads him to recall the feelings of his mortal combat brother and sisters that suffered mental scars from their battles.

He lets out a sigh as he changes strategies with Subject Zero, ""We do not have Shield Agents to clean up the place, so there is no reason to be bleeding on our floors." Ozymandias walks over to a panel and presses a few buttons. After few quick moments, a panel open ups with a plastic mug. "I hope you enjoy Ntingwe Kwazulu Leaf Tea." Ozymandias hands the mug to the woman, "Now relax yourself.
Ozymandias pivots on his left foot and turns to face Captain Britain, "I am sorry for not introducing myself. I am Ozymandias." Ozymandias tilts his head towards his left shoulder as he looks him over, "When this is all over, I hope you will tell me about this creature that has either claimed the name from a Faust story or inspired Faust?

Captain Britain looks surprised. He hadn't met Ozymandias yet, however, he seemed to know, and he gives a nod of his head. "The Fury may have been inspired by Faust, but has surpassed his wildest nightmares." the Captain offers in a crisp and clipped tone as he lifts his head back up to the young woman. "Do you know who this alien prince is that she is referring to?"

Subject Zero, as the DEO and CADMUS named her, stood and waited, poised for a battle that she was fully willing to tear this place apart over. The hand held out with tattoo'd fingers splayed kept the shards of glass hovering in a static poise mid-air and where fingertips bled the circuitry tattoos from fingers crackled with a pulse of blue light, thrumming away from one form of life towards the source of another where the metaphysical heartbeat took over in a meld with the otherworldly placement into her being. Strange speaks and her head rises, the hand that was upon her head comes down to dab at the blood from her nose, looking at it like it is something new to her and then to them, lingering on Britain as he backs off ever so slightly. Another avian twist of her inspection upon them with the way her head tilts and eyes take them in.

"You want to open the way to him to get your friends? He has them? They are done, get new friends. If not dead they will wish they were…" The terror in her words and that look in her darkened eyes tells it all as she slowly starts to tr and right herself, the appearance of the tea suddenly setting off a shard of glass to shatter the cup and send the contents spilling before Ozy could even get off the definition of the gift. "Shit.." Hissed out and the shards of reinforced glass fall to the ground like the herald of a deadly snowfall.

"Alien prince? No, you misunderstand. What He takes never comes back right if at all. He serves a Dark-Side. You don't know what you seek. Death." The heels of her hands now come up and press at her temples and she bends to crouch in the floor of glass, bare foot and shaking her head in a manner of a defiant child.

As the woman has her fit, Britain frowns. The shattered glass lands against his force-field, deflected from it rather easily. "Yes. Well, we do not give up on those that we consider friend so easily." he admits as he finally decides to step forward again, as he goes and grabs a table. Lifting it up easily, he moves it over and drops it down right in front of the woman.

Then he returns to the dispenser and takes out two cups of tea. "I prefer a plain Earl Grey myself." he admits as he comes over, and sets down the two cups, the glass cracking and crinkling under his feet. "Now. Please join me, and let's discuss this respectably. I know what it means to be deconstructed and put back together again. It is a terrible thing, is it not?" he asks her. "The pain, the hurt, the nightmares. They never go away. But you can find those that have seen and been through what you have experienced. And yes, your experience is unique as in what happened to you - but in the totality of it all - you're not alone." Stepping right up to the young woman, he offers his hand. "Please. Join me for a spot of tea. And we will find a way to assist you - and perhaps, our own friends at the same time."

He's been dead before - it sucked. He knows what it means to be deconstructed and rebuilt from the very essence of death. "My name is Britain. Captain Britain. And you are?"

Oracle's link to the Watchtower's Monitor Womb and all of the high tech systems there warns her seconds before the God of Thunder is tapping Mjolnir on the outside of the orbital satellite itself. As if merely some neighbor knocking to be let in. Which, entry was given by the Data Mistress as the man has in the past stood within this drifting sentinel's halls on several occassions as an ally. And right now the Justice League Alliance can use all the allies it can muster.

"Hail, Justice League. The Odinson has arrived in your time of peril." The voice booms down hallways like a cannon before his large form is striding in to the holding cells where everyone else is located, "What ho, my fellow defenders of Midgard?"

The Subject keeps her hand in place like the defiant then expects a blow when Britain moves, but his words are the saving grace where fingers curled into fists to defend. So she does not move to rise the glass or a hand to them again. Not at this moment yet. If relating and kindness had been a tactic she knew it did not show, though the wariness never leaves those eyes that fade back to amber as she keeps a keen gaze upon everything Britain does.

A huff of laughter escapes now when he finally stills, but it is more exasperated than anything other, there is no amusement as the words that follow point out. "There is no helping me. I was reborn to die again. They called me Morte Stellarum…" When she says it she stands, slowly, looking from one to the next, but not taking the hand, instead taking a seat and pulling it out and back, but just before ass meets confines the booming voice freezes her in place and her jaw sets, deadpanning in this Odinson's valiant arrival.

"What do you want to bring back aside from death?" What, who, it is no difference to her, the whole concept makes her the worlds largest skeptic right now, even if she does have a cup of hot tea in hand the surface of the liquid ripples as she tries to relax.

"…if this is payback for what happened on the docks, Thunder God, your timing is impeccible." Captain Britain gives Thor a sharp look and a frown. See, he's not the only one that shows up at the wrong time. Letting out a breath, he steadies his nerves, and cradles his cup of tea. "The Death of the Stars." he says, translating her name until something he can understand.

"Three of our friends. A woman with wings, Hawkwoman. Wonder Woman, an Amazonian. And Caitlin Fairchild.. uh.. a heroine in her own right." he frowns a little more. "I know that there are risks with traveling directly to him - this Dark Side." he uses her name for him as he speaks in a comforting tone. "But without your help, we may not be able to reach them. So, I come to you, to ask for your assistance in this time of need."

"Ah, Interloper." Thor regards coolly, "Revenge? Nay, you are not a foe. You have proven yourself a capable warrior already." A quick study follows of the room, the glass and the woman and he releases a huff, "At least the attire of Midgard women is improving ever so slightly. But what is this conference? Why are we standing idle with wasted breath when members of Earth's most valiant team are lost behind enemy lines? I came expecting a great war party instead… " A quick flail about of muscular limbs in indication.

The Subject gave him the only name she remembers, not desiring to know further that anything before she was taken is null. The only memories she has are ones they wanted her to have. The screams, the cries, the pain… Those rule dominant but even in her incubated sleep within a tube she could hear people talking about the horrors she committed, her and the other Stellarum He made to show this Dark-Side. All gone but her and she stared at her own reflection in the surface of the tea while she hears Britain explain the who, and when Thor adds in there is a tension climbing back along her exposed spine, drawing shoulders up.

"He makes my head hurt." Slowly she tries to unwind and unravel muscles brought back like they were placed upon a harpsichord, and in depth… they were.

"How many do you have for the war to your death?" She asks, looking up now to roam her gaze over those within, even casting a glance towards the comm systems for the gender swapping voices.

If Britain wasn't a cool cucumber, his palm would be so far in his face right now. "I think that the invasion is currently on hold due to no one knowing who is driving the bus." he replies quite dryly to the Thunder God before the Captain gestures towards the woman. "Morte Stellarum, this is Thor. Thor, this is Morte Stellarum. She's been to our destination before - and it is my hope that she can serve as an anchor-point here for us to get back where she has been before." With that, he turns back to the young woman, his attention focusing in keenly on her.

"I do not mean to suggest that I am going to make you return from where you finally escaped. What my suggestion is.. as I was just telling Thor - is that we can have you here, as something of a beacon. A way for us, once we arrive on Dark Side's world, to have a point to return to. Do you think you can do that for us?" he asks her finally.

"Our group will be large enough when the time arrives. Friends and allies alike will rise up in the time of need to respond to the call. It shall be enough." he says firmly, sure of this fact.

"Hrm. Well met." Thor speaks plainly, it would appear he has deflated, "So we are gathering then. I was perhaps too eager in my haste. Very well, the Thunderer will wait. A room and mead is required." Thor drapes his arms over his chest that hammer swinging on it's thong to dangle off one wrist at his side. Having just come in to the conversation Thor will not interrupt further nor does he have much to say it is obvious the Captain is a better speaker than him at such things anyways.

"Have no fear, woman, whatever foes we face on the morrow they will be brought low before our gathered might."
After drying his hands and shaking his head a few times at Thor's entrance, "Wait, we are not promising anything to you, Morte Stellarum." Ozymandias peers over at Captain Britain,and back to Thor, "Especially since we have no idea how her powers work. We need a way to where our friends are, and we need a way to return. Ozymandias clasps his hands together as he approaches the woman. "We are the protectors of this world, and now you are on this world we are the protectors of you too. If this evil price and the evil he serves was able to snatch you up once, don't you think it would be better to have people standing with you by your side.

Ozymandias continues. "We are not going to invade. We are going to rescue and come home. Only a fool or an egomaniac would wage a war on unknown planet.
After drying his hands and shaking his head a few times at Thor's entrance, "Wait, we are not promising anything to you, Morte Stellarum." Ozymandias peers over at Captain Britain,and back to Thor, "Especially since we have no idea how her powers work. We need a way to where our friends are, and we need a way to return. Ozymandias clasps his hands together as he approaches the woman. "We are the protectors of this world, and now you are on this world we are the protectors of you too. If this evil prince and the evil he serves was able to snatch you up once, don't you think it would be better to have people standing with you by your side if tries it again.

Ozymandias continues. "We are not going to invade. We are going to rescue them, and come home. Only a fool or an egomaniac would wage a war on unknown planet.

The grip upon the mug Stellarum has begins to white-knuckle the more this Captain speaks, the ear to the mug snapping off in her grip only to be tenderly set aside like it was being laid to rest beneath her cupped palm on the table, her head bowed slightly.

"If I open the way to your friends I open the way for death for all and His entry again. I'm a mistake. He doesn't make mistakes, and will correct this if I do this for you." She was meant to serve her purpose and end with the rest. Yes, two others lived but -what- they were is no longer connected, considered dead, rewritten and forgotten.

Thor now gets a look, followed by Ozymandias and Strange as he exits the area to go to this ship mentioned earlier. The proclamations have a shaky sigh escaping and when Ozy speaks as well both hands place upon the table and fingers splay like she was all that was anchoring it down. Namely herself.

There is several heartbeats of silence before she stands. "I don't know any promises but those that end badly." A half cocked grin to Ozy as those amber eyes shift from one to the next and then down to the table as she speaks. "I need a key, fragments, pieces…" Her finger draws out on the table the shape of an obelisk. "It only needs to fit in my hand and I can open the door."

Thor and Britain get the look of eyes that have seen too much and want that flame to die while one there fights to live. "You will need to be ready and swift, they will know, they will come…He will know and he -is- death of far more then one star. Going there is war, whether you want it or not."

"As Ozymandias has already said - we're not going in there spoiling for a fight. There is no reason to use a chainsaw when a scalpel shall do." Britain finishes off his tea, and then looks between the two 'bigger' heroes than him. "I believe you can handle it from here, Ozymandias." Britain offers as he reaches out to nearly touch her hand, but thinks better of it. "Thank you. Your assistance is muchly appreciated." Rising to his feet, he picks up his cup to put away. "Have a good evening." And with that, he starts to dismiss himself as well.

"Speak for ones self. Mjolnir is eager for battle." Thor taps fingertips on the weapon but then asides, "I, however, understand tact is mayhaps required and will follow whomever is to be our war chieftain in this adventure or simply those wiser than I." A grin given to Ozymandias on that one.
"All this talk of darkness and death has me thirsty. I go now to return when we are ready! Friend, Interloper. " A large hand claps Captain Britain on the shoulder as they stride out of the room, "Bring me to the drinking hall. We have stories to engage and camaraderie to foster." Even if that isn't where Mr.Braddock wished to go the Asgardian will insist heavily that they get drunk.

Unfortunately, the Captain doesn't really drink that much, and well, "There's not really a drinking hall here.." Britain admits. "Though I think you can join Elongated Man and Plastic Man, as they were headed planetside for some drinks and twisty fun?" the Brit offers with a wan smile. "I have other plans tonight."

Ozymandias looks over at Thor and then Captain Britain, "Captain Britain, Thank you for calming our guest down, perhaps we can share some tea together. Also prepare yourself to be part of the tip of the spear tomorrow. We are going to need our most powerful people up front." Ozymandias narrows his eyes behind his mask as he turns his attention back to her. "He already started the war with the boom tubes, but we are going there to finished it."
Ozymandias thinks hopefully the others that are there have gather some intel to finished this war latter.

Blinking, Stellarum looks to the hand that comes and goes, afraid to touch perhaps? Or simply thinking the better of it considering her earlier reactions to his offer for aid. Yet he gave her kindness, something she never "experienced" until this group. Britain's departure with Thor is interrupted by the sudden sidestep in of Stellarum, staring upwards at the men and coming to rest on this Captain with a light tilt of her head.

"When I heard talk of heroes it was with malice. You were false hope and lies, only pain was real," Now she reaches for Britain's hand, tentative at first, a light graze and then a grasp like she waited for permission but then took it herself.

"I hope you are not. Your tea was good." With his hand in her grip her other hand closes over it and shakes vigorously, casting a sidelong glance to Thor and sidestepping away.

"I hope that hammer is not just for compensation." Beat. "You are a loud man."

Leaving them now she stands before Ozy and looks to the way Strange had left then back to him, those brows dipping at the ends in her nearly whispered plea to him. "Please… Don't be lies, Ozymandias. You all have given me something I feared to have before. Get me the key and I can only pray I share it and do not bring it's end."

Turning then she goes back to that padded cot in the cell surrounded by shattered glass, sitting down gingerly almost as she had before, but this time to wait…

What they gave?


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