Prelude: Apokolips Extraction

November 07, 2015:

Darkseid and DeSaad have a discussion about the invaders on Apokolips (cutscene)


Darkseid's Throne Room


NPCs: Darkseid DeSaad



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Far away on a distant fiery veined planet sheathed in skin of blackened earth and hosting bones of industrial metal…

Darkseid's Throne Room.

Gray craggy flesh stretched over a face that looked carved out of stone. A low jutting brow sits folded permanently in a scowl over crimson smoldering coals.
The ancient god's gaze sits upon the cowering form before him, a figure wrapped in blood-colored robes.

"A decamillenium, you worm."

"My master?"

"That is how long since I was upon that primitive mud ball of a planet. How long it has been since the old Gods and the Earth's champions managed to expel me. But not before I could foster discord and fear within their ranks."

"Yes,.. I am aware of what transpired, all are aware of your glorious accolades. You caused the great schism within the cowards who sit upon Mount Olympus, destroyed several of the lesser pantheons, planted seeds of monotheism.."

DeSaad's words are cut off by the sound of cracking bones, meat being savagely bludgeoned and air forced from rasping lungs and that bundle of misshapen robes is bouncing like a rock skipped across placid water in to the opposing wall of the throne room. Each violent clap of a fleshy limb on stone audible in transit.

"Master…. " DeSaad rasps but doesn't finish his words instead climbing to his knees and extends his palms up in submission while fighting down the pain from that powerful kick. Several ribs now float but he knows better than to beg, knows better than show more weakness than he already has. Knows better than to prove he is unworthy of being one of Darkseid's Elite. "My insolent tone. I will correct it."

"Was that the reason I inflict pain upon you?" The towering man muses. Perhaps it was perhaps it was not, maybe memory alone still invoked rage within the God-Emperor of Apokolips. Memories of the Gods of Old and their champions expelling him from the Earth in a war the history books have erased.

Silence sits for several heartbeats and that craggy countenance of Darkseid continues to loom over DeSaad with contained fury that shows only in the boiling energy flickers off crimson eyes.

"How many of these gnats infest my planet now?"

"We have the one, the Amazon. Shortly after arrival she found way to our dungeon… Granny Goodness and I have been attempting to break her but her will is strong. She comes from impressive stock."

Noticing the tendrils of menacing light churn around Darkseid's stare DeSaad speaks quicker.

"The Thanagarian, from our bio-readings is dead. She disappeared in to the Necropolis and two others have followed her in. They will likely die as well. One of them did not come through the Boom Tube they… flew here…"


"We thought at first someone stumbled upon us…"

"Do not take me for a fool, DeSaad. The more you speak the more you infuriate me with your ineptitude and attempts at deceit. No one stumbles upon an empire that spans two galaxies." A wave of one massive fisted hand towards the wall on emphasis. There upon that very wall are three corpses too disfigured to discern gender or species, they hang impaled upon spikes. Two are clad in green and black rags that were once uniforms the third in blue and gold with a crushed helmet. What remains of heroes, explorers, galactic law enforcers now nothing more than messages, trophies on display for all who enter the hall of Darkseid.

"Yes, Master. It was a rescue team but the frigate escaped our sector and shortly after it's departure we caught the signature spike of a smaller vessel and traced it. Patrols discovered the ship and destroyed it. They have no way off the planet, we will find them."

"Them and those who delivered them here. Find that frigate and it's crew. I want them killed to the last and made example of. Now begone from my presence."

DeSaad doesn't bother to stand he only crawls backwards towards the door, hunched in on himself before reaching it.

"And DeSaad."

"Great Lord Darkseid?"

"If I do not have these intruders before me in a timely fashion I will replace them and their fate with your own and the rest of the trash you took with you on this premature invasion of Earth."

"Yes, my master." DeSaad the Torturer, the Master of Planning will not mention the outside trace that came from Earth just hours ago. A xeno-metal trace seeking out Nnth metal. With a quiet sneer Treacherous DeSaad gazes over his shoulder at Darkseid's wide back. The throne room door then closes shut.

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