The Violet One

November 03, 2015:

Continuing their journey in Gemworld, the magical trio are met by Ryden.

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Gemworld is a lot like Medieval Earth in some ways. One of them is the amount of walking that's necessary to get anywhere. Fenris, Misfit and Zee have been going for a few hours. He doesn't dare teleport them that far lest they tear the viel between Faerie and Earth. The goal? Find out whether or not the Opal realm is allied with or overrun by the Hobgoblins that attacked the Amathyst kingdom.

What Fenris does not know is that the Vishanti have recently called upon Ryden the Book Mage to hold back the tides of Faerie. And they might be about to give him a little kick to where he needs to be.

Ryden has just finished getting properly cleaned up for the first time in weeks. He's showered, shaved and had his hair trimmed back. He'd intended to go back to his studies but Damnyou had pecked him into getting dressed and going out for a walk. "Man, last time we had chinese I was sick for two days. What about italian? Or maybe-"

The lorekeeper is dressed in jeans and tennis shoes and a bright pink tank top beneath his grey cloak. His travel pack is of course on his back. He frowns and the goose he's holding in one arm makes a startled sound. "Qwek!" "Yeah. This..isn't new york anymore. Oh no. It's Faerie! Why are we in fucking Faeire!" He nearly drops Damnyou as he gestures about in alarm.

Charlie squints through her orange batgoggles and then adjusts the zoom a bit. "Hey.. its some guy and a goose on the road…" she cocks her head a bit. "I wonder if it is a magic goose.. like.. uh.. you know the one with the golden eggs… or the one that … lives in a house and tells nursrey rhymes… or the wargoose of franxilica…"

Fenris puts a hand on Charlie's shoulder as he peers ahead. "Oh, no, that's no Nursery Rhyme." The sound in his voice makes it seem as though he wishes it was. "That's Ryden. He's a mage who knows Zee and has a number of rather unfortunate habits. I wonder what he's doing here?" Here being an interesting place. They're close to the frontier with the the Opal Kingdom and one thing is different from last time. The line of spells that provided detection last time is entirely absent. Also, there's smoke ahead though it's hard to tell from what. "And I don't think we're alone." He murmurs as he waves to Ryden and motions to the man who hopefully doesn't make much noise. Up ahead there's a hill and they should be able to see from there.

Ryden's lowered his voice and is speaking quietly to Damnyou after getting a sharp peck where his shoulder and neck meet. It's already bruising beneath the cloak. The lorekeeper turns from the smoke and spots Fenris and Zee and "Oh. What was her name? You weren't with me then? Uhm. Charles. No..Charlie."

He remembers because he met her last in Faeire and nothing good ever happens to him here. Most of his memories of the place are rather vivid. "Actually. That three days with the nympth were amazing. Only it was thirty years on earth and when I got back the entire village I'd been living in had been wiped out.." The lorekeeper moves with care as he heads towards Fenris and the others. "Hey guys. What brings you here? We just kinda.." Ryden shrugs. "Are here now apparently."

Misfit notes helpfully "Yeah that totes happens sometime…. but we should be quiet about it… I think Fenris senses some danger danger up ahead and we want to be as sneaky as possible…"

"That's Ryd—-" Zee was about to respond to Charlie when Fenris does "He's a friend." The bit about unfortunate habits gets a soft snort. Ryden might be older, by a /lot/, than Zee but she … often appears as the more sensible one.

"Hello Ryden. Hello Damnyou…." she might hate that name. Her blues eyes light on the other mage "The walls between worlds are failing and creatures from different planes are bleeding through."

"Yes and it's close." Fenris motions to the others and prowls up the hill. When they get there… well it becomes clear that the Opal Kingdom is not allied with the hobgoblins. The castle in the distance is burning. As are most of the villages. "What in the name of…"

That's when the shrieking starts. "BANSHEES!" Fenris calls out as his blade appears in his hands. A dozen ghostly fae women descend from the sky like a flock of vultures on the small knot of people below.

Ryden pauses whatever else he'd been about to say and stares askance at Zee as they move. "Uh." Damnyou makes another soft sound and the lorekeeper shakes his head. "No, its not us. I haven't even begun yet. Just the research, you've seen it. Besides if anything that would make it stronger. Or have no effect. I don't know, we're researching dammit. But.." Only hearing the conversation from Ryden's side probably doesn't make a lot of sense. The magi looks thoughtful for a few moments.

"I wonder if its because of what Darque did. It could be a ripple or after affect from the DarkZone and all the crap he did. Like stealing and ending so many magical and mythical beings and places."

Then there is screaming and the view of a burning castle. "Ban-oh for!" He hates this place. He really does. Ryden decides the Banshees are the enemy here thanks to Fen's yell. Otherwise he might have waited a few before picking a side. Still, not knowing exactly what is going on he isn't out to kill them, yet. Damnyou is gently set down and Ryden withdrawls a book and flips through the pages until he finds the right one and slaps his hand over the symbols and words. A silencing spell directed at the Banshees.

Charlie pauses and looks at the descending Faerie Banshees and frowns. "Okay I really need like a monsters manual for this damn place.. I mean sure from video games I kind of know what they do.. but .. I mean… …" she fishes around in her utility belt and slides a pair of 'brass' knuckles on. She really was wondering why the batvault was stocked with cold iron knuckles but what the hell. She takes one running step and leaps … vanishing instantly in a Ruby/pink/purple flash of smoke and appearing behind one of the banshees fist extended.

"Darque, HYDRA … other magic" Zee murmurs as Ryden postulates on the cause might be. There's been /so/ much stuff over time it's not surprising.

The shrieking gets the teens attention about the same time as Fenris call, and she calls her power to her … fireballs would be cool… but there are people below … and that would be bad. And them Misfit appears behind one of them… that makes it a bit easier. Speaking, her words backwards, the raven haired mage turns the air around one of the Banshees, icy cold - trying to freeze her.

One Banshee is frozen as another becomes Misfit's target. Well, another pair. Seems they can be punched. They're certainly solid enough though they don't look it. Three rush Fenris only to find that's a very, very bad idea. So they fall back on their strength. One afther another they zoom in toward Charlie and Zee and Ryden, shrieking literal bloody murder. The sound, it hurts. It might make the ears bleed… or other things.

Ryden glowers and focuses on the remaining three. His hands both lift and the book hovers in midair before him as he points at the spirit women and drives his will and magic towards them. He's combining a verbal binding spell with the silencing spell from the book. They will shut up. Indefinately dammit. Or he's going to go to a blank page and trap the bitches. The goose huddles on the ground at Ryden's feet with it's head tucked beneath one wing. He should have thrown up a sound barrier around them first but he'd mistaken their target as the people below.

Charlie twirls out of the air in a swish of the Ruby red smoke.. there is very little pink and purple in it right now. She appears to do a fist from above all supergirl style pose into a Banshee's noggin and then … more Ruby smoke and she is gone.

Well if nothing else the high pitched "Wheeeeeee!!" seems to indicate Charlie is having fun right?

Zee winces at the sound and she feels a warm trickle from her ear … which makes it very, very, hard to focus … and focus is what she needs in these circumstances. This is going to be difficult….

Eyes glowing blue, the teen speaks again, taking the sound waves from the one diving at her and throwing them back at the creature… with any luck, the sound of the Banshee's own voice will floor her and if not, there should be a concussive force … IF she got the spell off before Rydens silence spell.

Fenris has lost sight of Charlie. He's busy trying to deal with a pair of rather nimble fae ghosts. The screams are getting annoying and then… Zee bounces their own screams back at them moments before they are silenced. Robbed of their most effective weapon, the banshees start to flee leaving both warriors and victims alike behind. It's apparently not a fight they're willing to die for. Again.

Ryden is used to working through agonizing pain and used to working while high as a kite so despite the bit of blood dripping down one side of his just shaved and cleaned face, it doesn't break his focus. He takes three steps toward the fleeing Banshees and is reaching for a book to trap them in when Damnyou hops forward and pecks at his ankles. "Ow! What? We need them..Oh." The lorekeeper sighs. "Yeah. You're right..I need to save power. I kinda doubt we got pulled here just for that." He eyes the Banshees for a moment more. "Next time.." Then he turns to look Zee over. "Are you alright? And what about Charlie?" He looks up towards where he last saw the sparkles and then over at Fenris. He's reasonably sure the God-Wolf is fine but it won't hurt to check.

There is a punt noise… like PUNT… and then a banshee falls from the sky knocked unconcious in front of the three gathered on the ground. With a slash of Ruby and … huh just Ruby smoke Misfit appears standing on it like it is some big game trophy and they are on Faerie Safari. "Got one!"

Zee's ears hurt … and she finally dashes the fluid away from her ear, streaking blood across her cheek. Blinking a few times, and then shaking her head to clear it, she finally manages to look at Ryden "'m fine." she says quietly … and then stares as Misfit looks behaves like some big game Safari Hunter.

Now, is Fenris still fighting those ghosts?

Fenris is not. He's watching them run. Or he was until Misfit reappeared with an actual captive. "Wow…" Is all he says. "Well… good work. Ryden, Zatanna, I don't suppose you'd care to bind this one? I could use some answers. I think we all could."

Ryden stares dumbfounded for a moment and then grins. He likes this girl, she's got flair. Since catching Zee's expression when he absently called her "Kiddo" Ryden's made a mental effort to not think or refer to her or any of her friends as such. "Zee may be able to do that faster than me but I would like to have her when you're done. Now that I think of it I'm pretty sure I have a book with a trap spell already set up. I just wasn't planning on needing it yet." He starts fishing in his pack for that book but in an absent sort of manner as he keeps an eye out on their surroundings. If anything else comes at them he wants to be ready.

Misfit leans down and snappily taps her knuckle to the banshee's head. There is a faint sizzzzle noise and she hops off stepping away and putting the knuckles back into her utility belt. "That was exciting." she notes as she bounces over to Fenris and bumps into him before wrapping an arm around him.

Zee can bind the Banshee and the spell is murmured … vines from the ground wrap around the woman, holding her tight. That way, no magic is needed for the ongoing bind.

Rydens request for the woman when Fenris is done with her gets raised eyebrows - likely for phrasing more than anything.

"Just make it answer some questions…" Fenris steps forward and eyes the Banshee. "I'll only ask once. Tell me who is leading this and you will not die."

"The Erlking. The Erlking. The Great Horned One. Cunerros. The three lead the great hunt. It will spill into the mortal world and we will hunt as never before."

Fenris blinks. "Three hunt lords combining hunts? That's unheard of. Why are you attacking these lands?"

"To find the princess. To find she who can open the ways. The violet one."

Ryden frowns. Didn't they rescue someone like that the last time he was here? The hunt spilling into the mortal gets the magi a look from his familiar but the lorekeeper doesn't seem to notice it. "Huh." He looks thoughtfully at the Banshee and then out at the surrounding area again. There are way too many thoughts and ideas spinning around in his mind for him to offer much else at the moment. He does stop rummaging in his pack though, coming out with a book and a clean hankerchief that he hands to Zee after giving her ear another worried glance.

Misfit steps away when Fenris is going to be the big bad woof. She looks around kind of thoughtful and a bit bored until the banshee mentions Amy. She looks over "Why would they think the purple princess could open the ways?"

Zee has of course seen Fenris' interrogations and this one is indeed mild. Taking the hankerchief from Ryden, with an distracted smile, she dabs at her face … probably smearing the blood more than cleaning it up.

"Well that explains at least some of the warnings we're being given." she murmurs and then looks at the Banshee "Why… do they want someone who can open the ways?"

Fenris glares down at the Banshee who quivers a bit. "To begin the great hunt. We will hunt among the mortals and the living. We will never, ever have to cease."

The wolf sighs. "They want her because she's a child of both worlds. If she cannot tear the veil, her blood well. We need to get back. And quick."

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