November 05, 2015:

A Bank Robbery sees X-Red and SHIELD attending… Dum-Dum is stunning, Wanda is reality altering…

New York


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There's a Robbery at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. That in and of itself doesn't ordinarily ping on X-Red's Radar. Or SHIELD's for that matter. Sure, it makes the news and such but really, bank robbers? Except this time the robbers are heavily armed Cyborgs. Five of them, supported by some kind of armed microdrones. Whatever the case they stormed into the bank, took a number of hostages and repelled the first police attempt to rescue them. Now they've somehow hacked into the TV feeds and they're threatening to execute the hostages if 'heroes' don't come face them. Considering they pulled a very similar maneuver at Yankee Stadium only the other day, it's sure they mean to kill.

Now that is kind of thing that gets X-Red's attention. Bobby immediately called Wanda, left a message for the others and rushed down there. And cyborgs? Definitely in SHIELD's baliwick. Especially if they're calling out metas. If metas respond, it's just gonna get ugly. If they don't… well… it's gonna get ugly.

New body.

New vest - one that fits.

Same bowler hat.

Same man - more or less.

As the quinjet levels off at a safe distance from the Federal Reserve, Agent Dum-Dum Dugan leans out the open rear hatch, his rifle slung over his shoulder, using his free hand to hold his bowler hat on his head as he squints down at the scene below.

"Don' like it," he mutters to the SHIELD agents behind him. "Get me a schematic on that location; there another way inside?" He scowls darkly. "Other than blastin' a hole in the wall — hey, ain' a bad idea…"

Wanda makes her way to the bank as quickly as she can. If people need saving then she will be there! As soon as the taxi makes its way through the traffic. 'Luckily' it manages to get every green light and somehow avoid most of the log jams. That had nothing to do with the woman who emerges from the taxi, spends a couple of moments trying to figure out how to pay with the X-Red credit card and then meanders closer to the line of police around the bank. Bobby will be here somwhere.

Wanda is in her X-Red uniform (it's on her wiki page) so hopefully that will get her close to the action. Her fingers jerk and spasm by her legs as subconsciously draws on her power. She peers up at the sky, unsure if she can hear a jet…Bobby doesn't have a jet, does he?

Sitting next to Dum-Dum, Simmons frowns as Dugan hangs out the rear hatch. She's not there to enter the fray… perse… but to observe the LMD in action. The agent, standing next to Dugan, is busily pulling up a schematic but if they are in time to give it to him before he goes blasting holes in sides of buildings is entirely another question.

Bobby does not have jet. He recognizes the design though. That's SHIELD with a response team. The X-Red members are standing with the police having apparently just finished conferring with them. And now they're headed toward the bank at a walk, clearly thinking similar thoughts. "I count eighteen hostages Wanda." Ah the joys of having thermal vision. "Can you protect them or get them out? I'll make an entry hole… er… right there." He points to a chunk of wall. How is he going to do that?

Well that wall is starting to get really… really cold…

Dugan waits for a reply regarding the layout of the building from one of his team-mates, then turns to Simmons and offers a polite tip of his hat. Drake's actions, however, draw his attention and he leans even further out of the quinjet.

"Swell." Dugan looks back inside the jet. "Alright, do a fly-by an' drop me on the roof. Keep up with the cover-fire so that Ice-Man — " Dugan has read the dossiers on some of the X-Men, but has not noticed Wanda yet. " — don't get fried. The bastards in there'll probably try 'n get fancy anyhoo… Then follow me in."

The man brandishes his energy rifle just as the pilot follows his orders and brings the quinjet into a position above the Federal Reserve. Dugan smirks at Simmons and prepares to jump. "Hold onto yer pumpkins, kid," he tells her.

He hesitates.

"That, erm, was a joke." Dugan's speech is working perfectly again - or one would hope so.

Wanda offers Bobby a faint smile as he lets her know the situation - not even a 'hello' first will be excused at times like this. "Are all the hostages together? Do you see if any of the bad people are mixed with them?" Her voice still has its Eastern European accent and probably always will. She stares at the wall, disappointed that she can't see through it too.

"I will need to get closer. I assume they can see us." Wanda taps the side of her head. "They probably can see the warm too. Maybe." She purses her lips in thought before looking up at the jet overhead and seeing the man about to leap out. "I think I will have plenty of distractions though. Make your noise, Bobby. I shall try to protect them."

X-Red will be receiving notifications that SHIELD has been deployed.

Simmons … just stares at Dugan… pumpkins? REALLY? And truly? Is the bio-chem going to jump? Well… yes, it seems so.

Left arm restitched and dressed, Jemma casts a faint smile at Dugan. "Ready when you are, Agent Dugan…" and when he jumps, she'll follow him out.

Wanda gets a warm smile from the ice nerd. "Thanks Wanda. And be careful. Looks like we're going to get some help from SHIELD."

Okay… here goes nothing. Iceman takes a stance and a ramp appears beneath him as he slides forward at incredible speed. Just before he hits a wave of ice goes out in front of him and shatters the now extremely cold wall. One improvised entry point, check.

The cyborgs and drones inside open up but Bobby has thought at least that far ahead. His ramp turns upward and he starts to make it snow. Quite heavily, actually. You wouldn't think that'd be a good thing to do but Bobby's seen that the Reavers favor laser weaponry. The thick snow refracts the beams and scatters them, rendering them, at least temporarily harmless. It also makes it hard for anyone not using thermal vision to see. Okay. One ice nerd fighting several robots big and small. Little help here?

The quinjet sweeps in very close to the roof of the bank, pausing for only a second so that Dugan and Simmons can head out - without breaking limbs, that is, especially for Simmons' benefit.

As soon as the agents are gone, the 'jet circles around and returns fire to take some of the 'heat' off Ice-Man (pun intended). Dugan breaks into a run for a roof-top entrance into the building, and quietly opens the door. Once inside, he heads further down in the direction of the hostages. He looks at Simmons. "They should be distracted… Hostages are the priority…"

Wanda is one of those who doesn't have thermal vision and is now blinded by a snowstorm - thanks, Bobby! Squinting at the hole in the bank she reaches the wall, back to it, and peers around to see if inside is any better. The cyborgs seem to enjoy shooting at Bobby rather than noticing Wanda as she starts muttering softly to herself. The scarlet energy around her hands starts to build and crackle as she tries to see where the hostages are. "I need x-ray vision" she mutters to herself before taking a deep breath and slipping inside. Keeping low, and lucky, she slips behind a standee describing security responsibilities and tries to keep her breathing calm. Eyes closed, her chaos magic resumes building…and building…

Poor Bobby… zapped by one of the laser weapons and he crumples to the ground. Given his and Simmons' background… it might be an idea to get him clear before she sees him… not … that there's anything there now!

Simmons follows Dugan, her ICER pistol held in a weavers grip … she's certainly working hard to keep up with the man … "I….Ifffff… you say so…" she puffs, the man is defatiguable.

The hostages are just down the hall, behind … that metal door, secured with touchpad lock.

Meanwhile, the drones and Physborgs, deprived on their initial targets, search for Wanda … they know she's there, they saw her come in.

Dugan stops by the door, rifle in hand, scowling at the lock.

"Now what…?" he murmurs under his breath, glancing between the lock and Simmons. It is easy to hear the people on the other side of the door - muffled, but definitely there. Difficult to tell how many, though. Dugan slings his rifle back over his shoulder and steps back from the door, hands balled into fists and planted firmly upon his hips.

Then he smirks.

With a motion of his hand for Simmons to back away a bit further, Dum-Dum pulls out a couple of stun grenades. Then he walks up to the door…

And knocks.

It's just as well that Wanda hasn't seen Bobby fall either. She's loved him longer than any of his ever-changing line-up of girlfriends…not that it has ever got her anywhere. Besides, she has cyborgs high on 'victory' to deal with. Their lasers impacting all around her before she finally unleashes her reality changing hex. Just a simple one first. Mechanical things, like guns, can stop working if not maintained properly…or when a lifetime's use hits it one go.

Wanda's magic… or perhaps it's her unrequited love … has an effect and the cyborgs and drones weapons all freeze up… it becomes still around the Scarlet Witch … but for how long?

Dum-Dum's knock on the door is rewarded… and the door cracks open just a little … "eeerrrr yes?" comes the tentative reply. Simmons blinks, and blinks some more … seeing the stun grenades in the howling marines hands …. tries to find some cover… how successful will she be?

Dum-Dum steps up to the door and holds up his free hand, hiding the grenades at his side with the other. Grinning brightly, the man remarks:

"Sign here, please — "

And slams the ball of his palm against the door, right where the other man's head is. Responding to the enhanced strength in the SHIELD agent's arm, the door flies open, allowing Dugan to toss both grenades into the room.

He spins about and dives back into the corridor, one hand holding his hat down. "Hope yer a good shot with that thing," he tells Simmons as he lands on the ground. "In case that don't get 'em all."

Gun-toting thugs pour into the room beyond the door, bringing their weapons to bear upon Dugan and Simmons, just before the grenades go off…

If anyone is breaking the stillness around Wanda…it is her. Emerging from her 'cover' with steely eyed determination she strides towards where the hostages are kept. Her energy building into spheres that she casually hurls into the cyborgs themselves as she walks. The scarlet energy slamming them to the ground and causing their mechanical parts to spark and grind. Wanda has no desire to kill any of them…at least not until she realises they shot Bobby.

Are you alright?" Wanda calls out to the hostages as somewhere above them something explodes. That can't be good. "Can you all walk?" A globe of chaos magic is hurled at another cyborg. "You need to get out of here" she adds before another ball of energy impacts with a cyborg that made the mistake of looking at her.

Nothing… absolutely nothing… stands in Wanda's way … well… some of the Cyborgs try but they're soon defeated. She still has another floor to go before she reaches the hostages. Drones start circling the Scarlet Witch as she stalks across the floor, shooting lasers at her - perhaps they don't want to risk any more high cost, high tech hardware!

On the floor above Wanda, it's … chaos! The door to the room the hostages are in has been blown off it's hinges… scorch marks mar the the floor around. And … automatic weapon fire peppers the hallway where Dugan and Simmons are!

Really now? Simmons scrambles … that ICER pistol she carries? Next to useless. The british-born biochem tries to find a nice, safe nook in which to shelter.

It would seem the stun-grenades only did part of the job.

Dum-Dum finds himself a bit gratified to learn this… that is, until the walls and floor of the corridor are peppered with gunfire. The veteran agent looks over at Simmons in her little hiding-space and gives her a nod —

— in the same instant a stray shot knocks his beloved bowler hat from his head, and sends it skittering down the hall. Dugan's lip curls and he bares his teeth, muttering a string of curses in at least three languages (English, Russian and German), as he climbs to his feet — his back pressed against the wall.

"Y'all gonna pay for that," he snarls, then the man pulls out his pistol (foregoing the rifle)… and charges headlong into the room, shooting some of the cyborgs — punching others.


One particular drone cops a fist that sends it clattering down the stairs from Dugan's floor… to where Wanda Maximoff is dealing with her share of the cyborgs as well. Meanwhile, however, a cyborg makes it into the corridor behind Dum-Dum — looking for Simmons.

Damn hostages. Why aren't they where Wanda wants them to be!?! And those lasers are really annoying. With a casual flick of her hand she has a scarlet wall around her that blocks the drone's fire - though her clothes, and flesh beneath, are a bit singed. She reaches the stairs…and has to jump out of the way of a drone clattering down and past her. Wanda peers upwards. They're throwing drones at her now?

"Stop firing!!" she yells at anyone who is listening. And in a loud firefight in a narrow space that would be…nobody. Grumbling at being so 'intentionally' ignored, the Witch storms upwards, her voices urging her to unleash Hell. She stands at the door to the stairs, ancient words spilling from her lips, before Wanda unleashes her corruptive, chaotic powers once more. The scarlet energy pulses down the corridor, seeking out the mechanical parts of the cyborgs to rust as her spell passes through them. This time she is more interested in stopping the source rather than just their weapons.

Wanda, of course, has never met Dum-Dum. And she certainly has no idea what exactly he is. Hopefully it doesn't involve rusting parts.

To her credit… Jemma doesn't yelp! as fire is turned on them in the corridors! and the Wanda's there… with her magic and the cyborgs and drones start to disintegrate… the magic eating away at the parts.

Coming face to face with the Scarlet Witch is a… moment for Dum-Dum Dugan. The older man recognises her - SHIELD dossiers on a public mutants are reasonably thorough - and his eyes narrow just a fraction.

Of course, this is the moment in which a cyborg attempts to skewer the agent from behind… Dugan turns with a gasp just in time to see the machine… disintegrate into a pile of rust particles, and he gives Maximoff a bob of his eyebrows.

The cyborg in the corridor spots Simmons and raises its weapon… only to fall apart right before her eyes — yet another casualty of the Scarlet Witch's incredible power. Its rifle lands on the floor right at Simmons' feet.

Dum-Dum then turns around as he unhooks his beloved energy rifle from his shoulder, and brandishes it in one hand opposite the SHIELD-issue pistol in the other. Setting his feet apart, he lets out a snort.

"Getting' too old for this sh — "

However that sentence ended is lost in the noise of vaporised drones and cyborgs. Dugan grunts as gunfire catches him firstly in his right thigh, and then in his left side — but he continues firing.

Until there's nothing left to shoot.

"Uh…" he finally says, standing there with two smoking guns. "I think I made a mess — an' we got hostages in here, Simmons! Front 'n center-ish! Hmph, please."

And … so they do. Simmons appears from her hidey hole and approaches Dugan … just as another Quinjet arrives.

It will take some time to clear the site but for now? The Reavers have been routed and … Dum-Dum's LMD body has survived!

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