Asset or Assist

November 05, 2015:

Growing concerned over what seems to be his closeness with Doctor Simmons and her targeting by Psyborgs, Oliver calls upon two members of Team Arrow to discuss the options and finds himself with a surprising difference of opinion and having to face something unfamiliar - his own feelings.

Queen Consolidated - New York Office

The luxurious penthouse office of Oliver Queen.


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You have to know your audience to get their attention sometimes. Ollie knows that after yesterday, he needs to do some explaining to Barry, so the first thing he did was order five extra large Brooklyn style pies and have them delivered to Queen Consolidated, New York. Once the pizzas arrived, Ollie had them brought up to his penthouse office, and Oliver grabbed his communicator.

«Barry. I know you're out there and probably getting coffee, or at work or whatever it is you claim to do during the day. But we should talk. Come up to my office.»

Ollie sets down a stop watch, pressing the button to start it and sets it on top of the pizza boxes. Let's see how long it takes Barry to arrive and turn off the watch.

"I smelled these things a block away."

Barry's sitting in a random chair with a box of pizza in his lap. And already there's two slices missing. He's got one leg dangling over the side of the chair and it bounces idly while he chews.

The stopwatch is hanging around his neck and it shows a time that is slower than his last PizzArrival. He must've been jogging this time. Or distracted.

"I hope you're not changing your name to Hawkeye. That's dumb. There's already one—" Barry stops himself when he realizes this can't come out politically correct. "And he's a she or something." Chew.

"Yet, you're still slower than your fastest transit from Central City to Star City, Barry. Losing a skip in your step?" Oliver asks, half-tease, half-concern. "Felicity's going to be up here shortly. I don't know if she knows you're.." whistle, makes running motion with fingers, "…but she knows what I do in my off time, and she's also more intimately aware of the subject that we need to discuss." he comments as he grabs a slice from one of the other boxes.

A secretary will show Felicity in when she arrives, but in the meantime, he continues, "Anyway." he says with a sigh. "No, not changing my name to Hawkeye. It's one of the SHIELD archers or was - figured it was a good play to make considering that Doctor Simmons' is a SHIELD agent, and it would keep her off balance. This isn't the first time she's shown up at trouble. I've gone to a couple of dinners with her - and at one of them she was specifically targeted by these.." with that, he goes back to his desk to bring up a half-cybernetic, half-human creature on screen. "They're called Psyborgs."

Barry finishes off the box he was working on and it gets set aside. "Felicity's coming?" There's a quick check to make sure he doesn't have tomato sauce all over his face or on his clothes or something. It's pretty quick considering things and he's up on his feet just as fast. Manners. This isn't just a guys chat out anymore.

Not that he gets weird around girls! He totally doesn't!

"SHIELD has archers? Huh. You'd think they'd move on from primitive and barbaric weaponry." Barry grins as he throws a tease in the direction of Ollie. His arms cross over his chest though as the topic continues to something a bit more on the serious side. "Psyborgs. Doesn't ring a bell." Barry leans towards the desk to get a better look at the creature. "Any idea where they came from? Who made 'em?"

"They aren't from this neighborhood." Ollie admits as he looks at the creature on the screen. "They're from one of those other Earths, apparently they're used to subjugate metahumans there. And now they're trying to spread to here. Jemma's been working on a way to counteract their inherent ability to project painful mental beams that can stop someone in their tracks."

Reaching up, he rubs the back of his head with a faint sigh. "She's our leading authority on these things, and they know it, and they're seeking her out. SHIELD's been assigning extra help to her - which is where the problem comes into play." he admits. "It means there's a lot of eyes on her and because I've been seen in public with her, in turn, me. Enough to the point where Cupid took notice - uh, did you ever meet her? Redhead, former special forces, wears green, thinks she's my one and only? To the point that she lured in Doctor Simmons to threaten her life. So you can imagine her reaction to that."

"Guess that happens a lot when you're a billionaire playboy, huh?" Barry's still focused on the picture as if just staring at it will give him some insight or allow him to see a weakness or something. It's not working out too well. "We know anyone that can help us send these things back to where they came from? I'm pretty sure I can outrun whatever they're zapping people with." Barry pauses for a second. "Kinda' sure, anyway." There's a shrug and Barry's turning to look at Oliver now. "So. Wait. Are you and SHIELD Simmons a thing? How many dinners?" Yeah, he remembers that being said! He's not asking for any other reason either! Gosh.

"Two, that's it. There's a third planned, but I don't know if it's going to happen." Oliver says as he folds his hands and puts his elbows on the table to rest his chin on his hand and Gendo's at Barry. "She was obviously impressed with your flashy appearance last night." he comments, studying Barry. "And you're right. Billionaire playboy, she's not going to share much information with me. However, forensic criminologist from Central City on loan to SHIELD to assist with her research into these things she might open up more to." he points out with a slight smile.

Oh dear. The boys are plotting. And using the feelings of a young woman to do it. Where on where is someone to stop this possible madness?

The elevator dings and out walks Felicity. Dressed in a nice blue dress and heels that match, her blonde hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail. She's got a tablet tucked under her arm and as she approaches the secretary's desk, she smiles and is shown into Oliver's office. The door is knocked on and once given the go ahead, she'll go inside.

"Hey! You rang? Well, not rang really, as it's more of a phone intercom and buzzing thing, but you know, you asked —- oh! Hey Barry!" She beams as she notices the tall forensic tech standing with Oliver. "I didn't realize this was going to be a whole thing. What are we sharing and not sharing and with whom? I feel like I'm missing out on some hot gossip."

"Me? Gossip? Never."

Barry's big goofy smile can't even begin to be hidden. He doesn't even notice that he's smiling until he realizes he's smiling and then he takes a hand up to rub the back of his neck. Might be easier to just kind of wave now and take his attention back towards Oliver's plan. Awkward wave initiated and Barry gives a nod in Oliver's direction. "He wants me to spy on SHIELD. Tell him he's crazy. I mean, I'll do it. But I think we just need to establish how crazy of an idea this is."

"Hello, Felicity. Just a pow-wow. Don't worry, he knows who I am." Sorry, Felicity, you're not the lone keeper of Oliver's secret life. "Barry, you're gawking. And she's a taken woman - well, a well-warmed woman. With Doctor Simmons' partner. And the alternative to setting Barry up with Jemma as possible workmates with benefits is that we use you to seduce information out of Fitz - but he's not been around lately."

Oliver, so focused on the mission that he's sort of missing the whole biggedr picture thing here.

"You know how SHIELD is - they like their secrets, and they like acquiring secrets. And I'd rather keep such things at arm's length. But considering your history, Barry.. you would fit in. It's not the first time that SHIELD's come to you, after all."

"Spy on SHIELD?" Felicity immediately frowns at this. Her own ties to the organization are a bit more personal than anything else. She hasn't asked Fitz much about his work other than the dynamics of the people involved, especially after the trauma he went through earlier in the year. "That is pretty crazy. I mean, these guys make paranoid people look relaxed. They're professional paranoids and get into some really scary stuff. You want to go nosing in around on that?"

Her eyes shift from Barry to Oliver and she crosses her arms, hugging the tablet closer to her chest. "You're not my keeper, Oliver," she rolls her eyes at him. Shaking her head, her voice is firm, "I am not using my relationship with Leo to get you insider information on SHIELD. And you shouldn't even be thinking that about Jemma. She's a person, Oliver, and my friend. You can't just use people like that."

Barry keeps his hands in the air. Because that's what innocent people do. They show their hands. There's also nothing up his sleeves so that should keep him out of the hot water. "These things are targeting Doctor Simmons. Maybe it'll be easier to catch one if one of us is always around." Barry shrugs a little bit, as if that's going to do something. He's just a forensic scientist, right?

"I don't want to hurt anyone. I also don't want anyone else getting hurt by these Psyborgs. I think we should do whatever we need to in order to put these things down." And then he looks at Oliver. "Even if that means letting Doctor Simmons in on the plan." See? Not using. WORKING WITH.

That counts, right?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Felicity Smoak, voice of reason.

Oliver frowns at Felicity. "Never said I was your keeper, Felicity. Nor am I going to be that - anyone would be hard pressed to keep up with you." he admits with his frown slowly turning into a smirk. He knows that she's right, but he's not the type to go doing something like.. embracing feelings.

"SHIELD's always trying to stick their nose in everything, what's wrong with turning the tables a little." He shares a knowing look with Barry, but there's no mention of Barry's own little run-in with a SHIELD agent of the female persuasion that tried to learn his secret. Oliver believes he's completely justified in turning the tables.

This isn't going to be easy or fun.

"What's the best way to keep someone that's paranoid off their game, Felicity? Ramp their paranoia up to eleven and break off the knob." he frowns. "The attack in Star City the other day.. wasn't on the lab. It was the bait." he finally says as he reaches into a drawer and sets the Go-Pro camera that Mistral was using to film the attack on him. "There was an assassin there. She was waiting on me to arrive. Not Oliver. Arrow." he says with a frown.

"And as you are my most trusted friends and allies, I face a decision." his hands drop to the table as he looks to Felicity. Is that just a hint of pride? Perhaps underneath all that stubbornness. "With Jemma's concern.. genuine or part of some investigation - I need to know for sure what it is, Fel. And if I have to do this to test that theory, then it's what I have to do."

Barry's suggestion echoes the nagging thought in the back of his head and he looks up towards the young man he considers the closest thing he has to a confidant. "Even if that means that you might find yourself embroiled in this big ole web of stuff? If she figures out who I am - she's going to learn about those that work closest to me…" he glances to Felicity. "…and she's either going to respect you for keeping the secret, or hate you for not telling her. How do you two want to play this?"

Fingers tap on the edges of the tablet as Felicity looks between Barry and Oliver. She's come to expect a sort of thinking from Oliver, but hearing that Barry might agree is a bit of a shock. She frowns a bit, and nods. "I'm not about to agree with anyone 'getting close' the Jemma in order to learn more of her secrets. Barry's right: this is important and we should try and at least explain the situation to her. It doesn't have to be as Oliver and Barry, it could be as The Green Arrow and;" she stops herself short, realizing she almost revealed Barry's identity "and his totally winning personality. It's not out of left field for you to be looking into these things with your alternate personality. That is, your cover identity. I'm not trying to make you out to have a split personality disorder or something." She's not really good at covering up mistakes like that, but she's trying.

As the Go-Pro is set on the desk, she moves forward. "They were filming you? Why?" A hand hesitantly reaches out to pick up the Go-Pro. "I could run this through a few tests, see if I can find any digital fingerprints. You have to hook these things up to computers in order to upload or download footage. Maybe they were sloppy."

Sighing, she shakes her head again. "If you're thinking Jemma would do something like that - she didn't." She sounds very sure of herself. "She wouldn't risk other people's lives to try and find out your identity. And she certainly wouldn't hire an assassin."


Barry looks at his watch and then back at the others. Because this is getting awkward and he's going to have to do something to make sure that these Psyborg things don't take over the world. Or something like that. Because that would be really bad. "I've got to meet Joe." Barry moves towards the door, making sure that he doesn't get all trip over his feet-y as he moves past Felicity. He scoops up one of the pizza boxes on the way. "Felicity, when you've finished talking some sense into this one? Let me know the play and I'll get my forensication on." Barry pauses to make sure he said that right.

It might be better to just get out.

"Thanks for lunch, Billionaire!"

Ollie looks blankly at Felicity for a moment, then over at Barry, and slowly pans back to Felicity. "How.." he pauses, stops, reaches up and rubs a hand over his face. "No. Nevermind. I don't even want to know." he says with a sigh. What's the point in masks if everyone is sharing their identities with everyone else.

"I didn't get a good look at her. Five and a half feet, brown hair, slight build. I'm hoping there may be an image of her from when she set up the thing, or yes, that you can back trace it. She went through a lot of trouble to lure Arrow out into the open, whoever she is. And I'd like to know why."

"I know I rattled some cages and kicked up some dust on my recent trip to the Middle East - but I'm not sure if this is something related to that, or if someone just used the lab to draw out Arrow. I'm hoping it's the later, because if it's the former - I'm not sure who would be safe at this point. But yes, give it a good scouring and see if you can pull something from it. There's no SD card or such, so it had to be direct feeding to someone."

As Barry jets, he shoots Felicity a frustrated look, "Do you just make it your business to know everyone's secret identity? It's not like he has 'I'm the Flash' tattooed on.. well, he might. Does he?" As if she'd know.

"You trust Jemma." he says finally, and lets out a breath. "And I can appreciate that. But.. the question is."

"Can I?"

Felicty smiles as Barry moves past her and scoops up a pizza box on the way out. "I'll call you," she assures him, not blaming him for wanting to make a break for it. Once he's gone, she turns her attention back to Oliver. "I don't make it my business, it just seems like I know a lot of people who have taken it upon themselves to help the city. And do it wearing masks and they can't help but reveal their true selves to me. Maybe it's the glasses. I've been told glasses make other people lower their guard." Now she's moved on to teasing him because she can.

With a shrug, she moves toward the door, seeing as how this little meeting seems to be drawing to a close. "That's up to you, Oliver. I can't make you do anything, I can just tell you what I think. And I trust her."

"Well, the glasses do work for Jemma as well.." Oliver coughs a little. "Quite. I'll think on it and call her later." he sighs.

"..thank you, Fel. For everything." With that, he sees her out the door and continues his own little dwelling on the matter.

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