The Extraction

November 05, 2015:

Green Lantern and Doctor Strange are tasked to find the last survivor metahuman transformed by Apokolips into a living Mother Box. Unfortunately this means a exfiltration from the US Government's DEO. Emits by Wonder Woman.

Area 81 - Hell's Gate

The ruins of a Metropolis' neighborhood


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Fade In…

Hell's Gate:

No longer the melding city of shipping and reciving to pump through factories and into Metropolis itself. The outskirts are a literal wasteland of post-apocalyptic proportions. Burnt ruins, a metal boneyard where the bodies that had lain amongst ruins were both foe and denizen. They got the proper burial where the island itself deserved one, but authorities have come to set up a new form of shop in the middle of it all to make a mechanical heart, because that is all that could be contained here anymore.
Watchtowers and walls are erected in a manner much akin to a military base… or a prison. Razor wire, electrical currents, constant video feed adapted to switch with night and day as well as any possible 'high end' interferance. Guards pace the walls, the grounds in front and behind like ants in a large network of quickly and efficiently constructed paths set to confuse and trap and possible encroachers. A living breathing whispered Area 51 given the entitlement of Area 81, but not hiding it's entity as the very thing that made it born and possible was nothing that can be erased.
Whispers try and speak truths of what is within the compound, but everything gets diluted especially when one thing rests several hundred yards underground in a makeshift bunker (until time warrants more holding and building ability) a lone stasis tube rests with the network of wires and tubes keeping it going, giving life to something that should not be. Within the plasmic liquid contents of the tube a woman floats, her body stripped bare, exposing every inch of inkwork that networks across her skin, even that of her clean shaven head and face that rests in an undisturbed slumber, a single large hose running to her face where a mask is clamped on and around via a harness while arms are bound before her and bear their own IV's as well as cords that relate feeds injected under skin and tabs over top. A sleeping marionette, an alien Frankenstein.
Subject Zero.

In truth it took a while to come up with this plan, but first every member of the JL did try to get to Apokolips using their own resources. Spaceships? No, it is not reachable by normal spaceships. Magic? Warded, at least warded against human sorcerers and Strange did not want to ask Loki for help again. Green Lanterns? Yes, but tripping the alarms Apokolips has against them.
Hacking their way through the obelisks and altered humans the invaders used. This sounds promising and feasible. So Doctor Strange and Green Lantern are tasked with retrieving one of Apokolips victims that the government is reluctant to even admit exist. Divination magic have pointed them to this underground bunker, and both heroes can watch her through a space ‘window’ the sorcerer has conjured. “I can’t detect magical protections in the area,” he comments, “I could teleports us in, I suppose. Can you neutralize those machines holding her?”

Green Lantern can add plenty of stealth to the equation. As much as he tends to prefer doing things big and flashy - hey, he has a style - he can make them invisible, deflect sensors and generally make them as hidden as dark matter if it comes down to it. "Of course I can," he says in reply, his ring keeping the subsonic transmission of their voices mutually audible but not allowing anyone else to overhear what they have to do. The miracles of ancient little blue man technology.
"I can do anything. I thought that was on my CV when I applied to join this particular band of merry men," he says. "I would say people, but the main women I've met are Diana and Shayera and they are not…merry," he says

"No doubt they will be happier once we retrieve them from this Apokolips plane," comments Strange dryly. "Very well," her murmurs some odd-sounding words and the Hall of Justice fades around them, displacing both heroes to the underground lab and in front of the floating, tattooed woman.
Hal Jordan crafts shields around them, bubbles and discs to deflect any potential hostile action. Along the way, he extends his will forward, green energy sparking as he tries to reach out to encompass the woman in his efforts as well. "Yeah, I doubt it, but I'm willing to take some grumpy," he says. To him, his main job is to make sure he and the Doc stay whole through whatever it is the magic man's got planned. Scientists and sorcerors may understand all of what's going on, but Hal's just a man who likes straight line solutions - confronted with a Gordian knot, he's going to cut it in twain.

There is more surveillance then just the machines that are connected to the Subject in stasis, many cameras at different angles to pick up movement of the slightest on a physical level, weight sensors… All to detect if the being comes back to life from the slumber they put her in chemically after the blow from the winged Justice League member knocked her from pillar to ground and left her broken and dying. Just so, all the easier for them to get their hands on her and make subjective use of the entity. CADMUS has many questions…
For good and many reasons the room is devoid of any other life aside from that of science and tech, although that is still /life/ it is a subtler one, and one they are hoping will keep her pumped with enough juice to keep her asleep and 'peaceful', though no time awake had been given to guage otherwise. Her skin is a map of scarification and ink, language unreadable and not known to this planet, though some of the markings are old and faded, lesser against the dark and more ingrained pummeling her skin took for the dominant, showing tattoos of a time on Earth as well, simplistic in comparison - Better times.
She does not move when the duo comes into the room and for that matter neither does the surveillance, there is radio silence and no shift save the bubbles within the tube and the slow steady blip of camera activity lights and sensors while her skin has that green glow encompassing it like a new captive womb.

Strange studies the tube for a minute, then sighs. “I can leave an illusion behind, but it won’t deceive most of the electronic devices here. I suppose we will have to rely on being undetected so far, and swiftness, I can teleport us three to the Watchtower through a hidden path that even expert mystics won’t be able to trace easily. But alarms will be raised as soon as we depart.” He waits to see if Hal has a better plan.

Hal Jordan shrugs, "Sounds good to me. It's not as if they're not going to notice she's gone, doc. It was bound to come up eventually. If they don't know who did it, all the better, but, hell, if they do, so be it. We've got to do what we've got to do and, if they don't like it, tough…" he considers for a moment, recognizing that the genteel sorceror with whom he's working might not be particularly keen on that euphemism, so he just finishes out, "Um, tough cookies. C'mon, let's get it done and get out of here," he says. He sets up to absorb any energy that might set off an alarm or alert anyone to their presence - and, just in case the doc doesn't have a better plan, he's got a punch of pincers and a catcher's mitt to cut her loose, wrap her up and book it.

"Indeed, but the later they do the better, I am quite sure that earning the ire of the DEO is hardly on the best interests of the Justice League," despite his words he gestures sharply, his hands glow red, and the tank and much of the attached high-tech devices shatters into fine dust. The woman remains in place, though, floating unharmed thanks to a levitation spell. "But we need to reach Apokolips and we can't wait anymore," another broad, mystical gesture and they are gone. This time they don't reappear into physical plane immediately, as Strange transports them through half a dozen weird dimensions where the laws of physics barely apply.
And so, roughly ten seconds later, they rematerialize at the Watchtower medlab.

Hal Jordan blinks as they're suddenlyl transported, his green energy envelops slowly popping and drawing back into him and regathering into his ring, "Well," he says, "You didn't need me for that at all, doc. You just wanted some handsome mancandy on your arm while you did a mission," he says.
"That's fair," he shrugs.

For a moment the machines see nothing, feel nothing, like a quiet and sterile hospital envorn but set in war. Just the whirs, the blips, the plasmic shifting of the confined. Hal's green glow eminates to do as it is set to, shifting readings, pausing scans, giving them a monitored several heartbeats where nothing has changed despite the invisible entities in the room when Strange lashes out with his power and the glass shatters.
Crystalline snowfall and the encasing orb of green catches the plasmic fluids of scientific womb while the Subject remains hovering within Stranges levitation and the undetected hold of the Green Energy from Hal while it works to register an illusion still connected to the life monitoring. An illusion that has no life but it reads as such until within another heartbeat…
They are gone.

The alarm sounds like a nuclear reactor had gone off, DEO agents move in donned in full tactical gear, CADMUS scientists in their biomat suits ready to contain… An image of the Subject of Apokolips that flickers and fades with the withdrawl of Green Energy, a large man in a suit pushing to the front of the line where people stand confused, an assistant at his side sweeping over the video feed…
"There is nothing sir… I… I see nothing." When he responds her shoulders draw tight into a cringe.
"Get the feed plugged in and get me the team we have for meta activity. Get me the Dogs…. NOW!"

When they land the naked and tattooed woman convuses, the tube that had been down her throat removed and in turn that embreyonic fluid spattering with blood across the floors just before she goes into tremors, almost seizure like if it was not for the sudden blue cast from her hands that slams into the floor and send sa small seismic shock across the floor of the Watchtower…

"Not at all," replies Strange, looking thoughtful, “without you the electronic devices at that laboratory would have detected me. And our task has just started. Now we need to understand what has been done to this woman, and convince her… by the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth,” the shock makes Strange stumble back, and the levitation spell falters. Of course she had to be a super-human. "I suppose we should bring in Oracle and Captain Britain as soon as possible."

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