Hysterical Writings

November 04, 2015:

Brin asks Doug to help decode the data they got a few weeks ago… the information is chilling

X-Red HQ - New York


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After The Reavers hit the stadium last night, killed Starwind and called the mutants out, Brins upped the focus on investigating Operation Extinction and whatever else she can … anything that will give them a edge.

Which is why she's asked Doug to join her. There's the data they'd recovered from The Reaver facility and she wants his help with that to start with.

Once Doug showed up at the airport terminal, he'd settled into a computer, and started setting up the safeguards in order to box in the data recovered in case there was anything hazardous to the mainframe proper. A sandbox, as it were, with outside information to be cross-referenced accessible separately on a different computer.

As the data scrolls by, Doug had to ask for the details on the incident. What happened, whose information this was, where everything came from… and what to look out for. Likely as not, if there were any videos, sorting through them would require specific timeframes, especially if the information were grabbed indiscriminately.

Brin knows Doug likes soda and snacks when he works and has ensured he has a good supply. The data is the data recovered from one of the foreign Reaver facilities, and Brin explains how Audrey helped them get that.

As Doug sorts through the encryption keys on the data recovered, he'll note that it's a mess of financials and logistics. He'll start getting the picture of how the Reaver supply train is put together. Of note, there are still factories in South Africa, the UAE and Columbia making chassis and parts. The rest of the production apparatus is pretty distributed but sabotaging those facilities will put a dent in the Reaver's ability to field new Cyborgs, at least until they can set up new ones.

There are two documents though that stand out among the mass of other (often kind of hysteric) writings. Doug might want to dig into those….

"Hmmm… hey Brin… if the factories are making parts," Doug queries as he begins putting the pieces together, "how are they getting the parts to the places to be assembled?"

Wheeling over to the other terminal to check the mainframe, Doug begins rooting through manifests for those factories. Surely -they-, at least, had some sort of record for timing, especially with the material being shipped to and from. Matching those up, at least, should show -some- discrepancies in the record if someone didn't properly make sure they were kept clean.

Wheeling back, Doug takes a look at the papers again, pausing to fish them out. "Here, can you look at these and tell me what you think?" he asks, as he wheels back to check through the binary search.

"That's a really good question, Doug." Brin frowns… distributed production … means they have to move the parts around.

When Doug points out the documents and asks her to look, she sits at the keyboard and starts paging through. "This one is a plan for 'Operation Bullhorn' which calls for coordinated strikes against major hero groups." she sounds slightly ill "JL:A. X-Men. Unaffiliated heroes. They mean to stir up trouble and provoke to draw out their targets and then engage them with extreme prejudice." she closes her eyes at the thought "I wonder if this is related to last night."

The second document, has Brin paling even further. "Operation Extinction, Doug. We've been following this… It's a plan to massacre the four largest concentrations of Mutants on the plant. M-Town, the Oni District in Tokyo, Jotunheim (a mutant enclave in Hamburg, Germany) and a Los Engendros, a district of mutants in Buenos Aires." Both Doug and Brin know that between them there are nearly a quarter of a million mutants in those four enclaves which - while not the entire mutant population of the planet, or even most of it - they do represent a significant part and indeed, some of the most visible populations. "This is bad… what else does it say?"

Trying to figure out if he's found anything that indicates how they're moving the parts and where they're assembling them, Doug wheels over from the running program to look at the handwriting.

Squinting, Doug looks. "Um… wow, that's both bad handwriting, and I think the writer started ranting in a few other languages, too. Uh… in short, it's still months away, but they're storing up cybernetic parts and supplies for a fight against… whoa, not just mutants, but local authorities. Looks like a lot of them in central Asia, and Africa. The leader's… Rook. Hm…"

Putting his attention onto the pilfered data, Doug begins to run a search for more information on this 'Rook'. Enphasis on capital 'R', filter out anything that has a middle/ends with 'rook'.

Dougs search reveals nothing … no further mention of Rook. Whoever he is, they're going to have to look elsewhere for that information.

Now Brin is really worried and she looks over to Doug and he shares that information … if she was pale before, she's even paler now "We can't let them do this… " Looking out the window for a long moment, the brunette shakes her head "We get some information and just open up more questions. I guess we're going to have to keep digging."

She's already writing her report to the teams.

"Thanks for doing this, Doug." she sounds grateful "I've one more request, if you can. Last night, the Reavers 'invited' mutants to step up, using a riddle published in the paper." she explains "Can you set up searches on all types of media to look for that type of thing and notify us? I don't… want to be on the back foot again."

"Riddle…?" Doug asks, as he heads back over to check on the binary search for possible likely areas they would be assembling and storing the parts as they're delivered. Those, more than any other, would be likely the best place to find the heads of the cells.

"I can, hold on…" he adds, opening up a new window on the mainframe terminal, and beginning to set up multiple searches. "Riddles, eh? Give me a few samples, and I could probably get a better algorithm for a search than just the one. Though how you're going to distinguish them from that weird person in Gotham, I don't know…"

"Not sure if Riddle was the right word" Brin refocusses on Doug and pulls up the classified ad that had run.

Cyberpunk afficionado seeks personal hero for meet at Yankee's stadium on Monday. Sparks ensured, with or without.

"That's the only sample we have. Starwind worked it out. The rest of us… reacted too late." Dougs further commentary gets a snort "That's what makes this so clever… but anything, Doug… that looks unusual… as we learn more, we can refine things."

"Not a riddle, then," Doug notes, as he leans back, considering. "Definitely going to need more than that, but let's see if there's any references to explosions, sparks, or other buzzwords like that in personal ads." Hmmm. Come to think of it… might as well cross-reference ads put in a few days -before- any particular superhero deaths, see if there were any in the vicinity within a few days. That could turn up a few more samples.

It's going to take some time for those results to come through…

Brin sighs and takes one of the soda's she'd bought out, her reports to the teams sent. "Thank you for doing this, Doug. I'm sorry I don't have anything more." But at least they have some places to look. "Stopping the manufacture will slow them down, whilst we track how it's all going together."

Her phone beeps at her and the brunette checks the message "Got to go call this client and then I'm going to prepare lunch soon, if you want to stick around." And with that she heads back to her desk, to return the message she just received.

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