Get Me An Identity Please

November 04, 2015:

Bluebird checks in with Oracle and asks for help…



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Fade In…

The countdown has already started. Forty Eight hours until she find herself inside of Arkham to track down the elusive Professor Pyg. Or at least one of his cohorts. She didn't know, really. She wasn't even sure if this was a good idea or not. But she had to do something. The guy was practically meshing and melding people with pigs, cloning them, making them bigger than life and.. it was just all too disgusting. And people were dying, and they were getting there too late.

And.. about that method of contact? Harper managed to lift a communicator from Nightwing.. surely he has a ton of them laying around. Button pressed within her ear, she walks the beat in the middle of the night, hanging close to the Narrows and in the shadows.

"Come in Oracle.. Are you there Oracle… dude.. lady.. lady man.. Johnny Five.. you alive?" She sighs a little, this was weird, it felt like she was talking to the thin air.

There's always something happening with the Batfamily … but they've been told to lay low with the David Cain threat. Whether Oracle has actually lain low or not might be questionable - she does have some rather large responsibilities.

Bluebirds avatar moves across the screens in the Clocktower, along with the other team avatars, and the redhead isn't surprised when she contacts her on the stolen communicator. It makes her job easier in many ways. "Just Oracle when you're in the field, Bluebird." The digitally disguised voice might be chiding if the transformation didn't strip the emotions "How may I help you?"

"Aha. There you are." Of course, Harper wasn't just going to call her Oracle in the field. She had a myriad of names to call the person, at least until she figures out if Oracle is a he, she, it. Though, when was really a good time to ask? "Well. If I had a mother, I'd always start off my requests with.. 'Don't flip out.' But, I don't have a mom, not really a dad either.. so.."

She sighs a little, stopping in the middle of the walkway to duck off into an alleyway, keeping her voice low as a group of thugs wander by, just sharing a beer or two or laughing. Nothing too serious.

"Don't freak out. But I'm going to totally need an identity. Like a fake one. For a job. Well, okay. Job Interview, gotta be legit. Think you can swing that for me?"

And there it is… when did Oracle become the 'team mom'? "Yes, I'm here." She always is. If the team calls, she'll be there for them, it's … what she does.

"Perhaps you can explain more, before I agree to that." Her green eyes fix on the screen and a wry look crosses her face. She can do identities, that's not a problem, but she needs to understand … just more.

"Only if I can lure you into a sense of pure secrecy." Harper was quiet for a moment, waiting until the laughter fades into the background so that she could dash further into the alleyway, jumping a touch to grasp ahold of the fire-escape ladder to tug it down with a loud clang.


URG! HEEG! Huunng!

Harper hoists herself up to the rooftop, then lets out a little huff of a breath. "Alright. So, you know that me and Nightwing are working on this case with those.. weird pigs and .. stuff, right?" She even felt uncomfortable saying it. "Last night, he tracked down an orderly who works at Arkham Asylum. And we're suspecting that there are ties there. So, Mama needs a job. A job profile. Something. Like.. you know I'd go and apply under my name but.. hey. Too good for that." She chuckles just a touch. "And I also need a sick leave note. Can't take time off without a sick leave note."

Harper might note that Oracle does not agree to pure secrecy. She might know though, that Oracle doesn't share information unless her people are in danger. "I'm aware of the investigation you are conducting." She's been monitoring it in the background.

Listening carefully as Harper explains, Oracle is already pulling up Arkhams employees records "That's good detective work, Bluebird." That the young woman is working with Nightwing is a slight relief. "What type of job profile are you looking at? The identity will take a day or so to do, and I can set up a profile for you to support the job you will be doing."

"You're a city employee, aren't you?" The redhead questions "Getting you time off, shouldn't be difficult." Not when you can hack systems and modify records.

"Good! So I really don't have to explain too much." She does feel a little bit proud, she received praise from Oracle, but she doesn't let it get to her head. She at least had a repuation to protect. Of not being a raging fan girl. Or someone who sought approva.. wait.

"Well. General maintenance. I think with that I could get into any door inside of Arkham. The lowest folks have the key to the kingdom, you know?" A day would be good, really good. It would give her time to tie up loose ends.

"Crap, how did you.." Well, she wasn't going to question. "Yeah. City Employee. So.. well, I suppose you know my name, which is cool beans. Was totally going to tell you. But, yeah. I'll send you an email with a picture. Think I'm going to dye my hair black for this and drop the purple. At least to look a bit normal." She sighs just a touch.

"I also have one more request. And this one is important. Really important. Like.. the most important thing that I've ever asked someone. Well, you and another person."

Of course Oracle praises. She's found that there's a good balance between being stern and letting her team know they've done well and Harper has done well. "General maintenance is more than doable." Reviewing the positions available "Seems like they have a temp position that needs filling. I'll make sure you get it." Pausing as Bluebird goes on, the redhead nods "Send me the photo with the right colour hair and I'll get you the identity - I'll need a day or so for that to occur."

The last request is met with a long silence before the reply comes back "What is it?"

"Awesome. Hopefully there will be a way that we can keep in constant contact with each other while I'm in there. This little bugger is non-descript, hopefully it'll pass." She smacks her hands together as she leans over the roof, her bottom lip bitten as she nods. "Alright, a day will give me a ton of time to wrap up all of my loose ends out here."

As for the favor, she's quiet. Staring out towards her apartment building that looks as if its going to fall down once the wind blows. "Think you can keep an eye on my brother?" She draws in a breath. "I mean.. I set up dinner for him for an entire week or two, so he should be fine. But there are other things that I worry about. I just want him to be okay." She takes a moment. "And just look out for Dick Grayson. I know he's a cop and all and he can handle his own, but he's no Batman. And he's been helping me a bit by letting me know how the victims are. And I just don't want people that I'm close to getting hurt because of me."

Ah, yes. The younger brother. The one that Harper appears to dote on. There's absolutely no question about that for Oracle "Of course I can. Who else knows about him, except for me?" Her mind is already churning. There's Charlie who she can send to friend him, which will give some personal contact … Nightwing and Fox… might be able to help there as well.

"I actually planned on asking Dick to watch over him too. Just to drive by and check on the neighborhood every now and then. He met Cullen when I got shot." She sits upon the ledge of the roof, her feet swinging, hands sinking into her pocket to bring out a protein bar for her to eat.

Her Favorite.

A Snickers.

"It's been a while, but he was being bullied at school for a while for being gay. Especially on the streets. I still make it a point to walk him home every day after school." She frowns a little. "I kind of wish I'd be able to do that this week." She takes a bite of the candy bar, then looks down into the street. A few of the rabble came out to play, looking to do bad judging by the sticks, bats and chains that they carry. Oracle could probably hear the noise from down below.

Harper grunts as she stands, quickly pacing her way towards the fire escape, hopping over the edge to draw herself along the stairs so that she could slide herself down the railing.

"But, I'll be in touch, Johnny. Got trouble on the loose. Call you tomorrow?" Yeah, they were supposed to be laying low. Not a chance in hell.

"Take care, Bluebird. I'll be watching." Oracle listens and watches. "Get me that photo as soon as you can, and I'll get you set up as an employee in Arkham." Batman /might/ have words to say about that but crime never rests … and neither do the Bats. "And I'll watch out for your brother, too."

"Okay Oracle. And hey.. don't mind me about the Johnny 5 stuff. It's just.. you know. Hard sometimes." The one and probably only time Harper will ever open up to anyone. It may or may not have been a gift, but it was something.

"And thanks. Really.. I mean it.."

Silence for but a moment.. then..


..And then the comm goes silent.

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