The Cosplay Criminals!

November 04, 2015:

The Cosplay Criminals arrive to rob a bank, Barry and Ollie team up to stop it - and have an unexpected hostage - Jemma Simmons!

Upper East Side

Apple Bank


NPCs: The Cosplay Criminals



Mood Music: Tha Trickaz - Robbery Song (Trinix Remix)

Fade In…

Apple Bank, Upper East Side branch. It's early evening, and the bank is just finishing putting away the deposits for the evening when the doors to the bank open, and three women come strolling in. The first girl in is wearing a Sailor Fuku and bright blonde wig. She holds up a staff and a bright flash of light eminates, flashing the room - blinding the people within. "My name is Princess Moon! And my moon is so bright it blinds you!"

To her right, a young woman dressed in a cybernetic looking outfit and carrying a microphone shouts into it in a melodious tone, shattering the bulletproof glass. "I'm Poky Pon-Pon, my voice is sweet as sugar, but my words will give you a toothache!"

Next up is a girl dressed in what appears to be a Pokemon Trainer uniform. She's got a pair of dogs on leashes that are dressed up in their own costumes. She releases the dogs and they rush out, attacking the security guard and pulling him down. "I'm Monster Trainer Myoshi! And I want money to buy more Pokedoll collectible outfits!" Sparkle Sparkle.

"And we are .. the Cosplay Criminals! Now give us all your money, please!"

Behind them suddenly, a large mecha looking thing rumbles in. "Wait for me!" A young girl's voice calls out. "I know I'm late, but my engine wouldn't start! I'm uh.. Thunderguns, and I shoot stuff!"

Princess Moon turns and stares blandly at the mecha. "We said we were going with /cute/ costumes, not with guns!"

"But my cute lolita outfit is at the dry cleaners! I spilt some ramune on it!"

"Tch." Princess Moon replies.

Barry's Apartment.

"I don't know, Joe. The coffee's always cold here." Barry shrugs into his jacket and fixes his badge onto it. He's got his phone up to his ear and he pauses for a second to run a hand through his hair. He still looks, well, like himself. No change there. He plasters on a small smile.

"Look, if you want, I can run back to Jitters on my way in. It'll only take a—"

Crime Scene.

"— sec." Barry wanders onto the scene, coffee from Central City still steaming as he wanders right up to Joe.

Joe slowly lowers his phone but he's smiling. So it's all good.

"What do we got?" Barry hands off the coffee and is already moving past the yellow tape to check out the latest random crime scene.

Dispatch'll probably let them know what's going on in a moment. That's always the way it works, isn't it?

"Four criminals. Uh.. costume themed?" One of the first NYPD officers says, glancing towards Barry and then at his ID. "This is still an active scene, Mister Allen. This may not be the best time…"

The Thundergun turns around in the doorway. "We said no police!" a cute squeaky voice calls out before it opens fire, throwing heavy slugs into the first police car to arrive. Think fast, Barry, those bullets are a lot bigger than Joe's little peashooter.

In the meantime, Oliver had been debating letting Jemma know he was back in town. He's still feeling slightly stung by the threat not threat she made about turning over the Cupid investigation to the Gotham PD and the unspoken words between - that somehow he's more involved than he's letting on.

He was just about to press 'Send' for a Skype call when he gets the beeping tone of an alert. Bank robbery.

"Never a dull moment, Ollie." he mutters as he unzips his bag, pulling out his green costume. Slipping it on, he snaps his bow into place and afixes his mask and cowl before he's off across the rooftops to the scene of the robbery. "Really should work on an Arrowchopper." he admits as he comes up on the side of the bank.

Perching into a watch place, he pulls out a pair of binoculars to assess the situation before he notices a friendly face already present and reaches up to press his communicator.

«Really, Barry? You wanted to be a civilian today.. whoa, hello. Girls in costumes pulling off a robbery. You're being shy, aren't you?»

«Shut up.»

A lot is happening right now because Barry Allen can't be here right now. His movements are fast enough to beat the bullets but slow enough to make sure it looks like he's just diving on Joe to make sure he's safe.

Then he's gone.

"Hey!" Barry's voice comes from a location that is not where the police are. In fact, it comes from about three feet behind Thundergun. Where red boots lead up to the red suit and the lightning bolt on white insignia that marks the arrival of: THE FLASH.

Flash crosses his arms over his chest and tilts his head. "You dropped something." Flash gives a nod towards the ground in front of Thundergun and those slugs that were fired are piled up there, nice and neat. And in the shape of a lightning bolt.

By the way, those cops that were in the squad car that was fired on? Kind of looking confused at the donut shop down the street.

The Flash smiles as he speaks into his own communicator, fingers touching his right ear. «You're not gonna make me do this all by myself, are you? I mean, I could but that'd just make you look bad. Again. Didn't I do that already?»

It's a pity Ollie didn't place that call. He might have found out that Jemma was inside that bank … and is currently standing next to a window, trying to avoid the attention of the criminals.

He might see her through his binoculars though … and he might remember that she carries her ICER pistol everywhere.

«What? I thought you wanted to impress the ladies, Flash.» Arrow says with a smirk as he notches one of his speciality arrows. «After all, you're the one that needs help with that.» A chuckle as rises to his feet and aims, letting the arrow fly. It smacks into one of the Thundregun's turrets and explodes into a foamy mess that hardens quickly, sealing the barrel.

«You might want to watch out for the flasher..»

Literally. Seeing the red suited speedster, Princess Moon gasps. "Major hottie alert!" because damn, that backside does look good in.. "Wait, are you wearing /pleather/? Gross!" she says, sending out a laser blast to try to strike Barry down where she stands as Poky Pon Pon lifts her mic and adds a screech of musical notes in concert with the laser blast trying to floor the Flash, literally.

Myoshi, in the meantime, has tied up the security guard, and is sauntering up to the counter to start to collect money in her bag. She doesn't notice Jemma there, after all, she doesn't have her ICER out, instead, she gives her a small smort as she moves behind the counter and hums a little melody. Her dogs flank her, snarling and barking to keep everyone intimidated.

«There's a friend of Fel's in there.» he finally reports. «Brunette, wearing the lab coat and glasses. Her name's Jemma Simmons. SHIELD. Try not to go spilling your identity to her - like you almost did last time an agent winked at you.»

«The Flasher? Who?»

The Flash's eyes go wide for the half-second he sees the laser blast coming in his direction. He can see this in slow motion because his movement takes him into this crazy place that is not called the Speed Force yet and he's running to get out of the way of the laser bolt.

He doesn't even begin to think that there are attacks being coordinated. So the fact that he gets absolutely leveled by the sonic waves of screeching doom is probably something that somebody smarter would've seen coming. Barry's knocked off his speeding feet and he goes flying through the air for a foot or so, before his body collides with the ground and he rolls. His hands go up and to his ears in an attempt to try and protect himself from the painfully annoying sound.

Considering how good these communication earpieces are there may be feedback all up in these joints! «Agh.. get me inside.» is radioed through gritted teeth. Time for some coordination of his own.

"Barry!" Oliver hisses beneath his breath as he goes tumbling. "Dammit…" the Arrow's thinking quickly, even as the Thundergun is turning in his direction to fire several slugs from it's remaining gun to try to pin down the archer. The little girl inside is laughing manically in the process.

"Think Ollie.. think.." he mutters to himself, and then he glances at his phone. He frowns. There is one option he can use. Grabbing his phone from his pocket, he doubletaps an app that Felicity installed that scrambles where an SMS message comes from. It's rather helpful in these cases as he sends a text to Jemma's phone.

A friend: I'm about to distract your friends in the bank. Use your ICER to take out the sonics so that Flash can get inside.

Lifting up quickly, he fires a pair of smoke arrows into the bank through the shattered windows, causing billowing clouds of white smoke, and sending the robbers and victims alike to start coughing.

Jemmas already set off her SHIELD communicator - but as is her usual luck, her protection detail has decided to hang back a bit and give her some privacy.

Watching the dogs snapping and snarling, Jemma rolls her eyes. Should she try to stop the bank robbery, or play it safe?

And then her phone beeps… and she manages to check it surrepsticiously and her eyebrows rise. There aren't many who knows she carries an ICER … but she'll think about that later.

Uh right - the sonics. As the smoke billows around her, Jemma draws that pistol and aims at the woman making that dreadful racket - and fires … hopefully the coughing fit that occurs as she does, doesn't affect her aim all too much.

Focus, Barry. Focus.

The Flash attempts to put the sounds of the sonic screeching out of his mind. It hurts but his willpower is getting him back to his feet. He pushes up slowly, which is weird for someone like him, but he's managing to get himself back to his feet. All because he either can't let the people in the bank get hurt because he failed to compensate for the sonic attacks. Or! He has to take out more of these bad girls than the Arrow. Maybe a little bit of both.

Barry's eyes narrow from behind his mask as he spots something being shot in the direction of the Poky Pon-Pon. He would smile if he could find the strength to. Instead, he starts pushing himself towards the bank and against the sonic barrier that's formed by the microphone and screeching. And the moment that ICER blast gets close enough to almost be striking this villain, The Flash takes off into the bank.

The ICER round slams Poky Pon-Pon in the back and she slumps to the floor, her cosplay costume isn't armor after all! As she slumps down, Myoshi turns to Jemma. "You bitch!" she yells and points at her. "Kill!" she screams, sending the dogs barking and scrambling across the floor towards the scientist. An arrow flies in, a net wrapping up one of the dogs and ensnaring it, trapping it effectively. Maybe Jemma's 'friend' is someone she already knows. Kate? Clint?

Thundergun notices Arrow firing into the building and not at her and draws up her weapon. "Say buh-bye." she comments, sending a spray of 20 mm rounds flying up at the man. "Crap!" he yells, as the rounds cause him to fall over - hopefully none of them hit - because they'd tear a pretty chunk out of the bow-welding hero.

And totally ruin his dinner plans.

Princess Moon in the meantime screams in frustration. "No no no! You're all supposed to stay down! Didn't you see it in my fanfic!" she cries out, lowering her staff to start trying to blast the speedster with numerous lazer blasts of multiple colors.

The remaining dog leaps at Jemma, maw open as it snaps down on her arm, grabbing her and trying to pin her to the floor to maul her unless she manages to put it down. Or Flash rescues her.

Most likely Clint. Jemma's been speaking to him about her troubles …

Jemma … doesn't need rescuing by a speedster! Alright, maybe she does… but she is a trained SHIELD agent … who's being attacked by a dog! As the dogs jaws close around her arm, she swings the ICER to aim at it … still coughing and now crying out in pain… falling backwards and firing at nearly point blank range. Unless the dog has super armoured skin, that dart will hit and deliver the dendrotoxin, which will leave Jemma, on the ground, her arm bitten with a sleeping mutt on her. Just wonderful.

"What's up with villains and colored light?" Flash quips as he zips back and forth inside the bank to make sure that those bolts of light don't hit him. Also, he's making sure that the people inside aren't getting hit by them either. So this is a lot of zipping back and forth.

He pauses just long enough to tap his chin and make himself a target. "Your last name wouldn't happen to be Bivolo, would it? Just asking!" And then he's gone again.

"So." And then he's back again? "How does this thing work anyhow?" And when did he get his hands on Princess Moon's staff? "Is there like a magic word or…?" Flash isn't sure where Ollie is but he's hoping the waving of this staff around will signal him to take this Princess Moon girl out! He's the one with the arrows, dangit!

With the dog down, stunned, it means that Jemma's probably not in the most compromising position she's ever been, with a sleeping Snorlax dog on top of her, snoring away. Watch out for the drool.

"Wait - my staff!" Princess Moon flails as he she cries out. "Thundergun, help me!" she says.

Thundergun turns slowly to try to get into position to fire at Barry as a second net arrow flies in to wrap up Princess Moon.

Myoshi, in the meantime, is hiding behind the counter. "They can't see me, they can't see me.." she's muttering over and over again. Princess Moon is on the ground, crying her eyes out.

«Gun.» Arrow reports to Flash blandly as he fires off a second arrow to foam up the other gun. «Care to extract the pilot and end this little foray into madness?»

Who can say what compromising situations Jemma's been in? Well, there was this one time …. no, scratch that.

Pushing at the dog, trying wiggle from beneath it, Jemma grimaces at the fetid breath. "Someone needs to teach your owner better pet dental hygiene." she mutters, still holding that ICER Pistol. As she makes it to her knees she glances down at her jacket and grimaces… drool… to add insult to injury.

«I've got plenty of time.»

This isn't even said until the Flash has rushed towards Thundergun and is actually in the air. That's right, he has leaped into the air and has his fist pulled back to deliver one of those High Velocity Impact Speedster Punches to the girl in the mecha suit. There's quite a bit of speed behind this punch so it should do the trick of knocking this girl out of her vehicle and into prime net catching range.

Either way, The Flash is by Jemma's side quickly. "Are you okay?" He doesn't stay for the answer because he's zipping around the bank to make sure the other patrons are okay and that the money hasn't been stolen. Oh wait, he's back for the answer. There he is. Smiling heroically. And stuff.

Flash said knock you out. The poor little girl - no more than 18, gets KO'd in her mecha suit. She totally doesn't need a net arrow, Flash has more than taken care of making sure she's not going anywhere. As Flash is zipping around though, he might miss out on the dog trainer trying to sneak out with her little bag of money as he's busy with Jemma.

That is until a bolo arrow wraps around her ankles and takes her out, sending her to the ground.

«Let's see, by my count.. that's three for me, two for Doctor Simmons. And one for you. Nice try, Barry.»

And no, he's not coming down to say hi.

«And you didn't see me here. If she asks, it was Hawkeye.»

With that, he starts to withdraw, a little smirk as Barry tries to flirt with Jemma. He'll hear about later, he's sure.

Jemma is holding the arm the dog bit down on… the blood starting to seep through her labcoat. She'll have to head back to the Triskelian soon … Looking at the red clad figure, who is accompanied by a 'puff' of wind… Jemma blinks "I I'm fine, thank you. It's just a scratch really." she pauses "But thank you."

As she's talking, two SHIELD agents approach the scene - her protection detail is finally arriving … it will take a few minutes for them to get there…

"No problem. You get that looked at as soon as you can. I'll be checkin' on you." And then there's more wind before The Flash ends up at the door. He turns back to look in Jemma's direction. He's actually moving kind of slow at this point because there's probably music in his head and an invisible camera zooming in on his face right now. His lips lose their jovial smile and fall into a bit of seriousness. Just for a moment.

"Hawkeye sends his regards."

And then Flash is laughing and waving a hand. "Sorry, sorry. I've always wanted to do something like that." He grins. "Glad you're okay." He gives a salute and then he's gone. Just like that.

«Who the hell is Hawkeye?!»

«Someone who is not me. You really need to study up on your archers, there's only like.. twenty of us.»

Looking down from the roof and his binoculars, someone might catch a reflection of light from the lens and a flash of green before Ollie ducks out of the way again.

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