The Buttercream Gang

November 04, 2015:

Red Hood and Deadpool meet.

Bowery -- Gotham

The Bowery is the sibling of Park Row. Both once rather upscale districts that have fallen to squalor and destitution. Around the time the Sprang Act came in to affect the Bowery was a first to be approached; this institute a whole new architectural design for the area which turned the Bowery in to a squat blocky looking area with buildings that could belong on a military base.

The residential areas are terraced row house style complexes made of mostly brownstone where as the commercial sections tend to focus more on their display groundside than topside. This is no longer the case with the decline in Bowery's growth many of the sector remains covered in unfinished structures that stopped being constructed or condemned buildings housing the homeless.

With the Sprang Act not allowing more lively tower level displays the Bowery actually took the 09' cataclysm quite well as the buildings are all quite structurally sound (those that had been completed) except for a long it's streets.

Streetside opened up a whole new development, with the roads being broken, fragmented, opened and destroyed businesses had to improvise and turn the Bowery itself in to a street spanning marketplace that also delves in to the underground, half constructed buildings may open up in to underground caverns that have been gutted for raves, black markets, chop shops, fighting pits, living quarters and so forth.


NPCs: Random Goons



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Fade In…

"Jesus, it smells like a fart had a baby with an older, less appealing, fart." Deadpool has found a place to sit ont he edge of a building to watch the city below go about the Gotham ush budding of late evening, early morning, two AMish activity. Which is to say there's probably about a trillion crimes going down on JUST this block.

Wade sniffs at the triple decker hotdog and wrinkles his nose beneath his mask, "No, wait… that's this thing. Man, the stuff that's going to escape out of me later… straight up noxious."

So we're back in Gotham… only a matter of time until we run into one of the Bat-persons.

"How very politically correct and foreshadowy of us.." Deadpool says this, then takes a bite of the stinky hotdog anyways. In for a penny, in for a pound right?

Somewhere someone is getting mugged because this is totes Gotham.

Jason Todd has never been fond of the triple decker hot dogs…or any of the hot dogs, really. That and he got rather spoiled by Alfred's cooking. What can he say? He has expensive taste! Keeping a wide berth of the cart as he wanders the streets of his hometown, he's half-guarded, half-alert with one hand in a pocket of his jacket. Maybe it's on a concealed weapon…maybe not.

Maybe he's just out looking for a fight.

If he can lure some of these idiot muggers to him, maybe it means one less person gets assaulted tonight. That or Gotham just makes him want to get into a fight.

It doesn't take too long for him to be noticed by some of the unsavories. After all, he's wearing expensive jeans, a nice leather jacket, and seems to be walking through the wrong part of town. They start to follow, causing a slight smirk to grow.

Looks like there will be a fight after all!

This is Gotham. There's always a fight waiting to happen in Gotham. It's like Gotham is a greaser kid in High School following around the nerdy kids putting kick me signs on their back. 'boop' foot to the butt 'boop', "MCFLY!" What? Deadpool perks out of his own thoughts and looks down into the streets to see someone in expensive clothes being eyeballed by muggers.

When in Gotham?

The Red and Black Canadian finishes his hot dog and pulls his mask down over his face. "Whatever, my karma meter is low this week…"

Dude we totally did that thing last night at Yankee Statium.

"Yeah, but we tried to kill Derek Jeter. That's negative karma.. everyone loves Derek Jeter." So he does what any vigilante hero would do! He jumps off the edge of the roof and lands behind the goons eyeballing Jason Todd! "Excuse me, gentlemen. Have you accepted Kal El as your personal lord and savior?"

The goons are stopped, stymied by the fact that some guy who is wearing red (and black) stops them before they can even get to their prey. They look at each other briefly before looking at Deadpool, "Hey…you're not one of the Bats…" they so intelligently point out. Apparently, that means that the fear quotient is lessened and they look at each other again before they rush the vigilante.

Seems they're more than happy to fight anyone, even if it isn't their initial target.

The initial target, however, is not exactly thrilled that he seems to have been robbed on his fight and his apparent 'rescuer' isn't even a Bat he can try and beat up or harass. His mask is quickly donned and he steps back towards the little confrontation, "Wait a minute…this was -my- fight! Who do you think you are, coming in and…" there's a pause as the guys attack, "Eh, what the hell."

There should be enough that both of them can throw a few punches and then some.

Deadpool is a sharer!

In being a sharer, he only destroys one of the pair of goons, what a nice guy right? He wants Jason to get his jollies off too! It's Gotham, everyone should get a fight.

The nearest of the pair os chopped right in the throat with a swift snap of the Canadian Vigilante's fingers. It isn't hard of collapse his trachea, but it certainly makes breathing difficult for a few seconds and has the goon slowing to grab his own throat protectively! Which opens up his abdomen for a swift round house kick right in the lower abdomen. A few inches beneath the belly button and a few above the dong. Hard enough that his stomach is pushed painfully against his diaphram and the goon is doubled over to vomit. His head is caught in a palm as Deadpool continues spinning through his kick and smashes the side of the dudes face against the brickwall.

Then looks at his wrist watch. "Six seconds… Ugh.." A pistol appears in his hand to stop the goons further up the alleyway from getting involved, without looking in their direction, "Gotham has an entire casefile on unsolved stupid shit murders, do you really want to b- holy shit it's Red Hood?!" Screw the goons!

Deadpool is going to lean against the wall with one foot up on his own goons bleeding face to watch Jason excitedly, "I'm a pretty big fan!"

"Actually, Gotham doesn't have them…Batman does," Red Hood offers, taking one of the other goons to decided to get a little too close. It's Gotham…these guys chose the wrong one to follow…and frankly, he wants to stick it to the Bat as often as he can. There's no brawling for him — he just goes all 'Indiana Jones' and pulls out his gun to shoot said goon.

He might live if they stop the bleeding fast enough.

It's then that the Red Hood turns to Deadpool and tilts his head in curiosity, "You are? How do you know about me?" The gun might be preparing to aim at Deadpool, depending on the answer

As the remaining goons look at each other, another gun is pulled out and aimed at them, "Go ahead. My guns were getting rusty."

Now there's like three guns pointed at the goons! Let's hope they didn't bring knives to the fight, amirite? Clearly outmatched if so!

"Oh…uh.. well okay so check it out. Try to keep up.. this can get confusing…" Deadpool stops pointing his gun at the goons to scratch his head through the mask, "I was… I don't know? I just do? I mean, I don't know your secret identity, but I guess I could if it would be appropriately humorous and then I'd probably for- this isn't making any sense. Let me try again."

How does he start again?

"You, like… are a Bat… but way cooler because you shot that dude in the thigh? A Batman that uses guns? WHOA… mind blown. What is this the 40s?"

ANYWAYS, "I'm a fan, is all. We going to fight? I don't really like PvP, but if that's what's up, that's what's up."

"I'm not a Bat," is offered quickly. "I'm only in Gotham because I got bored," and he knew there was always someone looking to cause trouble here. Red Hood just sort of stares at Deadpool before he turns back to the goons, "Might want to get your buddies before they bleed out. Anyone tries anything and you get shot up worse."

The goons still don't seem too sure what to do until one raises his hands and creeps forward to try and grab the guy shot in the thigh.

"Do we need to fight? Seems like you were trying to help me out there and I don't often fight just for the sake of it…unless you count fighting that armored chick in the park with a sword. She cheated though when she got her horse in on the action." Not exactly relevant now though.

"Who -are- you?" He doesn't remember the likes of Deadpool hanging around Gotham, but a bit has changed.

"Seriously? You fought a chick riding a Horse?! How cool is that! I've always wanted to fight from the back of a Unicorn, but I have to contend with things like 'reality'.." With finger quotes. "Whatever, my mom always told me I was a special snowflake, if I want a unicorn, I'll have a unicorn."

That is, in his dreams. Everyone needs dreams.

"I'm Deadpool. You've seriously never heard of me? I'm… sort of a big deal…"

Let's not get crazy…

"Okay, a marginal deal… I'm a deal… maybe more of a pill. I'm a tough pill. To swallow. Like medicine… or altoids." Still holding his gun, Wade takes a step away from the goon he was standing on so that the others can take him away too. If they don't want none, they don't get harrassed, "Not a bat. Got it. I feel it. I'm not a Logan."

When he hears the name, Red Hood puts one of the guns back into a holster, "I've heard of you. Seen your name around as a merc." After all, he's often in the business of hiring them when it's a job he's unable to do himself.

The goons are watched from behind the mask as they drag their downed guys away, "Be glad it wasn't one of the Bats who got to you!" is called out before he turns some of his attention back to Deadpool. "She wasn't on the horse at the time. She was on the ground, but she brought her horse in when I was winning."

"Why are you in Gotham?"

"Oh man, like a tag team scenario with a horse? That's some bullshit WWE type crap there…" Deadpool tsks his teeth behind his mask and spins his pistol in a flashy gunslinger way before putting it back in its holster on his hip. He does not shout at the goons, or even pay attention to them now, NPCs do not exist if they are not engaging him directly.

You so meta.

"Well… at first I was like 'oh no, Gotham smells like someone shot a nuclear weapon into a dead raccoon's anus', but the more I come here… the more I'm amused by coming up with expressive and humorous ways of describe how Gotham City smells like a GI bleed."

Blink. His mask blinked.

Red Hood crosses his arms and watches the display…he hasn't heard all that much about this guy, but he's quickly forming his own opinion. "You came to Gotham…to describe the smell in creative ways?" That one's definitely a first. "You know, I kind of believe you on that since I don't think anyone would think of that as an answer."

As the goons disappear, his other gun is deftly holstered as well. "And then you find yourself protecting seemingly innocent idiots from even stupider goons?"

Deadpool nods emphatically when Jason repeats his reasoning for being here back to him. His head just bobs and bobs and bobs a few dozen times, "I'm original, if nothing else! Unless you count like… Deathstroke or… anything from the 90s.. which why would you? Unless it's Gotham."

Yeah Gotham was pretty cool in the ninties.

"Oh that? Well, my karma meter was low. It's sort of like my health bar because everyone needs a health bar." He steps over and shows his fancy watch thingy that has a line drawn across the screen with a white out marker. "Besides, my therapist says that I should start being more social.. I took that to mean, fight badguys and smash their head against brick walls because I'm pretty sure I'm a sociopath."

"A fun one!"

Red Hood's mask isn't as expressive as Deadpool's…not that he wants it to be. But there is a smile beneath it as Deadpool continues to talk. "My view of Gotham in the nineties didn't include folks like Deathstroke," or even the Bats. As the other steps closer, a hand goes to his holster but nothing is drawn…yet. He's a tense one, if he's anything.

"Nice watch," is commented as he's shown it and the DIY meter, "You have a therapist? And seriously, anyone doing any of this crap is a sociopath. Or a psychopath. Maybe a little of both."

"Or just a fun loving sort who has a particular desire to hu- that's pretty much the definition of sociopath, nevermind." Deadpool is less tense, but being virtually unkillable makes people less paranoid about being hurt in a fight. Besides!

It's Red Hood. He's totally trustworthy!

"Oh right, realism… I keep running into that issue. I'm like… so.. I.. get.. stuck. Like so ma- I don't even know why I bother trying to explain it. It just makes me sound wacky and people don't take my serious anyways." The goons are gone now, and 'I think we're alone now' starts playing in Wade's head. Which makes him giggle.

"So what's your deal with the bats? Besides them being dickfaces, ofcourse."

"Go ahead and try. I'm curious…" especially since he did see the guy fight. He could be useful. Red Hood still remains in his chosen spot, his arms still crossed and he still seems ready to draw a gun or three at any given moment, but he remains unarmed for now.

The question about the Bats has him tense up a little more and he quickly answers, "I have no deal with the Bats." End of subject.

"My therapist calls that 'closing off'. Like when he brings up my third grade math teacher and I shoot him in the thigh." Deadpool says with the sudden and abrupto endo of conversationo. BUT HE DIGS SOCIAL QUES MAN!

And lets it drop.

"Okay, so there's like endless versions of me spread across the 'multiverse' or 'internet'." Both with finger quotes, "Sometimes some of the stuff they do bleeds over to what I do. Like I'll think friends somewhere else are my friends here and hilarity follows when I have to take a wicked poop and leave the door open because I thought we were buds."

Red Hood's eyes blink from behind his mask, "I see. Remind me to make you close the door anytime I see you entering a bathroom." 'Buds' or not, that's just wrong. He's not even going to touch the whole 'multiverse' or 'internet' thing because he's not even sure where to go with that. Also, the guy didn't press when he ended the conversation about the Bats.

"I don't know about you, but those goons were completely unsatisfying as far as a fight is concerned. If I invite you along to a party, you're not going to double-cross me, right? Because frankly…I'm more than happy to blow up a warehouse full of child-traffickers or drug dealers. How about you?"

"That's what they always say… Deadpool, stop pooping with the door open or Deadpool, I was saving those cupcakes for my eighty five year old grandmother's birthday party." His hand yappy mouths beside his own yappy mouth, "Don't they understand the meaning of friendship? Friendship is accepting that sometimes there's going to be a poop smell.. it's part of the G-code."

It most certainly is not part of the G-code.

"It's part of the G-code…" He growls, to himself, then brightens. "Oh hey, I bet there's a substantial reward for blowing up nasty child-trafficking drug dealers. Can I be Liam Neeson? I've been practicing, check it out."

He clears his throat, walking along beside JT now, "I will find you and I will kill you…" Crotch chop, "Boosh, nailed it."

Red Hood snorts, "I don't do it for the reward. The Child-traffickers…they need to burn in Hell. The drug dealers…if they aren't working for me, I'm happy to be doing away with them." Not that he hires drug dealers as he doesn't touch that sort of thing, but he knows it's part of the Mafia he Dons. "These guys don't work for me, so they're fair game."

As Deadpool asks about Liam Neeson, he gives a shrug, "Sure. Have a ball. I haven't seen those movies, but…go for it." He was a little busy being dead…or training with obscure cults. Fun times.

"You're the pragmatic sort huh?" Deadpool reasons, live stepping it beside Red Hood like he's a real G-Thug gangster in Gotham now. There's even a little crip in his step and his belt is sagging a little. Every two bit hood they pass gets a G-up nod, "Bitch fucks…" Gun fingers at them, "Bang bang."

"So we're going to just blow the warehouse up? We going to deliver some well thought out monologue explaining the wrongs of double crossin gour gang?" That's right, ''our'' gang, "You hoe bitches better know your role and shut your damn mouths before we shove our boots up your rootie poo candy asses? That sort of thing? That's what Don Cheadle does in Colors."

Red Hood glances over at Deadpool as he struts…well, it's going to call attention and that's sort of what he's aiming for. "You're kind of nuts, you know that?" but he doesn't seem too bothered by that. It's like the Joker, only without the crowbar and without the whole 'trying to kill him' part. At least it's something he can understand.

"If you want to deliver a monologue, go for it…but I don't see why since we're pretty much just going to kill them. Seems like wasting breath, if you ask me. If you want to let a few escape to run and tell any big bosses…well, that's something else."

"That's what everyone keeps saying." Deadpool doesn't deny that he's a little quirky, "But I put my pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else." Still strutting, still drawing a lot of attention because of the sheer amount of weapons he's carrying on his person. It's absurd if you really get to thinking about it.

"Nah, nobody has to get out alive, I'm good with wholesale slaughter… but I need cab money, so I call dibs on their wallets and the first chick we run into. Girly shotgun, homes." Peace sign chop, "Let's do this thing."

It's actually amazing that a Bat hasn't swooped down on them and started lecturing about having guns in Gotham. Jason is rather glad of that although he is always looking for an opportunity to snark at one of them. Maybe next time. "Never said it bothered me. Those who don't think they're even a little but nuts are often the worst of them all."

There's even a bemused chuckle at the strutting. "I'll make sure you have cab money. You're on your own for the girl though."

And with that, he leads the other towards the warehouse district, a well-known haven for criminal activity in Gotham. One would think that the cops or vigilantes might patrol this place more with the sheer amount of thugs and crime that go on as well as the rate at which warehouses explode or catch fire.

"Oh man, have you ever noticed the sheer amount of crime that goes on in warehouse districts? I was rambling about that in another sc-… err.. encounter…" Deadpool scratches his butt as he walks, gently tugging out a wedgy because wearing spandex is a double edge sword of riding in all the wrong places, but he doesn't make mention of it! He just keeps on keeping on. "Warehouse districts and freakin' docks! It's like they're drawn to these two locations, ya know? Someone said it was like… because so much goods go in and out that a few stolen things get over looked, but really I think it's just a genetic instinct ingrained in human nerdowells."

Because look at the sheer amount of badguys eyeing them?! It's like west side story and they just crossed the railroad tracks. "Do you ever feel like one of the Warriors? I wanna be the token black guy. Is that cool?" He is not black, of course, so this is probably insensitive. "We should really have a token black guy in this gang… speaking of which. I was thinking 'Buttercream Gang', did you see that movie? Gawd… childhood."

"That's exactly why there's so much crime going on around there. A lot comes in and it's easy to hide. Cities with Coastal shipping can't regulate everything that comes in or it would tie everything up. They just try to keep the scum out, but they're everywhere and Gotham, in particular, seems lax about monitoring its docks and warehouse districts. It's also easy to hide a lot of things in those shipping containers. There are hundreds stacked up at any given time," Since when did Red Hood become the rational one?

"This isn't a gang," is quickly offered. "I'm hiring you to help me with this." Hiring…so there is payment involved. "There won't be a gang, but I might be able to use you for other missions if you're interested," and remotely trustworthy. But it all seems to be a big game to him, so that bodes sort of well. "Can't say that I've heard of that movie."

"You'd be doing yourself a service to pick it up. I think I have an old VHS copy, but you're probably too hitech for VHS." Deadpool doesn't seem saddened by the lack of gang activity. There is payment afterall, but then… "We'll be a gang, you'll see. Best gang ever too."

Is anyone surprised he hasn't started asking if they're there yet?

I am.

You would be.

"So… like.. when do we start punching people with grenades?"

"Patience, Padawan," is offered with a smile from under the helmet, "We'll be there soon. Don't want to be blowing the wrong people up…then I start getting really pissy."

It's not the longest walk to the warehouse area, but it's not the shortest either…and Red Hood's cycle really couldn't hold two grown men easily. "I'll let you know when you can start chucking the grenades."

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