Brave Starwind

November 03, 2015:

The Reavers send out a public challenge to the mutants

New York


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It had come in a classified add. Most people hadn't really parsed it. Most people hadn't really read it. Cyberpunk afficionado seeks personal hero for meet at Yankee's stadium on Monday. Sparks ensured, with or without.

One hero had figured it out. It was a threat against the game on monday. Find them there or it all goes wrong. The heroine known as Starwind. Astral powers. Plasma. She's not made much of a splash despite her flashy set. But she came. Looking for the threat.

It wasn't hard to fine. Bottom of the second inning door to the visitors locker rooms exploded and half a dozen Reaver cyborgs stomped out. Starwind met them on the field, vaulting over the railings to grab the umpire out of harms way.

They just shot her full of lasers on national television. The police are responding. But with six heavy cyborgs? All they can do is hope to contain.

Go to Yankee Stadium for a rousing American game of Football you said.

"Yeah, the Yankee's are Soccer." Deadpool is sitting in the sands with his masked rolled up just enough that he can toss handfuls of popcorn into his mouth. His feet are extended out over the seat infront of him, much to the disdain of the man IN the seat, but nobody dares say anything because Deadpool has ninja swords and at least one handgun on his person.

Maybe he has two handguns.

Oh snap.. did robots just burst out of the locker room to attack the game?!

"Roughing the passer!"

Nice sports reference.

"Just keeping my finger on the pulse of the people." Wade taps the dude in the seat where his fet are sitting in the side of the head with his boot, "Hey man, what State is Yankee Stadium in, anyways?" More popcorn.

Lunair is a bit boggled by the ad. Cyberpunk kind of weirds her out. But it's also good inspiration for her powers. Nevertheless, she is concerned and curious. She also likes popcorn and wants to visit a friend. And then suddenly, FREAKING GIANT ROBOTS. Theres a soft sigh. Lunair armors up and it looks like she's escaped from Mass Effect, with a black folding visor (someone plays video games). She takes flight and looks to the robots.


America isn't someone who usually watches sports. However, the restaurant where she is currently enjoying breakfast has the game on at full blast, so it is a little hard to ignore.

Just like it is hard to ignore the screams and shouts of astonishment coming from the patrons who were paying attention to the game.

Anyone outside of Mack's Shack would have found it hard to miss the red, white and blue streak that flies into the sky after running out of the front door. A few seconds later, she has gained enough height to go hypersonic and not destroy the windows in the city. It will take her five minutes, tops, to get there. America Chavez narrows her eyes and flies as fast as she can.

Katsuna is looking for distraction and something to get over the complete and utter terror of the previous day. She didn't have money to get into the game but she did have invisibility. It was easy to sneak in and easy to steal a couple of hotdogs. She's huddled in a corner and dozing after stuffing herself full of food when the screams finally wake her. Startled, the Kitsune because visible. Not quite five feet tall with green eyes and white flowing hair she would be easily mistaken for a child if it weren't for the color. Or the fact that she's sporting nine fox tails spread out in a fan behind her.

Kat jumps up onto one of the seats a few rows up to get a better view of whatever is happening. When she sees the Cyborgs the Kitsune just kind of stares for a moment. "What is that?" She darts and dashes her way closer until she's perching on the railing at the end of the seats.

The police have contacted X-Red for assistance … and the only one who can respond immediately is Brinley. Which will prove interesting because she's not a fighter - and Reavers are terrifying. Letting the rest of the X-Teams know there's a problem that needs assistance, she heads to the stadium.

Reporting to the Police Officer in charge, the brunette surveys what's actually happening. "They're techo-organic beings, Officer." she informs the policeman beside her "Aim for creases and crevices, try to the break the servo connections… " She takes a deep breath and manifests her bow and arrows (bodkin tips - she learnt from her other experiences.)

Deadpool tilts his masked head to look at the commotion down on the field, "Ugh, how much karma am I short this week?" Why does he check his watch? Maybe he's got one of those little iwatches or whatever that counts the number of steps you've taken in the last hour? Why would that record his karma?

"Everyone needs a status bar, dude…" Wade taps a finger against the screen and groans… "About a quart low." Which is to say, he decides, he guesses, he might as well… do some good guy stuff… or whatever.

"Hold my popcorn." Hoping up from his seat, he leans over to hand his popcorn to the dude who has been his foot rest and teleports down into the field with a cigar clutched between his teeth and a LMG in either hand. Which he shoots. At the creatures. Hoping to god they're the badguys.

Also he is not really strong enough to hold LMGs in one hand. So he may hit other people, just fyi.

Clint Barton isn't in the habit of responding to all points bulletins. He also isn't in the habit of letting people gun down other people on national television though. He was in the area. He had his bow (he almost always has it somewhere nearby) so off he went. By the time he gets there the police are starting to set up their cordon but one man going in amid all the people going out is easily missed.

Starwind is laying on the field, not moving, near the batter's box. Clint arrives through the main enterence and starts to climb for a better view. The Reavers are encouraging everyone to leave with laser shots and the occasional mini rocket. One of them stomps right in front of a camera and looks at it. "We just took down one of your freak 'heroes'. If there's any more of you out there who think you can stop us, come and find us."

When Deadpool shoots he hits. They are bulletproof it seems, well on the chest anyway. Aimed shots or luck, maybe better? In any case he gets some return fire headed back his way pronto. No one else has been seen yet, so, lucky Wade, there's a lot of lasers in his direction.

Lunair might recognize poor Clint. She's hoping he doesn't pay attention to her. "Oh my gosh, Deadpool!" That is awesome. But Lunair has to focus. She is hovering in the air, with her power armor. She is trying not to make herself a giant target. She pulls a giant, slender laser cannon that looks like it got ripped off of a Gundam.

She takes aim at one of the giant robots. White motes of light dance around the thing's barrel before she takes a potshot at one of the things' heads.

And come and find them she did. The Reaver who issued the challenge before the cameras may find that there is a punch approaching quickly- one that is no longer flying at hypersonic speeds because there are innocents around and blowing out people's ears is very bad. But nevertheless, it is flying and approaching quickly…. and it's not holding back.

"Challenge accepted!" America snarls with a smirk as she zooms in for impact in 3…2…1…

Katsuna gasps when she sees the injured woman lying on the ground. The robotic thing talkering into the camera gets a very angry look from the Kitsune. Balls of foxfire burst into life at the ends of the woman's tails and she flicks all nine of them straight at the cyborg. "Magical Fire! See how you like that, jerk!"

She doesn't remain on her perch but leaps forward and goes invisible. Her next appearance she's clinging to the back of a second cyborg and attempting to jam a well used wooden chopstick she'd had in her coatpocket into the things eye to hit its brain. Her goal is to get to the injured person and get them away from here but first, a few of these need to be out of the way!

Brin keeps her distance, not trying to get height, leaving the police to evacuate the civilians. Stepping out into the open, her teammates might have words to say about this, she aims an arrow at the Reaver speaking to the camera, at one of the creases that should sever some of the servo's.

The bow disappears and a glowing green and gold shield appears around her … and she's off towards the batters box and Starwind … it's not far, but far enough given the presence of the Reavers.

Having received the call out for help via the X-Red comms (possibly relayed by a particular red-haired Gothamite?), May VERY hastily assembled a response team and scrambled the first available quinjet. So, just a few minutes after the REavers showed up, a SHIELD quinjet swoops down into the stadium through the open top and levels some pretty hefty looking gun turrets at the bad guys. "Stand down," May's voice echoes from the jet as the loading ramp at the back of the jet opens, ropes fall out, and the response team head toward ground level at a stomach-turning speed.

May's response? A flight of minimissiles right up at her Quinnjet. The Reavers here apparently respect no authority but firepower.

Unfortunately for them there's a lot of firepower coming their way. May and Lunair both might get a view of Barton as he finally reaches a vantage point he considers good enough and lets fly with an arrow that shatters one of the focusing lenses in the laser canon of one of the cyborgs. It doesn't do anything else, but he's out one laser cannon. Ronin's still got the old 'Hawkeye' touch it seems. And for his next trick…

Some of that fire off Deadpool starts to slacken as Lunair blasts one of the Reavers. One down, five to go. She gets lasers in return. They're now shooting at three separate targets… and the MAC macks into two of them. One goes flying. The other one manages to punch back but… when has that ever done anything but made people mad. A fourth reaver finds its left arm and leg suddenly inoperable and Brin sprint's towards Starwind. She's… still not moving… Katsuna soon drowns that immobile one in fire. Two left. Yeah, it's not looking good. Not at all.

Don't you hate it when you pretype like this ultra amusing pose and then copy and past over it because someone shows you cute pictures of cats playing with balls of yarn?

"I don't have time to think that stuff right now…" Deadpool is not faring verily well against cyborgs with lasers, it doesn't matter how many LMGs he's holding in his hands. Half the bullets aren't even coming near them and another quarter of the ones that do hit dirt.

Y yw md?

I see what you did there.

Shut up and type.

"Guys… can we do so- oh look Lunair!" Deadpool tosses both light machine guns off to either side so he can stand right in the middle of all this laser fighting to wave up at her like a stupid teenager playing chicken with laser beams. "Lunair! Sup!" So he probably gets hit with a laser… maybe one of his arms is shot off.

Maybe he's wrapping the other one around Derek Jeter's torso to use him as a body shield while shooting more PRECISELY with one of his machine pistols at the cyborg thingies that are trying to hurt that poor Starwind woman. Maybe he whispers, "I'm a Sox fan."

Because we're a loser.

"Don't listen to him… he's mad because he doesn't have a substantial part to play in this monologue." Maybe Derek Jeter is dead now. (canon).

"Oh hey, cool, they have a space ship." Quinjet, "With space weapons." Just the regular kind. "And a hot Asian chick." That's May. "Cannon fodder!" Thats the response team.

Lunair pauses. She won't laser Deadpool if she can help it. "Here!" Lunair will create a plasma rifle in front of Deadpool so he can zap the robots good. And a light saber, just in case of melee.

For her part, she's going to keep her laser cannon going. "Hi everyone!" And poor Starwind. "EEP!" Lunair goes into evasive maneuvers, flying well enough but not Iron Man Well because lawyers are like, super scary. "Yay!" It's Agent May!

She's going to try to keep from getting Lazered.

Thankfully, SHIELD response teams train for exactly this kind of scenario. After all, the chances they're dropping into a fire fight are a good as not. May forces the quinjet to one side, just barely getting clear enough so only the edge of one wing takes the laser strike. It's likely removed more than just paint, but she'll take it. The quinjet has managed to move in the admittedly very close confines of the stadium, the response team people not already on the ground hanging on to their rapelling ropes and dropping the rest of the way to the field as soon as the jet straightens up again.

With so many peope this close to the Reavers, taking a shot at any of them is really risky, and she can't even just aim through Deadpool like usual. He's got a meat shield. So, as the loading bay door at the back of the jet closes again, she tries to keep the attention on the Reavers up on her. Give Barton and everyone else a chance to get their licks in. And yes, she knows that's Barton with the arrows. Even Bishop can't make a shot that cleanly.

Kat gets thrown free of her cyborg after jamming the chopstick in its eye. Hopefully it stops it. The kitsune leaps and weaves her way to where Starwind…isn't? "What? WHere did-" Yikes! She just misses being hit with one of the laser blasts and goes invisible. She reappears next to Brinley. "Oh you got her. Good I can help!" She looks back and throws a few more balls of fire from her tails. "What are those things?! Oh no. They aren't people right!? I didn't just kill a person did I?!" The Kitsune looks about to burst into tears. She's still throwing fireballs though. They're being shot at! She has to.

Honestly, Brin doesn't expect to find Starwind alive but … it's in her nature, and training, to try. She's shut down her empathetic ability - too many scared people around to be useful, right now.

Sliding into the batters box - she's safe - the brunette drops to her knees and reaches for her back pack… where her field med kit is. The glowing green and gold shield starts to expand, around her and the downed Starwind.

When Kat appears near her, Brin throws her a quelling look - she remembers the Fox child from last time … "Reavers. Mutant haters. And they've just upped their game." It's the only answer the Kitsune will get from the X-Red mutant who is now examining Starwind. "Just keep those things away from us."

Being punched doesn't make anybody happy, no, and Miss America isn't exactly the kind of person you would describe as having 'a bubbly personality.' That Reaver might find a young woman with super-strength and invulnerability being the person he just pissed off.

Rubbing her jaw, she looks at the foe with a piercing glare. "Not bad. Here's mine."

And there goes a punch. It's not totally pulled back, so it may cause considerable damage (though not the kind to kill someone)- it may also send her opponent flying into some of the attackers who may be making Lunair's life difficult. Because America is nice like that. Sometimes.

America's punch… absolutely does send her remaining target flying into one of those remaining reavers as the SHIELD team takes cover and starts to take action of it's own. They're trained for this after all. Deadpool hits several of the 'cracks in the armor' on his target - the last shooter - and it starts to spark and jerk spasmodically before Lunair adds her own laser to it… and then magic fire. One of the downed reavers tries to get up but a modified taser arrow delivers a lightning bolt's worth of voltage to the back of the guy's neck and he goes still.

And just like that it's over. Brinley has found, sadly, that Starwind is quite dead. Likely was when she was first shot full of holes. She's a young woman, maybe twenty three or four. The hero game can be pretty unforgiving and in most cases… it's not for folks who go it alone…

Barton comes on down from the upper levels to see who all is there. "Hello May. Mana. Armory…" He eyes the other three. Does he know them? The young woman with the stars, the merc with the mouth or the fox woman?

No, he doesn't think he does.

"Hell of a thing. Hitting the place in broad daylight and calling out any hero who was watching the TV."

Derek Jester… you live another day.

Deadpool narrows his eyes when lasers miss the star pitcher and still manage to hit -him- by some cruel twist of physics that can only be explained by SCIENCE… With the final of the shooters dead, however, Wade release his meat shield with a chasty kiss on the temple. "You were great in the Other Guys." Then heads off towards the group of people chatting it up about gunfire and…

"My arm." He grabs his arm and puts it up against his torso, "Does anyone have any super glue?" Absently, suit all riddled with holes of varying sizes, each one showing freshly puckered skin of a grotesque nature beneath. Once he's with more people, he waves his arm at Lunair, "I was totally going to use the lightsaber to go all Hong Kong Fuey on their monkey asses, but then… boom a dozen peoples showed up.. It has to be hard to have enough cyborgs for this kind of group."

"N.E.Ways, I've found that dialog parts aren't really my strong suit… You guys got this?" Wiggle pointing his severed arm around, "Yeah? Sweet.." He moves so that the finger on the severed arm's hand pushes his teleporter that he may return to his seat, reach over the dude who is once more providing him a foot rest, and grab some popcorn out of the bag he's been holding like one of those dinosaur grabber things old people use to pick up their dropped pills in a nursing home.

"I love sports."

Poor Deadpool. "Sorry," She offers to Wade. "You are awesome," She seems to be a quiet fan. She waves back. "I see." She seems sympathetic. "Bye!" And there's a bit of a bafflement at him. Lunair in this world is still learning.

"Hi Hawkeye 1.0!" She seems relieved Clint isn't mad about the nudity. There's a brief, sorrowful moment at the realization Starwind is dead. They tried.

"Is anyone hurt?" She seems concerned. "You're okay!" She offers to the foxlady. "And Agent M!" Lunair is a bit overwhelmed.

Kat has turned her attention to Starwind and the small woman's hands move in a strange but careful manner over the other's body, just short of actually touching her. After several moments of this she settes back and hugs her knees tight to her chest making soft distressed noises. She can't call her back, it's too late. Nine white tails with black tips are curled all about Kat. She's too upset to think to hide them again. Everyone probably noticed anyway.

If Brin looks closely she might realize that aside from the green eyes and the tails and hair length, Kat looks entirely different. Her face is freckled and more caucasion than the last time they met. "I can't bring her back. She's moved on. I'm sorry." The Kitsune's eyes are full of held back tears. Finally she realizes there could be other injuries and looks up. Dead pool has already moved off so she doesn't see him and in anycase can't grow back lost limbs. "Are you hurt, any of you? I can heal." She offers.

Melinda May figures that with all of the laser fire, a few quinjet marks could be forgiven by the stadium people, and settles the jet in the middle of the ball field. Well, okay, on top of second base. What? May is NOT a baseball fan. She lets the response team go coordinate with the local police currently here while she moves to talk with Ronin and Lunair and everyone else. She doesn't offer any words yet, though.

Brin hadn't expected otherwise with Starwind and she rises to her feet. "I know she's gone." she speaks quietly and goes to stand beside Agent May. "Ronin, Agent May, Armory" Deadpools walking off and she's not sure about America … and doesn't know Kats name. "Reavers, Ronin. Mutant haters. X-Red have been tracking them for a while." She casts her worried gaze over the field "This… is a new technique, it seems."

America glances in Wade's direction. She knows who it is, of course- you can't be a traveler across the multiverse and not have encountered Deadpool, or one of the Deadpool iterations, at one point or another. She may have punched him, once. Or one of them. Or was there only one sharing a multitude of existences? She didn't think long on it. Depending on her mood, he annoyed her or amused her. Right now she wasn't likely to feel amused.

She's standing near Starwind's body, her head lowered slightly in respectful silence.

And then the silence is over. The hispanic woman has moved towards where the Reaver she had punched had landed. He was slowly coming to, probably with several broken bones making things very pleasant for him. Some people might notice that her eyes are glowing blue-white, as are the star tattoos at the underside of each wrist. Reality sort of… shimmers as she passes- she is making a strong effort to gather energies.

"You." A hand grasps the Reaver, pulling him up and into the air as if he were nothing but a rag doll. She looks at the other Reavers, those who have not been so badly beaten as to be completely unconscious.

"You kill a hero again. This is what you'll get."

A star appears in mid-air, blue-white and resplendent in all its five points. When America's boot kicks it, it shatters into a million possibilities and leaves a star-shaped portal in its stead. The world that peeks through that portal is terrifying. Earth #283942-b. The very skies are red, and even the stars beyond them seem to boil with inner light.

This is the world where Phoenix did not die- the world where the Dark Phoenix is about to incinerate the entire universe.

The Reaver is tossed through the portal just as light turns red-white, and the star collapses behind her. Were there any screams?

Hard to tell.

"Any questions?" she asks, turning to the Reavers.

Clint watches. Sort of wide eyed. He's seen metahumans. He's seen weird crap. That takes the cake. It takes him a minute to realize that she's not mad at him. Which is comforting. Kind of. Sort of. Ish.

"I'm not hurt, thanks miss." He says to Katsuna as Deadpool wanders off and takes his seat in a now mostly empty stadium.

"Looks like this one's going to get messy. If they did it here they're planning to do it again. Better watch the papers and keep an eye on the national landmarks." He says to May and Brin before glancing back to MAC. Yes, she's scary. "I'm real sorry about the girl… if there's… anything I can do let me know. Otherwise I should probably skeedaddle." He'll just be in the way at this point.

Katsuna is still hugging herself and is doing her best not to look at Starwind's body. Yes she is a kitsune and yes she's three hundred but that is young for her kind and her life until recently has been very isolated and sheltered. Today's events combined with the horror of the previous day have left the poor thing entirely freaked out. Not seeing anyone needing healing she shivers and switches forms. Being a fox is easier right now and so she is. A black fox with white tipped tails and feet and small star on her chest and eyes Clint as if she might follow.

Lunair is quiet. It's mostly out of respect for the fallen heroine. Poor girl. There's a blink at America, her eyebrows lifting behiind the black visor. She looks to May, offering a wave. She watches Deadpool go. "Yeah, I can head away… I am sorry I was not able to help more," She admits. "I wish I could have seen you under better circumstances."

Brin just STARES at MAC's display … she's left rather speechless. Well for a moment anyway. Clints comments gets her attention and she frowns "It was messy before" she mutters as she pulls her phone out… Dougs going to get a text message to start monitoring the media and news feeds for specific keywords.

"If there's nothing else?" She asks the others "I need to go and speak to the Police." It's important that the relationship with the Police Department is maintained - especially now.

Melinda May nods to Barton and seems totally okay with letting his skedaddle. For now. She'll track him down later to have another chat with him. America's display garners a rather extreme reaction from May: she raises both eyebrows and crosses her arms. Then she nods to Lunair and then looks at Brin. "How can we assist?" She must mean SHIELD. SHe'd known that X-red had been dealing with some pretty nasty characters, but she didn't realize it had gone this far. Escalation, to be sure.

"You'll need help," America says, walking back to the group only once she has been satisfied in her answer from the Reavers. Probably in the form of wetting their armor. "I can handle them, and I'll help." It's an offer and a statement at the same time. The rage that had been in her face a few seconds ago is gone, now there is a certain amount of sadness mixed with that stoicism.

The Reavers appear to prefer sullen silence but it would be a mistake to think that she hadn't left an impression. She has. An impression that will no doubt be noted. The SHIELD team and police will move in to secure them. The interrogation will probably be pretty interesting.

Clint nods to May and Brinley and warily to America. She's scary. Again. Then he pats Lunair on the shoulder on the way out and slips by Katsuna. He's in the wind now. Time to make himself scarece before the questions come. And try not to think of what he saw on the other side of that portal.

Kat jumps to sit closer to May. This woman is the most calm and that comforts the Kitsune. They don't do well with too many negative emotions. She's still thinking about fleeing now but hasn't yet. It's not like the little nest under her bridge is going anywhere. Unless someone steals it. In which case she'll just steal it back. Right now she wants to learn more about these Reavers and what will be done with them. Or about them. "They are people then? Not machines?" The fox asks. She isn't really thinking about how weird that is, a talking fox. For her its normal.

Lunair smiles to May beneath her visor. "Yeah… first androids, now this," She sighs softly. "And the drones." A grump. "Be well." She waves to the others and will go off to do LUNAIRSTUFF(TM).

Melinda May has become almost frighteningly tolerant of weird in the past year or so. A fox-girl doesn't even ping on her weird radar anymore. With a parting nod to Lunair as she leaves, the SHIELD agent taps the comm unit in her ear, and start coordinating everything to get the stadium back to normal. She also puts in a request for Medical to send out a team, out of deference to the young woman that Brinley had clearly been trying to help. Of course, getting the stadium back to normal means she'll need to move the quinjet soon. Anyone who wants a lift is welcome.

America will take the offer. Due to her opening a portal in this dimension, she will not be able to fly for a day or so. Irritating, yes, but making a point is very important when dealing with creatures like the Reavers. She nods quietly to the others and heads to the quinjet once May makes her way.

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