Thin Faerie Walls

November 03, 2015:

Fenris calls Zee and Misfit to investigate problems in Faerie



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Fade In…

Fenris is at a crack in the world near Central Park. The Fae like this place. It's easier to get back and forth. Which is why he's here. He's called Zee and Misfit to him and hopes they can make it. Why? Well he aims to check out Faerie. And what better place to start than to a place he's investigated already. Gemworld.

With a POP of Purple and Pink Smoke >PinkUrple> Misfit has arrived all geared up and ready to rock. Of course her trajectory is well above ground level as she wraps herself arms around Fenris's neck and dangles a bit grinning. "Hai!" pauses to breath, remember to breath Charlie "So.. Faery tales?"

Zee's already there, inspecting the crack and waiting for Misfit to turn up. "A trip to Fae—" she cuts off as Charlie pops in and hangs off Fenris' neck. "Hello Charlie." she smiles and then goes back to inspecting that crack.

"Faeire tails." Fenris grins giving Charlie a tight hug. "There's something wrong in Faerie ville. So I thought we'd go to Gemworld… are you going to be okay? I remember the last time we did this you got some pretty bad headaches." He's already opening a Way. It's waiting for them, as it were. "Zee, be ready."

Misfit returns the hug, cause well right she is hugged around his neck already. She drops down to her feet now post-hug. She tilts her head studying the Way he opened. "I.. I mean I remember getting the headaches but I don't know why they happen?"

Zee's eyes glow and she nods to Fenris, she remembers what happened with Charlie… and it's concerning. "Ready Fenris." The teen mage steps into The Way … expecting the other two to follow.

Fenris takes them through. The worlds seem to bend around them and then they're somewhere that the colors are almost too vibrant, too bright. The Old Wolf blinks and listens. Something's wrong. They're near a village, in fact it can be seen down the hill not far away. But there's the sound of blades on blades and screaming and… is that the scent of smoke? "Fighting? We're well inside the Amathyst kingdom borders…" He's already moving, blade appearing. Below it seems that… hobgoblins are terrorizing the villagers?

Charlie cocks her head at the smell, oh yeah the chaosmuppet just scented the air. Damn wolfy influence or something "Wait this is Amy's lands?" she peers through her goggles down at the hobgoblins… and she is off >Pink-slightyruby-purple!> appearing midleap by a hobgoblin with a mighty weighted boot kick aimed right at it's face.

Zee frowns and nods to Charlie. "Yes, Amys lands." the sight of Hobgoblins has the frown deepening. "I'll take care of the fires." Which will leave the other two to do the fighty stuff. With a murmur, and backward spoken words, Zee calls the water from the air and starts dousing fires… if some of the hobgoblins gets wet… well that's a shame.

Fenris is already laying into the hobgoblins. "Zee, these are from a Wild Hunt. It's a different, more distant part of Faerie. They shouldn't be here!" And why are they? Fenris doens't know but he's frightened that it has something to do with the cracks between worlds and the ease of getting from here to Earth.

The hobgoblins fall before Misfit and Fenris as Zee douses fires… and perhaps not accidentally torches. "Damn. Trolls ahead."

There's soldiers in the village but they're back to back fighting eight foot tall monstrosities and more hobgoblins than they can shake a blade at.

Charlie's efforts speed up, the red tinge to her teleports is definitely there >pink-ruby-purple> as she bounces from Hob to Hob. Going High. Going Low. Going to kick in the back of the head. The Spleen. The kneecap. Then she is standing on a doused roof and peering down at the trolls. "Ugn.. Trolls." she digs in her utlity belt and fidgets around letting the fight rage below for the moment. Then she bounces and aims to bitch slap three of the lumbering beasts in the back of the head three stooges style. Of course she is trying to leave behind a bat limpet explosive and an unluck stone stuck to the tacky surface of each.

"A Wild Hunt?" Zee pales a little. The Vishanti had said something about this recently. "Want me to try and transport them back?" Zee switches her spell and fireballs appear, aiming for the Troll nearest her. What a joke - water one moment, fire the next… "It will have to be in small groups, though."

"If you can but they're already in their realm. Do what you…" And then Charlie is everywhere. She gets most of the hobs and then goes for the trools. The first bomb goes off an d then the second and then the third… sadly, they don't kill the trolls but does buy time for Fenris to rush in. The soldiers, Amathyst soldiers, don't quite know what to make of the strangely clothed man and woman. Nor… of Zee who appears to be a magus but isn't one of theirs. "Start with the trolls Zee!"

Charlie is hanging off the back of the head of one of the trolls and punching it repeatively in the head. Her batgirl-esque glove is glowing ruby red and leaving trailers as she repeatively pummels the thing "What the hell does it take to put these down Fenris?!"

This will take finesse … Zee has to work out where the Trolls are supposed to be and then move them. And with the numbers of Fae they're dealing with, she's going to have to conserve her energy.

Eyes glowing blue, the teen mage sends her senses out … ah, there … that crack in the fabric between worlds … and speaking her words backward again, her magic lashes out and grabs the group of trolls nearest to the village…

The vanishing of the trolls accually sends the hobs into a panic and they start to scatter. Which is bad for trying to send them back but good for the village. Fenris seems to be inclined to let them go. "What you're doing, Charlie, or what you were doing. Just more of it. They're stupid-tough." Okay, she might be rubbing off on him a little.

The sudden lack of threats though focuses the soldiers on Charlie, Fenris and Zee. They don't… know what to do. Finally the leader steps forward. "Thank you for your aid but… who are you?"

Charlie-fit drops back to the ground and dusts off adjusting her no longer glowing gloves. She looks around at the scene and what is left of it all. "Oh.. huh.. well.. My name is Misfit.. that is Fenris.. and that over there is Zatanna. We are friends of Amy." pause "Amethyst."

Zee's eyebrows rise at Fenris' words and she shakes her head a little. Slang! From the God-Wolf at that. Still holding some power to her, she looks at the leader and steps forward beside Misfit and offers a bright, warm smile. "You're welcome. What … happened, may I ask?"

"You know Princess Amethyst?" They seem a bit dubious. Fenris is a little scary so perhaps they can be forgiven that. "We do not know. The Faeries of the greater beyond have been attacking in numbers for weeks now. We thought we were going to lose yet another village. Do you know of this problem? Do you know secrets that can help us?"

The god wolf glances to the other two. "No but we'd like to look around."

Who's going to argue with him? "If you find something… go to the castle. Ask for the princess."

Charlie nods "Sure thing.. we will take a look and then go tell Amy what is up." she considers "Man it has been like months.. I hope she is doing all right… stupid bad guys.." then she looks to Fenris "So where we going first…. troll country… or well where is the greater beyond?"

"Seems like this has been happening for a while." Zee murmurs to the Fenris and Misfit. Which worrying in and of itself. Looking to Fenris, the teen mage keeps hold of her magic, she's not comfortable … it's Faerie and something is clearly wrong. "I can take us where the tear was for the Trolls." She can also find more … but Fenris can too.

"Actually I was thinking to the Opal kingdom…" Fenris murmurs. "If things are bad here I want to know if the Opal lord is in league with these Fae or just as victimized as everyone else. It's going to be a hike though. The viel is thin and I'm concerned if we start throwing around too much magic even to teleport here we'll tear it more. And that would let all kinds of things out." So it's going to be a walk. At least the company's good.

Charlie looks curious towards the horizon. "Well.. I mean that Opal guy sure seems like a jerkface from all we have ever seen… is it safe to go messing around with his kingdom though…" she pauses "oh wait last time you weren't at full strength…" she heads a few steps away "we are off to the see the wizard.. the dispicable wizard of Opal…"

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