Cutscene: Take This Heart

November 02, 2015:

Following a threat to Doctor Simmons, Green Arrow hunts down Cupid to have a few words with her.

Abandoned Chemical Plant


NPCs: Cupid



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Fade In…

Queen Biomedical transferred from Gotham to Star City after the Earthquake of 2009. With the plant shut down, Oliver had not figured out what to do with it. However, he did keep it maintained so that it would not fall into disrepair. Disrepair would be great right about now. It's too bright, too clean, and the green of his costume stands out like a sore thumb as he takes cover behind a conveyor belt as a couple of arrows slam into it. "I don't know what the hell you were thinking, Cupid, but going around threatening SHIELD agents was about the dumbest thing you could have done - no wait, you killed one of them. Dumbass of the year."

"SHUT UP!" Cupid snaps back. "I'm not a dumbass, I'm in love!" she coos as she notches another arrow and awaits his next move on her. "And I'm sorry the agent died - but he was reaching for a weapon." She draws in a breath as she rubs her finger over the tip of the arrow.

"And the detective? What did she do to you, oh great chooser of who lives and dies?" Ollie asked as he notched a smoke arrow. "Or did you just think that she was looking at you funny." he deadpans as he turns, firing the arrow into the space between the two to create a smokescreen as he moves behind cover, using the billowing smoke to mask his movements.

Cupid snorted. "Oh no. She was crooked. Completely on the take. I was a cop once, you know. I know when someone is on the dirty. And she was dirty in all the wrong ways. Totally deserved it. Come on, m'love.." she cooed as she noticed the smoke and frowned, flicking on her visor to look out through infrared to scan for his heat signature. "I don't try to kill the good guys, I just make sure that they don't get in the way of killing the bad guys. Well, except you, sweetshot. You're special."

"Just because you think she's crooked doesn't mean you get to be her judge, jury, and executioner, Cupid!" Arrow snapped as he rose up to fire a couple of flash arrows to try to blind the woman's visor. "There's processes for those things. And what did Doctor Simmons do to you to draw your ire, Cutter?" he asks, using her last name with a mocking tone.

"She's in-between you and I, love. We're fate. Kismet. I've wanted you since the day I saw you, Ollie. And don't worry, I won't spill your precious secret." she cooed softly. "It's worth so much more to me. I make you public, and everyone wants a piece. This way, I get to keep you allll to myself. So why don't you just give in already, and join me - god, we could kill so many villains and then the sex - mmm.." she starts to purr, just before the first flash hits and she screams, reaching for her visor. As she rips it off, she can only see spots in her vision before the first arrow flies in and shatters her bow.

As the arrow smacks into the bow and breaks it, Oliver slides in, taking out Cupid's feet and dropping her to the floor. It should be easy - and then she had to remind him that she was special forces as her foot lands into his stomach and his breath is kicked out of him as he stumbles backwards.

She grabs her knife from her sheath and starts to charge in. "Don't make me hurt you, Ollie. At least not kill you. It will only really be because I'm hurting the one I love!" she screams as she tries to leap onto Arrow and disarm him.

Using his bow as a staff, Oliver defends against the attack, though he feels the blade slice into his hand and he grits his teeth in pain. Locking his legs around the woman, he twists, rolling her over and pins her down as he takes the knife and spins it around to face towards her. His eyes are wide, angry, ferocious.

"Do it…" Cupid breathed, her chest heaving as she reaches to open her top further, exposing more of her flesh and her scar. "Put it right here. Because if you don't, lover, you're useless. You got to be able to kill. Take out those that are causing harm and pain. You /must/." she seethes. "Please, baby, finish me off."

"No. I don't do that." Arrow responded, tossing away the knife. "I won't do that."

"Then I'm going to keep coming, baby. Maybe the bitch with all the pups was lucky. Will the doctor be? Or that bleached blonde bimbo bansh— OOF!" Cupid didn't get a chance to finish off her threat before Oliver cold-clocked her in the jaw, knocking her out, his blood smeared across her face.

Oliver frowns and pulled out his phone after wrapping the woman up in a net arrow. "I didn't say I wouldn't knock your ass out, Cutter. In case you haven't gotten the message - I'm not, never was, and never will be your boyfriend." Once on his feet, he reaches down and hefts Cupid over his shoulder. "You need to lay off the chocolates, lady."

It will only be a short walk to the Market District. He'll find a nice alley to leave her in, and place an anonymous call to the GCPD to come collect her to take back to Arkham. He takes a piece of cloth to wrap around his cut hand to prepare for the drive back home.

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