The Last Days of Wonder, Aftermath

April 09, 2015:

The Justice League and others meet up after the mission to stop the Ultra-Humanite

JLA Lakehouse

It's a Lakehouse. For the JLA


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The world - or the US, or rural missile silos - didn't blow up!

Of course there was a pause for any medical needs, and it took time to get back to the tri-cities. But once it was all said and done, Kate was slow to let anyone leave without an invitation to come and visit the Justice League Avengers. And somehow, that turned into a post-mission gathering. Which quickly turned into a call out for massive amounts of pizza. Beer, on the other hand, was already fully stocked. And sodas, and water.

Thanks to a call ahead, the pizza is already waiting by the time the conquering heroes make it back. "Come on in, guys," Kate invites, pulling open the double doors in the front to make room for a crowd.

Kara hadn't bothered heading back to the missile silos after her warhead had been dealt with, she had instead headed right home to the lake house to clean up, change and have a shower after such a crazy mission.

The pizza Kate had mentioned for the party is delivered by Super Express Delivery which happens to be Supergirl flying out to a half-dozen of Metropolis' best pizza joints and returning with a precarious stack of boxes containing multiple varieties of pizza that are set down in the kitchen and living room.

An orange furred tabby cat with a lightning bolt on his side and a red cape immediately opens up one of the pizza boxes with his paws and grabs some pizza for himself and a little puppy he happens to be friends with.

Hugging Kate she asks excitedly, "Did you punch Ultra-Humanite for me?"

With the notification that the nuclear threat had been stopped, Metropolis Fire and Rescue released their off-duty personnel they had been holding on special duty. When the note for convening at the 'Lakehouse' registered on her phone, Cameron Tenoaks quickly cleaned up from special duty and made her way over in an expedient fashion.

She's under no illusions that the effort was a bloodless one, and her skills as a healer may be required for some of the injured. She would have loved to have been on that mission, but… her first and foremost duty is to the citizens of Metropolis, and if the strike team had NOT been successful… it might have been her on a last ditch gambit to destroy an incoming weapon or six. The importance of being the back - up plan was not lost on her.

The orange-haired paramedic gives right of way to any who were on mission proper, while watching for any 'walking' wounded or critically injured…

If Booster Gold had to admit to a fault, he would have to concede that sometimes he does not think his plans through completely before enacting them. Despite the robust shielding for the electronics in his super suit, a big EMP can still disrupt it and force its systems to reboot. So, after guiding the nuclear missle to a safe detonation zone outside of Earth's atmosphere, he began to realize he might want to be, you know, not close to an exploding warhead. Are you supposed to hold your breath, or exhale all of your breath, before you get caught in vacuum?

Choosing to exhale, Booster manages to at least start flying back towards the planet before the explosion. He eventually ends up in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, and the bonus to this is by the time he has flown himself to the Lakehouse, his hair has that cool, texturized look normally achieved with sea-salt spray and a hair dryer. So overall it's a happy ending.



A Black SUV shows up outside of Howard's Penthouse. A pair of men in black enter the house looking for Peggy Carter. Once they find her, they explain that there has been an issue with Captain America. And while he's okay, he's been shot. And other things. They can't give a ton of information, but they believe that Captain Rogers would very much like to see if, if it is at all possible, when he awakes.


Steve's eyes sits up in a start as his consciousness floods back. His shoulder, bare, is bandaged, and his clothes are hanging. Outside, he can hear the birds chirping and immediately he realizes he's at his second home, the Lakehouse.

A little later Steve, in a simple white t-shirt and jeans, makes his way gingerly down the stairs to see many of his allies. "Did everyone make it back okay?" he asks.

Peggy, herself, has not been long back from DC and her own encounter there. While preliminarily bandaged, she waved off other help. The men who appear telling her that they were here to bring her to Captain Rogers are giving a very close going over. She insists on seeing their badges and knowing their names. Once satisfied that she can trust them, she quickly gathers what she needs. Grabbing the bag where she stashed the information on Congressman Burbridge, she is into the SUV, nervous and worried about Steve. She did not find him again all these years later only for him to die on her a week later.

As soon as the SUV stops outside the Lakehouse, she is out of the car and at the door. She will knock, but if there is no answer shortly, she will push herself inside. While she may be British and she may be polite, she is also not a patient woman when it comes down to ensuring the people she cares for are safe.

Kate catches Kara's hug with a laugh, smile crooked. "Sort of. I shot it in the back. Which is like the punch that keeps on giving, so. Has anyone seen-" And then Booster shows up, and she lets out a breath of relief just as Steve shows up to ask. "Booster was the last one I was waiting for confirmation on, and he just got in. How about you?" she asks with a concerned look at the Captain. "You jumped on that rocket and I thought we were going to be short one super soldier." A grin flashes, teasing. "Though, I mean, Mockingbird does it prettier. How was the city, Columbia?" she calls over to the paramedic. "Not too much panic, I hope?"

Having brought Steve back, Diana waited outside the room for a bit and then left to head downstairs once the gathering began its announcements with the rising din of voices. The shield is no longer a part of her ensemble though it is still a mixture of the old Greek war attire and that of her current.

Standing at the base of the stairs she finally takes the moment to look around, and then let gaze linger on each and every occupant of the Lakehouse as they filter in. Slowly the stoicism seems to fade for that of relaxation seeing most are okay.

The tall paramedic glances up at Mr. Rogers and squints a bit. It's the look of a trained field medic as she approaches him. "May I treat your injuries?" It is standard form, and the Captain could always say 'no'.

As she waits for a response she gives Kate a grim smile.

"Lots of prayer. Lots of plans. Pretty calm, though. No riots. No unrest. People pulled together."

Cameron really needs to work on that, it sounds more like she's reciting an outline…

She turns her attention back to Steve and waits…

Though from the looks this man was never even close to involved with the fighting an elderly man with a pure white beard and a head of white hair walks up to the group. His torso is wrapped up in bandages, and he looks rather badly dinged up with his cane in one hand clanking along the ground a familiar shield with a white star in the center in the other.

He has a smile on his face, and doesn't really seem to have been dropped off by anyone dressed in rather simple brown clothing, and a warm winter hat despite the weather. He does however have that special Santa like quality about him as he calls to the others. "Greetings comrades, I think I found something of yours."

"Well," Cap says with a weak smile, "I've been doing it for a little bit longer than Mockingbird has."

Steve nods toward Diana. Since he has not read the report yet, he has no idea how much he owes the woman.

"Yeah, that'd be great. Just give me a sec," he says to Cameron. He's about to say something else when there's a knock at the door takes Steve by surprise. Of all the times he's been here, no one has ever knocked on the door. He makes his way over, wincing slightly as he does so, to open the door. His head snaps back in surprise as it is Peggy at the door, even as the black SHIELD SUV is driving out of the driveway. "Peg…" he says, not sure what to say. "Hi."

Steve's eyes then trail towards Rocket Red, unsure of what the man is talking about.

Booster looks rather tired, despite having a good hair day. Even before he walks in through the back door of the lakehouse, he is pulling his cowl and goggles off. He only just caught Kate's statement. "Everyone is okay? What about the other team that was with us? Sorry, I ended up in the middle of the ocean, and my communicator is still out. And my powercells are totes depleted." He starts to remove his blue bracers before he adds, "And I'm not radioactive by the way, I checked."

Cameron pulls out her stethoscope and approaches Steve when he makes the walking wounded beeline for the door. Okay, give the man a few moments. She hangs the device in her pocket and then peers at Rocket Red. And another patient that needs attention. This is going to be one of THOSE kind of meetings, isn't it?

Booster gets a glance, eyes wandering to assess — the hero turned actor seems to be plenty healthy, if tired. So far, this is looking about where she expected it to be…

Cameron's busy look over one to the next brings a light huff of a laugh from Diana. It is in her own nature to nurture and care, but Cameron has made it a living, and one that she takes to her very heart. The smile touches Diana's eyes as she heads for her and pauses by Rocket, murmuring lowly to him. "I think he is… Distracted right this moment. It's safe here for him. Thank you." She says in regards to the shield Red carried in.

Moments from pushing through the door and into the house to find Steve, she blinks to find him right at the doorway. The long scratches across the left side of her face, disappearing across her ear are an angry red but seemingly shallow. Around her right hand a makeshift gauze is wrapped about the palm. She doesn't know where exactly she is - despite watching the route - but she knows that Steve is here and needs to see her. That, apparently is enough to summon her.

"Steve," she replies, apparently just as surprised despite that she's the one here knocking on the door. "I was brought here by…" that doesn't exactly matter now, so she stops and starts again. "They said you wished to see me." Taking in the way he's standing and the fact that she was suddenly summoned here out of the blue, she doesn't feel strange in asking, "Are you alright?"

"I think there were some other injuries," Kate answers Booster. "But it sounds like we made it out? Cap, you wanna let your friend come inside?" she asks toward the door with a crooked smile, pausing to lean down when HawkPuppy tries to make a run for it. He's getting big and gangly now, all rambunctious yellow lab. And he's even happier than Kate to have a house full of people. The more people, the more chances to steal some pizza. For her part, Kate's still looking everyone over as they show up. She's totally pushing anyone who looks like they're hiding injuries at Cameron.

Steve looks back towards the rest of the crew, then back towards Peg, confusedly. He bets it was Fury. It's a good bet.

"Yeah," he says absently. "Yeah, I think I'm going to be. What happened to you?" he asks reaching out for her. "Come on and meet some of my friends."

As he basically yanks her (okay, he doesn't really, but you get the idea). "Guys, this is Peg. Peg? This is the Justice League Avengers." He shrugs, trying to figure out how to finish. "They … uh…" He tilts his head, looking toward Diana for help. She's always better with the words.

Diana doesn't get a glare, surprisingly enough. They've had the chat about fire, inspiration, and direction. Cameron's got fire, direction, and she heals. And if she doesn't do it, then sometimes, it doesn't get done and people suffer for far longer than they should from their injuries. The Amazon does get a nod as the tall woman starts to move towards Red.

"While my primary patient seems to be preoccupied, would it be okay for me to treat your injuries?" She offers that to the slavic fellow Diana was talking to.

"If it's acceptable, even?"

It's hard to tell with heroes sometimes. Sometimes they want to be all Iron Man about it, other times they suck the healing up like a sponge. Cameron doesn't judge. She heals.

Dmitri moves his way over one cane clank at a time nodding silently over towards Diana with a smile trying to keep out of the way. He's a hearty old man but the last few days have taken a lot out of him, without his suit he's not exactly ready to run any marathons. He looks over towards Pupeye with a bit of a smirk as the dog tries to make for the door, saying something happy in Russian.

Diana had paused by Cameron and Red, but when Steve is casting her a look she smiles and moves forward, extending her hand towards Peggy. "Hello, Peggy. It is good to meet one of Steve's close companions. I am Diana." Once the intial greetin has been made she continues, to help where Cap's words had faltered, picking them right up.

"We're a group that comes together when we are needed. All with a similar goal in mind and that is basically for the safety of the people as a whole. You know, what Steve has been doing for years. There's just more of us now." All willing to go to war to end wars.

Smiling she steps back and gives the two space.

Both invited and pulled inside, Peggy glances around the Lakehouse, not knowing anyone assembled but Booster Gold. The name of their group means very little to her, but she is a polite British woman and she won't let that fact cross her face readily. "Hello," she smiles, attempting her best to not be awkward about this. As Steve looks to Diana, so does Peggy, taking in everyone present in their own turn. "I'm, yes, Peggy Carter." Steve gets special dispensation to call her Peg because he is Steve. Most other people will be corrected it they attempt to use such an informal use of her name as he does.

As to the question of what happened to her, she shrugs. "I was following a lead in DC. A man who could turn to smoke got the drop on me." And killed a Congressman, but that is most likely for a bit later.

"A pleasure," she smiles to Diana as she explains what the Justice League Avengers are. "I'm glad he found such capable companions." Are they capable? She's not sure, but if they're associated with Steve, she'll certainly give them the benefit of the doubt.

"Cam. How goes," Booster gives the woman a casual though friendly greeting, although he leaves her to her job of healing those who need it. He then notes to Kate, "Oh, good… everything happened so fast, I thought someone or maybe even a few people were shot." Dropping his cowl and goggles on a countertop, and his bracers on top of those, he is just starting to pull his gloves off when he notices the identity of Steve's guest.

"Oh uh." Booster actually looks faintly sheepish, and he raises a hand in greeting to Peggy. "Hello ma'am. I'm sorry about yanking you through the timestream without asking first. I hope there's no hard feelings?"

"Wait, Peg? Like, Peggy Carter? Oh my god, you're totally Peggy Carter." Kate's jaw drops before she breaks into a broad grin. "Cap, you didn't- Hey, wait, how are you Peggy Carter? Is this a time travel thing?" At which she looks directly to Booster. "Did you go back in time to get Cap's- to pick up Peggy Carter for Cap? Is it your birthday, Cap? Did I miss your birthday? Because I will so never be able to compete with-"

Rambling, Kate.

Clearing her throat, she steps forward to close the door behind Peggy and Steve, ushering them inside. "Hi, I'm Kate, and you're awesome, so welcome to the lake house. Did you say smoke? Did it have anything to do with the Smooth?"

And as one mission ends, another one begins. Steve's head tilts slightly at Peggy. "A congressman died? Do you know who it was?" he says as he leans in intently to try and get more information. He probably should go see Cam before the stitches in his shoulder tear open. "Turn to smoke?" He looks out over his friends, seeing if it means anything to them. "I only know one guy who turns into smoke…" he says ominously. Indeed, that man is well documented by SHIELD for nearly creating an international incident some months ago. Eyes dart to Kate.

"I'll be fine" The old man Dmitri states with a smile, trying to be reassuring as he hobbles along. To be honest at the moment he looks almost completely harmless, just another face in the crowd who really doesn't gel with the idea of a superhero. He just seems a jovial old man who happened to find that shield after the whole situation. "Assuming Comrades America and Peggy don't try to hit me for old times sake that is." He lets out a lighthearted laugh, and gives a smiling nod to Diana. "Haven't seen her for a long time"

He manages to get a door right to the face.

Cameron gives Booster a nod and a smile. "It's the job, you know how it goes." The tone isn't so much the tired as the shared empathy of someone who's done the hero scene. The orange - haired woman glances over at Kate as she makes the comment about the Smooth. That's been popping up a lot lately, the most recent crackdown under very dubious pretenses, to say the least.

The tall paramedic glances to the cane - wielding gentleman, giving an apologetic glance. "Understood. It looks like my primary case is available, I'll be right back."

She hops lightly over people and crowds to land next to the Captain. She saw that wince. She's seen it many times. Tearing of stitches imminent….

"Pardon me, Captain, that didn't look good?"

Stepping back and towards the door, Diana leaves those here to their reunion and their gathering. Those of old seemed to be coming together once again and with Rocket's approach to join in on the reunion she casts the spry old timer a wink. He is how they should be when all of them are in his place, and likely how they will be. It's lightening to see in a living breathing reflection.

With Cameron at work as well while the stories unfold and tie together, silently she slips out. For a bit she will wander the unknown lake and eventually return home.

Scott Summers happens to be something of a late arrival. He'd gone back to the Helicarrier to sort out a few things with Fury, and made sure that his teammates were all sorted, before requesting a little drop off. The Blackbird comes in to hover for a few moments, and a zip line drops down to the ground in front of the lake house. Down comes Cyclops, still uniformed, but with a rucksack over his shoulder.

After landing with a thud and releasing the like, he looks up and motions for the Blackbird to depart. Then, he trudges along and enters the place, pulling the mask back from his face after entering.

"Someone show me to the nearest shower?"

At Kate's reaction to both her introduction and name, Peggy blinks at the young woman in front of her. Though she has gotten varying reactions to her name since coming to the future, this is the most effusive. "Yes, I am, it was—-that's actually quite a bit of a story involving a blue box," she tells Kate, attempting to be as good natured about this as she can be. These are Steve's friends and she will be on her best behavior. "I'm sure that Mr. Booster will be able to tell it better than I." At his greeting, she smiles. "As long as you will forgive me for pointing a gun at you, I believe we are even."

Once Kate and Steve are talking about her case, though, she's much more at ease. "Actually…yes. It did. I was following a lead that both Steve and I saw in the paper about a drug bust involving the Smooth. I followed the trail to DC where I managed to uncover a bit of espionage dealing with a Congressman Bubridge." As the information seems to already be out there, she pulls the thick stack of letters and papers she procured from the DEA out of her bag. "He was, unfortunately, killed by a man who could turn to smoke and obsidian. I attempted to get he Congressman to safety…" but, as she trails off it's clear that she was unable to do so.

Glancing at the approaching Cameron and the studying Dmitri, she adds, "This may be neither the time nor the place for this." It's clear they are all recovering from something that she is unaware of. Turning the question back at Steve, she studies him. "What happened to you?"

"It's cool, I don't blame you for that," Booster assures Peggy. "Booster's my code-name, though, my name-name is Michael Jon Carter. So it's cool to meet you like," he gestures vaguely between himself and Peggy, "For real." Quieter, he explains to Kate, "There was a temporal hiccough and I relocated her and a dude before they got wiped out by a chronal collapse." When Scott enters, Booster says to him, "How's your team? I thought I saw some of them get hurt, are they okay?" But he also gestures to the hallway, where one of the first-floor bathrooms is located.

"I ran into a Smooth thing with Spidey and the white spider lady in M-Town a couple weeks ago," Kate nods to Steve and Peggy. "Lunair was there too. Sounds like the same guy. And if there was a trail to a Congressman, that would…shed some light on why things suddenly cracked down so hard on it, too. Kara and I caught the edge of that crack-down through the city. The only time I've ever seen anything like that was if it was terrorist related. I mean, drugs are bad and all, but…it was extreme. Hey, Cyclops," she smiles swiftly as the X-Man arrives. "There's a bathroom down in the gym if you want, everything's stocked."

"What?" Steve says as Cameron draws his attention. Then it dawns on him. He probably shouldn't be up and walking around after what he's been through today. "Oh, right. Yeah, I mean. Go ahead." He's not sure how this works.

"Me? Oh, I'm alright. Nothing that won't heal in a bit of time and some help from Cameron here." He flips the conversation right back to what Peggy is talking about, "I'm not sure there is ever a good time for dead Congressmen. What do you have to go on?" It almost seems like Steve is ready to start investigating right now.

When Kate gives the information, Steve seems to hang on her every word.

Steve nods towards Cyclops, a man he has a great deal of respect for. He's not sure what happened with the young man and his team, but he is thankful that the mutant was there.

"Did anyone see what happened to my shield?" Steve asks, having missed Diana's comment and having a feeling that it's somewhere. In space.

Dmitri tries to make his way over towards the group talking in the other room if for nothing else then recognizing a familiar face or two. In his spare hand he idly tosses Caps shield into the air catching it in his hand as his cane hand raps out on the floor over and over again, with each step. It's a slightly rhythmic tune to it, smiling at people he inserts himself into the conversation at hand, noting the arrival of an X-man with a smile.

Cameron's eyes widen as Peggy describes the man of smoke and obsidian. She MET him, once. Sort of. It was sort of chaotic, they were breaking up a riot in 'M-Town'. Okay, so the guy was a bit harsh on the police, but… he was there to stop the HYDRA goons with the virus that they were trying to release… that has to count for *something*, right?

She'd love to show the newest arrival (Scott) where the showers are at, but she's only here for the first time herself, so it's not like she has any better of an idea than he would.

The addition of Lunair to a different part of the discussion just makes her a bit more focused and on point. She's not the investigative sort, but this has her interest.

At the go - ahead from Steve, she takes her hands and attempts to place them on the injury spot that Steve's been favoring. She sort of zones out, her fingers unmoving as she sort of 'feels' out where the injury is at, and what it is going to take to restore it, taking a deep breath and letting it just sort of 'do it's thing' as it is wont to do.

"Booster, hey." Scott smiles, but he seems a bit distracted. The weight of everything that happened is heavy on his shoulders. "Couple of them need medical attention, but we've got that covered," he answers.

Another distracted look is given to Kate, upon whom he pauses for a moment. Talk of the narcotic piques his interest because it affects his kind. However, there's a shower to be had and a change of clothes. "Back in a few." He glances to Steve in passing to the washroom. "Cap."

"Carter," Peggy smiles to hear his last name. "It's nice to meet you, then, Mr. Carter." Always polite, it will take a direct request to have her call someone anything other than their surname. "It is much more pleasant to meet you under these circumstances than the previous ones."

At Kate's description of where she heard of the Smooth, she nods. "The crackdown, yes," Peggy tells her, latching on to what she's explaining. "That's what I had to go on. I gathered from the article that it happened far sooner than it should have due to oversight and started to looking into the DEA. That's what led me to Washington. There I found these correspondences with Congressman Burbridge and offhandedly saw the man who would later attack him. I followed him to where I attempted to stop him killing the Congressman. I failed and he disappeared." It's the most concise version she can give of what she dealt with.

With curious and studying eyes, she watches Cameron as she starts to probe at his injuries. There's no feeling of jealousy, instead a wariness as the woman works, ensuring that Steve won't come to further harm.

"Cyke," Steve says as Scott passes him on the way to the showers just as Cameron starts to heal him. There's a slight wince as she begins, but in no time he's completely healed. "Wow," he says. "Thank you." He looks to Peggy, "I'm sure if you asked nice, she'd be willing to do the same for yours." He reaches on the inside of his shirt to begin pulling off his bandages.

Dmitri walks by throwing his shield around like it's no big deal and Steve can't help but smile. "Is it going to take an act of congress to get that back from you?" He tilts his head, "Or just a bottle of some fine vodka?"

Steve exhales, "What did the man who turned to smoke look like?" The question is for Peggy, but he knows that Kate likely knows where he's going.

Kate grins at Peggy, apparently thrilled that she's pulled pieces of the puzzle together. "Columbia's a healer," she explains as she follow's Peggy's gaze. "And she flies, and she's super strong. But healing's not just her power. She's a paramedic, too. She knows what she's doing." Kate's all about her teammate's strengths, when it comes down to it. When Steve offers to trade vodka for his shield, she heads for the kitchen. "We've got vodka!" she calls from there, loading up a plate of pizza.

"It's Russia's property now comrade America" Dmitri letting out a loud and hearty laugh despite his rather battered condition. "Besides you hit me enough with this thing back in the day, it's nice to just have it for a bit ah?" He throws the shield lightly over towards Steve after a few more tosses a toothy grin reveling that one missing tooth on the upper front row of his mouth. "And good to see Madam Carter hasn't aged single day either since last she was trying to kill me ah?"

The orange - haired woman lets out a slow breath as Steve heals up at with professional detatchment removes her hands as he's finished up, then she turns her eyes towards Peggy. "There's no need for her to ask me." Cameron pauses for a moment. "May I treat your injuries, miss?" It's a whole legality thing. In the one direction the consent still needs to be obtained. But in the other, well, an answer in the affirmative could count as informal consent.

She nods quietly at Kate's assessment.

"It's a devotion for me. Far too many people tear down. Not enough build."

Booster turns away for a moment, bringing his hand up by his mouth as he raises his voice, calling out, "Skeets!" He turns back and opens his mouth, about to explain to Dmitri that Peggy has been moved in time, and then he shuts his mouth again. Why not just let people think Peggy has a great moisturizer. "What's this uh… 'Smooth' thing?" he wonders. When his small golden oval-shaped robot companion flies in, he addresses it, saying, "Skeets, please see to recharging my power cells. And also downloading my onboard data for analysis."

"Yes, sir," Skeets says, in his bright and friendly voice. "By the way, sir, your hair looks amazing!"

"I know," Booster says. "But thank you."

"Ah." Peggy looks from Steve to Cameron, nodding in acknowledgment. Deliberate neutrality is her default position for situations she's unsure of and that's where she retreats to now. "I see." Flying, healing, turning to smoke: while dealing with them in the now they seem fine, but thinking about them and what it means for the world she knows is a very different thing. "They're not severe at all," she tells Columbia. "It's just cuts. I'm sure there's someone else who needs your help more." It's not that she's uncomfortable with Cameron so much as that she's uncomfortable with the idea of miraculous heals for minor injuries.

Dmitri is given a tilt of the head and a smile, seeing as she supposedly would try and kill him. In her timeline, those are all things that have yet to happen, but she nods anyway.

When asked to describe Shift, she says, "He was dressed as a Jewish man for much of the day, but when he attempted to kill the Congressman, he was dressed in a form fitting grey suit." Raising a hand a few inches above her head, she adds, "He was about this tall, African American and he spoke a language I could not understand."

"You're the most injured here at the moment?" The tall woman shrugs and smiles. Part of Mom's discipline training was cutting herself, and forcing Cameron to sit there and *not* heal her immediately. Those lessons sucked. But they were important and formative, and they also gave the paramedic an understanding of what her limits were, and what she could do. She does nod. "If you change your mind, let me know, I'll be here until the pizza is gone. I've been on duty for the past three days."

Though what duty that was isn't quite clear.

She finds herself nodding at Peggy's description. "That sounds like a guy that was helping stop a terror attack back in September over in New York?"

Kate flashes Peggy a sympathetic smile from the kitchen when she turns down the healing. Kate's entirely comfortable around all sorts of powers, but she's not the sort of take healing for anything if she doesn't need to, either. "Okay, guys," she calls over, setting down her own plate to pick up a box with a pepperoni pizza and another with a vegetable pizza before walking them over. "You all need to eat. Seriously. We earned our calories today."

"It sounds like Kwabena Odame," Steve says. "We've worked together. Extensively. He's sort of a loose cannon, has a history with drugs, but he's a good guy all things considered." And then the image of Shift massacring a woman during a military operation pops into Steve's head. "Mostly."

Steve catches the shield and smiles towards Dmitri. "I owe ya one," he says, before adding. "I'm sure you know as well as I do that the Cold War ended quite some time ago. Or so I've read." He missed that whole thing during his ice nap.

Steve looks to Peg, "Hungry?"

"Eh, everyone says cold war ended, I say it just froze solid for little bit" Dmitri gives a bit of a wink before walking his way over towards the fridge grabbing not a vodka as one might expect… but an apple juice box of all things sticking the little straw in with a smile.

Those who were on the tip of the spear get first cracks at the pizzas. Cameron'll gladly bat clean - up on them, taking a whole pizza, folding it in half without losing any of the ingredients — sometimes having awesome strength is pretty cool like that — then folds that down to a quarter, eating the whole pizza like it was a single slice.

The information about Kwabena is a bit disturbing, and she makes a note to keep an eye out when she's out 'taking a walk' around Metropolis for any indication of the Smooth striking locally.

Skeets flies over to where Booster left his powersuit accessories. Little hatches open on his otherwise sleek gold carapace, and mechanical arms extend from them. The robot collects the things with his claw hands, and then flies out of the room without a sound. Booster, meanwhile, is stifling a yawn. "If someone puts together a thingy, what do you call it…" he snaps his fingers a few times. "Dossier. About this all, I promise I'll read it. I have to be on set in eight hours and I'd like to sleep for at least six of those."

The shower doesn't run for long, just enough to get the stink out. When Scott returns, he's changed into jeans and a gray t-shirt, the uniform and tactical visor stuffed into his rucksack. Now, it's the ruby glasses that keep his destructive power at bay.

"Thanks," he offers first to Kate, then sets his satchel down and looks around the room. There are some unfamiliar faces here, but, introductions will just need to happen. Peggy gets that look — she's familiar from somewhere — but all she gets is a polite nod. "Ma'am."

The most injured here? Peggy glances about and shrugs, still a bit uncomfortable at the idea. But, she smiles. "I will," she tells Columbia at the suggestion of finding her should her mind change. It is doubtful, however, that it will. As for the caliber of man Steve thinks she saw in DC, Peggy frowns. "He shot two men and then after I fought him, kicked in another man's skull." That, to her, is not a good man. "One of those men was Congressman Burbridge's assistant. The other as simply a worker in the shop there." There is no mention of him almost taking her face off with obsidian fingers, that doesn't factor into her equations. "I don't know who Kwabena Odame is," she tells him firmly, "But the man I fought was not a good man." This gives her, at least something to look into: a supposed name to go with a face.

As to the question, she nods, "Yes. I am." Fighting and healing require food." Scott, as he descends the stairs is given a nod of acknowledgement, taking him in, but not saying anything else. She doesn't know who he is, despite him thinking her familiar. The prompt from Steve spurs her forward toward the pizza Kate has provided.

"Well," Steve says, finding it hard to argue, "if it is him, he was once a good man. When I get back to New York I can help you investigate, if you'd like. It wouldn't be the first time I've tracked him down."

Steve sits down to grab some pizza, "I can head back to New York right after we eat." It was a little bit less than a year ago that he was fished out of the Arctic. It doesn't seem like he's taken a break since.

Dmitri quietly sips from his juice box looking back towards the group as he limps his way over trying to assure Peggy. "You should know well as anyone good people sometimes have need to do bad things." He lets out a light chuckle moving his way over to give a bit of a smile towards Cyclops. "People can go great lengths in the name of their country after all." He leans a bit on the doorway. "Doesn't always make them evil, though speaking of which I should be getting back to the embassy, have a lot of paperwork to be doing."

"Hey, we just stopped a nuclear holocaust," Kate snorts at Steve's suggestion. "We get a night's sleep, or else we're going to do crappy work tracking this guy down." She perches on the arm of a couch, wolfing down a slice of pizza. "At least I need a night's sleep. I don't know about the superhumans around here," she smirks. "But I jumped out of a plane today, and that was intense enough for me. By the way, thanks for coming by," she adds with a grin for Cyclops. "You know you and yours are totally welcome here, right?"

Picking up a slice of the pepperoni pizza, Peggy picks a place to perch on and looks about. "I'd like that," she tells Steve with a smile. "He used a language I'm not familiar with. I was going to start there. The phrase he used seem quite specific to him: Dubana k'noyaC"

Folding her slice of pizza in half, she looks at Dimitri. "That is something quite different," she tells Dmitri quite firmly. The killing of a civilian without a second thought will never sit right with Peggy. Right and wrong is pretty firm for the former head of SHIELD.

The mention of stopping a nuclear holocaust is met with her raising both eyebrows. She was certainly not expecting that. "Yes, it seems best to sleep on it. Better to come at things well rested."

Booster takes a slice of pizza on a plate, but does not sit to eat with the others. He says, "I'm sorry, I'd love to be more social, I just have to make sure I can get to work in the morning." With a nod to Dmitri, he says, "It was nice meeting you, by the way. Oh…" Turning, he adds to Scott, "I'd like to talk to you and your pals, sometime. I think there's some interesting stuff we could talk about." More quietly, as he passes Steve and Peggy he says, "If you guys ever want the history files I had to compile and study for this era, let me know." Louder then, to the group in general "Night, you guys." He heads upstairs to get some rest.

Trying to navigate what he's supposed to do when both Kate and Peggy agree on something may stand to be difficult in his life, coming up here. "Well," he begins, "I'm sure Agent Carter here will want to get on the case right away. I can sleep in the Quinjet." There are a couple of issues at play, here, one of which is that it will allow Shift, or whoever, get more of a head start. The other issue is that Steve sort of knows if he stays, Peg goes, and he's not so sure he's ready for her visit to be over.

"Goodnight Booster. And thanks." He's said that a lot recently to the blonde man.

Dmitri's words draw a frown. Scott's a good person who killed a lot of people today. Because he could, because his country asked it of him. It still doesn't rest well. It makes him feel like s bad person.

Steeling himself, Scott turns to Kate with a grin. "Yeah, well. Paranoid folks. Guess mutant viruses, mutant narcotics, and angry cops." He shrugs. "But I can think of a few who might drop by."

Scott reaches for a slice of pizza. Having rode a nuclear missile into the upper troposphere took its toll. His attention, however, lingers upon Peggy. "This drug is ugly business. Hold on." He retrieves a cell phone and begins sending a text. "What was that, again? Dubana… kanoyuah?" Phoenetics.

Booster gets a nod. "Get in touch with me through Red," he offers. "Hair looks good, by the way." He brushes a Hans through his, which, after the shower, looks mighty fine itself.

"Great. I'll get a guest bed ready for you," Kate smiles swiftly back at Peggy, hopping off the couch and tossing the crust of her pizza to the puppy. "You want one too, Cyclops?" she offers. "I promise, no viruses, narcotics, or angry cops here. Totally safe place to catch a few winks." She's already backing toward the stairs, though. No need to give Steve and Peggy an opening to object.

"Yes, that was it," Peggy tells Scott, unsure of what it all means. Eating the slice of pizza, she smiles at Kate. "Alright." She's here and does not have the same ride home. It's smart to stay the night, perhaps.

"Oh, I couldn't," answers Scott, looking up from his phone to answer Kate. "My girlfriend would fry my brain if I don't come home tonight." His eyebrows flash upwards, suggesting it might be possible. He then casts a look toward Steve and Peggy, the latter of whom gets a longer look when she repeats the phrase.

Scott raises the phone to record a voice message when she speaks, then fires the message off to Cypher. He looks down to his phone… and then, all signs of pleasantness fades.

"… damn."

He closes his hand around the phone, frowning. "Translator. Says its… Dangme? Tribal dialect, Ghana." A pause, during which he draws a long breath. "Translates into, 'Hail The Hydra.'"

Steve frowns, "It's Odame."

Kara was still sitting by the couch, eating pizza with Streaky and Hawkpuppy and sipping on juice, since she wasn't legally old enough to drink. It might be noted that the young woman has eaten an obscene amount of pizza and she's now stretching and yawning before picking up a reluctant Streaky, "Night everyone, great work saving the world!"

"Man, I hate those guys," Kate mutters at the mention of Hydra, turning to jog up the stairs. "Sanctuary applies to the rest of your team, Cyclops," she calls over the bannister. "If they're ever in Metropolis and need a place to crash. We heroes have to stick together." And on that note, she's down the hall, making up a bed for Peggy.

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