After Work at Bo's

November 02, 2015:

Lillith calls Kurt out for a dinner 'date', and asks the same favor she asked of Captain Britian and Lady Braddock. Gotta catch 'em all!



NPCs: Bo, random off duty cops



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So, the call was put out at the end of her shift. Lillith had an uneventful day, waiting for at least a few contacts to come through to assist her with her case. But lo and behold, she actually had to reach out and touch the Blue Devil with a phone call and a meet at an address. Bo's. The local cop bar that's not too far from One PP where most of the men and women in blue go to lay their hats and drink away their worries.

Bo himself was a retired homicide Detective, a large man who could probably fit in well with the Hell's Angel crew, but was a good ear and person to lean on if you need a fix of the therapist type. Lillith was already there, service pistol still worn of course, leather jacket hung upon the back of the chair as she looks through the paper menu to figure out what she wanted to eat. There was a cast upon her left arm, but she seems to be managing fine.

"Crowley, c'moon. Dance with me a little. I'll throw on some blues.. order a coupl'a beers.."
Lillith shoots the off duty officer a look and he immediately backs down, in which allows her to smile behind her glass of iced water that she picks up to sip.

Kurt Wagner comes in with his holo-generator activated - she may be used to who he was and what he looked like, but he knew enough of the reputation to know what kind of bar this was. He wasn't about to step inside a bar where most of the people had guns with the appearance of…well, what he normally looked like. He has on a trenchcoat, his collar turned up a bit, and a fedora hat pulled down over his face a bit. It's not his fault that assholes have popularized that particular piece of headwear - he wore them because he liked old detective movies.

"Apologies, mein herr, but I think the lady was waiting for me," he says, gently but firmly, as he intercedes between Lillith and the other man, taking off his hat and setting it on the bar, "A beer, dark and bitter as the winter night and just as cold, ja?" he says to the bartender, turning his eyes back towards Lillith. He notes the cast, but doesn't comment - he assumes she'll tell him when she desires. "A pleasure to see you again."

'Hey hey buddy, no harm no foul..' The cop says, drawing his hands up disarmingly and backing up to join his buddies. They all laugh, but not at Kurt.. but at the cop who was effectively cockblocked from hitting on Lillith.

She places her menu down and shifts upon the stool, sliding it back enough for her to cross one leg over the other as she studies him for a moment. There were questions, but this can wait. She wanted to ask him for a favor.. but would it be proper on a date? Was this even a date? Crap..

"It's good to see you too." She admits, giving a slight nod of her head to Bo as he prepares the cold beer and her favored drink as well. "I'm sorry I kept putting it off, had a little accident." It was obvious, she wasnt about to show it off. "But either way, how have things been since we saw each other last?"

Kurt Wagner smiles and shakes his head, "I did not take it personally, I assure you. Given the circumstances of our first encounter, that you still wished to meet with me was more than I could have hoped," he says softly. He isn't entirely sure if it's a date either, but he's willing to, at the very least, treat it almost as one - it's not as if he's apt to be anything less than courteous and gentlemanly regardless. He isn't some sort of schweinhund.

"I hope that you are well, beyond the obvious injuries? I know all too well how such things can hurt, I have had far too many similar injuries in my time," he says. "But, at the moment, I am well." He wasn't spending much time at the mansion, which was probably part of it - drama seemed to follow life among the X-men.

His words almost puzzled her. "What do you mean the circumstances of our first encounter?" She didn't understand, or perhaps did, but wanted to see if she had it right. "I am. And I can understand. You had moves out there that I've never really seen before." She smiles a little as her gin and cranberry was placed down, black straw soon dropped in as the beer was slid towards Kurt in turn.

'What'll it be, gal.'

"Double cheeseburger, fried onions, mushrooms, tomato, a pickle and just a slice of lettuce. Ketch and Mustard. Waffle fries, you know the deal." Bo doesn't bother writing down her order, but he does look to Kurt, waiting for a notice of an order.

"Good." She finally picks back up to Kurt, growing a little bit silent to take a sip of her mixed drink.

Kurt Wagner looks up and makes his own order, quickly, "I will have the steak sandwich, tomato on the side, toasted, with the onion rings and cole slaw," he says. He returns his attention to the woman across from him, considering his words.

"You saw me. Truly saw me. That does not tend to lead to women asking me to meet them at all, not even in public," he says. "I did not expect you to be frightened - you are too worldly and experienced for that. But…I did not, either, necessarily expect you to follow through. I would not have thought less of you. I am, after all…unusual," he says.

He feels the presence of the crowd around him, doing his best to be comfortable. He doesn't spend much time in large groups of humans, hasn't really since a mob tried to kill him as a teenager.

'You got it.'

Bo disappears into the back, and the sounds of sizzling as well as the smell of the grill waves into the bar. Others were eating as well, they had their own tables to sit at, fries to eat, drinks to share. They were laughing, some were celebrating cases that were won, others just hanging out to get to know their better halves, their partners.

Lillith looks around the room in that moment, her gaze falling upon Kurt as her pupils seemingly dialate.. growing large and shrinking yet again.. but a glimpse of her laying upon the ground was all she saw. With a shake of her head and a smile, her hand lifts to bunch and crunch up her hair. "Aren't we all."

What was that?

"But everyone within this city has had their fair share of unusual, with the pillars and terrorist mutants and the like." She waves her hand in a blaise fashion, picking up her drink. "And I've had my fair share of horrors that I wouldn't dare have anyone shake a stick at." She sips, her gaze trailing down his form and right back up, her brows furrowing. "What's wrong?"

Kurt Wagner knew more than he could say about the terrorists and mutants alike. He takes a long sip of his beer and shakes his head, "Nothing you can do anything for, fraulein. I am…simply more reclusive, by nature. I do not spend much time in large places full of people. Your company, however, should make up for any residual discomfort I might have, ja? Do not concern yourself with it - I promise you I have experienced far worse troubles in my life."

"And yes, we are all different, every one. A point I have tried to make for a long time, that many of my fellows have tried to make. But there are those who do not or will not listen. I try every day to change minds where I can - but I also accept that, for some, I and what I am shall always be a…step beyond the pale, so to say? More than they can handle. Especially attractive young women. It was not so long ago I considered becoming a priest - I would be dishonest to admit that loneliness did not play as big a part in that as faith."

"I see. Introverted." She lifts her glass, then sets it upon the table. "I'm almost the same way. Too bad I have to feed myself and pay medical bills, else I'd stay inside myself." She smiles just a touch, turning away to face forward, her head slightly bobbing in a nod. "A priest? Really?" One eyebrow lifts, a slight hint of amusement within her features. "The New York Devil is actually religious." She wasn't mocking him, it was said with awe.

"Well, stranger things have happened, Kurt. Have faith." She reaches over to lightly pop his shoulder with a flick of her fingers. "Though, I do need a bit of your help when it comes to Mutants. One of the men we found in those graves was actually a mutant, somehow he got lumped in with a gang that.. well, really has no business taking roots here. None of them do, but that's beside the point." She pauses as Bo approaches with their food, Lillith immediately reaching into her pocket to place a fifty upon the table for him to take when he will.

"I just need a contact who could help me maneuver the storm in Mutant Town, sort of like a liason so to speak."

Kurt Wagner is quiet for a moment and nods, "Ah, I see," he says, unable to entirely keep the disappointment out of his voice. "Of course. I woud be happy to assist you, naturally. I have many friends in Mutant Town. And, of course, I want whoever is responsible for thse deaths brought to justice," he says.

He takes the sandwich and, after a moment, lets go of his anger. Yes, he had hoped she had wanted to spend time with him as more than simply a police contact. But he had also accepted that as likely as not to be the case beforehand. She is not to blame for his ill-begotten expectations. She certainly made him no promises.

And the steak sandwich is very good. So, be grateful, Kurt Wagner, and swallow your pride with your meal. "Is there something in particuilar I should ask them about?"

Lillith heard it. She was trained to hear inflections, to study the nature of man.. after all, just because they grew blue hair and teleported and smelled bad while doing it didn't mean that he had no feelings. She could nearly sense it. "Hey.. hey.." She murmurs slightly, reaching out to grasp his shoulders. "I know what it feels like to have one of your own gunned down. The entire police force, even if I don't know them, across the world I consider brother and sister. We're going to find who did this."

She does lift a brow, her head shaking slightly. "Nothing. I just need a name of a contact. I know you helped me out before with the crew of men.. but that's all you need to do for now. Sure, you're capable, but I don't think I'd be willing to put you in harms way." And now it was her turn to pick at her food, bottle of ketchup grasped so that her waffle fries could be drenched with a quick shake and pour.

Kurt Wagner should probably be more upset about the deaths than his own hurt feelings. Her touch reminds him to stop being so selfish. He nods in agreement, "Ja, they will be found," he says softly, taking another bite of his sandwich. "I feel somewhat th same about you - police or not, I feel as though dragging you into the business with the mutant haters…it is unfair. We, after all, are ones they hate, "he says softly. He still feels a bit of nerves - it's no secret that some of New York's finest are among the mutant hating hordes, whatever Lillith may feel about her brothers and sisters in blue. He doesn't want to cause conflict if they're overheard - he does not fear it, but he does not wish to draw Lillith into trouble.

"It's more a matter of finding someone who I can convince to trust you - there are many in the community who might have information that can help. Getting them to relate it to a strange police officer, even with my endorsement, might prove more difficult."

Lilly chuckles just a touch, giving a slight shake of her head. "There's a lot of hate everywhere we go. Doesn't matter what. Mutants. Meta-Humans, women.. African Americans.." She wriggles her fingers, thumping them against her cast as she begins to eat her fries. "It's always going to be a point of contention and concern. And the most important thing we can do about it is to persevere."

Now she takes a bite of her burger, picking up a napkin to lightly dab at her face. "Mm. There in lies the problem." She turns to face him fully now, dragging the plate forward so that she could pick from it easily. "I'm sure you could find a way. You are.. after all.. a preacher man." She wiggles her brows, then laughs.

Kurt Wagner shakes his head, "I was always better confessor than lecturer - I am good at listening to others and helping them see things from different perspectives. Less preaching from on high, "he sighs. "But I will find someone, carefully. Both for your sake and theirs. There are those in the mutant community who would not react well to cooperating with the police, regardless of the case. There is sa great deal of ill will to go around," he says.

"I always hope that, someday, we will all find a way to live with one another, in peace and understanding, Perhaps a fool's wish, but nonetheless, I will continue to strive for it. Yes, fraulein, I will help you," he says softly.

"Could have fooled me.." Her booted heel lashes out slowly, nudging his leg in a jokingly manner. "I hope you do understand me not asking you to be the .. liason of mutants. I typically do not believe mixing business with pleasure." She picks up a fry, carefully shaking it free of excess ketchup, which was soon brought to her lips and bitten through the corner of her mouth. Surely, she was toying with the preacher man, but then shakes her head slightly.

"Thank you Kurt." She finally murmurs, popping in the rest of the fry and this time? Grasping the glass of water to take a few sips of her straw. "Besides.. wishes and dreams are sometimes all we have to go on.." She wouldn't tell him this, but they've helped her immensely, even if she didn't understand their meanings.

Kurt Wagner smiles, "I have never had a profession to develop ethics about, really. I have been a trainee priest, a circus acrobat, and a schoolteacher. A teacher at a very unusual school where, I assure you, business and pleasure mixed all too often. A school that, to me, has been more like family," he says. He does not give away the names or secrets of his allies, but he has also learned that he will not speak lies about his own life. It's a fine line.

"I have lived my adult life chasing wishes and dreams, inspired by a man who saved my life. Who gave me purpose. Believe me, fraulein, I know all too well their power - and all too well how others strive to take their power away from us," he says.

"I see.." She was getting a lot from Kurt, he was open and honest, there wasn't a shift in his words or pauses that would give him an indication of him being a liar. She does smile, however.. the mention of family is something lost upon her. She doesn't remember a thing before twenty, and her official file, the one that she nearly reads from nightly, states that her parents died in a car crash while she was in her coma. Their bodies were cremated and rest upon her mantle in small boxes.

"He sounds wonderful." She murmurs quietly, one hand lifting to gesture towards Bo so that her food could be boxed up. He moves astutely, the bigger man sounding out the call for last drinks, surely it was only ten o'clock but he knew that this particular crew worked a certain shift and needed to be in bed.

Kurt Wagner gets a replacement beer quickly, taking a sip as he sets the original aside, "He is. Complex and distant at times, but a good man. Sometimes I think my friends forget that, become lost in the…violence of what the world becomes around us," he sighs. "Ah, now I am growing wistful like an old man and, I assure you, I am not so very old, not yet," he says.

He doesn't have any leftovers himself, having eaten heartily. He carefully keeps his tail, invisible behind his holographic shield, wrapped around the stool, well out of the way of trouble. "Are you going onto shift after this, then?"

"So your friends. They do what you do.. What you did back in the park with me." She was quite interested, but she wasn't going to pry. Not too much, not when right now? It shouldn't count nor matter. This was.. well, a date after all. "Just exactly how old are you? It's hard to tell underneath all of that blue.."

As her food was packaged up and some of the officers begin to filter out, Lillith grabs her tin and stands, drawing her fingers around her coat to sling over her shoulder. "Oh no. No no. I'm actually going home to get some much needed sleep."

Kurt Wagner smiles, "I'll be thirty two in January," he says. "Adn that is one of the benefits of my condition, I don't seem much older now than I did as a teenager. I wonder if my fur will start to turn grey," he says, cocking his head as he actually considers that. "I never thought of that. I would feel very strange. I have been blue my whole life," he says.

He finishes off his beer, "Sleep is always a good thing. Especially if you are recovering from an injury. Healing takes something oiut of your energy reserves, I think…"

"We're the same age." Lillith grins at that. Her birthday, summer time. But it wasn't something she mentioned nor glorified. She nearly lost her job over someone bringing her a cake one day, and it never happened again. "You've been blue?" She leans in to where he sits, giving him a light shoulder to shoulder brush. "Trust me. It's better than being purple."

She starts to head for the door, filtering out with the rest of them, but she stops briefly to give him a last, lingering look. "Sure, sleep is good. Good to rush the time for the morning to come. I could always think of something else to pass the time but this .." She bobs her head a little from side to side. " just a first date. I'm a three dates kind of gal." And then she was off.

Kurt Wagner blinks for a moment as she departs, getting up and picking up his hat, putting it on his head. Part of him wants to follow her, chase her down the street, escort her home. Maybe he should. She's poking her head into mutant troubles - that might mean that the mutant troubles come poking back.

He tells himself it's just to keep her safe as he makes a note of the direction she's going and, quietly, starts to follow her. At a distance. Once they're away from the place enough, he'll teleport to the rooftops at least, where shadows and distance will keep him better hidden.

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