Where in the World are the Outsiders? (PT 2)

November 01, 2015:

A continuation of the Outsiders in the Wild Wild West. The group meets an unlikely foe and the temptation to ruin the timestream


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Sheriff Tain's stern expression softens somewhat at Kori's speech. "Jeanette should do you up purdy, aye," he agrees, waving politely, before tucking his thumbs back ino his gun belt to watch the Outsiders go.

Roy's response to Kori is a shrug. "-Someone- has to know something and I'd like to know what. Plus, figuring out how we ended up here would help. A lot. Anyone else have better ideas?"

"No." Reese says evenly, still clutching Roy's arm as she follows their pace. She couldn't see a thing, but something in that long old memory that she possesses almost make this seem as if.. it was a dejavu of sorts. She could have sworn that she was here before.. and what was shocking.. with them. Perhaps it was a dream.. yeah, we'll go with that.

"I don't think we should keep exploring, we need to get back to the ship to see what's what.." And who they pissed off. It was obviously someone.

But then it hits, that sudden rush of energy that makes her eyes glow red for just a moment.. and then it subsides, quick enough to cause her to clutch Roy's arm in a death grip and release, relying upon her cane for stability. That was .. odd.

Lunair beams at Kori. She looks out after the others, and nods. "I don't know what's going on," She admits. All she knows is that her uncle (with many greats) is from this era. "My uncle did mistake Black Canary for a hooker…" So the clothing and mores were very different. She seems uncertain.

Kori reaching into the mass of flowing red mane, but mainly to poke at the comm device that is coming in poorly with the odd interferance. She has to know 'Irish Lass' and fast, because right now the people are not panicing and settling for excuses - somehow she feels this is better then the alternative. Her smile does not leave the Shriff, instead giving him a polite nod before they all head off to this Jeanette's and then the school house, though that chipper, ignorant, and wary play drops in her friends' presence. They know better…in some regards, though in others Kori truly does not yet get it all.

"Okay, most are armed with a far outdated form of weaponry. /When/ exactly are we? I have not seen this on Earth before." Roy's uestion has its point, a fair one they all would definitely agree on, but as they walk on Kori pauses at Jeanette's place and slides within to quickly adapt and cover her attire for something far more… theme fitting, though once she has the dress picked and on there is bartering to be done because… no mas! So, standing there in a mesh corseted purple sateen dress Kori is sliding a small ring off her finger with a look of loss as it falls into the womans hand, gathering up the length with a small smile of departure and walking on out with the bustle bouncing in time to every step.

"Let's make this quick, the longer I am here, the smaller my waist gets pinched and… I like to breathe, it's good for me."

"I think that if we have been brought here and now was for a reason," replies Skaar, talking to Roy. "If our enemy wants us truly gone, then there must be something here that can destroy us. I don't think it is the inhabitants of this town." Because, well, puny humans. "But they might know what it is."

Roy's quizzical gaze at Reese reflected the hold and her expression. "What's wrong…?" he asks, before coughing at Lunair. "Anyway, arm us up. If I remember my stories about the Wild West, frontier justice is pretty much 'fire first, ask later'. We can always use Skaar to take point, but… I think probably getting him a poncho or something would be a good idea."

Jeannette's store, full of photographs in the main window, is fairly obvious, and peering in, one can see enough clothes, presumably for posing for photos. "Skip the corsets, we'll probably need breathing room in case anyhin happens," Roy observes, holding the door open as a little bell rings.

"I bet you'd look great in a poncho," Lunair beams at Skaar. She thinks he looks great in anything or nothing at all. "Bows and arrows were still in use, as were revolvers, shot guns and some rifles. Blades, too." And then she will arm them up as requested. "Just be not-super-obvious about it."

Reese immediately shakes her head.. "Nothing.. this is just too familiar to me is all." Her words were quiet, and even as the bell to the door opens, she stops to look behind them as if she could see what no one else could. Her brows furrow slightly, and slowly she disengages from the group, entering inside to take her own place within the back, surely they had nothing that would make her appear as indian.. but.. hey. She can't see it either.

Corset or wear one of those long night gowns… No on the night gown, the former model in her dies alittle looking at that and the matching bonnet, though once in the purple dress and handed a time-fitting pistol from Lunair she holds it by the handle, pinched between fingers and dangling as she looks for somewhere to put it.

Reese passing gets those eyes to follow her, a brow slowly lifting as she begins to slowly work fingers over a seam to pop stitches and make a pocket amongst the gathered bustle at hips. "Go with your gut, when I get those feelings… I go with them. Good or bad?"

From Reese to Roy, then to Luna and Skaar, she has not had much time to really get to know the woman as well as her history, but that goes for any of them. It comes out when it suits. As long as they do what is right for the time and for their home…. Starfire is not too concerned. Slowly she drops the pistol into the made-to-suit 'pocket' and stiffly rightens her posture like a wind up doll.

"Poncho…If that's what I think it is…" Her nose wrinkles. Fashion taboo!

Skaar has a blade strapped to his back. But it is five and a half feet long and made of old-power hardened stone. It probably fits the Wild West about as well as Lunair's rail-gun. "What is a poncho, anyway?" He can try, sure. A poncho and a huge Mexican hat, whatever. He won't look ridiculous because, well, first impression he always makes is 'that guy is dangerous'. Hulks do that.

Oh my. "You look great," Lunair offers to Star. Lunair pauses. "I will follow you guys. I am a bit of a loss," She admits. "It's like a cloak but draped around the shoulders. I definitely am making myself a wide brimmed hat so I do not fry." And lo, she has a wide brimmed straw hat with flowers. "I wonder- I don't know anyone who has time travel powers…" She muses. Lunair smiles faintly. She seems quietly amused, and will help create Skaar a cool poncho and sombrero. Why NOT?

"What, uh… makes you think this is familiar? You lived here in a past life or something…?" Roy asks, holding the door open and exchanging a look with Kori, before nodding back towards Lunair. "Thanks," the redhead responds, taking the gun and tucking it into his belt. It'd have to do for the moment. "Well, a poncho wouldn't be too far off Mexico from here…"

Inside the shop, a blonde woman, dressed in a petticoat dress, turns, her hoops swishing with the motion. "Oh, excuse me…!" she greets, as a bespectacled blonde man turns. Reese might sense something amiss with the man, simply because he moves far too smoothly for the air he presents. Then again, something similar might be said for the woman. "I have customers, Mr. Tain. If you'll pardon me…"

"As you wish, Ms. Walker," the man says, turning to leave. A nod as he starts to move out.

"Roy.." She slowly makes her way back towards him, her gaze.. while near vacant by the eyes, was intent. It was said for the little crew to hear, and possibly the strange man and woman. Hopefully, they'd think she was a crazy injun/moor.

"I've been alive for nearly five hundred years." It wasn't as if she ever told any of the Outsiders this, but that perhaps would explain the strange hint of Deja-vu. There was a chance that she was here before.. and before.. and before.. Time was weird like that.

Though as she turns to peruse the isle by touch alone, the man.. the air around him brings her to a stand still. Her jaw clenches as she waits for the man to depart, her footsteps following in the path until she reaches the door, hands pressing against it to pry it open to allow her second sight to burn to life, a glowing blue eyed watching the mans back to study the flow of chi through his veins..

"Hnn.." She murmurs softly..

Reese did that.

Lunair gets a smile, one that seems almost awkward on Starfire as she plucks upon the attire, seeking breathing room where none is to be found. "At least you seemed…More prepaired…" Lunair's Lolita attire may seem a bit more extravagant and ethnic but it is far more fitting and in all the right places for the gun adapting mercenary, but where Skaar is concerned, his resort will leave him covered but… The times. Poor guy isgoing to look awkward with the heavy veil of cloth and the sword laying beneath. Reese fits, although her actions again draw her attention as well as the words when she follows the man out, the man that makes Starfire's dark puple lips draw into a thin purse of thought and a furrow of brows.

The concern flickers as well as the look from Reese's back to Roy and back again, but instead of letting the man pass, Starfire smiles and smooths her hands down the front of her petticoat just before thrusting her hand out to him as if to shake. "We wont be long and hinder your lady friend, but can you direct us outsiders to tha local school'ouse so we can be just right on our way out?" That Irish accent never mending from the broken brogue but none the less, she is holding up the suspicious party in case it is needed…

Lunair tries not to smile too much. Poor Skaar. Still, Lunair is glad to be a rufflemonster sometime. "Yeah…" Lunair smiles back weakly. She looks quietly amused. But it fades. "Yes, please," Lunair bobs her head at the fellow. She curtsies neatly. "It would be most appreciated." A beam to the others.

Skaar peers through the windows, not particularly interested in the clothes sold here. Human clothes are usually unpractical, anyway. He is still half-expecting an attack of some kind. "Do we really want to blend so much? We might be here just a few hours. I do not care what they think about me."

The man hesistates, his attention turning towards Kori as he pauses, nodding slowly. "As it happens, I'm a teacher at the schoolhouse. Is there something you need there?" he asks, turning to his head.

Jeanne Walker, meanwhile, seems to draw her attention towards Skaar and then Lunair. "Your clothes are… well, they certainly do not belong to the natives around here. I don't suppose you'd prefer, ah… I'm afraid I have nothing quite in your size, but I do believe I could put together something from a few blankets."

Roy, meanwhile, gives Reese a strange look. "Five… uh. So you saying we might run into -yourself- somewhere here?"

Reese nods slowly. "Or I might run into you." She purses her lips tightly. "I was not a very nice person so long ago. Though that's a far cry from now. But you need to be careful if you see me. Her. Seikatsu." She grows silent as she turns away from the door, her hands moving along the fabric to study.. sure she was already dressed, but this allows her time to mingle to try to get a feel of a memory once lost. "There's something I'm missing.." She mutters to herself, then slowly lowers herself to the floor, cane folded and pressed into her lap.

With a tilt of her head her fingers begin to rake through her hair, parting down the middle, head tilted to braid her slightly curled locks into low hanging pigtails. Soon, little strands were braided, her fingers moving quickly, the dead stare gone straight out as she creates a messy indian-type look without the mirror. All she needed now was a tan.

Oh dear. Lunair looks apologetic then smiles. "That's okay. Your blankets are important." She curtsies neatly. "Thank you for offering." There's a curiousity about Reese. "Huh," She seems curious. Then a look back to the others. Deep breath. Think, Lunair, think.

Skaar snorts at Jeanne, leaning against the wall and crossing his arms. "It is not really important, we are visiting only briefly and…" he sighs, "some of us seem to be having some amusement. Which it is fine, I suppose. But no new clothes for me. I would like to know if anything strange has happened in the town recently, just before we got here. Maybe a war starting, or monsters, or strangers arriving."

"Well, we'll try and steer clear of you… well, her. Anyway… excuse me." Turning to the man, Roy grins. "Perfect. You're uh, the son of the sheriff, right? John Tane?"

The man, John Tane, nods, keeping his face carefully neutral rather than smiling.

"Well, as it happens," Jeanne responds to Skaar. "There's been rumblings about an Indian uprising south of here. Far as I know, though, it's only rumblings, and hasn't made its way here, but it sounds like someone got it in their head to organize a pow-wow with the Indians there."

"That doesn't seem very likely," John interjects. "I can't see how they'd be listening to a woman as their war leader."

"As it happens, I do think it's quite possible," Jeanne spins around to respond, a frown crossing her face.

"They're -indians-, Jeanne!"

"Oooh.. that's it.." Reese murmurs. Without another word, she slowly begins to stand, snatching a swath of cloth to draw along her shoulders. She quickly fashions a hood with a bit of string, tugging it down just enough to cover most of her features save for her lips.

As if on cue, the door itself bursts open, two lithe Cheyenne warriors armed with bows and tomahawks filter in. They do not move to attack, though with their faces painted with white and black coal, they seem almost menacing, and ready to attack. However.. the only shocking thing about their appearance was the small woman who filters in, skins donning her body as if she were the Chieftess of this lone tribe, gnarled stick held within her hand as her eyes retain a permanent blue glow, marking each life within as well as their positions.

"Well… well.. well.." Seikatsu murmurs, chin lifted, deadened eyes focused towards the woman and son. "There was a hope that this shoppe had been closed down for the day. But I suppose that this situation will do." She takes a step forward, stick dragging along the ground, fingers clutched and ready to strike if need be. "I suppose I should get on with the usual banter. Reach for the sky, any lower and you'll be returned to the dust. All of you."

Lunair looks to Reese and the others. Then suddenly, there is- Seikatsu? Lunair looks between the two. "Um. Hi. Er. Okay." Lunair kind of blink and quirks an eyebrow. Reach for the sky for now, let she cause trouble. She looks to Skaar, quietly impressed by how wise that ws.

"Hi! Um, who are you, ma'am?" She asks the new, strange woman.

Truth is Jeanne information seemed fairly irrelevant. Nothing there that can threaten the Outsiders and the spaceship Starfire, right? Shows what he knows.

The arrival of a second Reese makes Skaar step forward, eyes narrowed. He expected a violent threat, but not this. Some kind of temporal paradox could destroy them? "Roy, call K'tenn, get Reese back to the Starfire right now."

Oh… oh crap, they -had- to tempt fate here, didn't they?

"Stay low, and don't let her see you," Roy whispers, before turning back. As John and Jeanne had already put their hands up to show they had no weaponry, Roy follows suit, pausing to regard Seikatsu curiously. "I'm guessing this is where you say this is a holdup. Surprised people haven't already seen you… then again, judging by the shape the Sheriff here's in, I'm guessing he's not fast enough to keep up with the likes of you anymore."

John makes a noise, but otherwise remains quiet.

Skaar gets a shake of his head. No, not now. Not while they can -see- everyone. It would really mess with the timestream if people just teleported out.

Reese slowly makes her way to the back of the shoppe, pooling the cloth around her feet and sinking into a little ball, arms tucked in as if she were a decorative doll and remains still.. but she was still trying to remember..

"Reese? Who's Reese?" That was a nice name.. Seikatsu actually liked that. But never mind that. With a shake of her head towards the large.. man.. she offers a slight smirk and addresses Roy. "No. This isn't a hold up. I'm actually supposed to meet someone here in this very building." She steps in fully as one of the indians closes the door, pulling the makeshift shade down to make the shop appear closed.

"Someone who owes me a bit of something and it was such a long time coming. But it's going to be unfortunate for you all, because death looms on the horizon." She clicks her teeth just a touch, "Haloke." She calls out to one quietly, words murmured and quickly rushed as the taller Indian gives a nod. Slowly, uneasy, he backs out of the door and out of side, his feet moving like the wind.

"Over the hill my tribe waits. And the runners will be here faster than any of you can scream. You. The one with the humor." She indicates Roy. "Grab the rope and tie them up. Nahiossi will do you last."

Can't mess with the time stream. Can't mess with the time stream. Which means most of her armor, weapons and such are verboten. It is an uneasy feeling, and Lunair doesn't like it. She looks worried. "I see." She doesn't protest for now, looking to Skaar. There's a deep breath. Think, think.

Skaar look at Roy incredulous and snorts at the idea of getting tied up with rope. "You aren't in a position to make such demands. I don't care if your tribe are a hundred or ten thousand. If they attack us, I will destroy them." Can't mess with the timestream? No one told Skaar the rules!

"Sit down, Skaar," Roy orders firmly, taking the ropes. Approaching him first, Roy leans in to murmur, "If you mess with -this- Reese, we might not have -our- Reese. The less contact between the two, the better, and that's what we -will- have if we do anything right now. Now sit down. We know you can break out of this, and we will -after- she's out of here."

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