Tea Soothes All Wounds

November 01, 2015:

Captain Britain and Lady Braddock show up to make amends to Detective Crowley for the injuries she suffered in New York Harbour. The detective asks for a favor of her own in return.

One Police Plaza

One Police Plaza is a large, rectangular building designed in the brutalist style and serves as the headquarters of the New York City Police Department. Thirteen floors high and several more underground, it not only functions as the seat of the departments administrative offices but also houses various units of the NYPD including the Major Case Squad and Extranormal Investigations, both of which are part of the Special Investigations Division.


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Captain Britain is never one to shy away from responsibility. As a duly appointed represenative of the British military and government, he's always been polite, proper, and taken up for the consequence of his actions, be they well or ill. While many of the cape and cowl set may have shied away from even coming down to the police plaza in uniform, the Captain does not. His uniform is pressed and polished, he even has a poppy on his right pec for Remembrance Week. His helmet is firmly in place, protecting his identity, and he is flanked by his handler, one Lady Braddock.

In his arms, the Captain carried a gift basket. A yellow tea pot capable of making two cups, English and Irish breakfast teas, honey sticks flavoured with lemon, cookies, and a tea bag squeezer are all in a medical looking box with a polite written 'Get Well Soon' letter.

Approaching the precinct sergeant's desk, the Captain clears his throat polietly. "I was made aware that Detective Crowley was on duty here. May I have directions to her office, please? Or if not, may you page her to the front?"

"Oh, and here I was worried the Union Jack wasn't going to blend," Betsy says, with a bemused sort of tone. "The tea and poppies should really help drive home this 'tourist' vibe." She glances sidelong at Brian in an expression that suggests an amused grin, without showing emotion to anyone but the fellow alongside her. She breezes in alongside the big fellow and hands the officer on duty her Embassy ID card. "Captain Britain and Lady Braddock, here to see Detective Crowley," Betsy murmurs, more in subscription to rote and routine than any real necessity.

Her case load was getting bigger by the moment, files dropped upon her table in accordance with SHIELD's dealings with whatever that device was in the mall, not to mention, the violence that was done to the three gang members who seemingly were executed and buried in a shallow grave. Being that one of those who were executed was a mutant, Lillith was aptly assigned to the SID, topped with endless hours of paperwork that makes getting overtime with the OPP totally not worth it.

'Sarge, I'm better off working this case alone.'
'Yeah, I get that Crowley, but if we're going to be investigating -IN- mutant town you need to find a contact and stick with them.'

'As if working with CI's have worked out for us in the past.'

'It's going to work out now, what is it you say? You always trust your gut? Find one, listen to your goddamned gut and make this work. Cause if we don't solve this shit with the Meta's we're going to have more than angry mutants to worry about.'

Arm in a cast but easily managed, Lillith sat down upon her chair, rocking it back, her leg kicked out and draped over her knee, the pen soon snatched from her desk as she chews upon it to stare out the window thoughtfully. Granted, it was over a sea of officers and civilians alike milling about with their own duties, but she stared out none the less.

The desk sergeant reaches out for the ID card offered from Elizabeth, eye'ing the two curiously as he looks at it front to back, other hand reaching for the phone, extension dialed..

Meanwhile, the phone brings her out of her little daydream, which was answered with a crisp announcement of her title and surname. You have visitors Crowley. Front desk. As soon as possible.

The sergeant behind the desk returns the card towards Elizabeth, then gestures towards a row of seats. "Have a seat there, she'll be down shortly." Curt, abrupt, he pulls out a stack of papers and ushers them both away with a swipe of his hand as two officers approach, keys handed off.. assignments for patrol given, and it was all business as usual.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Crowley was there. (Really, how many times can you pose yourself walking?) One hand upon her hip and the injured one behind her back, her jaw tense as she glances towards the Sarge, who then gestures towards the two who arrived. "You gotta be kidding me." She lets out. "You 'heroes' come with bodyguards too now?" Insert air quotes where the heroes was. All dripped with sarcasm.

"I am not ashamed of whom I am or what I represent, Lady Braddock." Britain responds. He may know his sister is teasing, but this is not the time for him to be returning the volley. "Also, your poppy is absent. Should I have one sent to you for the week?" he asks the young woman as he straightens himself up more formally as Betsy handles the things that she's supposed to. "I am actually returning to Britain for Remembrance Day." he admits finally. "It will only be a short trip. Agent Carter has requested and I have agreed to allow her accompany me as she has yet to visit the Isles since she has shown up in current day. Plus she thinks she can assist with my troubles with the British arm of SHIELD."

Their wait isn't a long one as the Detective arrives, storming out as she's already laying into the Captain. He takes the storm in stride, holding his place. He never bothered to sit down, his British sensibilities holding tight. "Lady Braddock is not my bodyguard." he responds and lets out just the faintest of sighs. Americans. So boorish. He waits for Lillith to finish her initial salvo, before he speaks. "I understand why you are upset, and as such, I sincerely apologize for the injuries you endured in my attempt to protect you from a threat. I have not had the chance to speak with your doctors, however, my representative, Lady Braddock.." a nod of his head to Betsy, "Has been made aware of the situation and is making all available routes to make sure that you are compensated for your injuries and lost wages. Also.. on behalf of myself.." he offers the basket to the woman. It has a handle so she doesn't have to use her broken arm, thank goodness! The Captain offers the briefest of sympathetic smiles. "I know you are looking forward to returning to your field duties as soon as possible, but hopefully this will speed your recovery along."

And then he falls silent, because it's really Betsy's role to soothe the feathers he may ruffle on occasion.

"Oh, would you?" Betsy asks Brian, with a wheedling sort of gasp. She… actually sounds sincerely pleased by the idea, automatically falling back on trying to manipulate Brian… into doing precisely what he was already offering to do?

Well, old habits die hard, anyway.

"A real poppy would be lovely. Thank you for reminding me," she says, flashing Brian another faint smile/not-smile. "And… well, if I won't be intruding on you and Agent Carter's time, I'd like to go as well," she informs Brian. "I miss Jaime, and his letters are so hard to work through. I really wish he'd just take up texting," she sighs, darkly.

She's brought up short by Crowley's sudden arrival, and at almost the same moment as Brian- and in almost the same tone- she responds, "Captain Britain is not my bodyguard."

Her eyes flicker to Brian as he says his piece, then gives Crowley her best photo-op smile and steps forward a half pace. "My name's Elizabeth Braddock," Betsy tells the injured detective. "I'm a liasion from Buckingham Palace, and I'm Captain Britain's cohort and representative while he's abroad. On behalf of Her Majesty, we sincerely apologize for any distress or pain you've endured. Rest assured that a formal apology has already been drafted by Her Majesty's staff, and I've informed the hospital— and the mayor's office— that Buckingham Palace will cover any expenses related to your injury. Is there anything I can do for you now, while I'm here?" Betsy offers solicitously.

Lillith takes a step back at his announcement of Lady Braddock's position, both hands raised now as she tilts her head as a form of peace. She wasn't about to start a diplomatic confrontation or war by a tiny little upset in her observations and admittedly, she was in better spirits than she was the last time he had seen her. She was in pain, and a little bit frightened, and ready to lay down her life in the name of the law. Tension was at an all time high.

"Please.." She murmurs with a shake of her head, slowly reaching out for the basket to grasp at the handle. They were gaining an audience; it could have been from Lady Braddock's celebrity status or Captain Britain's, but either way it was making her uncomfortable. The basket was clutched tightly to her chest as she cants her head towards the open conference room, "Follow me please? We'll discuss this matter in private."

It was a short walk really, and once the two were inside the door was promptly closed and the blinds soon were lowered with a tug of the string. The basket was placed upon the table near the door, shuffled through, and marveled. She was a woman who enjoyed tea, even if she couldn't make it proper like the British, and these were flavors that she is in a rush to try.

"I'm sorry for the abruptness of getting out of the public eye. But I want to assure you two that the offer really isn't needed. I have one more field test to take before I'm back on active duty, and my case load is something that the other Detectives really do not want to take on." Her jaw tenses briefly, eyes gone from one to the next. "I do have something that I could use a bit of help with, Lady Braddock. I'm unsure of how far both of your diplomatic relations reach, but I was wondering if there is a contact that you would have in Mutant Town?"

She shifts, not uncomfortably, but a stance that showed a touch of confidence where it really wasn't needed. "I'm investigating a murder of one of their own and I would love to just have a simple way in, if at all." Maybe too much? But they did ask.

Brian shelves the discussion of the British trip for now, since that is a more personal nature. Instead his attention is rapt on the Detective and her response to what is really a genuine and heartfelt gesture. He could have just run away. Made their next meeting awkward. Or just smirked and called it one of those 'dangers with the job' situation. Instead, he's made this offering to her.

When Crowley makes the request that they move the impromptu meeting, Britain agrees, allowing the Detective to lead the way as they head into the conference room. With the door closed, he listens to the request of the detective and glances to Betsy as Crowley makes her request.

At least he seems to relax the tension in his spine slightly. The apology was accepted, the gift was exchanged, there's no further need to dwell on it, especially with new business on the table as the Captain offers a smile. "I believe that she has contacts with X-Red as I have had a meeting with them, myself, if that would be helpful." An almost apologetic look is given to his sister. "I'm sorry, Lady Braddock, but your duties here in the States seem to have reared their way up again."

Did he just.. block her from going back to the Isles with him and Peggy?

Betsy moves in Crowley's wake with a self-possessed stride, moving to a seat inside the office and seating herself quite comfortably. Back straight, ankle hooked behind the other, hands in lap. Betsy never, ever looks surprised, so it's fairly easy to feign puzzlement when she's caught off-guard by Crowley's question. "Er… detective, I'm sorry, but I don't think I know anyone who lives in Mutant Town," Betsy says, sounding apologetic, as if it was her fault Crowley was misinformed. "I've only one or two mutant friends, in fact."

When Brian volunteers his services, Betsy softly clasps her hands together a few inches above her lap. "Oh, well— problem solved, hmm?" she says. She flashes another smile at Brian. "Quite all right, Captain, I assure you," she remarks, before looking back to Crowley. "Still, if the Consulate can help at all, you have but to ask."

"Oh no, Lady Braddock. As I said, I will be out of counrty for the next week.." Britain opens one of the pouches on his recently acquired gear belt and pulls out a card for Brinley Meyers at X-Red. "Just let her know that you are my represenative, and she will be more than happy to assist you." he says with a warm smile to Betsy. Blocking the trip and putting her to work. How rude.

"Oh, thank you, Captain. I'll give her a call immediately," Betsy says, rising and stepping to the door with a cellphone almost leaping into her hand.

"That would be most helpful, thank you." Lillith wasn't one to shy away from a gift horse, turning her back towards the two as she begins to rummage through the basket, one box of tea lifted to open and sniff the contents inside with a quiet, grateful sigh, one that she tries to keep hidden and away from her co-workers. Their banter was smirked at, and soon she turns around, leaning against the table with arms folded about her chest, watching rather curiously as Elizabeth steps away to make the call, her hand lifting and thumb pointing in the woman's direction.

"She seems to be a little bit more than your handler or assistant." Ever the detective. Perhaps it was the tones that they were taking with each other. "And to be quite honest, it's quite fascinating for a vigilante from the British Isles to relocate to here or.. are on loan. Through SHIELD, I presume?"

"In Britain, I am not a vigilante." Britain responds, tone terse, as he makes the correction. "I am a represenative of Her Majesty's government, and afforded the same rights as one of the Captains of Her House Guard." Hence the uniform change and the strict military attitude. "I have no connection with SHIELD - STRIKE as they are called there - which is a point of contention with my status and why Agent Carter was asked to assist." he admits with a faint sigh and the rub of the back of his helmet.

"There is not a branch of the Justice League Initatives in Britain. Her Majesty asked me to come here to observe, participate, and learn how they would work on the Isles with our limited number of available heroes that are native to our home."

"Thank you for the correction. I didn't mean to offend." She really didn't. "That's really remarkable. But here, they're called vigilantes, while at times we're to lean on them for extra-normal support, they're really not legal or sanctioned to operate here in the states unless they're associated with a government agency that provides backing and accountability." Christ, the legalese makes her almost sick. "But I do want to thank you for the help, and apologize for my anger and words those few days ago. You only wanted to help and I lashed out."

"This Agent Carter, SHIELD, I'm assuming. Since the subject was there. I believe she was apart of the recent public trial that the Justice League Avengers were put under with the assassination of our previous President. Is that why Her Majesty turned her eye in our direction?" She lifts a hand, then shakes her head. "Don't answer that. That's the detective in me."

"Her Majesty offers no comment or opinion on the actions of a foreign government." Britain gives the answer of the proper line. Not what he was told to relay to his American counterpart. "And quite. Peggy Carter is still a British citizen, and as such, it seemed fitting to ask her to come home to assist me with some of the logistics." he admits with a nod of his head.

"There are those in Britain that operate outside of the law, much to my chagrin." he admits. "Dark Angel or Death's Head, for instance. But, they know to rally to the call should the need arise. And you were well within your rights. You were injured, in the heat of the moment, and truthfully, it was deserved. I made the mistake, I'm afforded the tongue lashing." Another small smile is offered. "How long did they say it would be before your cast would be removed?"

The line that he gave her stunk with something that was all too hidden beneath the eye, and it actually made her grin. She appreciated that, really. "From the little dossier I do have from SHIELD, she does seem like a pretty knowledgable and stand up woman." She nods as well, one foot crossing over the other as she gives a slight nod. "So then we're not all too different where that is concerned. I'll admit that I do have my resignations of people with certain powers walking the world as they do. But if they're all of the mind to help with threats that plague their new home.." She offers a slight shrug.

She does crack a little bit of a laugh, her hand drawn out to study the cast. "Another month. Active duty is still in place. The way my seargent sees it, if I can still see well and hold my gun without issues I'm ready to get out into the field again. Besides, most of the cases I have are leg work, interviewing and research, especially the one dealing with SHIELD. I really don't see myself being involved in another 'battle' any time soon."

"It is how those powers are handled and their responsibility that should be the real issue, Detective. Not the haves and the have nots." Britain frowns faintly at that, but he understands where the woman is coming from with her concerns. "I am glad that you are recovering and that you are able to make such a quick return to duty. If Lady Braddock has not contacted you in a few days, I will leave my contact information so that you can contact the Consulate and I can make sure that she does her duty. I am sure I have inconvienced you enough for the day.. and try the Irish tea with a little of the honeyed lemon, it is quite delicious. Even if I'm British." he says with a wink as he moves towards the door.

"Agreed." She nods solemnly, a little tight smile given as she glances towards the door. "Thank you.. but really, I'm patient enough, while it is an urgent thing I do have other avenues to look after.. I just didn't want to involve this particular one." The blue devil of New York. That was going to be one awkward conversation. As he moves to depart, Lillith reaches out with her hand to grasp the basket, intending to follow at his six and return to her desk.. or the kitchen, which ever really came first. His suggestion, it was met with a warm smile and a lift of the basket, showing off her pride for the gift. A rare look at the woman, at least.

"Thank you for the suggestion, I think I'll try that as soon as I get upstairs."

Britain holds the door for her. He's a gentleman, after all. Once she's through, he nods. "Of course. Have a good day, Detective." And with that, the Captain makes his way back outside so he can return to his own duties.

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