Halloween Zombies

October 31, 2015:

Returning from their outing Bobby, Brin and Pepper meet some Zombies and Magdalena shows up

New York


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Magdalena has been keeping a low profile lately. She has a mission and it's not been the kind of thing she can ask anyone along to join in. The Vatican's warrior has been hunting demons. Demons that use the Exorcism ritual to transfer bodies rather than be expelled back to Hell. This is not a good development. From her research and studies…and interrogation of some possessed…Magdalena has learned that there will one day be six hundred and sixty six such demons over the world. Unless she can stop them first.

The Magdalena watches the street from the roof of a three storey apartment block. It is night - Halloween at that - and below are all kinds of monsters and devils. Thankfully they are all fake. Actually…not all. She shifts slowly to better see a group approaching from the west. They seem to be rejects from the Thriller video shoot. All dressed up as zombies but moving quickly and loudly amongst the crowds.

Bobby is not normally across any kind of demons unless they're from Limbo but they are a thing he knows exists. What else exists out there? Well he's got an open mind. He hasn't dressed up today. Just spent the evening with some friends and is at the moment walking back toward his car, which he has ended up a few miles from in the course of all the walking and talking and shopping. Does he have any clue what's about to happen?

Does he ever?

Brins walking beside Bobby, dressed up in that elegant white dress and high heels. "Well that ended up being an interesting evening." She murmurs. It is a very long walk … good thing she's fit and … well had some experience in heels.

Sensing something amiss with emotions in the air, she nudges Bobby gently "Heads up, somethings not quite right."

Pepper Potts is walking along with Bobby and Brin as well, because she doesn't have much else to do at the moment, and she's kind of loathe to go home and call it a night. Unlike the younger woman, though, she's completely oblivious to anything untoward going on. But, when Brin speaks up she pays attention promptly. "In what way?" Even though she's got her bag on her shoulder, she reaches into the pocket of her dress to get her phone.

Magdalena sees the new trio approaching on an interception path with the other group. Not good. Though she could be wrong. She has been wrong before…2008 if she remembers correctly. A deep breath before the woman leaps from the rooftop to make her way down to the street. Not directly, but rather via the fire escape in a rather excellent gymnastics display.

The zombie group joke and laugh, thumping each other as they make lewd comments about anyone who passes. So of course when they see /the/ Pepper Potts, another hottie and a guy that looks totally out of his league…of course they're going to come calling. "Hey, Happy Halloween" the first one grins as she checks out the ladies. "Trick or treat?"

Bobby blinks. "Er, not exactly in co-…" Well actually Pepper is in costume. "By the way, Pepper, are you that one empath from Star Trek? Not Troi, the other one…" She knows who he means right? He could swear that's what she is. There's… "Hey what's that?" It might be an old trick but bobby did just see someone jump off a building. Or… he thinks he did.

"I like the spots, Miss Potts." Brin adds as Bobby asks… and then regards the zombie group as they grow near "Maybe it's just them… " she's not sure. Turning her eyes to the one that just spoke, she offers a tight smile "Happy Halloween. But neither thank you." And then Bobby's distracting them … here's hoping it works because Brin really doesn't like 'being checked out'.

Pepper Potts smiles at Bobby, then turns to the jeering costumed people. She still has her phone in hand. Could she possibly be about to reenact that one Ten-Forward scene from that episode of Star Trek? "Which would you prefer?" Even in the street lights, the speckles along her hairline and down the back of her neck are visible enough. "Though I should warn you now, my friend here gets jealous very easily." See, that's Bobby's costume. He's dressed as a modern day Dr. Jeckyll.

"A treat" the lead zombie grins at Pepper. "And it sounds like your willing to give it." He looks over Bobby. "He gets jealous? Tough shit for him." The group of six are slowly surrounding the trio. Any talk of people jumping off roofs is obviously a lie and a distractio so they're not falling for it. Another of the zombies points at the speckles on Pepper. "Looks like she has syphilis. Better leave that one to Bub." Bub must be the seven feet tall one because he's the one who grins stupidly while the others laugh.

Magdalena emerges from the alleyway, her boots clicking across the street as she slowly approaches. The Spear of Destiny in her hand and more blades than a knife shop strapped to her armoured body. "I think you should leave these three alone" she intones flatly to the zombies…and that makes them laugh again of course.

"Six on four? I think we'll be fine" grins the lead zombie, his eyes turning into pools of red, flames dancing within their depths. His voice now a growl. "Kill them…then we have fun with their bodies. And souls."

Bobby sighs. "And here I was hoping we could do things the easy way." A hand goes out and ice sprouts up from the ground in thick angled spikes, forming a barrier that rushes toward the glowing eyed man and his friends. "You know, I heard that Dante wrote about it being cold in hell. Touch my friends and I'll give you a chance to find out."

Putting her back to Peppers and Bobbys, Brin manifests her scimitar. She'd truly prefer her bow but in close quarters her sword will have to do. The arrival of the woman, gets a brief flick of the mutants eyes, she knows better though than to take her eyes off the aggressors… and she remains silent … the next move is theirs.

The lead zombie, who now looks more demonic the way his skin is turning red and scaly, laughs at Bobby. "I know what Hell is like, I'm from there." With that his fist turns into something resembling a sledhammer and smashes the ice in front of it.

The giant Bub charges forward, making a beeline for Pepper while the others warily approach Bobby and Brinley. They seem to be quite happy to ignore the Magdalena. Big mistake. The woman plucks some glass bottles from her clothes and tosses them at the 'zombies'. They shatter on the sidewalk splashing…water…everywhere. Hardly the most destructive force until it is obvious the water is burning the creatures it landed on. Holy Water. That gets the attention of two of them.

Pepper Potts waits for Bub to get JUST close enough, and goes to zap him with the taser function on her phone. It's kind of costly doing that, though. From a full charge, the phone's batter can really only handle doing that three times. Four at most. And she's used it once already this evening. Not to mention, every time she uses it, JARVIS is likely to notify Tony.

"Well, you asked for it…" Bobby starts to tank the temperature in the area. As he does he starts putting up more ice. It's more… directed this time. Rather than on the ground he's just now going to put it on their legs, on their hands, on their faces, he'll shove it down their throats if he can. Even if they can break it off they're going to spend some time dealing with it.

As the Magdalena throws her holy water, Brin steps to the Zombie nearest her and swipes her blade across the creatures neck … she's going to try and take the things head off … or at least distract it long enough for one of the others to do something.

As distractions go, decapitation is a good one. The zombie/demon's head rolling down the street, the headless body soon following it. Trying to pick it up but only succeeding in kicking it further with its own feet.

Bub gets the shock of his life. The giant is hurled back through the air by the impact, slamming into the concrete and then being covered by ice. He struggles against the constraints, glaring at Bobby with the intention of ripping him limb from limb.

Magdalena charges forward, the Spear sweeping down to sever a demonic leg before she shoulder charges it to the ground. "I don't suppose you have any religious artefacts on you?" she asks the trio. "If not. Chop off every limb. They usually move on after that." A demon charges her but she spins under the blow and sweeps the spear up into its abdomen. The magical spear, imbued with the power of the divine, causes the demon to bloat and then explode in a fountain of black blood.

Pepper Potts doesn't really have a chance to answer the question about religious artifacts. She's trying to get clear of the splashes of blood. Because EW. And, ice on the ground. Again. Heels were never designed for walking on ice. She reaches to catch herself on the nearest not-slipping person, and thus ends up with one arm hooked around Bobby's arm.

"How about this?" Bobby holds his hand out to Bub and starts to freeze. More than his usual he's freezing colder, and colder, past water, past oxygen, very cold indeed… and then walks up… and kicks. If they don't like being dismembered, how are they going to like being shattered?

Maybe Brin practices in her heels… she's certainly slower than she normally is… and then there's the shower of black blood … coating her lovely white sequinned dress …she won't be wearing that again. Kicking her shoes off, she pads bare foot, on the ice cold ground, after the headless one and slices at it's legs with her scimitar… that should at least stop it moving.

Magadalena stares as Bub is shattered into a million pieces. Then a wry smile. "That works too." Then she is parrying another blow, this time the demon's arm is shaped like a sword. Another parry before she twirls around and sweeps out its feet, sending it to the ground. The Spear slams into its torso…and another former denizen of Hell explodes.

The demon that Brin attacked, its legs no longer attached, slumps to the ground and bounces a couple of yards before it stops. Now it has to use its arms to drag itself along.

The lead zombie doesn't like the way this is going. Six to four is now 2.5 to four. He grabs the other unhurt demon and thrusts him towards Bobby. "Kill him!!" And then he turns and runs.

Bobby smirks. It usually does work. Kill him? Uh… well that's a reaction he gets a lot. Doesn't make it any more unsettling though. The ice nerd does the only thing he can think of. He shoves a small glacier at his attackers. No it's not elegant. It is a lot of ice though.

Pepper Potts manages to get her feet back under her just in time for Bobby to shatter Bub and for one zombie to shove another at the ice mutant. She just watches in mild shock as he shoves a GLACIER at the zombie. Like he's reenacting the Titanic right here on the sidewalk.

"Ugh… " Brins feet are getting cold now … as she follows that damn Zombie down the street… finally slashing hard, twice, to remove its arms. "This.is.just.gross." she grouses as she looks at her dress and feet … covered in blood and ice … and turns back just in time to see Bobby in action.

With the last limb lopped off, the demon that bothered Brinley so much finally explodes into a fountain of black gore - just adding to the grossness.

The head zombie demon has disappeared down an alleyway, past the onlookers with their phones out and shooting stuff to upload to YouTube. That /is/ Pepper Potts dressed as a cheetah, right?

The last demon is frozen solid in the glacier as Magdalena wanders over to look at Bobby's handiwork. "Mind if I give it a try?" she asks him before smashing the frozen demon with her Spear. A nod of admiration before she looks to the trio. "Apologies for the disturbance to your Halloween. I do hope the rest of your evening improves. Thank you for your assistance." A guilty look at the state of Brinley's dress before she is running off for the darkness, head down to avoid her image being plastered on the internet.

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