After Party Catchup

October 31, 2015:

Pepper takes some of the Shadowcrest guests out and calls Brin

New York


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After the benefit at Shadowcrest, Pepper had invited a few people out to get to know each other better. She also knew that Brinley Myers of X-Red was probably at a loose end - or more appropriately working when she should be relaxing and has sent a message to her friend … a pointed one that didn't give the young mutant any option but to join them - and a dress code - Fancy Dress or Black Tie!

Not having a costume readily at hand, Brins donned a long white sequinned number and is just joining Pepper with her guests… at a rather upmarket lounge. They'll see her entering through the lounge now.

"So that was relatively painless," Kate grins at Zee. "I didn't even have to lose the heels or go get my stuff. I really do need to talk to someone about a bag of holding or something at some point, though. The running for the bow thing gets old. And embarrassing. Hey, sorry, not useful so much until I get to the parking around the block."

Pepper Potts just smiles at Kate and brandishes her phone. "Never leave home without it." She's got her shoulder bag with her now, even if it does ruin the line of her Star Trek inspired costume/dress. And somehow, despite all the craziness, those little painted on spots along her hairline are still immaculate. "Maybe I can drop a good word in with R&D, see if they can some up with something that will work as well as your bow, but be small enough to carry easily." It's called a hand crossbow, but Pepper's got enough tact to not say that out loud.

Miranda is actually quite good at mingling and social events. After the dust up at the Manor, she grabbed another glass of champagne and did exactly that, easily finding herself in the company of Pepper. Offering a grin, she nods to both Kate and to Pepper. She doesn't know the women that well, but she's a friendly enough woman. "Ingenuity is always a welcome thing. I've always admired Stark Industries for that." Lifting an eyebrow at Kate, she asks, "What might a bag of holding be?" She's not really one for references like that. Not knowing Brinley, her approach is only met with a curious look: she tends to be always aware of her surroundings.

Wanda has no idea about bags of holding or hand crossbows…or even much knowledge about classy lounges. She looks uncomfortable with these strangers, sitting quietly until thankfully there is a Brinley joining them. A wave to the other woman and a plea in her eyes for her to sit close. "I have heard of Stark Industries" she offers the conversation…then feels like an idiot as soon as she says it.

"Sounds like you had an interesting night." Brin says to Kate as she settles on the chair next to Wanda. "At least you didn't lose your shoes."

Out of everyone gathered with Pepper, the only person Brin doesn't know is Miranda "Hi, I'm Brinley Myers." Glancing at Pepper, she gives a warm smile "Your invitation couldn't have come at a better time…" she pauses "I really needed a break from the research I was doing."

Pepper and Wanda are aware of the threat of the Purifiers and Reavers … maybe Kate is too … but they may not be aware of the new findings.

"The Purifiers and Reavers are stepping up their game." Looking out into the lobby, she glances round the group "Bobby bought me down here, he might be joining us. I hope you don't mind?"

"Nah. I just need a little pocket dimension in a clutch. I bet Dr. Richards could do it," Kate muses, taking a sip of her champagne. She clears her throat at Miranda's question, smiling apologetically. "Sorry. It's a gaming thing. But, you know. Short version is basically a pocket dimension in a bag, so you can carry a lot of stuff in a small space. Like…" She pauses, searching for a better reference. "A TARDIS? Or Mary Poppins' bag."

She grins back at Brin, shaking her head. "I don't think anyone called it girls night. Although it's Halloween. We could tell him it's girls night and he has to put on a dress." Her smile fades, though, as the rest of the comments sinks in. "That doesn't sound promising."

Bobby was just parking the car. He might be able to get around by ice ramp but taking anyone else like that is a bit tricky. One slip and its a short trip to a hospital, usually. He's also been working. That or he's dressed up as someone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer given how he's rupping his eyes. "Hello Pepper, Wanda. Oh! Miss Bishop. Nice to see you. And…" He doesn't know Miss Tate. It's really only because he's met Pepper before that he even knows her. So he sticks his hand out. "Sorry, I don't think we've met. I'm Bobby Drake."

Pepper Potts offers Wanda a friendly smile. "Yes, Kate is wanting a slightly less carpet-looking version of Mary Poppins' bag. Or, a more recent reference, the little clutch purse that Hermione Granger carries around for the most of the last two movies. And really, if you've heard of Tony Stark or seen him on TV, that's… well, that's a version of Stark Industries. We mostly build clean energy devices and consumer electronics anymore. Do you own a cell phone?" She asks this last of Wanda, in a tone with absolutely zero negative inflections. "It's possible you own a StarkPhone."

And then Bobby arrives and she stands to give the younger man a hug. "Hello, Bobby."

"Hello Bobby" Wanda smiles, perking up slightly before controlling herself. He probably hasn't seen her overly pink outfit - . "The Reavers? They're still being a bother?" A smile for Brinley before she is looking over at Pepper and Kate. "Mary Poppins? I don't know her. A phone? Yes…yes I do." She looks quite excited by the fact and searches for it on her person. "Oh…it's in my costume. Stark made those? By himself?"

"Miranda Tate," the woman introduces, holding out a hand to the newcomers to shake. "What is this about Purifiers? I'm assuming we are not speaking of the things that clean our water, but other matters." As Kate attempts to make more references in order to explain, she continues to shake her head. She didn't really have much media consumption both growing up or later. The League of Shadows didn't really subscribe to BBC or AMC. "Forgive me, I had quite a sheltered upbringing. My parents thought movies and TV would corrupt my innocence," she smiles. "It's a large bag that looks like a small bag, I will assume."

Shaking Miranda's hand, Brin makes room for Bobby, even as she snickers a little at Kates suggestion. No comment on legs or anything! "As you see, Kate… no dressing up." Taking up a glass of sparkling white, Brin considers Miranda, she's heard of sheltered upbringings but that seems extreme… Without really thinking about it, Brin scans the groups emotions, it's become a habit - fortunately not one that she's come to rely on … yet.

"The Purifiers and Reavers are mutant hate groups, Ms Tate. X-Red, the organisation that Bobby, Wanda and I work with, have been investigating them." There's no harm in sharing this information, right? "It seems they've got deep, deep ties with organised crime." Pepper gets a small incline of Brins head in thanks for helping find those details. "And we're now starting to tie these groups to a project called Operation Extinction."

Miranda might be concerned about the ties to Organised Crime… it's might have been causing issues with her own business.

Bobby nods. And then doubletakes at Wanda. That outfit is… er… incredibly pink. Not that she doesn't make it look good to be sure but… pink. It breaks his brain just a little. He hasn't really known her to go for colors like that. Red she seems to like but otherwise they tend to be a lot… darker.

"Er, yes…" The ice nerd shakes his head to clear it. "Sorry. Yes. The Reavers in particular seem to have a lot of underworld connections. And they tend to… muscle out other business when they move into an area, we've learned." Not subtle, or gentle. Small, thankfully. They're dangerous but they don't have much 'staying power' if they start taking losses.

Kate's problem has the physicist tapping his chin. He's not an engineer but this kinds of technical problems are the sorts of things he works on. "Well, you could always try approaching it from the other direction. See if you can minitureize the gear." Beat. "Well Stark might be able to handle something like that actually or… er… who was that we've worked with sometimes Brin? They're a Van Dyne Industries? They might have a handle on something like that too." Just a thought. Kate's got resources Bobby's sure she'll figure that out. And hey, Pepper's right here…

"Accurate enough," Kate smiles crookedly back at Miranda. "Pocket dimension, in the most beautifully punny sense. You know. Like a dimension. That fits in your pocket." There's that classic Hawkeye sense of 'humor'. She doesn't even look ashamed of her terrible joke. "So where're they muscling the existing criminals into?" she asks Bobby, getting back to business. "Got a feeling they're not just going back to the old country."

"I dont like who they don't like us" is Wanda's offering on the Reavers and Purifiers. "I think they should get to know us and they would like us. But they don't want to know us." She seems genuinely saddened by this state of affairs…even while being all pink. Are you allowed to be sad in pink? "Are they fighting criminals too? They don't like anyone."

Pepper Potts settles back into her chair as the topic becomes more serious. She nods at Brin's thanks for helping find the organized crime angle, but really, that was minor compared to what the rest of them do every day to help others. "You'd think they would have learned from examples like Nazi Germany that hating a human demographic simply for being different is the worst form of arrogance and stupidity." She shakes her head and reaches for her glass — a champagne flute of a splarkling beverage that looks like the proper contents of that type of glass, but smells more like grapes than fermentation.

"Yes, of course, I have been reading about them. Unrest in the cities is bad for business. Harder to get people to come to work for you if your city is actively under siege," Miranda replies smoothly. She, certainly, knows of the group, at least, but it's easier to be only somewhat knowledgeable about something than far too much. Smiling at Bobby's thoughts, she nods. "There are quite a few industries that could help. Perhaps I should have Trutina start a division. I know many who would enjoy a purse that could hold more but not ruin their outfit's outline." Wanda's observation is met with a nod and a tilt of her head, taking Pepper in with her look. "Some people will hate no matter what. It does not matter the person, their hatred would trump it. There's no learning from hatred."

Well, if you're allowed to be Pretty In Pink, you can probably be Sad In Pink too. Brin gives Wanda a small smile "Maybe, Wanda but as Ms Tate says people will hate no matter what." Brins seen the Purifiers in action… they don't seem to care.

"I honestly can't recall the business, Bobby, but it will be in my files." the brunette answers Bobby's question before shaking her head to Kate, both at the bad joke and her question - no idea, maybe Bobby has an idea on that.

"What isn't well known, Ms Tate, is that the Reavers are using technology stolen from Lobo Technologies. It's how they are so far advanced." What she doesn't say is that the thefts seem to under very unusual circumstances. She looks around the table then "I wonder though if Lobo Tech is the only place they're stealing tech from. I mean, research goes on all the time."

You're probably allowed to be Sad in Pink but Wanda in Pink still has Bobby's brain slightly askew. At least she's not gone and gotten pink hair. "Good question Miss Bishop. Not real sure is the answer. Seems likely that some of them die during the, uh, disagreement and we do know that they're prone to… coopting other people's labor. They set up factories and supply chains to see to their needs. The rest? Maybe they get… converted. We don't really know where the reavers get their cybernetic shock troops or how willing they are." It'd seem like Halloween conversation if Bobby weren't serious about it.

Miss Tate's observations about hate? Fairly spot on. Bobby nods in her direction. "Yeah, they're fairly fanatical about it and there doesn't seem to be any reasoning with them. I don't think, Miss Potts, these are the kinds of people who really read history."

"If they read history, they read it for tips on how to be terrible people," Kate snorts softly. "People see what they want to see in the facts. Whether that's hope, or an excuse to be awful. The trick's in getting them to see if the way you want them to." She pauses, taking a drink. "Which really isn't all that different from what they'd say, now that I think about it."

Wanda does have pink hair…but it's possible that Bobby's eyes have burned out from the rest of the pink. "If they will never change then we should wipe them out." And that is how Wanda leaps from compassionate sympathy to cruel genocide in an instant. "If they can never learn from their hatred and their hatred will never leave, why let them live?" She purses her lips in thought and steeples her fingers on her lap. "So I should kill them when I see them." A look around at the others present. "Yes?"

Pepper Potts takes a sip of her sparkling grape juice. "JARVIS has been keeping an eye out for similar threats, Brinley, but he hasn't picked up anything else." She doesn't say aloud that the AI has been monitoring both official and unofficial channels. "He already knows to tell you the moment he finds anything new."

"Uh no, Wanda." Brin looks a little aghast at her team mate, the one with the pink hair. "We will do this legally and take them down properly, exposing them to the world for what they are. Although Kate does have a point." she knows that the way they're organised makes it hard to bring the organisation as a whole, but they can make it hard for them to operate.

"Thank you, Miss Potts. JARVIS has been such a big help." the data crunching has been rather extensive.

Taking a sip from her glass of sparkling white, she looks over to Bobby "You don't mind sticking around whilst we relax a bit, do you?" Seems like Brin is going to take the rest of the night off.

"Not at all, no." He's her ride back anyway. Oh Bobby's sure that Pepper or Kate or someone could provide a ride back but he doesn't mind the rest of the night off himself. "Provided no one else minds me sticking around?" He glances to Wanda and Pepper and Miss Bishop and… is Miss Tate staying? She seems like she might be leaving. Either way, a night relaxing, eating and perhaps shopping seems just fine.

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