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October 31, 2015:

A freak comes out at night. Fantomex in white after Labor Day makes contact with Bluebird.

The Narrows


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Before Bluebird and Nightwing left the last crime scene E.V.A. 'sneaked' to leave a note on Harper's motorcycle. An email address from a webpage hosted in a server in Madripoor. Good enough to establish contact with Fantomex through E.V.A. herself. Which brings the white-clad thief (and his flying saucer) to a rooftop in the Narrows of Gotham.

It was like taking a chance. She doesn't know EVA or Fantomex from a can of paint, but at least there could be a chance for her to have an ally in the fight against Pyg. Or the fight against saving Gotham. Something. But emails were sent out and replies, along with a coordination to meet which was soon reached with a climb up a fire excape and a hop upon the roof. Her eyes squint at the white clad figure, her head slowly tilted as her pistol-taser thinga-ma-bopper remains on hand and visibly shown. Her steps were careful as well, teeth gritted behind her mask as she stops not too far away from Fantomex. "Okay.. so I'm here.. Who are you?"

Fantomex stood on top of E.V.A., which a tuck-sized metallic flying saucer standing on insect-thin legs. When Bluebird appears, he jumps down to the rooftop and bows dramatically. "Bonne nuit, I am Fantomex." Then he steps aside to gesture to the flying saucer, "my partner is E.V.A., this was her idea."

E.V.A. stays silent for a few seconds, and then speaks, a metallic, feminine voice, "Good evening… yes, I believe we should share information. We wish to help to stop the crimes." Fantomex eyerolls at that statement, amused.

Okay.. that was different. Batman had his doo-dads and knicker boppers so others were allowed to have their own as well. Though, she wasn't in the business of making alien-craft like things that actually spoke and.. yeah.. it spoke.

"Fantomex." She states, giving a slight nod towards him and then towards E.V.A, her brow furroing as the other one lifts in a 'wtf' manner. "WE?" She gestures towards herself, and to them. "I don't know, hell. I don't even think Fanty-pants should be allowed since he's wearing white after Labor Day." She chuckles a little at her joke, gesturing just a bit but.. she gets back on her serious game, finally holstering her taser. "Alright, which crimes are you talking about? Cause, you should know, Gotham has the run of the mill screw ups that make Metropolis look like something out of a fairy-tale."

She crouches then, dusting her fingers along the ground of the roof, then flicks a bit of a rock aside. "But.. I do remember seeing you.." Not her, but him. The guy in white. "When they killed that man. I do have a few questions of my own."

"White is always in style, mademoiselle," replies Fantomex feigning mild outrage, his French accent rather thick. "Regardless, E.V.A. is talking about the crimes of the mad surgeon that is kidnapping citizens for vivisection, grafting of animal parts and perhaps cannibalism. This… rather unpleasant individual and his, or her followers seem to have a pig fetish of some kind. Oh, feel free to ask your questions, too."

Harper was so prepared to argue. "Yeah, no. It's not. White is good when it goes with something, not when you're walking around looking like a vanilla creamsicle." Her lips bunch up beneath her mask, she even tilts her head a little. "Is it cause it's Halloween?" Ah, whatever! "Yeah. We have a name for the guy.." This time, she takes her phone from her pocket, swiping the screen on so that she could focus on a picture of the poster that Nightwing found. She takes a few careful steps closer, then holds it out for him to see. "Professor Pyg. That's as far as we got. Though it seems like everytime we take a step something equally as bad happens later on down the line."

"Everybody is a critic," grumbles Fantomex, shrugging amused. Then he peers at the picture in the phone. "That is an old poster, Professor Pyg must be quite old. Or we are dealing with an imitator, perhaps a son or grandson? But it is a starting point, I suppose. Do you know if the police managed to identify the murderers of the other day's incident?"

"I don't know." Harper really didn't. This was her first big thing when it came to investigating. She was still learning the ropes. "I don't know that either. I do have someone who used to be a cop that I could probably lean on. Well, he's still a cop, just on a leave of absense. I can reach out to him and get a little bit more information and probably share. We do know so far that some of the people who've committed the crimes were drugged in some sort of way. Sort of like brainwashing."

"That is interesting," notes Fantomex. "The redheaded lady that torched the house was convinced the men there acted on their own free will and were… ah, already on the way to hell, in words." So she ate their souls. She is a real hit at Halloween parties too, Satana.

"|I think we should investigate this old Professor Pyg, though. It might have inspired the current criminal|". Points out E.V.A., speaking quietly. "|Perform toxicological analysis of the drugged men - I can do them if I have a sample of blood, although a sample of the pure drug would be much better. With the data, I might be able to find the source|".

Seems E.V.A. has been reading police and forensic procedures.

"They seemed to be of their own free will." Harper remarks, it was confusing all the same. She was just fresh out of her High School years, newly minted into the vigilante scene. She still couldn't kick ass but she sure could scrap. "I was wondering about that.." She pauses. "I think those people inside died that night." Which she didn't like, she was going to go after the redhead soon.

"I'll try to get a sample of the blood tonight and shoot you an email in the morning if I can. If I don't get caught and arrested. Don't think you got bail money trapped in your dome or in your tighty-whites do you?" She grins at the both of them, then takes a step back. "Speaking of. That man who shot the guy you were holding in the head, Fanty-Pants.. and the woman that was with them. Who are they?"

"I am sure I could scrape some bail money," replies Fantomex, leaning against the flying saucer. E.V.A. makes some metallic noises that sound like a snort. "The guy with the red helmet is called the Red Hood. He is a vigilante, or maybe an assassin, depends who you ask. I don't know about the woman."

"Red Hood." Hm. Harper gives a faint nod, then gestures back behind herself. "I'm going to get going and try to get everything together. I can contact you at the same email address, right?" She looks towards both of them, then winces slightly. "Hopefully you'll come in like.. less than bright colors.."

Probably not.

Fantomex shurgs, showing his palms up to Harper. His outfit darkens, to pearl, to grey, to black. "Perhaps I would call myself.. Dark Fantomex. Sacre bleu." And he is dressed in white again. "I like white. If I can sneak around in white, I can sneak around anywhere, anytime. I am -that- good. The very best."

It is E.V.A. that responds to Harper more serious question. "|Of course, Bluebird, we will be in contact with you|".

Harper wasn't one to stare but holy shit she does. If he could see underneath her mask, he'd see that her mouth hangs open as the outfit changes color. One hand lifts to point, shaking her finger towards him as she drops it down, shoulders stuff. "…Now that.. that is awesome and I want one…" Fantomex just got a fan. "Like seriously. I want one. I don't want white though but c'mon.. I need that in my life right now." She nods slowly, hopping back upon the edge of the roof, E.V.A gaining a slight nod.. though Harper, feeling slightly odd isn't sure if it was seen. "Okay.. little lady in a saucer. Be in touch!"

And with that, she allows herself to fall from the roof, disappearing from sight.

..No she didn't, she just climbed down the escape ladder…

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