Lots and Lots of explosives

October 29, 2015:

The Joker creates mayhem in New York … again.

New York


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X-Red… has been called. Urgently. Upper Manhattan is usually a very nice location. Safe. Upper class. Quiet. Not today. The police are battling insane clowns who have set up barricades and heavy weapons through several square blocks of Upper East Side. They've already lost several officers and have had to settle for containment rather then arrests. There is just too much firepower. And they really, really hope that the X-Men can change that. The people trapped at the mercy of the Jokerz whims (and possibly that of the Clown Prince himself) are in for a lot of trouble otherwise.

Katsuna had come here because it's nice and upscale. She's out of money again and out of food and it's starting to get rather cold at night under her bridge. She needs a coat. And food, so hoping to steal some bits of jewelry and actually being succesfull she's climbing down a fire escape all invisible when she hears screaming and gunfire coming from around the corner of the building. "That.. sounds bad." The Kitsune wavers for a moment. She isn't bulletproof but she's fast and while she might have resorted to thievery, she didn't take much! She likes people, even if she's never been too close to any one of them. "Doesn't sound like dogs so let's just peek." She floats down to the ground, long curly white hair waving like a cape behind her and trots to the edge of the alley to peer out.

The only member of X-Red who can respond immediately is Brin. Brin … who's strength is in dealing with people… but that doesn't stop her showing up. It takes a few minutes for her to fly from the X-Red HQ to the rally point for the police.

Wearing her field uniform, black combat pants and red t-shirt with a stylized X over her heart, the brunette has also bought gas masks - maybe she's dealt with the Clown Prince before. Her glowing green and gold wings dissipate as she walks to the officer in charge and introduces herself, requesting an update… looks like she might have to fight.

The emotions here are running high. Insanity is the first thing that Brinley feels. There's a lot of guns in play but oddly, perhaps only… twenty or thirty gang members? It'd be a lot of work for her to take them out all by herself but she may not have to. There's a… nexus of insanity. Something near the center of all the chaos. It's spreading out. Feeding everything else.

And then that laugh. "That's right boys! Pile the bombs up high. We'll be leaving soon!"

It took until she peeked around the corner for the wave of negative emotions to hit Kat. She'd spent her last bit of cash last night on a little plastic baggy full of what looks like brightly colored candies. They aren't though and to settle her nerves she'd eaten three of them. Standing on her toes the Kitsune is four feet ten inches, barely. Two of the pills are enough to put a nice happy warm wall between her and humans and their feelings. Three was overkill, until now. A nexus of insanity, thirty crazy people and countless more frightened and if she doesn't flee or do something to stop this Kat is going to be very very ill once the effects of her 'candy' wears off.

"Oh balls. What is wrong with these people?!" She goes invisible again and flies towards the center of all the chaos and crazy that she can feel. There must be something she can do to stop this! Kat stops suddenly and blinks at where Brin landed. Did that woman have wings a second ago? Or is she seeing things? Hm. Maybe she should run away… it's the screaming of a frightened woman and child huddeling behind a car that decides her and Kat drops to the ground next Brin with a muted thump and goes visible again. "Hi!" She squeaks a bit. "How do I help??" Just in case, the Kitsune reaches out to touch Brinley and make sure that you know, she's actually there.

Brin jumps at Kat appears beside her and recognising the feel of an addled brain, she shakes her head. She doesn't know who this child sized woman is and she's not going to let civilians into … that. She flinches away from the touch, on reflex more than anything.

The laugh has the brunette flinching, yeah she recognises it and it chills her. She can sense the insanity and feel the nexus … the question is … is it gas? Or has The Joker worked out another way to infect people - because she's sure this is what he's doing.

Speaking to the police liaison, Kat will hear her words "Keep the civilians back, I'm going to see if I can find what's causing all of this." Kat gets a glance "You can not get hurt, that's how you help." A gas mask is handed to the woman at any rate - better to be safe than sorry.

The wings reappear on the mutants back and she lifts up … looking for that nexus. Oh yeah, she fits a gas mask to her face - just in case!

The Joker is directing the piling up of a looooot of incendiaries at the base of not less than four buildings. Seriously. They must have brought in a ton or of home made or stolen explosives and they're going to use it to put for midrises into an intersection. His thugs, six of them, are moving back and forth with the last of the bombs and he's rubbing his hands and cackling more than a little. "Time to light this town up!"

Kat stares blankly at the mask for a moment. She doesn't know what its for but seeing Brin put hers on, Kat copies her. She's not stupid, just very new to such things. There had been no need for gas masks in the wilds and Monasteries of Japan. Honestly she probably wouldn't have understood what the incendaries were except that after putting the mask on, the Kitsune went invisible and got closer and over heard "Light this town up." That doesn't sound good either. She's trying to decide what to do with this crazy human when her invisibility shuts off as she sort of.. throws up on his head. Negative emotions vs Kitsune=sickness. Her tails appear and start thrashing wildly about. Probably gonna be bad for that guy because she's not controlling her considerable strength at all.

And… of course the short woman goes straight into the frey. Brin sighs from her vantage point in the sky, at least the woman might prove a distraction. The appearance of the tails does cause her to pause - so /not/ a mutant, it seems. Brins done a bit of reading in her time.

Taking her phone out, she transmits the location of the incinderies to Magik "Magik, this is Mana. We need to remove the threat to the city. Can we stepping disk the bombs to another safer location?"

Whilst she's waiting for an answer, the brunette looks for trigger device … she's going to disable that if she finds it… The Joker will have these bombs all hooked back to the one device right?"

She probably can get the bombs out… but she may not have time. "All done bos- ACK!" Katsuna lays into one of the thugs as Joker torns to stare at the fox woman. "Well well. The capes have arrived. Isn't this going to be fun. Come on you spandex wearing twerps! Give ol Joker your best shot. Better do it quick though…"

He hits the controller and thirty second countdown begins. "If you don't get the controller away from me… BOOM! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Kat manages to get her mask back on as the human goes flying backwards. "Oops. Sorries..my tails..but you made me sick!" She drops in a crouch infront of the pile of bombs. "Um." She's fast but not *that* fast. Not enough to fly or carry them all away. Not even if she had half an hour. Maybe an hour.. The Kitsune turns and looks for the woman who seemed to know what she was doing. "Spandex?" Kat isn't sure what that is and her hair is long and flowing but not really a cape. She blinks and frowns then picks up one of the incendiaries and hurls it towards the Joker. Then she places both her hands on the ground next to the pile and closes her eyes. There's a flare of purple light and the things are gone, sent hurtling into the Astral Plane where they aren't likely to hurt anything if the explode. Physical things don't tend to have much of an effect there.

That's all Brin needed… she touches down and the wings disappear to be replaced by her glowing green and gold bow. Smoothly and deftly, she nocks an arrow, takes aim at the Joker and releases … just as Kat throws a bomb at him.

The Joker cackles. Well that's one pile down. The heroes are doing well. He rolls behind a car, narrowly avoiding an arrow and an explosion as bullets start to fly both Brin and Katsuna's way. "Hee hee! Twenty seconds, tights! You want this controler? I don't think you're gonna get all the bombs in time."

Twenty seconds?! Kat isn't even sure where all of them are. Wait. This controller?? "The thing he's holding? I can get it.." Kat turns into a black fox with white paws and nine white tipped tails and zooms across the road towards the Joker. She's going to grab that thing! She's going to steal it! "Gottagetthethinggottagetthethinggottaget-" She's wearing a necklace with a white orb pendant that starts to glow blue and likewise nine balls of blue fire appear at the ends of her tails as the Kitsune trails off in concentration. Kat starts flinging the foxfire in the Joker's direction as she comes around the end of the car. Flinging it wildly without any sort of aim beyond his general direction. She's sick and dizzy and still high, it should at least be a good distraction though.

Brins winged again, not moving quick enough to dodge all the bullets and refusing to drop her bow for her armour or shield. Wincing as a bullet grazes her upper left arm, the brunette starts off at a run - launching herself to stand on the car … and aim the bow right down on the Joker. Will she avoid being shot? Maybe not!

And then there's foxfire… good lord, someone needs to teach this chick how to fight with a group…

Through all the haze and smoke of foxfire Brin… thinks she manages to land a hit. She can hear the Joker cry out but he's lost in the smoke. When it clears he's just… gone. And the goons seem to be getting gone too. The controller is right there though. Right in the middle of the street. Ten seconds.

"Yes! We did it! We. Got. The. Thing.!" Katsuna turns into a tiny woman again. Her hair is black this time. She picks up the controller and hands it to Brinley. Green eyes suddenly go wide. "You got hurt!" Kat exclaims. "I can heal it for you when-" She's cut off as a bullet wings past and startles her into a fox again. A white one this time, with black tips.

No they haven't! Brin takes the controller from Katsuna and … stops the timer… using that big red /stop/ button!

"Yes, I got hurt" the mutant replies absently as she scans the street - The Joker got away again! "It happens. I might be a mutant but I'm not bullet proof." Not like some that she normally works with. "Healing's not necessary, but I won't stop yo—-" great, she's a fox again. Brin turns to find the Police Officer in charge.

She's a fox..but not a fox. Foxes don't have nine tails, or float up in the air at shoulder height and move their tiny paws over someone's arm in what looks like.. like an air massage. It works though and Brinley's arm is healed. Katsuna grins. Or, really just bares her fangs which she stops doing once she sees the officer's expression. "Sorry! It was a smile!" He doesn't know what is in her pocket, right? Oh, she doesn't have pockets right now,..good good. She will get to have dinner and that coat and some vodka. It will be warm tonight! Kat grins again. "Oops."

"Thank you" Brin tells the Kitsune. It really is a rather strange one given all that she's read on the creatures. "You should perhaps go now before people start asking questions." Brin? now her arm is healed, will speak to the police before heading back. Good contacts are good contacts and X-Red need to ensure the police know who's side they fight on.

Kat goes human again and takes off the mask to hand it back to Brinley. When she's a fox only her necklace shows. It is always visible, unless she's invisible. "Thank you. I am Katsuna~" She sings. "If you need me you may call for me." People in this country are so strange. No one knows her, or what she is or even cares. It's far different than high esteem and often even worship she'd received back home. She isn't expecting that Brin will call her, or understand what she means by the offer but she will come if the mutant does. It's why she's here. To find a purpose, to find friends? Maybe. Something. In any case it's time to go and Kat does, floating up into the sky and away.

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