A Pet Kraken

October 28, 2015:

More strange activity on the docks and heroes investigate (Emits by Trailblazer)

New York Harbour


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Near the waterfront in New York Harbour, there's a glow emanating from one of warehouses … just a faint blue glow. There's also a fog rolling in from the sea and starting to blanket the warehouse - it's … odd.

In The Triskelian, a device sends out an alert … It's possible that the JL:A are getting the same type of alerts … something is happening.

Lunair is - out and about. She's more a freelancer, but she does have ways of listening. Besides, playing in power armor? FUN. Especially this time of year. Lunair loves holidays. She is getting her white girl stereotype card punched as she likely has a bunch of pumpkin spice themed stuff in her car RIGHT NOW.

But then… She pauses at the warehouse. "What is it with warehouses and weirdness?" She hovers lower, to take a look.

*HUFF* Having just finished busting a small smuggling ring at one of the piers, Green Arrow is policing up a couple of his arrows and glances over where two of the criminals are swinging back and forth from a cable arrow, and he smirks. "Do you know how much those things cost to make?" he asks. "Now, let's see if it was worth…" he opens the smuggled container open and stares at the contents within.

"Really?" he asks, glancing towards the two. "You're smuggling.. these?" Taking out a plushie Japanese creature, he squeezes it.

The adorable knockoff squeaks *PICO PICO*.

"This is a joke, right?" he looks confused. "I mean. Guns. Drugs. Hell, automobiles, I'd understand.. but this?"

"Don't doubt the power of anime fans!" one of the smugglers calls out. "The Otakus will take you down yet, Arrow!"

"With what, stuffed plushies, magical girl cosplay and bad fanfics?" It might not even be worth calling the police over. But he's already contacting the local authorities when the fog starts to roll in, and there's the blue glow.

"Oh for the love of - if that's a blue eyes white something, I'm so turning in my vigilante card." Grabbing up his bow, he fires a grappling arrow to take off into the air and land on one of the containers to start cutting across the docks towards the warehouse.

Cameron Tenoaks, AKA 'Columbia', doesn't often get the call to action. Or at least, there's been an abiding respect for the fact that she's doing as much duty to the citizens of Metropolis between her 'day job' and the local tasks that the JL:A ask of her. So when she gets an alert out of the blue it's a bit jarring. We must be shorter-handed than even Kate was letting on. Well, hell. Time to get to work.

"Watchtower, Columbia, flying straight. ETA Four Mike."

She gives a glance to the folks at the impromptu clinic she was holding for minor injuries.

"Sorry, folks. Gotta go. Be back after, okay?"

Unlike say, Gotham or New York, the recognition that even the folks waiting in line give her is uproarious and encouraging… "Get 'em, Columbia! Save the day! Go Girl, GO!"

Her flight northeasterly is very low, to prevent clipping any planes or helicopters in the area, but not low enough that she actually causes a wake as she whips along at about two hundred miles per hour. She could go faster, but too fast… and she'd end up over-shooting before she could slow down…


Sam's still off-duty. He's sort of doubly off-duty, actually, as even off-duty, he managed to get in enough of a scrape to pull a bunch of stitches out and end up in deep doody with the JL:A medics who put him on leave in the first place.

But with the weather this nice and both sitting and walking a painful proposition, it was inevitable that he'd end up flying. The air over the waterfront is crisp without being cold, and the sky is clear, so he's got an ideal view of the bright moon, the lights of the city, the churn of glowing warehouse fog…

Wait a minute.

The fog thickens and those close enough to the warehouse can hear the hum of chanting, it's low at the moment, but it seems to be building. It's a fairly normal type of warehouse, big doors at the front, a few windows and flat type of roof. The blue glow spills out the windows, illuminating the fog as it does.

As Cameron and Sam approach across the water, they'll notice the water is stirring… there's nothing obvious yet but it seems like there might be something moving in there.

Lunair is looking around the warehouse, before peeking into the fog and the water. Huh. Lunair is flying pretty low over the warehouse and water. She seems curious.

Wait, is that a bird? "HI GIANT BIRD GUY!" Wavewave. Oh, Lunair. "The windows are glowing. It's really weird," She remarks.

Setting himself on the edge of the warehouse, Arrow fires a second arrow with a grappling line to heft him up to the roof of the warehouse. Not wanting to just charge in and start firing blindly, he makes his way along the windows, opening one of the venting windows finally to lower himself within and work his way to get closer to the source of the chanting.

Once in position, he takes out his camera phone, and starts to film the chanting and humming around the circle, making sure to get a good view of it before he decides to disrupt it. Maybe he can get one of the magic types to come up with something that's more effective to deal with it.

This would be the time for an anti-magic arrow. But Ollie doesn't have any of those in stock. So, after filiming for a good thirty seconds and sending the recording off to the Triskelian and JL:A with a picture of Green Arrow doing a victory sign and a big smile, he thumbs through his arrows and picks one.

Notching it and pulling it back, he lets the arrow fly. It smacks outside of the circle and sends out a cloud of irritating tear gas mixed with itching and sneezing powder.

Hard to chant when you're severely attacked on the senses. He wants to see if it works on mages and Zatanna just never volunteers for such things.

The orange-haired heroine slows her pace and begins to fly evasively as she sees the water start to become a bit more active.

"Watchtower, Columbia, on site, additional contact water, verify no Atlantean presence?"

She then starts attempting to 'fly out' how large of an area of the disturbance is, while keeping the warehouse in the corner of her eye.

No time to check her phone for any transmitted photos, unfortunately…

Falcon hears Lunair a second before he sees her. He snorts quietly to himself, then waggles his wingtips in greeting and tosses her a casual salute. While his hand is near his temple, he might as well activate a frequency scan on his headset so that he can dial in to her communication channel. "Still Iron Man-ing it up, I see," he says. "Did you see that weirdness by the waterfront? Still trying to work out whether it's a rave or—"

A bleeping alert interrupts him. "Guess not. Tracking small detonations." Falcon may not have seen Green Arrow crash the party, but his threat assessment suite did pick up on the firecrackers the archer set off under the punch bowl.

Too bad it's not designed to spot submarine activity, but Columbia's warning handily covers for the design oversight. "Columbia, Falcon. I'm still not active, but I'm also on site and happy to play wingman." As if he'd ever play anything else.

What Ollie sees from his vantage point are Piscine like humanoids… fins, scales and gills along with arms and legs. That's the footage that is sent to SHIELD and the JL:A. His arrow and the tear gas affects two of the six beings gathered in a circle - all wearing robes.

If he looks hard enough, he'll see a cage in the corner with people in it. He can't tell how many.

"No Atlantean presence verified, Columbia." The answer from the Watchtower comes.

The water boils a little and something, very black, starts to climb the pylons onto the dock. It looks like it might be 9 feet tall and … have a shell?

"He likes to party like it's 1399 and he's going to go bother the French," Lunair muses on the subject of Ollie. "And well, yeah, not all of us get cool wings," She points out. Lunair flies how she can and allows Falcon's com to link up to hers. She pauses, and nods at Falcon. "Sounds a little like fireworks." Lunair: SHE KNOWS EXPLOSIVES.

"I can help as I can." Pause. "wait, I think I saw something like those on the internet?" Then a beat. "BIG PINCHBRO!" Oh my gosh. Wait. Is that actually a crab or a turtle? Lunair is weird.

"Guys, guys, Halloween is still two days away. No need to start trying to start giving out treats to the Undergods yet." Ollie comments as he draws an arrow, aiming at the lock of the cage first. It's easier to free the hostages first before he starts to deal with the Piscines.

"I heard that the real party is in Seattle. The fish mongers there - they just fling it all over the place. Think I saw one of your cousins there. But hey, it's New York." Notching another arrow, Arrow taps his communicator. "Hey, Gun Bunny, when you're done waxing on Gamera out there, got you some hot mermen singles available in your area."

With two of the Piscines down, he grabs a blunted and weighted arrow - the punching glove arrow - and fires it at the head of one of the other chanters.

"Falcon, Columbia, you pop your stitches and I'll punch you myself. You stay safe, then sure. We'll sort that out after. Hope it's nothing too huge." She banks up to get another view, and makes a mental note to herself. Get a camera on a head-mount. See if maybe someone can whip something up. Eyeballs AREN'T cutting it.

"Negative Atlantean confirmed, Watchtower. Unknown entity. Engaging."

"Falcon, Columbia, got a camera on Gamera?"

The paramedic zips down and lands in front of the thing, between it and the warehouse.


She makes sure that she's well-positioned yet bouncy on the balls of her feet so if she does get whapped by the thing, she doesn't go TOO far.

"Columbia, JLA STAND DOWN!" It's probably a futile move and it does open her up nicely to possible attack as she waits for its response to her interference.

Crustaceans to the left and fishmen on the right, but Falcon is fixated on something else: something far, far worse. "Oh, Jesus — archers," Sam groans as he finally spots Ollie. "We're gonna have to fumigate."

Until then, though, he has a job to do. "Roger, Columbia. I'm piping everything I'm getting from my headset to the Watchtower." The flier circles upward, reporting everything he scouts out to the others.

"We've got cultists in the warehouse, half dozen or so. Hostages as well, making a run for it, I think, but they're still in the line of fire. I also see an archer, like I said, which means there are probably a dozen more I don't see. Sea monster coming up on the warehouse: not Tokyo-crusher class, but it smells godawful."

It's not turtle or a crab… it's a big 9ft tall sea monster with tentacles and a hard chitinous shell… this thing looks tough. As Columbia roars her order, one of the tentancles lashes out at her, intent on knocking her down.

As Sam flies past, the creature roars at him, a second tentacle lashes out at him as well.

The remaining cultists… four of them, start chanting again, the glow growing in brightness …. and something starting to form in the middle of the circle… until that boxing glove arrow hits one in the head…

The arrow at the lock, sort of works… the lock pops but the mechanism jams … the prisoners, Ollie can see a dozen some of which appear to be mutants. Someone is going to have to help get the prisoners out.

"Hey, fish mongers, the girl outside with the orange hair and the great big .. personality.. wants you to stand down. You're all going to be nice and surrender now, right?" As Arrow is notching another arrow, he hears and notices Falcon outside, Ollie is already starting to hop down from the containers and lands in a hard roll, feeling the twist in his ankle. "Dammit. I'm getting too old for this crap." he mutters to himself, before adding, to the communicator, "Hey Pigeon, there's some hostages down here that I'll be sending your way shortly. Make yourself useful and open the door for them. Or get the Gun Bunny to help if your too butthurt." he calls out, gesturing with his bow towards Sam as he's grabbing two arrows, drawing them back, and firing them both off at two of the cultists as he prepares to swing his bow at the last to take him down.

"Hey, fish mongers, the girl outside with the orange hair and the great big .. personality.. wants you to stand down. You're all going to be nice and surrender now, right?" As Arrow is notching another arrow, he hears and notices Falcon outside and he starts to fromulate a plan.

Ollie is already starting to hop down from the containers and lands in a hard roll, feeling the twist in his ankle. "Dammit. I'm getting too old for this crap." he mutters to himself, before adding, to the communicator, "Hey Pigeon, there's some hostages down here that I'll be sending your way shortly. Make yourself useful and open the door for them. Or get the Gun Bunny to help if your too butthurt." he calls out.

Grabbing two arrows, drawing them back, and firing them both off at two of the cultists as he isn't able to run at full speed towards the last cultist - nor is he planning on running, instead, a steady walk. "How about we stop summoning the big bad ugly and start discussing rationally what exactly it is that you're doing wrong here - besides making every last one of these attacks look like a bad Swan Fungus concert.

"Ugh. This ain't anime!"

And to prove her point Cameron deftly sidesteps the first lash of the tentacle, ducks under the return swing, and then makes a grab at the offending limb, attempting to apply pressure to it. The sort of pressure that normally she could use to hoist a main battle tank over her head without straining even as she grits her teeth and digs her heels into the dock, bricks and boards flying everywhere.


She would be content to just apply the Kung-Fu Action grip to the tentacle until a second one lashes out at Falcon. "BIG MISTAKE, BUDDY!"

Cameron may have a tentacle. It's time to play Crack-The-Kraken (or whatever the heck this thing is) if such is the case.

A pet Kraken would be kind of awesome. Lunair is - going to have to help. "Good luck, Captain Arrows!" She offers to Ollie. Lunair will take out a laser cannon. It's alarmingly large, and she takes aim. "I kinda wanna pet him, but it doesn't seem friendly." Then a beat. "Would it be tameable?" Idea. FISH CANNON. She's going to try to feed it. "Maybe it's just hungry?" failing that, there's always lasers.

You don't end up with top ratings in an experimental flight system testing program by letting cthonic horrors smack you around like a shuttlecock. Sam banks and dives past the onrushing tentacle, swooping straight toward the creature and then corkscrewing through the writhing mass of its appendages. Once or twice he cuts it close enough to literally slice at the creature's flesh with the blade-sharp edges of his wings.

"My butt does hurt, RenFest, thanks for reminding me," he says into the headset, his dry tone of voice incongruous with the death-defying stunts he has just performed. "Really helps with my focus."

He jets away from the sea creature just in time to avoid being pelted with fish by Lunair. He makes a mental note to add that to his tally of blessings.

Moments later, he's coming to an uncharacteristically gentle landing on top of the cage full of hostages and peering down at the door. "So, did you actually shoot an arrow into the lock?" He shakes his head, staring at the fused and useless mechanism. "That is… that is not how doors work."

As Falcon wings his way through the writhing tentacles, they slam down trying to catch him. His wings might be sharp, but the creatures shell is too… a hairline fracture appears … maybe Cam can do something with that!

Lunairs fish cannon sends fish flying everywhere, admittedly, the creature grabs one with a tenantacle and throws it into it's mouth …. but it's distracted by the orange haired woman that has held. Two more tentacles try to grab her, as it raises a hand - a hand that ends in a large claw.

Inside the warehouse, Ollie hits one of the cultists but the other one, amazingly, dodges. "For the Lord Of The Deep!!" one of the cries and starts running towards Ollie, a ceremonial dagger in hand and a crazed look in their eye.

The opening mechanism on the cage is jammed, Sams going to have work that out. It's a metal cage, and nothing particularly special about it. "It's Falcon…." one of the mutants near the back murmurs … just as the last cultist throws a dagger in Sams direction.

"You were too busy looking for attention from the ladies night going on outside." Ollie responds shortly to Falcon as he pulls out a small detonator. "Watch your fingers." he offers, right before he depresses the trigger, setting off the small explosive that was in the arrowhead. Not enough to harm, but enough to destroy the internals of the lock to make it drop away.

Using his bow to smack the cultist down, Green Arrow frowns. He wasn't expecting the dodge. Grabbing an arrow quickly, he fires it, looking to intercept the flying dagger in the air. Of coure, he might miss. But who knows.

"There. You can tie them all up and take all the credit. You're welcome." he comments as he fires an arrow into the cieling and lets it heft him out and back into the darkness of the docks. Giant monsters? That's Lunair and Columbia's party. He did what he could to help, and he has other things to tend to. Plus, well, he's not JLA, and not in the mood to explain how he was on their frequencies.

Blame Felicity.

Tossing the burner communicator into a burning barrel of trash that some hobos were using to stay warm, Ollie continues on his merry way out of the scene.

"Well, that WAS a possibility." So much for diplomacy. Where's Aquaman when you need him!? "Hang on. I have an idea." Maybe there's a KRAKEN CONTROL MANUAL!? "It really mostly seems hungry and cranky, but I guess if I were getting summoned every time I went for a loaf of bread, I'd be pissy, too." Pause. "Bye Arrowdude!" And then it hits her. Even Krakens need naps. Time for the EARLY MORNING LECTURE RAY!

Well, okay, it's more a soothing beam of light to induce sleep. Whatever. Anyone who schedules lectures at 7AM is a sadist.

The bigger they are… the harder they fall… The piscine parade of projectiles gives Columbia a brief pause, which is enough for her to get grabbed. That causes a bit of a scowl to cross her face as she squints and flies at the crack she saw briefly in the carapace, while still entangled with the tentacles. If it is bringing the arm up to smash at her… perhaps it will make a really dumb mistake… or a partially sleep-induced one, if the fiendish gun has any particular say about it… and smash itself at it's own weak spot.

Plan B, of course, is to smash the damaged area herself, but why do the hard work if your opponent was willing to do it for you?


Sam flashes a grin as he's recognized. He can't help it: every once in a while, something like that happens, and it hits him all over again just how awesome it is to be a superhero.

And with a bit of timely assistance from Green Arrow, he doesn't even get skewered in that distracted moment!

He flips a thumbs-up at the archer, then vaults down from the cage and yanks the gate open. "Alright everybody, stay cool and follow me. We're going to head out this way — the less monstery side of the building." He leads them at a reasonable pace, keeping a sharp eye out for any aggressive cultists that Arrow may have missed.

Cams plan is inspired, and with the sleep induced haze of Lunairs ray, the creature slams itself in the chest, causing it to stagger and drop to the ground. The tentacles release from Cam and the thing slides from the pier … back into the dark waters of the harbour.

It's gone.

All the cultists are down, thanks to Arrow and Falcon and the prisoners follow Sam through the building… they're very frightened.

Seems that there were only the six cultists… and that rather large and ugly seamonster …

Hopefully it wasn't hurt too much. But Lunair pauses. "Are you okay?" She asks Cam. "I thought it was mostly hungry," She admits. Lunair seems uncertain, even with her power armor. "I guess we can check inside on Falcon. I think Arrowbro left." He might've gone to hang out with Pinchbro. Better get kraken.

"I'll be a little sore in the morning but that's the best workout I've had in… months." Wait. WORKOUT? Was she planning on exercising the strange beastie-thingie? She gives a sad look to Lunair. "Gave it warnings, it wouldn't stop. Hungry or not, folks can't just go around munching on other folks." Aside from the sanitation and health issues, there's also that whole 'being a paramedic and saving lives side of the equation.

She'll give Lunair a nod and start to head inside.

"Watchtower, Falcon, Columbia, confirm the unknown has split, moving to support Falcon."


Sam leads the hostages out of the warehouse just as Columbia moves to enter. With the monster gone, the danger seems to have passed. He waves a greeting to Columbia and Lunair. "Fish cultists are still inside, recuperating. We'll definitely want to bring them in for questioning. At best, they thought these guys would be a nice snack for their monster. At worst, we stopped them right before they got creative." Sam doesn't understand magic, but he knows that once it gets started, it rapidly finds ways to escalate.

Workout? Lunair looks to Cam. Then a pause. "Ummm… do either of us speak Kraken?" She asks. She seems uncertain. Maybe not. "It's good you're okay," She offers. "And to be fair, that's a food chain." Pause. "But. I'm glad it gets to go home where it belongs. It was probably irritable. They are usually deep water creatures. Pressure damage and everything. So people are fine, and - yup. Let's check Biiiiiiiiirdman." She is joking. But he is cool. She waves back. "I have zip ties!" She offers helpfully.

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