Interdimensional Oranges

October 27, 2015:

Captain Britain drops by X-Red HQ to explain Interdimensional theory using Oranges

X-Red HQ - New York


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Captain Britain made a promise to come by X-Red to try to explain what happened to cause Big Ben - a version of Big Ben - to show up in Central Park. After checking in with the Consulate just to make sure, much as Mana did, that their Elizabeth Tower still exist, Brian took a little while to get his wounds treated and stitched up from Brinley's first work upon him, then gathered a few things to use for a demonstration as he arrives at X-Red Headquarters, being shown in as he looks around. He's never seen a mutant team that's it in the open, more used to his sister's secrecy that he tries his best not to give away.

Brian will find Brin in the common area, coming out to meet him as he's shown through. "Captain Britain." Her smile is warm and there's a tiny owlet perched on her shoulder, hiding under her hair.

"Welcome to X-Red HQ." Of course, Brin has no idea that Brian is Betsy's brother, even though she's aware of the other X-Teams. "Would you like a drink?"

Brian doesn't know who knows and doesn't know his identity as Britain, so he keeps his identity secret until such time that Betsy finally lets him know that it's fine to tell people who he is.

That will be approximately about the same time that Flying Monkeys conquer America.

Carrying with him a small bag of oranges, the Captain looks around the impressive repurposed building. "Lots of stairs. In my youth, I'd probably had a time trying to slide down all the offered banisters." he offers in mild amusement as he smiles towards Mana. "Water with lemon if you have it? And that is a rather attractive owl you have there. I wasn't aware that they were native to the area." he admits as he reaches up to rub the back of his head.

Lunair will turn up eventually. She's curious. And really, she cares. Today, she's got a nemicolraptorus in her hair and a book on caring for crabs. The crustacean kind. She meanders into the common room. "Hiya!" Yes, she seems friendly enough. "… people drink lemon water?" Mind. BLOWN. Also, aw. Owl. Complimentary Owlette!

"Hello Armory" Brin acknowledges Lunair when she comes in. "Yes, people do drink lemon water." Brin included. The little owlets golden eyes stare out through hair and she directs the two of them to take a seat. "I'll go get some refreshments." It doesn't take her long to return with a pitcher of water with lemon pieces floating in it…

Taking a seat, she drops her eyes to the owlet "It's a long story, but it's not a native around her. I …. adopted it." or it adopted her. "To what do I owe the honour of the visit?"

Waiting for Brin to return, the Captain turns to Armory and offers a smile. "A pleasure, Armory, she said? I am Captain Britain." As if that wasn't obvious with all of the Union Jack designs. Once she does return, the Captain awaits for Mana to be seated before he takes his own. "You had asked what would have caused the incident that occured in Central Park to have happened. I was hoping perhaps to shed some light on that." he responds as he takes his seat.

Setting out the bag of oranges, he explains, "Now, this is the pretty simple way of doing it, but it's a lot of complicated and all that - but in the simplest terms.. I mean, I'm sure you'd understand they harder way, but.. oh, nevermind, this is what I figured was easiest." he laughs a little, an apologetic smile offered at the accidental insult.

"Anyway, imagine this mesh bag of oranges as the multiverse." he explains. "Holding it all together is a single source.." he gestures towards the tag of the bag. "Be it Asgard, Olympus, Otherworld, what have you.." There's a vague and wide gesture of his hand as he spreads them out sort of helplessly in explanation.

Reaching up, he opens the bag to spread out the oranges to continue his explanation.

Lunair smiles to the Captain. It's Lunair. She's unarmored for now. "Hi there. I might be changing it. Being mistaken for a dude with a trucker hat or a samurai is getting weird," Lunair admits. Then a pause. She stairs at the Captain a moment. "Oh my god. It's true. We were terrible at governing ourselves and they've come to take us back." Whether or not she's being serious is genuinely hard to tell. But it's a deadpan delivery.

Then a look between the two. "… many universes, sometimes they overlap, sometimes they collide. People come from them yes? Mister Deadpool told me about a forth wall and readers. It was all really weird. Also… oranges." Stare. Lunair is super intelligent, but when you use social skills as a dump stat, things get lost in translations. And sometimes her eccentricity flares up. "But I am curious." She settles quiet to listen.

There's a curious glance to the owl and Brinley. "I see." It just seems baffled. "Thank you."

Brin will explain about the Owl, one day… right now though, she's pouring out glasses of water for her guests and listening as Brian explains. "Simple is good." she offers encouragement to get him to continue with his explanation.

"Alright, so that's the multiverse and whatever it is tying it together." She knows he's stepping them through the process, and she's patient and likes to learn.

"Deadpool.. right.. in a way." Britain frowns, brow furrowing in thought. "And no, I'm merely here as an observer on behest of my government." he offers Lunair a smie and chuckles. "I won't ask for your surrender, promise." There's a gentle look for her, before he spreads out the oranges. "Imagine each of these oranges is an Earth. This one.." he gestures to the one in the middle, "Is our Earth. Every decision we have made, every event that has happened has shaped this Earth." he explains.

Then he lifts up an orange to the right. "This is an Earth where a different decision was made. Perhaps, as Armory suggested, America lost the war. Or Gorilla Grodd and King Sapien joined forces and everyone on this world is an ape." Gesturing to another orange. "This is a world that never escaped World War II. The Atom Bomb was never invinted, so it still rages on."

Then he reaches and takes up and orange and stares at it. "This orange was known as Earth-238. Why it became 238 is up to those in the brain trust. I don't give them names, after all. On this Earth, the Registration Act took effect not in America, but in Britain in the 1950s. Because of this, the Golden Age of heroes never began. Instead, heroes and villians alike were hunted down and killed." he explains. "A singular creature, calling itself the Fury, was ruled by a single man. This man used the Fury to control all. This world, like ours, had some of the same heroes. Such as a Captain Britain. But this world's Captain Britain was able to escape to a world where Superman, Wonder Woman, and other heroes never existed, while others did."

He gestures to the mesh. "See how all the oranges touch the mesh? Consider those leylines. Portals, if you will. It allows things like boom tubes, portals for psyborgs and whatnot to exist. Or even the so-called Rainbow Bridge."

"The creature on this Earth - a creature that managed to kill /every/ hero on this planet, learned this lesson when a Captain Britain from another world was sent to this world to try to stop it. He failed, and was killed."

He sets the orange on the table. "So now, the Fury knows that there is other worlds. Other Britains. And there are no more targets on his world. If you are made to only do one thing, what would you try to do?" he querries the two.

Lunair nods. She smiles wryly back. She looks thoughtful. A nod. "… but people ARE great apes… Maybe that's why he never succeeds." A ponder at this. Mind. Blown. Nevertheless, she looks thoughtful and frowns. Huh. Hmm. A nod.

"I see… poor fellow. And he would probably try to jump worlds, no? If he knows another guy did it. I dunno, I could be wrong."

Brin looks at Lunair and the back to Britain, taking the explanation in and sipping her drink. "The Fury. Alright. Sounds pretty bad." she waits for the explanation to continue.

"Maybe that's why Gorilla Grodd never succeeds." she offers Lunair a warm smile "But I would agree, if you're only built for one thing, you continue your mission…. however you can."

"No. You're right, Armory." Britain gives her an appreciative and reassuring smile, before he continues, "Right. So he's looking for an escape. A way to get out and continue his mission. But those here.." he gestures towards the top of the bag, "Decided that couldn't happen. They removed the remains of the Britain that had died, and reformed him." When he says this, he sits up straighter in his seat, a little turn of his head as if feeling the pain himself. Probably just a tick, though.

"They also decided that the only way to stop this creature was to.." he takes his fist and rams it into the orange, causing it to explode and send pulp all over the place. "…destroy it's world. The problem with this is the simple manner of the rules of matter. You can't destroy matter. You can only reform it."

His hand gestures to where the pulp and skin of the orange has splattered onto it's fellow oranges. "And sometimes, as you said earlier, Armory, these cross. Now imagine a piece, a fragment, of a world that was colliding with a world that is. That's what happened in Central Park today. Which brings us to the creatures that rode the clock fragment in." he sighs and looks up to Brinley. "These creatures are called Psycho-Warriors. They tend to travel in stable womholes with unstable locations. We tried following a group of them once, and they ended up in a star. I think there is something, I'm not sure what, that is trying to be a beacon to bring the Fury to them. If not here - then another world - someone, somewhere, is trying to convince the Fury to sally forth. And if it comes through here - God help us all." he says as he looks up to the two women, his expression haunted for a moment. "Because I'm not sure it could be stopped. Especially with the Justice League seemingly down at the moment, and other heroes scattered or low on morale because of recent events."

Lunair listens. She nods as Brian speaks. She hms softly. Oh dear. Poor Brian. Well, poor Captain Britain. "That sounds really bad," She frowns. "So wait, there's a big part of a clock thingy in Central Park? And…" She's piecing it together.

"Yes, there is." Brin had filed the report to the X-Teams on her return to the office. Lunair might not have seen it yet - the brunette is well aware that very few actually read reports.

Looking at Britain, Brin cants her head "The Justice League isn't down and there a many teams who respond to local emergencies." She chides, gently "X-Red is one and The Titans another. Just to name two …" X-Red and the Titans work together on occassion "Don't let the quiet fool you … there's just a /lot/ going on." Something he said though catches her attention "You said we tried to the follow… who is we?"

"I could say it is the Imperial 'We', but remember when I said there was more than one Captain Britain?" Britain asks as he looks up to Brinley and is at once aplogetic. "You're right of course. It was just.. confusing that the Justice League is currently featuring the head as a younger woman - but you're right, of course. It is not because she is a woman, but more.. I was expecting someone else?" he asks, trying to figure out a way to get out what he's saying, and then sighs.

"Anyway.. we. Almost every world has a version of a Captain Britain. We're not all the same - some are female, younger, older, what have you, but we're all linked through the Otherworld. When I say 'we', that collective is what I am referring to. We can't directly talk or communicate, but we all have a mutual contact."

"Oh. I just got in, sorry," She offers quietly. Lunair looks sheepish. She looks between the two. "Really? Huh," She peers at Captain Britain. Uh oh. "Neat. Though, I bet that's like getting a call and yourself is answering it." Quantum weirdness.

"Ms Bishop is not all that much younger than me." Brin smiles at Britain. She understands what he's getting at and she'll help him out "Age and Enthusiasm will count towards her and she is incredibly capable. There are ususally other council members too, so I do understand."

As Britain explains about the multiple Britains, she nods slowly taking it in. "So you all went together? Or in individual forays?" He's certainly got her attention.

"As I said, we're not all the same. And some of us choose other names. It's not like with Green Lanterns.." Britain offers a small chuckle. "I know of a Hauptmann Englande, Flight Leader, Lionheart, Albion.. a few others that choose unique names for themselves - it comes from choosing either the Sword of Might or Amulet of Right. It's quite the decision to make when presented without context." he admits with a shrug of his broad shoulders.

"Only one or two of us. There are others that are more experienced at using wormholes. The Warheads, or Death Angel.." he says, explaining some of his British counterparts. "But that's probably a conversation for another time. It's rather late, and well, this is just a beginner's explanation and now we're getting into the weird stuff like resurrection and Otherworld, and Merlyn and Knights of the Round and the like." he chuckles as he rises to his feet. "But for now.." he finishes off his water and sets his glass to the side. "I should get back to the consulate and file my own report. Feel free to keep the remaining oranges."

Lunair settles quiet, to listen. Huh. She inclines her head. She's learning a bit here. Britain is well, a bit foreign to her. "I see. Thank you." She smiles. "Be well. And thanks for the oranges." She offers. "It's good to see both of you." She still holds on to her phone theory, though.

"I mostly came to say hi and see what was up. I try not to get underfoot, though." A beat. "Well, good to see all three of you." The owlette is not forgotten!

Lunair can take the oranges, Brins sure there's a bundle in the X-Red kitchen - it is kept very stocked! "Thank you for dropping by, Captain Britain and the explanation." Her head is starting to spin with all the information. "You're welcome to come by anytime."

"You take care, Armory." and the little owl finally 'speaks up' with a soft hoot.

When her guests are gone, Brin will clear the area and get back to work … she has clients to call!

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