July 18, 2014:

Hugo Strange and Ashley Kafka discuss current events of Gotham's SRd, Arkham Asylum, Ravencroft Institute and the NYC SRD. (A cutscene by Batman)

Arkham Asylum

Home of Gotham's criminally insane.


NPCs: Ronald "Ronnie" Burke Ashley Kafka Hugo Strange



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"Ronnie, why don't you tell me a bit about yourself?" A calm, almost soothing voice speaks, a voice one would expect their caring uncle to possess. Casually the empathetic voice encourages the burly man in the orange Arkham Asylum uniform across from him to talk.R
"Okay, well, uh, I guess I'll start back when my wife and I owned a dance studio, see my wife grew up dancing. Her parents are like old Imperial Ballet School from Russia kinda old. Thats where they're from yanno, Saint Petersburg. Thats around the time it happened just around the time we was doin' real good at the studio."

"What happened, Ronnie?

"When I seen the Bat the first time… Batman, like, just bam, out of nowhere, hopped down and snapped this guys arm then picked him up and threw him at his buddies, then he vanished, and then BAM there he was again, just jumpin' on top of them, bustin' em up, beating them worse then a set of drums. It was awesome. I was so inspired, it's like watchin' Star Wars for the first time."

"That sort of violence is not, awesome, Ronnie. That is the kind of thing we're working on here. A reason you are here yourself, Mr.Burke.""

"Yeah, yeah, I know, just, you had to see it, Doc. The guy isn't human. He picked that dude up like he was a baby. So cool, so FRIGGEN COOL, I LOVE BATMAN!"

"Ronnie, calm down or we'll have to sedate you again."

Heavy breathing follows a moment and then Ronnie speaks, "Yeah, sorry Doc, you know how I get when I talk about the Man."

"Yes, I know. I also recall you told me you were drunk the first time and your friends that were with you can't collaborate this story."

"Well, that's cause they were drunker than me and they don't wanna talk about the Bat, they think they'll get snatched up."

"Snatched up by who?"

"By uhm, the Sardines… the SRD, you guys…"

A laugh escapes the interviewer opposite the certified criminally insane Ronald Burke.
Dr.Hugo Strange, the Operations Manager of Gotham City's Special Response Division and head psychologsist of Arkham Asylum. Also the cities lead spokesperson on the Intervention Act that encourages SRD occupation. The psychologist has become a prominent figure in the past several years - one could even say he is one of Gotham's very own celebrities. "That is absurd, Ronnie. We won't take your friends away just for talking about the Batman."

"That's what you did to me."

"You know that isn't true Ronnie, we talked about this also, why are you here?"

Ronnie's voice drops to a murmur, almost like a child who was just scolded for taking the last cookie, "Because I got a problem. I am obsessed with the Batman and I'm delusional, I killed my wife and her fucki- cocksucking, that motherfu…"

"Ronald. Final warning."

More heavy breathing and the prisoner seems to visibly calm.

"How are you delusional again?"

"You already know, Doc."

"Yes but this exercise is to make sure you still know."

The big man sighs, "Because I started to dress up like Batman and fight crime. But I know I wasn't Batman, I was just a Bat. We're his supporters, we fight bad guys with him, we're his army. He needed an army after he left, the villains all got armies, Bats needed our help."

"No, Ronnie, you're not. The Batman beat you up as well, do you recall? You and your friends were killing people and the Batman, your hero, broke your femur bone and dislocated your arm. He is also the reason you had to undergo extensive dental reconstruction. Your little gang of psychotic vigilantes only made things worse for everyone."

Silence. No one speaks for a moment and then Ronnie sighs, "Yeah, I suppose you're right. I also killed my wife."

"You did, Ronald and who actually helped you? Got you off the streets and locked you up where you belong, where you and your companions can't hurt anyone else?"

"The SRD. Because you idiots thought I really was Batman so you came at me… hahah HAHAHAHA! You fuckin' mooks thought I was the Batman!!! HAHAHAHahah!!!"
Triumphant laughter on the side of maniacal pours out of the prisoner as he pushes himself in to hysterics. Hugo calmly leaves the room and several orderlies slip in to restrain the man.

"Learn anything new with the patient, Doctor? From your notes and the reports here it would appear you visit Mr.Burke quite often."

"He intrigues me, we share a common interest and I wish to see how others cope with this… hobby of mine. This…"

"Interest?" The woman inquires with a smile worn upon her attractive features.

"Yes. Interest."

"It's been only a few months since the return of the Batman. That entire year he was gone from your City really changed the geopolitical climate didn't it?"

"Yes it did. With his absence we were able to ensure our position here in Gotham. It was a mixed blessing wasn't it? Men like this one, like Ronald Burke are normal human beings, falsely inspired and damaged. Seeing something even this simple, well, It only strengthens my resolve and further enforces the need to level the playing field, we live in a world of walking unchecked H-Bombs and mentally unstable anarchists.""

The woman releases a noise, "Well, I personally feel it was Gordon's retirement that gave us that opportunity. Not the Batman's disappearance."

"Perhaps, Dr.Kafka."

"Please, call me Ashley, Hugo."

Another of those chuckles escapes Dr.Strange, "And Ravencroft? How goes your expansion of the Institute? Have things been as fortuitous for you in New York?"

"Are you gloating, Hugo? You know full well how things are going. There are many more variables to consider where New York is concerned… "

"Oh pish posh, Doctor. Sounds to me like an excuse, it is quite alright, you will benefit nicely from my progress in the long run, as will all in our profession."

"You are so very humble… " The woman murmurs as they pass through Arkham Asylum's outer security gates that lead to the helipad. Shouting loudly over the bladed whir of the re-purposed HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter. "So, I hear one of your prisoners escaped again, the Joker? It doesn't help the revolving door jokes one bit… "

Strange's lips curl back and he grins past his goatee, white teeth gleaming with his glasses, "That is old news, Dr.Kafka. However, I can guarantee you /that/ particular isssue is being dealt with."

Helicopter door slams shut and bolts. The SRD issued black whirly bird takes flight….

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