Getting The Elite

October 26, 2015:

Relocating, temporarily to LA, Rowan and Ulani discuss the next steps in stopping the Cult Of The Deep

Santa Monica - Los Angeles


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It took Ulani a little longer than expected to get things in order for the trip to Los Angeles. But now she's there, waiting for Rowan to join her, on the edge of a beach in Santa Monica, getting her feet wet.

Judging by how she's dressed, she probably swum there, afterall, a Hydraport from the ocean off New York to L.A isn't all that difficult.

Rowan comes to meet her. With corndogs. He's not sure if Ulani's had them and they're… unique. Like nothing under the ocean or anything he had a chance to try while on the surface in his own world. "Hello Ulani. What's the news from the water?" The beach has people on it but no one is going to assume she's waterfolk unless she does something unusual.

Eyeing the corndog with mild suspicion, Ulani accepts the offering from the Blue Warrior. It's not a cuisine that she's experienced yet … and she's not sure if it really is one she'd really enjoy, but … she'll try it anyway.

"Rowan." she greets the man "I managed to meet quietly with a few people I know I can trust in our Government." Glancing round the beach, the Blue Envoy knows she blends in and she's not about to do anything unusual. "They say that if we need them, they can provide reinforcements." Which is something to say the least.

Rowan hands her the corndog and takes a bit of his. With mustard. "That's good. I've discovered some things myself. The cultists have established themselves in a wealthy area not far from here. The surfacers call it 'Beverly Hills'. They use money and influence to mask their activities, and hide the worst of their… alterations." As they've seen, these cultists of the deep are often not very human looking. "Others mix in with the local mutant community. It makes it easier to select victims."

Still looking suspiciously at the corndog, Ulani takes a tentative bite and looks surprised … it might be hard to tell whether she liked it or not, but she does take another bite - maybe she just wants to be sure.

The news that Rowan delivers, has her canting her head as she listens "So there is money behind this." That might give them something to trace, later. "They mix with the mutant community?" she asks "Well they could be mistaken for Mutants, I suppose. Do you have any idea on what they're planning yet?"

"Yes. They've been moving in mutants from New York and trying to take them here. Street walkers, vagrants. People who won't be missed. I'm sure that they're planning a sacrificial ritual and I'm sure it's taking place close to the end of the month. I haven't worked out where yet but I think I have worked out who. I… may have done some er… arial interrogation…" Rowan looks away. Taking someone high up over the ocean and pointing out how long down it is can be quite effective.

Ulani laughs at Rowan's comment "I see. And it was obviously effective." She's not going to judge, the situation is dire and if that's what was needed, then so be it. "You worked out who?" Looking at the corndog, she takes another bite and wrinkles her nose, just a little. "I've let some friends in New York know that mutants are being taken. I'll send an update to tell them where they're being taken to. Maybe that will slow things down, as well."

"Slow is good but I have no doubt that these people will do whatever they can to get this done on time. Are the Blue willing to intervene directly? Even if it's just a few Blue Elite that'll be quite a bit…" Rowan is musing now. He knows that the Blue acting directly would be a big deal.

Gesturing to Rowan, Ulani starts walking, feet slapping in the water as she does. "I know you're right, Rowan." the words are quietly spoken "When I spoke to our people, they … agreed that it might be possible to send some of my former squad mates." She looks troubled though "but that kind of presence on the Surface … without a formal agreement in place?" she shakes her head "It's a risk, but one we'd be willing to take … you and I, we'd have to be sure that the intevention truly warranted it."

"The surfacers might take it as a second invasion if the presence is too… flashy. Too… strong. It'll have to be small and very, very effective and they still might take it badly." The Surfacer nations have been reluctant to embrace Atlantis in diplomatic relations… they will probably not do that for the Blue either. So it's a question of… working around the edges. Rowan knows that. But he doesn't do politics.

Casting a sidewards glance at her companion, Ulani smiles just a little bit. "We're Blue. We're not flashy." Unless you consider their manner of dress and … ahem… some of their weapons. "We have a few days, we can dress a handful of Blue in appropriate Surfacer fashion." It hadn't taken her all that long to adapt "And they're Elite. They … know how to be circumspect."

Rowan is entirely correct. The Surface would take any waterpeople as an invasion force, but the Blue were close enough to human that they could blend in … and disappear when the task was completed.

"It wouldn't be such a bad thing either, for more of our people to see the challenges the surfacers face." The smile she gives to Rowan is tight "I … can hand pick a squad… those I believe will understand the delicacy of the situation."

"You may wish to get started on that. We're running out of time. Worst case scenario, this happens and goes badly the surfacer governments will be forced to respond." Rowan looks a bit grim. "And they will do so forcefully and out of fear. They may be forced to respond anyway but… we don't want them to be grieving the loss of hundreds of thousands of people when they do."

"It will be done today. I'll need some help though, procuring clothing." Has Ulani just drafted Rowan to go shopping? "I've seen the 'news' reports here, Rowan." the Blue female speaks even more quietly "I can see how they will turn that type of event into a … vendetta … against the sea people." Something she would like very, very, much to prevent.

"I will want you to meet those that I choose." Another glance up at the male Blue "You are here, in Los Angeles now, till this is done?" She'll bring those she chooses to meet with him. "I want you to take the lead in the field."

The dragon blue chuckles. "I shall help you do so and yes. I am here until this is done. It's moving too fast and too important both to the surface and our people." Rowan has long been convinced that ultimately the sea cannot win against the land.

Ulani, had Rowan voiced that belief to her, would agree with the Blue Warrior. The seafolk may have better weapons, and in many ways be more 'warlike', but they don't have superior numbers.

"Then, Rowan." Ulani glances round the beach "I will introduce you to those I've chosen." That might have been what took her so long to get to L.A. "We will need a quiet place to bring them ashore. And …" she rolls her eyes "accommodation." Food… isn't an issue. Ulani's adapted well to the surface but she does have her preferences.

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